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Friday's Recap: You Must Miss Frisco Jones!

Where has the time gone?
In Friday's show we learn that Luke and Tracy still care about each other, Nulu doesn't like Scott whether she remembers him or not and Mac finally gets Felicia a ring.

Friday's Recap - 

Who am I?
Not-Todd smiles at a Pickle Eddie/Pickle Lila article on his iPad while flying. A passenger notices what he is reading and asks him who he thinks was responsible for everyone getting sick. Not-Todd suggests that maybe it was a ploy to take over ELQ. Then the passenger says Not-Todd looks familiar and asks if he knows him from somewhere. He asks if he was a Life Coach or a Motivational speaker from a conference he attended. He continues to probe his identity, but we still don't learn his new name. However, they finally arrive in Port Charles.

Luke goes to The Floating Rib for a drink. When he asks for another Mac doesn't think it's a good idea. Mac reminds Luke that he swore off alcohol after the hit and run with Jake. Luke resents the reminder and refers to it as a terrible accident. Mac questions his sobriety and asks why he came to The Floating Rib to drink after insisting that they change the name from Jake's. Luke gets annoyed and goes to leave at the same time Felicia is coming in. Luke says to her, "You must miss Frisco Jones!" and walks out. Felicia asks Mac what that was about. When Mac fills her in, Felicia tells him it was nice to try, but Luke does what he wants. At the end, they talk about their upcoming wedding. Mac seems off so Felicia asks what's wrong. He says he's not sure he wants a wedding at all. Mac says their married in spirit, while Felicia crunches on nuts nervously. She starts thinking he doesn't want to marry her, when she finds a real ring in the bowl. Mac gets down on one knee and officially proposes. Watch below!

AJ calls Liz from the Q mansion to apologize for her getting sick when Tracy grabs the phone. Tracy tells Liz that she wanted to remind her that AJ is a cheat and a liar. AJ takes the phone back and abruptly tells Liz he has to go and hangs up. Then he asks Tracy what her problem is and she says that AJ hasn't fulfilled his end of their deal. She doesn't think he's taken full responsibility for the relish mess. AJ is confused, because he thought confessing to Mario was enough. However, Tracy wants AJ to make a full press release. He decides he'll tell Elizabeth the truth himself so Tracy can't lord this over him and storms out. Later, Luke comes to the Quartermain mansion to see Tracy and have another drink. Luke vents to Tracy about Mac lecturing him. He tells her that Mac wouldn't serve him and asks if she can believe that. He insists he's not an alcoholic. Tracy is concerned and tries to talk to him. Tracy says she still cares about him a lot. Luke says, "likewise" and they kiss.

After hanging up with AJ Liz gets a knock on her door. Nik shows up with Spencer and brings her flowers. Spencer goes to play with Cameron and Aiden, while Nik takes the time to invite Liz to Laura and Scott's wedding. Elizabeth asks if the invite came from Laura or him. Nik deflects and asks what does it matter. She is about to accept when AJ walks in. AJ asks why Nikolas is there and Liz tells him it's to invite her to Laura's wedding. She also tells Nik she wants to bring AJ with her. Nik leaves and Elizabeth gets ready. When she comes down, AJ tells her she looks amazing. He feels guilty and wants to confess about Carly, but then the kids come down needing help. AJ helps Cam with his tie while Liz looks on with pride. He forgoes the confession and they all leave.

Nulu and Dante have fake Lante flashbacks of their past on The Haunted Star. She realizes that Dante purposely wanted to reminisce about their first kiss to trigger her memory. They have a little flirty banter and he encourages her to kiss him again. They're about to kiss when she has a memory of being dragged away during her kidnapping. Then Laura calls to invite her to the wedding at Windermere. Dante suggests they go together and he points to Spoon Island across the water to show her where it is.

Laura tries to smooth over Lesley's hostility toward Scott at Windermere. Scott tells Lesley that he's always loved Laura and plans to do right by her. Lesley reluctantly gives her blessing, but threatens to squash him if her hurts Laura again. Laura informs Scotty about the wedding being at Windermere and he agrees they should go for it. Nikolas returns to Windermere and tells Scotty about Liz coming with AJ. Then Liz and AJ show up with the kids. Nulu and Dante also arrive. Laura is thrilled and hugs Lulu. After, she announces that she is ready to marry Scott! Everyone goes to get seated and Lulu tears up from the pressure. Dante tells her not to worry, because he'll be there for her. Lesley introduces herself to Lulu and Lulu tells her that she really wants to remember her. At the end of the episode, AJ and Nik make small talk. Laura thanks Dante for bringing Lulu and Scott can't get the justice of the peace. He tells Laura, "There might not be a wedding!"

Are you frustrated with Todd's identity crisis? I know I am! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I kind of liked Scott in this episode. Also I thought Mac and Felicia were very sweet today, how about you?

Check out this clip of Laura & Scotty's 1st wedding in young, enjoy!


  1. Felicia should have left with Frisco! Mac is a bore. Hopefully, Frisco shows up and Felicia gets her sense back and leaves with him!

  2. I know! Kristina Wagner is a horrible actress, but she is much better opposite Jack Wagner. How the writers could screw this story line up and have her pick Mac was horrible! Hopefully, he'll return and they will use them to their potential!

  3. I hear tell that TIIC have decided that Roger Howarth will be Franco! If TIIC go ahead with that idea, I believe that this particular idea is going to turn out to be a major mistake. It would have been easier for me to swallow a story about Howarth being Alexander Cassdine! My understanding is that TIIC wanted to keep the father-daughter dynamic going which they had with Howarth and Alderson. But that could have had that with Howarth being Alexander Cassadine as well. At this point, it seems to be on the creepy side to have Michael and Morgan competing for the attention of Lauren Frank if Lauren is, indeed, the daughter of Franco, who is, in his turn, the twin brother of Jason Morgan! TIIC could have kept Howarth and Alderson in the father-daughter dynamic by simply saying that, after Ava Jerome broke up with Franco, she became involved with Alexander Cassadine so that, growing up, Alexander Cassadine was the closest that Lauren had to a "father figure" in her life. And IF TIIC want to keep a romance going between Michael and "Lauren," then it will be necessary for TIIC to come up with a story about Franco NOT really being Jason's twin brother after all. So, IF TIIC go ahead with the idea to claim that Roger Howarth is now Franco, it seems to me that they will be shooting themselves in the foot.


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