Wednesday, May 29, 2013


More Todd than Franco!
So it's official Roger Howarth is the new Franco! However, if you ask me he is acting a lot more like Todd! 

Here's what happened - 

Franco greets the gang at The Haunted Star and nobody is happy to see him. He says Jason failed to kill him. Sonny points a gun at him, but Franco suggests that maybe Jason cheated death and they shouldn't kill him. Everyone wants to know what he knows about Jason, but Carly doesn't buy it and neither does Sonny. Sam tells Sonny not to shoot him, because she wants any information she can get on Jason. She asks Franco if Jason is alive. He ignores her and flirts with Elizabeth, Todd-style. Then he torments Maxie about their one night stand. He congratulates Maxie on her baby and apologizes to Liz for taking Aiden. He claims to want to apologize to everyone for his behavior, because he knows what it's like to have your child kept from you. He refers to AJ as his half brother, but AJ tells him that he means nothing to him. Franco corrects him and says he is a Quartermain and so is his daughter!

Sam pleads with him to tell her anything about Jason, but Franco continues to taught her. He says what he did to her is more important to talk about then Jason. He says Sam was passed out during her honeymoon and can't be sure if he raped her. Sam demands that he tell her what happened in Hawaii. Franco says he could tell her, but he'd rather play the video. Sam agrees and Franco presses play. Carly consoles Sam while everyone watches. We see Franco whispering into Sam's ear while she lay passed out on the bed, but then he leaves the room proving that he didn't rape her. Carly reminds Franco that he was responsible for Michael's rape in prison. AJ wasn't aware that what happened to Michael and insists that someone tell him what happened.

Lulu tells Dante that she married Stavros when she was kidnapped at their apartment. Dante has trouble believing it, but Lulu tells him that she remembers. Then we get a flashback of her with Stavros and Helena on The Haunted Star. Helena held the ceremony. Dante assumes she was forced, but Lulu says no. Lulu explains to Dante that they gave her a choice. Stavros told her that they would kill her family if she didn't marry him. She tells Dante that she chose to marry Stavros to protect everyone. Dante tells her he understands, but Lulu still feels guilty. She tells Dante there is more to it then just marrying Stavros. She flashes to Stavros forcing her to kiss him after the ceremony and that Stavros wanted her to sleep with him. She admits to Dante that she had sex with Stavros, because she thought he would kill everyone. Poor Dante!

Tracy tries to help Luke at the Quartermain mansion. She calls out for Monica, but she isn't home. Tracy calls 911 and tries to talk to him. The ambulance arrives and she escorts Luke to the hospital. She tries to give the doctor background on Luke's medical history. Luke wakes up in the ER and Tracy tells him, "If you scare me like that again, I'll kill you!" The doctor looks at Luke test results and asks how much he had to drink. Tracy wants to call Lulu, but Luke doesn't want to bring her into it. He asks Tracy to tell him more about the business with Ava Jerome while they wait for more test results. Later when the doctor returns, he doesn't look happy.

Ava informs Kiki of her true identity on the docks. Ava tells Kiki that her father died in a fire a little over a year ago. Kiki gets upset and asks why she lied. Ava says she had to lie to keep her safe and his name was Franco. She gives Kiki the background on Franco and she also explains Kiki's connection to the Quartermain's. Ava tells her that she owns shares of ELQ which makes Kiki rich. Then Ava gives her some papers to sign. Kiki is pleased, but asks if a lawyer should be present while she signs. Ava gets pushy, which makes Kiki suspicious. Ava blurts out that she needs the money and Kiki must sign! Kiki feels used and questions how long Ava has known all of this. Once she knows the whole truth, Kiki tosses the papers at Ava's feet and storms off.

Good show today, but not sure how I feel about the whole Franco thing. Seems like it could end up being a hot mess! 

See you tomorrow!


  1. I liked the show today.Can't wait to see where the story line goes.Glad to see that Roger is Franco.Hope he stays on longer than the other Franco and I hope he redeems himself.

  2. Great show.Not sure how I feel about RH being Franco, but I did love the amazing performance of KM and LW did. I loved how protective Carly was over Sam, when Sam was horrified that Franco was going to play the rape of her on the Tv screen. It was a heartbreaking scene. At least Sam knows she wasn't raped but Franco let her and Jason believe she was. He tortured them with that, that was cruel. How will Franco be redeemed after everything he did to people...

  3. Franco wasn't meant to come back however the show is not the show without Jason there and Todd and Star need to be Todd and Star. As far as Todd's acting skills he can pull of any role he wants. I have always loved him. He has always been a bad guy. For heavens sakes he is a known rapist in OLTL. Sam and Jason need to be together unless they can bring back Robin and Jason as a couple. And crazy Lisa needs to be killed off by the beautiful Britt. Britt needs someone in her life but not Nicholas. She needs someone that can shock her into love. Id like to see her turn good. She is to pretty to be so mean. Her childhood had to be as bad as it gets look at her parents. Maybe she can save Robins life to redeem her character. Don't make her so much like Sammy from Days. GH is known for great plots so stick to what's best for the show. Sonny your awesome and we can't get enough of you but Id like to see you stay with Olivia. She is truly your match and heat things up mobster style. We all want to see you happy but maybe Olivia can be kidnapped and you have to save her. You could even add in some bank robberies and counterfeit money paid to you. Luke I'm sorry but I love you with Tracy. Everyone loved you and Laura on that island but you and Tracy really fit. Remember when the two of you passed off Anthony as alive and well. Laura would never stand by you like that.


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