Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dope on a Rope

Do I make you horny?

For some reason Nik's nakedness of late makes me think of Austin Powers, take a look below for a laugh!

Here's what happened on today's show...

Nik hangs out in his underwear again in his hotel room. Tracy knocks on the door and is surprised to see his lack of clothes. She informs him that AJ knows they're in NYC. She refers to AJ as a "dope on a rope" and prays that he doesn't put it together that she is there to sabotage AJ on The Chew. She orders Nik to gets dressed and leaves so he can do so.

Both Spinelli and Luke come looking for AJ in New York. Spinelli is mad at Luke for tricking him with the false Lauren Franc. Meanwhile up in his hotel room, AJ chats with Michael on the phone to get an update on Morgan. Liz knocks on his door with bagels. AJ says that he saw Tracy and she tells him that Nik is there too. AJ puts it together that Tracy and Nik are in town to ruin him. He wants to go find Nikolas and stop him. Liz tries to intervene, warning him that it's a bad move. Then Spinelli shows up and Liz leaves to talk to Nik on AJ's behalf.

Liz storms over to Nik's room to give him an ear full regarding his plans to foil AJ with Tracy. Nikolas is still in his underwear and admits it's the truth. He yells at Liz that she deserves better then AJ, namely him. Liz gets angry and asks what's wrong with him. Nik tells her that getting shot and nearly dying put it all in perspective for him. He wants her and doesn't want to waste time. Then he continues to put AJ down, while imploring his love for her. Liz feels confused, but asks him to stop trying to hurt AJ. She thinks if Nik doesn't it will make him a bully.

Back in AJ's room, Spinelli tells him about the bogus lead with Lauren Franc. AJ is highly disappointed and he starts to stress out about being made a fool of. Then poor AJ starts to have another panic attack. AJ asks Spinelli to call Elizabeth and fortunately she comes in before Spinelli can perform mouth to mouth CPR. Liz gets AJ to calm down and AJ slowly feels better. Spinelli leaves and AJ tells Liz that the news of Tracy discovering Lauren Franc set him off. AJ worries that he is going to fail again, but Liz assures him that she is on his side. Her words make him feel better and they leave for The Chew together holding hands.

Tracy sees Luke in the hotel Lobby and is anxious to know if he found Lauren Franc or not. Luke fills her in on meeting Ava Jerome and where things stands with the vote. Tracy assumes he secured the vote, but Luke has to tell her it's still pending. When she is fully filled in, Tracy feels certain that Ava must be planning to manipulate the Quartermain's. Luke says no, because she appears to have money of her own. Then Tracy heads off to get Nikolas for The Chew. When she gets to his room she is happy to see that Nik got dressed. However, he informs her that he's not going and neither is she.

Olivia comes to Sonny's office to check on him. Sonny fills her in on his efforts to locate Morgan. He asks her to go to Pentonville to talk to Johnny, but she informs him that she already went to visit Johnny. He suggests that she go back and try again just in case Johnny lied. But Olivia says the well is dry, plus she doesn't want to hear Johnny lecture her about her relationship with Sonny. She tells Sonny that Johnny thinks Olivia is falling for him. They both agree the idea is nuts and laugh it off. I think we all know where this is going! 

Carly and Michael wait to hear news on Morgan at her house. Michael tells her that his FOS sources think Morgan was tricked by a cyber girl. Then Spinelli's FOS, Woodrow, shows up and tells them that Morgan was chatting with a lot of different people online, in particular to someone calling themselves, Jeromearoundtheworld. He prints all their correspondence for Carly to read. Carly reads some sexy talk that they exchanged and sees that this girl was encouraging Morgan to gamble. She gets emotional and takes off to show the transcripts to Sonny.

Ava greets Morgan with coffee at her place. They discuss last night's visitor, which we know was Luke. Morgan thinks it was someone after him for his gambling debts. He also realizes that he parents must have found out. Ava encourages him to check his messages and call his parents. Morgan finally listens and Ava asks why he won't let his parents help him. Morgan says he not a kid anymore and needs to clean up his own messes. At the end, Ava leaves for a business trip and tells Morgan to stay at her place. Before she leaves she tells Morgan to call home and give his parents peace of mind. It make Morgan geel guilty so he calls Michael. End of show.

So what do you think of NuMorgan? I'm reserving judgement for now.

Here's tomorrow's preview!

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