Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't Feed Me Scraps!

Here we go again!
In today's show we learn that Not-Todd and Heather Webber have a connection, Ava is definitely Kiki's mother and Tracy wants true love!

Here's what happened - 

Spinelli tells Sam he failed at finding the missing Quartermain heir at her place. He recounts the story and they get to talking about Silas. Sam shows Spinelli a picture of him. Spinelli thinks he's Steven Clay, but Sam has to explain the brother situation. She also talks to Spinelli about Silas's coldness toward the subject of Rafe. Spinelli assures her that Rafe is in good hands with her and then leaves for date with Ellie. At the end of the show, Sam's doorbell rings. When she opens it she says, 'It's you!" but we don't get to see who it is. However, the preview shows us that it will be Silas; nice editing ABC!

Ava returns home to Kiki and Kiki tells her that Morgan is gone. Ava calls herself Kiki's mom and asks why she isn't happier to see her. Kiki tells Ava about the bookies and the showdown with Sonny. When Kiki mentions Morgan going home to Port Charles it gets Ava's attention. Ava recalls her conversation with Luke. Kiki asks if she has ever heard of PC. Ava says the" hellish relish" news story got her attention. At the end, Ava encourages Kiki to not give up on Morgan even if that means going after him. I guess there is no doubt that Kiki is Lauren Franc. 

Michael, Morgan and Sonny find Carly waiting for them at Michael's apartment. Carly is thrilled to see that Morgan is okay, but angry at him for what he pulled. Morgan tries to pretend it wasn't that big of a deal. Michael mentions Kiki being Morgan's girlfriend and Carly isn't happy to hear it. Sonny fills in the gaps and mentions that the name Jerome could have ties to the 80's crime family. Michael talks about his search for Lauren Franc and Morgan laughs about how at least his girlfriend isn't the daughter of a murderer. Then Morgan informs Carly and Sonny that he wants to stay with Michael, not them. Carly and Sonny agree it's a good compromise, despite Michael uneasiness about the idea. After they leave, Morgan is immediately ready to take off. He goes to open Michael's door and Kiki is standing there. NuMorgan's acting needs work!

Tracy and Luke kiss at the Q mansion, but Tracy puts the brakes on. She thinks he is skirting the issue of his drinking, but Luke says he kissed her because of their history. Tracy doesn't think they can be casual and presses him for why he kissed her. Luke blurs out, "Laura's getting married today!" Tracy gets insulted, but he backtracks and claims that he's fine with Laura getting married. Then he says that Scott telling him he would end up alone got him thinking. He asks Tracy to be his "true north" and Tracy smacks Luke in the face in response. She tells him that she's not okay with being his backup wife and asks him what would be in it for her. Luke asks what the difference will be from the way it's always been between them. Then Tracy announces that she wants a soul mate. Luke asks, "since when?" Tracy yells back, "Since always!" She refers to his connection with Laura and that she never had that kind of true love. Then she tells him she won't give up on that dream and doesn't want him to feed her scraps. Luke asks her if it isn't a little late in the game for such grand romantic gestures. Tracy says its not too late and sends him packing! Great Tracy scenes today!

Not-Todd goes to visit Heather Webber at the asylum. When Heather sees him she purrs, "It's you!" She remarks that something about him looks different. He laughs and tells her she looks great. Then Not-Todd wants to talk about Sam. Heather isn't happy with the topic, but he reminds her that, "You made that woman suffer!" Heather responds, "So did you!" He admits that he did hurt Sam and asks for Heather's help. Although Heather isn't thrilled about helping Sam, she agrees to help him because of their unknown bond. Who do you think Roger Howarth's new character will be? Some are saying Franco!

Scotty tells Laura and the wedding group at Windermere that the major had to cancel. Lesley volunteers to marry them instead, as she was recently ordained online in Wiccan teachings. They agree and go to say their I do's. Then Lesley pronounces them husband and wife. Lulu looks on and begins to have a confusing flashback about getting married from her kidnapping. After the ceremony, Lulu apologizes to Laura for not remembering her. She wishes Laura well and politely exits. Dante promptly follows, but when he catches up with Lulu she asks him to let her go home to Milo's alone. Back at the reception, Laura and Scotty cut the cake. Then Scott makes a nice toast, while Nik and AJ both try to impress Liz by each getting her cake. Liz isn't into it and walks away. At the end, Lesley talks to Dante and suggests that Lulu might have psychological damage from the kidnapping  Then we cut to a scene with Lulu going to The Haunted Star alone. Not-Todd shows up and surprises her. End of show!

Are you happy Laura married Scott?

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  1. I have a sinking feeling that Roger Howarth WILL turn out to be Franco - which sounds like a really lousy idea. Unless TIIC are going to say that the "Franco" who cut a path of destruction across Port Charles was NOT the "real" Franco. But, so far, I am afraid that TIIC are about to make the worst mistake of their careers.


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