Monday, May 13, 2013

Clash of the Condiments + Full Episode

May Sweeps - WTF?
Todd, Star & McBain return today! The Chew down is what it is and NuMorgan proves that he definitely inherited Carly's recklessness and Sonny's arrogance!

Here's what happened today - 

Emma isn't happy that Brit is still pregnant when Patrick breaks the news at Kelly's. At the hospital, Brit has help faking morning sickness from the orderly. Sabrina and Felix decide to take matters into their own hands. Felix creatively tries to get information from the orderly. When Patrick gets to the hospital, Brit manipulates him into letting her move in. 

Sam, Shawn, Carly and Sonny worry about Morgan at Carly's house. Connie and Olivia talk at Crimson about Morgan's situation. Thugs come looking for them after their visits to Johnny in Pentonville caught their attention. Olivia gets a message to Sonny, while the bad guys rough up the place. Thankfully, Sonny and Shawn get there on time to save them.

AJ is late for his airing when Nik informs him that he's backing off. When he finally gets on stage he freezes up at first, but then manages to sell the virtues of Pickle Lila. The Chew says that Tracy "chickened out" of the relish race. Nik's bodyguards try to stop her again in the hotel lobby, but Tracy makes it to The Chew regardless with Pickle Eddie in hand. When the choice for best relish is about to be announced the judge throws up! Then everyone gets sick, including Elizabeth. Once unoccupied, a mysterious figure enters the green room and it's Todd!

Michael finds Morgan beat up at Ava's place. Morgan acts like a rebel without a cause, while Michael lectures him on his poor choices. He takes Morgan to the hospital and gets to see AJ on the TV. Michael calls Carly to tell her that Morgan is okay. Then he goes back to Ava's to see if Morgan is there after he finds him missing again. Instead of Morgan, Michael is greeted by the actress formerly known as Star. Later, Carly and Sam come to the hospital in NYC. While there Sam sees McBain!

So what do you think of the 'big" return? Was Todd wearing skinny jeans? Oh my

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Watch today's show below, enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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