Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Call the FOS

Today we met Ava Jerome, who is played by former As the World Turns star Maura West. Read about her here --->> Maura West Wiki

Today's Show - 

Michael goes to visit Carly to help look for Morgan. Sonny shows up and explains to them what happened at Morgan's school with his roommate. Sonny says Travis told him Morgan might be hiding with a girl he met on the internet and it has something to do with his gambling issue. Carly wants Spinelli on the case, but Michael tells her that he's on Quartermain business. He suggests they call the FOS (Friends of Spinelli) and Michael takes off to get started. Sonny stays behind to help Carly make sense of what's happening with Morgan. She questions their parenting, but Sonny thinks Morgan is just being true to his nature since he's got their DNA in him. You gotta love Sonny; he's wonderful at deflection! 

Tracy and Nikolas have a quick toast in Nik's hotel room to Pickle Eddie. Nik tells her that AJ is also staying at the hotel and Tracy freaks. She thinks it will ruin the element of surprise if he sees them. She warns Nik to stay out of sight and then Tracy slinks off to her room. Meanwhile, AJ and Liz enjoy their hotel view unaware of Nik and Tracy's plan. They have a toast to his renewed relationship with Michael and his expectations for his relish recipe. Liz comes cleans about her kiss with Nik and AJ wonders if he should confess his romp with Carly. He starts to get into it, but then Michael calls him to say he can't join them and Liz leaves for her room.

Later, AJ goes for some ice and sees Tracy in the hallway. He accuses her of trying to sabotage him. Tracy plays coy and promises that she won't show up on The Chew with "Pickle Tracy" of course he doesn't know she changed the name to Pickle Eddie. Nearby, Liz thinks she is entering her own room, but finds Nikolas inside with his shirt off. She asks what he's doing in her room, but he says it's his room. She calls his bluff and asks him straight out if he set the whole thing up. Nik won't admit to anything, but Liz still feels the need to remind him that a romance between them isn't happening. Nikolas doesn't give up and tries to seduce her into staying with him. Liz accuses him of trying to tease her, refuses to stay and leaves to find her own room.

Spinelli knocks on the door of a girl he assumes is Lauren Franc. She happens to look a lot like Ellie. He explains how he came to knock on her door and says he knows that Franco was her father. She confirms that he is her father. Spinelli then tells her that she has an inheritance, which is 6% of ELQ and a vote on company matters. Spinelli breaks down the war going on between AJ and Tracy and how her vote is imperative. He has a proxy for her to sign, but she says she can't because she's not really Lauren Franco after all. She confesses that Luke paid her to lie and to tell Spinelli that he got Punked. Ha ha!

Luke knocks on the door of a mysterious woman. He expected Lauren Franc, but gets greeted by an "older" woman. He asks if she knows Lauren Franc and introduces himself. He jumps to the conclusion that she's Lauren Franc's mother. He sees that her mail is addressed to Ava Jerome, who is believed to be Lauren's mother. Then he asks if she knew Franco. At first he says no, but then admits it's true. She recounts how she met Franco through the art world and didn't know he was crazy at first. Ava tells Luke that Franco was obsessed with their child and when she saw how scary he could be she knew she had to keep Lauren away from him. Luke informs her that Lauren is a Quartermain and why Tracy needs her vote. Luke also has a proxy vote for Ava to take to her daughter. He sells the virtues of being a Quartermain and leaves her to chew on the idea. After she announces, "The coast is clear," and we see NuMorgan come down the stairs.

Sam and little Danny get spooked at the church. Someone watches her from the doorway, but Sam doesn't see anything. She assumes it's nothing, but then hears another noise coming from the hallway. Suddenly Alexis appears. Sam asks if she was watching them, but Alexis says she just got there. Sam thinks maybe it was a message from Jason, but dismisses the idea after saying it out loud to Alexis. However, the camera show us that someone is indeed watching them. They talk about Franco and how he robbed Jason of his time with Danny. Then they decide to leave and we see a shadow figure lurk behind them. Who could it be?

So what did you think of Ava Jerome? I liked her and I'm interested to see how this develops.

Here's the scenes with Luke & Ava from today!

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