Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bad Broads

Don't mess with me!
Today was filled with tough broads, familiar faces with different names and mobular Sonny comes back in a good way!

Here's what happened - 

Olivia and Connie tease the bad guy with pizza while holding him hostage at Crimson. Sonny calls in to check on them and they ask about Morgan. Sonny says he is about to find out and then the girls hear gunshots. Sonny and Shawn burst into an empty room. Sonny realizes the bad guy lied about Morgan's location. He tells Olivia, "You know what you have to do!" Olivia points the gun at the thug and tells him its a bad idea to lie to Sonny. She pretends she is going to shoot him, while he overuses the word broad. Finally, he comes clean with Morgan's correct location. Later, Olivia calls Dante to have him arrested. Then her and Connie finish their pizza and remark on what a good team they make.

TJ sees Molly and Rafe hugging and gets jealous. Rafe tells him that it's not what it looks like, but TJ gets mad all over again. He accuses Molly of cheating on him. Molly gets angry at TJ for being foolish, so she lies and tells him that she going to prom with Rafe. TJ is hurt and storms off. After he leaves, Rafe asks her why she lied. Molly admits she didn't think it through, but they decide to go to prom together after all.

AJ and Carly discuss their sex romp while Tracy eavesdrops. AJ finds her and Tracy confronts him about sleeping with Carly. She also uses her phone to record the conversation unbeknownst to AJ. They both deny it, but Tracy insists that she heard them. She threatens to tell Liz about it, if AJ doesn't admit he was responsible for the bad relish. AJ calls her bluff and Tracy walks off. Carly advises AJ to comply, but he thinks it's a bad idea. Then Sonny calls Carly to tell her he knows where Michael and Morgan are, putting both of their minds to rest about where Michael is.

Sam gets introduced to Dr. Silas Clay, Steven Clay's brother. He doesn't seem to know his brother and Sam has to fill him in on Steven Clay's murderous rampage. She also tells him about Steven kidnapping her, but Silas is cold and detached. He goes to walk away when Sam informs him that he has a nephew. He asks where Rafe is now and Sam tells him that Rafe is living with her. He says then he's in good hands and exits claiming he has patients to attend to. She goes looking for him at the end of the show to confront him on his coldness. Silas tells her that Steven was dead to him a long time ago and he walks away again. Sam is upset with his disinterest and then Carly finds her. Sam highlights her on why she looks forlorn and they decide to leave together. Meanwhile, Silas watches them leave from a distance with a strange smile on his face. Creepy!

Morgan starts to play poker with Kiki and the gang, while Michael keeps an eye out. Morgan thinks he's winning, until one of the party goers accuses him of cheating with Kiki. The guys get mad and leave the apartment. Morgan and Kiki blame Michael for ruining things and they all start fighting. Kiki orders Michael to get out and opens the door for him. However, the bad guys who beat Morgan up before are standing in the hallway. They threaten to beat Morgan up again, but Michael and Morgan try to jump them first. Fortunately, Sonny and Shawn arrive in time to stop things from getting out of control. Sonny pays them off, but warns them he'll kill them if they ever go near his family again. After they leave, Sonny wants to take Morgan back to Port Charles. Morgan asks what they'll do with Kiki. Sonny asks what Kiki is short for and she says Katherine. Then he asks if she is related to the Jerome crime family, but Kiki says there is no relation. Sonny isn't convinced and tells Morgan it's time to go without her!

Liz wakes up to Nikolas at her bedside and she asks for AJ. She tells Nikolas that she's with AJ and he needs to back off. He continues to tell her how bad AJ is for her. Liz doesn't believe it. Then Tracy walks in and says that AJ has already betrayed her. She is about to tell Liz, when AJ walks in. Nikolas says Tracy about to tell them what he did to hurt Elizabeth. AJ admits that he did something bad, but lies and tells Liz it was his relish that made everyone sick. AJ says he'll go tell Mario he's responsible, which makes Tracy's day. She gives AJ Mario's orange croc shoe and asks him to return it for her. Good stuff!

So do you believe Silas is really Silas or Steven? How do you like Kiki & NuMorgan? Personally, I'm finding it all a bit silly. I did like Sonny in action today though!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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