Friday, May 31, 2013

June Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings here's what coming up in June!

- Diane tries to prove that Sam is an unfit parent.

- Kiki is angered after Morgan mocks Michael behind his back.

- Sonny and Carly hatch a plan; Shawn agrees to help Sonny carry out his plans.

- Sam receives an urgent call.

- Kiki announces she is moving into the Q mansion.

- Felix worries that his sister, Taylor, may be too wayward to trust on her own. 

- Patrick gears up for his date with Sabrina.

- Luke's latest attempt to take off lands Tracy and himself in a sticky situation.

- Patrick's plans with Sabrina are halted when a frantic Sam brings Danny into the ER.

- Alexis has a startling realization.

- Distraught by Danny's sudden illness Sam lashes out at Silas.

A little News from The Wub Tub

 - Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) is going on recurring basis

 - Tony Geary is going on his annual summer vacation

 - Two new hires to GH: Rachel Fox as Christine Collins and Samantha Logan as Taylor DuBois

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today's Show - Full Episode

I slept with Stavros - NOT!
UPDATE: I finally got to watch this episode! Good stuff.  

- Lulu remembers her life & gives Dante some lovin!

- AJ learns about Michael's prison rape & kicks Franco/Todd's butt!

- Alexis and Nikolas chat about Nik's love life!

- Franco reveals that he didn't order Carter to rape Michael!

 - Luke learns that his liver might be in trouble!

 - Sam is ready to kill, but doesn't go through with it!

 Enjoy today's show in 3 parts below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Did you like today's show?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


More Todd than Franco!
So it's official Roger Howarth is the new Franco! However, if you ask me he is acting a lot more like Todd! 

Here's what happened - 

Franco greets the gang at The Haunted Star and nobody is happy to see him. He says Jason failed to kill him. Sonny points a gun at him, but Franco suggests that maybe Jason cheated death and they shouldn't kill him. Everyone wants to know what he knows about Jason, but Carly doesn't buy it and neither does Sonny. Sam tells Sonny not to shoot him, because she wants any information she can get on Jason. She asks Franco if Jason is alive. He ignores her and flirts with Elizabeth, Todd-style. Then he torments Maxie about their one night stand. He congratulates Maxie on her baby and apologizes to Liz for taking Aiden. He claims to want to apologize to everyone for his behavior, because he knows what it's like to have your child kept from you. He refers to AJ as his half brother, but AJ tells him that he means nothing to him. Franco corrects him and says he is a Quartermain and so is his daughter!

Sam pleads with him to tell her anything about Jason, but Franco continues to taught her. He says what he did to her is more important to talk about then Jason. He says Sam was passed out during her honeymoon and can't be sure if he raped her. Sam demands that he tell her what happened in Hawaii. Franco says he could tell her, but he'd rather play the video. Sam agrees and Franco presses play. Carly consoles Sam while everyone watches. We see Franco whispering into Sam's ear while she lay passed out on the bed, but then he leaves the room proving that he didn't rape her. Carly reminds Franco that he was responsible for Michael's rape in prison. AJ wasn't aware that what happened to Michael and insists that someone tell him what happened.

Lulu tells Dante that she married Stavros when she was kidnapped at their apartment. Dante has trouble believing it, but Lulu tells him that she remembers. Then we get a flashback of her with Stavros and Helena on The Haunted Star. Helena held the ceremony. Dante assumes she was forced, but Lulu says no. Lulu explains to Dante that they gave her a choice. Stavros told her that they would kill her family if she didn't marry him. She tells Dante that she chose to marry Stavros to protect everyone. Dante tells her he understands, but Lulu still feels guilty. She tells Dante there is more to it then just marrying Stavros. She flashes to Stavros forcing her to kiss him after the ceremony and that Stavros wanted her to sleep with him. She admits to Dante that she had sex with Stavros, because she thought he would kill everyone. Poor Dante!

Tracy tries to help Luke at the Quartermain mansion. She calls out for Monica, but she isn't home. Tracy calls 911 and tries to talk to him. The ambulance arrives and she escorts Luke to the hospital. She tries to give the doctor background on Luke's medical history. Luke wakes up in the ER and Tracy tells him, "If you scare me like that again, I'll kill you!" The doctor looks at Luke test results and asks how much he had to drink. Tracy wants to call Lulu, but Luke doesn't want to bring her into it. He asks Tracy to tell him more about the business with Ava Jerome while they wait for more test results. Later when the doctor returns, he doesn't look happy.

Ava informs Kiki of her true identity on the docks. Ava tells Kiki that her father died in a fire a little over a year ago. Kiki gets upset and asks why she lied. Ava says she had to lie to keep her safe and his name was Franco. She gives Kiki the background on Franco and she also explains Kiki's connection to the Quartermain's. Ava tells her that she owns shares of ELQ which makes Kiki rich. Then Ava gives her some papers to sign. Kiki is pleased, but asks if a lawyer should be present while she signs. Ava gets pushy, which makes Kiki suspicious. Ava blurts out that she needs the money and Kiki must sign! Kiki feels used and questions how long Ava has known all of this. Once she knows the whole truth, Kiki tosses the papers at Ava's feet and storms off.

Good show today, but not sure how I feel about the whole Franco thing. Seems like it could end up being a hot mess! 

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Here We Go!!

My Dark Places!
Check out the link above. Not-Todd's behavior today reminded me of James Ellroy's memoir novel. It's a good read if you're interested.

Today's Show - 

Carly runs into Michael on the docks. They discuss the mysterious text they received with Jason's picture. She doesn't want Michael to attend the party, but Michael insists he is going and says he is waiting for AJ to accompany him. Carly doesn't understand why AJ would be included when Jason hated him. She also tells Michael that Sonny is coming as well. Then Liz stumbles upon them. They all try to connect the dots as to why they were all sent texts and leave for The Haunted Star together.

Kiki isn't pleased to see Ava at Michael's door. She quickly gets some clothes on and grills her mother on why she is in Port Charles. Ava says it for her. Then Morgan walks out in a towel and is surprised to see Ava. The sight of Morgan makes Ava lie and say she showed up to check up on Kiki. Morgan goes to get dressed and when he comes back Ava tells Morgan and Kiki to be cautious about the gambling. Kiki suggests that Ava take them to dinner and tell them about her other plans. Ava says that's not a good idea. Instead she offers to pay for them to get dinner alone, but asks Kiki to walk her to her car. After they leave, Morgan gets a message about an online poker game. He tries to ignore it, but can't and logs in. Outside, Ava walks Kiki to the docks and gives her a letter. She says it's about who Kiki really is.

Not-Todd visits the Quartermain crypt and lingers at Jason's headstone. AJ arrives and nearly catches him. Not-Todd hides in one of the coffins, while AJ talks out loud to Jason. Then Monica pops in and calls out to AJ startling him. She says the guard saw someone lurking around and assumes it was AJ. Not-Todd sits quietly and listens to Monica and AJ talk about Jason and all the Quartermain losses. AJ says that Jason's last name will always be Quartermain, not Morgan. AJ expresses regret about the car accident that officially killed Jason Quartermain. Monica tries to console him. Then AJ shows her the text message. Monica is annoyed that she never received a text and wants to come. AJ tells her it's not safe and walks her out. Not-Todd gets impatient waiting for them to finish talking and quickly makes haste once their gone.

Tracy brags to Ned on the phone, when Luke interrupts her call at the Q mansion. He wants to talk to her, but she isn't happy to see him. Luke insists that she listen to him and says he wants to apologize. Tracy doesn't think he knows the meaning of the word, but Luke pulls out the literal definition of apology written on a piece of paper from his pocket. He starts to get a little short of breath. Tracy asks what's wrong, but Luke blows it off. Then he tells her that she is the last person he would ever want to do wrong by. Luke says that Baldwin got to him when he said Luke would end of up old and alone. He tells Tracy that she is his best friend and the Bonnie to his Clyde. He asks her to please forgive him.

Tracy says that she does forgive him, but she doesn't want to be the person who he comes home to in between walkabouts. She says they can't be lovers, but they can always be friends and family. Luke wants to toast to their mutual admiration for each other and goes for the liquor. Tracy stops him and reminds him that she is still concerned about his drinking. Luke assures her that he isn't an alcoholic, despite what happened with Jake last year. Tracy doesn't buy it, but Luke tells her that she needs to back off. Tracy says that she doesn't like his drinking, but she'll deal with it. Then she fills Luke in on Ava's visit and financial demands. She turns her back to him and notices the patio door is open. Tracy goes to shut it and when she turns around Luke is laying on the ground passed out.

Dante stares longingly at his wedding picture to Lulu at his apartment.  Then he gets a knock on the door. Hoping it's Lulu Dante runs to answer it, but it's Sonny instead. Sonny tells Dante that he told Milo that Lulu can't stay at his place anymore and asks where Lulu is. Dante says she is planning the party at The Haunted Star. A light goes off in Sonny's mind and he shows Dante the mysterious text. After seeing it, Dante wants to join Sonny and he grabs his gun to protect Lulu.

Lulu oversees the party layout at The Haunted Star. She notices flowers on the bar and gets another memory flash. Then Maxie shows up and asks if Lulu sent her the text of Jason. Lulu is clueless. Shortly after, Sam and Spinelli walk in as Maxie is questioning Lulu about who sent the text. Sam runs up to Lulu and demands that she tell her who is throwing the party. Liz, Michael and Carly arrive just as Lulu is about to answer Sam. Carly starts to grill Lulu about the mystery host. Lulu says that she doesn't know who he was. They push her for a description and Carly starts yelling at her. Dante and Sonny walk in and Dante shouts, "Leave her alone!" Sonny tells Carly to calm down. Dante pulls Lulu aside to talk in private and she starts to flash again. She starts to remember more of a wedding ceremony during her kidnapping. Dante asks her what is wrong, but she takes off. Dante chases her down and asks her to come home with him. Lulu agrees and when they arrive she sees the picture of their wedding. The sight makes Lulu clearly remember getting married to Stavros on The Haunted Star.

Back inside The Haunted Star, Sonny talks to Sam and promises her he will make this mysterious person pay. Carly asks what is the point to all of this. Spinelli and Maxie also talk about her baby and how Jason was in their non-wedding. They all notice the time expecting their host to arrive, but AJ walks inside instead disappointing everyone. Sam announces it's 8 o'clock on the dot and Sonny says, "Here we go!" Then all the lights go out and the TV starts scrolling through multiple pictures of Jason. The light comes back on and Not-Todd is standing there. Everyone seems to recognize him, but they still don't tell us his name. End of show!

I guess he's Franco! How do you feel?

Here's the preview for tomorrow!

Friday, May 24, 2013

I'll Be There, Will You?

Don't Forget about Me!
Good show today! We got some Kevin Collins psycho therapy, mysterious text messages and Sonny in a muscle tank!

The Recap - 

Sam almost walks in on Not-Todd in her penthouse, but he ducks into the backroom before she sees him. She sits down on the couch with Danny and starts reading a book about Africa. Then she goes upstairs to put Danny down for a nap. Not-Todd makes an attempt to finish his DVD business, but then someone knocks on Sam's door. He hears Sam coming down to answer the door and hides in the closet. Spinelli makes a quick visit to discuss the Quartermain heir with her. Sam says that thinking of Franco makes her skin crawl and isn't sure she can help. She also fills Spinelli in on what's going on with Silas and Rafe.

Then, Sam notices that the DVD player is open. Not-Todd quickly fires off a picture of Jason from his iPad in the closet and everyone in town suddenly gets a text message of Jason's face. The picture included a message saying, "Haunted Star 8 pm: I'll be there, will you?" Sam and Spinelli try to trace the message, but Spinelli says it won't work. Sam asks Spinelli if it's possible it could really be from Jason. Not-Todd listens from closet with a devilish smile on his face. Spinelli tells Sam that Jason is dead. Sam sadly agrees. Then Danny starts crying. Spinelli takes off, Sam goes to check on Danny and Not-Todd quickly grabs his DVD and leaves. Sam hears something and comes back down. Something seems off, but she doesn't know what.

Dante takes Lulu to General Hospital to meet Kevin. She agrees to let Kevin try to help her regain her memory. She goes into Kevin's office and they start to talk about her memory flashes. Lulu tells Kevin that she remembers being on The Haunted Star and starts to flash to it. Lulu confides to Kevin that at Laura's wedding she started to have memories of a wedding of her own. Lulu thinks she married Stavros. Kevin tries to assure her that it's okay, but asks her if anything else happened. Lulu says she can't remember anything else. Kevin asks her, "Can't or won't?" Out near the nurse's station Olivia comes to the hospital and talks to Dante about Lulu's situation. Dante confides in Olivia that he thinks something bad happened to Lulu, which is why she doesn't remember anything. Olivia hugs him and tries to comfort him. Then she leaves and Dante waits for Lulu to finish. Shortly after Lulu comes out of her session, but is reluctant to discuss it with Dante and takes off.

Michael looks in Kiki's purse at his apartment. She catches him and Michael lies and says he was looking for a pen. Kiki doesn't buy it and rats Michael out to Morgan.  Michael tells Morgan in front of Kiki that he doesn't trust her. She gets angry and tells him to go ahead and look through her stuff. Michael gets mad and leaves to cool off. After he leaves, Morgan tries to make Kiki feel better and assures her that he will smooth things over with his family. Kiki doesn't believe they will come around and suggests that maybe she should leave town. Morgan insists that he is crazy about her and wants her to stay. They have sex on the couch and after Morgan goes to take a shower. Someone knocks on the door, Kiki goes to answer and it's Ava. Shocked Kiki says, "Mom what are you doing here?"

AJ tells Tracy there is no reason for her to blackmail him anymore at the Q mansion. Tracy suggests to him that Carly might blow the whistle on their tryst, but she says that she has bigger fish to fry. Then Ava walks in on them. Tracy introduces Ava to AJ as a business associate of hers and tells him to butt out. However, Ava tells him she has seen him in the news. She also offers him the same deal as she did to Tracy, but Tracy intervenes before Ava can give AJ the details. He leaves and Tracy tells Ava to produce her daughter before she will produce any money. Ava agrees and goes to find her daughter. After, Tracy calls Ned to gloat about her plan to find Franco's heir. Out in the foyer, Michael comes to the Mansion to talk to AJ about the text they received with Jason's face. Michael asks what they should do and AJ says let's go to The Haunted Star!

Nikolas wants to talk to Liz about AJ at Kelly's. She tells him she doesn't want to hear it, but he insists that she needs to hear what he has to say. Nikolas once again declares his love for Liz and asks her to listen. Liz recounts all of Nik's attributes, but says that she admires AJ. Then Liz gets the text of Jason and gets worried. Nikolas and her talk through the situation. Liz says she feels like she seen a ghost and has to go and see what it's about.

Shawn and Sonny box at the gym when Carly interrupts them. She tells Sonny that Kiki is staying with Michael and Morgan. Sonny doesn't think it's as serious as Carly does. Carly isn't happy and tells him she doesn't like or trust Kiki. Sonny agrees that she should keep an eye on her, but thinks it's not fair for Michael to be responsible. Then, Carly gets emotional when they get the text message of Jason's face. Sonny thinks the person who sent the invite must have wanted to upset them and he doesn't like it. However they all agree they need to attend. End of show!

Hmm...could Not-Todd be Jason? I really hope not, but I don't want Franco either! Brace yourselves!

GH will be a repeat on Monday! Enjoy the long weekend!!

Since we got a little Kevin action today I thought this was appropriate. Check out this classic Kevin Collins confession from the 90's!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nutty Buddy Groin Protector

We're Boring!
Today we learned that the Maxie baby story is still alive and kicking, Sabrina and Patrick don't use their alone time wisely and Rafe gets some unhappy news!

Here's what happened - 

Spinelli brings Ellie balloons at the hospital lab. At the same time, Brit's orderly comes in to tell Ellie that he's the new lab manager. She expected to get the job and isn't pleased. Spinelli and Ellie start to argue with the orderly, but he tells them to have their relationship time somewhere else. Spinelli pops all the balloons on the way out. Out in the hallway, Spinelli tries to console Ellie. They start to chat about Maxie and Ellie gets upset. Spinelli probes as to why she is so worked up, but she rushes back to work. Later, she oddly starts to talk about her problems with the orderly/new lab manager.

Maxie finds Brit at the hospital in a wheelchair. Brit brags to Maxie that she has been ordered to go on bed rest and is moving in with Patrick. Maxie has a hard time believing it and once again Brit makes vague threats about revealing the true identity of Maxie's baby. Maxie says she is more concerned about Ellie finding things out and explains to Brit everything that happened with Ellie. Brit remarks that she denied Ellie the promotion to lab manager. Brit leaves and towards the end of the show Spinelli and Maxie run into each other. He mentions the miscarriage and Maxie gets the impression Ellie gave him full disclosure on her situation.

Patrick sees Sabrina changing in the hospital locker room. Sabrina kisses him and they talk about how awful it will be to live with Brita. Then he takes a shower while venting to Sabrina about about the crappy situation he's in. He says he's been looking into home health care and local apartments for Brit, but nothing worked out. A light goes off in Sabrina's mind and she gets an idea. Brit enters and they explain to her that Sabrina will take Brit home instead of Patrick. Brit is upset and doesn't want to go, but Patrick tries to explain how it's best for everyone. Sabrina assures Brit that she will take good care of her. Then Brit wheels herself off and Patrick and Sabrina kiss.

Nikolas comes see Tracy at the Q Mansion with his, "Nutty Buddy Groin Protector" on to prevent another incident between them. Tracy tells Nik that she thinks Edward helped her foil the guards outside of her hotel door in NYC when Nik tried to prevent her from going on The Chew. Nikolas thinks it sounds like a lie and  questions her about her martial art moves. Then Tracy explains to him about the missing heir aka Lauren Franc. She asks him for a loan to appease Ava and tells him about AJ sleeping with Carly. He asks Tracy for proof this is true and she claims to have it. Nik writes her a check and Tracy sends him her cell phone recording of AJ's talk with Carly in NYC.

Liz tries to get AJ to reveal what's on his mind outside of Kelly's. Duke sees them and they all start to talk about Silas Clay and the relish business.  Duke tells them that both relishes were tainted on purpose. AJ is upset and asks if he knows who it was, but Duke says no. Liz gets a call and steps away. While she's gone, AJ confides in Duke that he dodged a bullet regarding his indiscretion with Carly. Then Liz returns from her call and Duke makes himself scarce. Liz questions AJ again about what he wanted to tell her, but he lies and pretends it was about Tracy. Later, Liz is alone and Nik arrives. AJ goes home and tells Tracy about both relishes being poisoned.

Alexis tries to console Rafe at Sam's apartment. He is upset that Silas will mess up his life. Outside in the hallway, Not-Todd arrives at Sam's doorstep. Alexis tells Rafe she will take him anywhere he wants to go and then opens the door. Not-Todd hides in the corner just outside of her view. They walk to the elevator and Not-Todd takes the opportunity to enter Sam's apartment. He notices a picture of Sam, Jason & Danny and looks it over. He takes a closeup picture of Jason's face with his iPad. Then he puts the DVD he took from Crimson into Sam's DVD player. 

Over at Kelly's, Silas flashes his guardianship papers for Rafe in Sam's face. Sam asks why is he doing this and he responds that, "I'm expressing an interest in my nephew!" Sam doesn't buy it and pushes for more information. She accuses Silas of playing a game with Rafe. Silas denies it and then Rafe walks in with Alexis. Silas blurts out,"I'm going to be your legal guardian!" Rafe is very unhappy and asks Alexis if this is legally possible. Alexis says nothing, which confirms Rafe's fears. Sam promises that she will fight for him. Silas tells Rafe that they're blood and he doesn't want Rafe is be ashamed of who his father was. Silas says Steven was brilliant before his mental breakdown and wasn't evil. Rafe insists he was evil for killing his mother. Then Rafe runs out of Kelly's and Sam goes after him. Alexis tells Silas to leave town and don't come back or else! At the end of the show, Sam goes home with Danny and Not-Todd is still inside.

It's looking more and more like Not-Todd is Franco, isn't it? Oy vey!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quick Recap + Full Episode

Who Spiked the Relish?
Today's Show - 

Tracy torments AJ with her knowledge of his and Carly's tryst at the Quartermain mansion. 

Kiki flashes Michael and Morgan at Michael's apartment.

Lucy gives herself a creative new job that gets the attention of Silas Clay.

Dante gets Kevin's professional opinion about Lulu at Kelly's.

Sam and Alexis discuss Silas, while Rafe eavesdrops.

Lulu and Not-Todd work on the big party at The Haunted Star. 

Carly and Liz beat around the subject of AJ at Kelly's. 

Not-Todd & Silas have a mysterious chat on the pier, after Not-Todd makes his party list.

Carly meets Kiki and isn't pleased about Morgan's sexual relationship with her.

Ava comes to visit Tracy and attempts to extort money from her.

Dante tries to trigger Lulu's memory.

AJ goes to meet Liz at Kelly's and she questions him about Carly.

Sam vouches for Silas and he hands her paperwork to take guardianship of Rafe.

Enjoy Today's Episode in 3 parts below thanks to LoriJoGH

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What did you think of today's show?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm in "L" Hell

Don't be jealous!

Today's episode reminded us that Alexis still has a love life, TJ gives up pretty quickly and Silas is one creepy mofo!

The Recap - 

Shawn goes to Crimson to check on Connie and Olivia. Sonny arrives shortly there after. Sonny tells Connie he wanted to check in and he'll pay for all the damages from Morgan's bookie's. Then Shawn exits and Olivia runs to hug Sonny. Connie looks on with a little envy. Olivia and Sonny start talking about Michael and Morgan and Connie realizes that they have a connection. Olivia rubs Sonny's arm assuring him things with Morgan will be okay and Connie blurts out, "Enough already!" She asks Sonny to leave for her mental health reasons. Once he leaves, Olivia asks Connie if she was upset about her and Sonny. At first Connie blows it off, but then asks if there is anything going on between them. Olivia tries to assure Connie that she comes before Sonny and nothing is going on between them. Later, they leave for dinner and Not-Todd sneaks into the Crimson offices and steals a cd.

Alexis prepares a romantic dinner at home for Shawn. She asks Molly to go away so they can be alone. Then she gets a knock on the door and it's Rafe. He informs Alexis that he and Molly are going to prom together. Alexis asks Molly what happened to TJ and Molly tells her that they broke up. Molly gives her the story and assures Alexis everything will be fine. Later, Shawn arrives and Molly and Rafe make a sudden exit. Shawn asks Alexis why Molly is with Rafe. Alexis plays coy, but once they sit down to dinner Alexis tells him that the kids broke up. Shawn isn't happy and says that Molly belonged to TJ. Alexis takes offense they start to argue. They realize it's silly and decide to stay out of it. At the end, they both declare how important they are to each other after making love.

Worst couple ever!
Kiki surprises Morgan at Michael's apartment. She hugs Morgan, but then tells him she is there to see Michael. She claims that she thought he could tell her how to win over Sonny. Morgan insists that Kiki stay at Michael's with him. They start making out and Michael freaks out. He tells her she can't stay. However, Morgan and Kiki manipulate the situation and tell Michael to sleep on the couch so they can have the bedroom. Yuck!

Silas comes to visit Sam at her apartment and she slams the door in his face. He knocks again. Sam answers again and questions why he is there. Silas replies that he's there for his nephew. Sam doesn't buy his interest and asks if he believes he's a vampire too. Silas blows the comment off and tries to explain that their conversation at the hospital took him by surprise and he's had a change of heart. He apologizes for his bad behavior and she lets him inside. Silas notices the posh digs and asks what her husband does for a living. Then he looks at a picture of Sam and Jason and she clues him in to the fact that Jason is dead. They have a tense conversation and Sam asks him to leave. Silas says he won't leave town until he sees Rafe. He goes to open Sam's door and Rafe and Molly are standing there. Rafe is scared, but Sam tries to explain that Silas is his uncle. Rafe doesn't believe it and gets upset. He shouts, "It's too weird" and storms upstairs. Sam scolds Silas for being pushy. Silas responds by saying that he doesn't give up easily and walks out.

Felix runs into Milo at Kelly's. Milo's in a rush to get going and heads out. Outside Dante shows up and questions Milo about Lulu's whereabouts. Dante vents about his frustration with Lulu and Milo's living situation. The conversation gets heated and Milo tells Dante to back off. Dante explodes and takes a swing at him. Milo goes to hit back, but Sonny shows up and stops him. Sonny tells Milo to wait for him inside. Then, Sonny tells Dante he's concerned about him and they discuss Lulu. It gets Dante thinking and he realizes that Lulu might have gone to The Haunted Star. So he takes off to find her.

Inside Kelly's, TJ and Felix talk about TJ's breakup with Molly. Felix suggests to TJ that he make one more try to fix things with her, however TJ thinks it's done forever.  Then Milo comes back in with a bloody lip and Felix goes to check on him. Shortly after, Sonny storms in and pulls Milo aside. He demands that Milo explain why he is "shacking" up with Lulu!

Not-Todd and Lulu have an encounter at The Haunted Star. She asks his name, but then she decides he shouldn't tell her. She starts recounting all the names she has to remember in her family re: Lucky, Laura, Luke and says,"I'm in L hell!" Not-Todd makes nice and says he came to discuss business with her. He asks if he can have a big party on The Haunted Star tomorrow night. He wants to reintroduce himself to everyone he has left behind in Port Charles. She isn't sure she can pull it off, but Not-Todd tells her he can take of everything, he just needs the venue. Lulu agrees, they shake on it and he leaves with a sly smile. After Lulu cleans up and picks up a champagne bottle. It gives her more flashbacks from her kidnapping and she drops the bottle in panic. Lulu goes to run out of The Haunted Star just as Dante arrives. End of show!

Are you ready for the big party? 

Check out this week's promo below! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't Feed Me Scraps!

Here we go again!
In today's show we learn that Not-Todd and Heather Webber have a connection, Ava is definitely Kiki's mother and Tracy wants true love!

Here's what happened - 

Spinelli tells Sam he failed at finding the missing Quartermain heir at her place. He recounts the story and they get to talking about Silas. Sam shows Spinelli a picture of him. Spinelli thinks he's Steven Clay, but Sam has to explain the brother situation. She also talks to Spinelli about Silas's coldness toward the subject of Rafe. Spinelli assures her that Rafe is in good hands with her and then leaves for date with Ellie. At the end of the show, Sam's doorbell rings. When she opens it she says, 'It's you!" but we don't get to see who it is. However, the preview shows us that it will be Silas; nice editing ABC!

Ava returns home to Kiki and Kiki tells her that Morgan is gone. Ava calls herself Kiki's mom and asks why she isn't happier to see her. Kiki tells Ava about the bookies and the showdown with Sonny. When Kiki mentions Morgan going home to Port Charles it gets Ava's attention. Ava recalls her conversation with Luke. Kiki asks if she has ever heard of PC. Ava says the" hellish relish" news story got her attention. At the end, Ava encourages Kiki to not give up on Morgan even if that means going after him. I guess there is no doubt that Kiki is Lauren Franc. 

Michael, Morgan and Sonny find Carly waiting for them at Michael's apartment. Carly is thrilled to see that Morgan is okay, but angry at him for what he pulled. Morgan tries to pretend it wasn't that big of a deal. Michael mentions Kiki being Morgan's girlfriend and Carly isn't happy to hear it. Sonny fills in the gaps and mentions that the name Jerome could have ties to the 80's crime family. Michael talks about his search for Lauren Franc and Morgan laughs about how at least his girlfriend isn't the daughter of a murderer. Then Morgan informs Carly and Sonny that he wants to stay with Michael, not them. Carly and Sonny agree it's a good compromise, despite Michael uneasiness about the idea. After they leave, Morgan is immediately ready to take off. He goes to open Michael's door and Kiki is standing there. NuMorgan's acting needs work!

Tracy and Luke kiss at the Q mansion, but Tracy puts the brakes on. She thinks he is skirting the issue of his drinking, but Luke says he kissed her because of their history. Tracy doesn't think they can be casual and presses him for why he kissed her. Luke blurs out, "Laura's getting married today!" Tracy gets insulted, but he backtracks and claims that he's fine with Laura getting married. Then he says that Scott telling him he would end up alone got him thinking. He asks Tracy to be his "true north" and Tracy smacks Luke in the face in response. She tells him that she's not okay with being his backup wife and asks him what would be in it for her. Luke asks what the difference will be from the way it's always been between them. Then Tracy announces that she wants a soul mate. Luke asks, "since when?" Tracy yells back, "Since always!" She refers to his connection with Laura and that she never had that kind of true love. Then she tells him she won't give up on that dream and doesn't want him to feed her scraps. Luke asks her if it isn't a little late in the game for such grand romantic gestures. Tracy says its not too late and sends him packing! Great Tracy scenes today!

Not-Todd goes to visit Heather Webber at the asylum. When Heather sees him she purrs, "It's you!" She remarks that something about him looks different. He laughs and tells her she looks great. Then Not-Todd wants to talk about Sam. Heather isn't happy with the topic, but he reminds her that, "You made that woman suffer!" Heather responds, "So did you!" He admits that he did hurt Sam and asks for Heather's help. Although Heather isn't thrilled about helping Sam, she agrees to help him because of their unknown bond. Who do you think Roger Howarth's new character will be? Some are saying Franco!

Scotty tells Laura and the wedding group at Windermere that the major had to cancel. Lesley volunteers to marry them instead, as she was recently ordained online in Wiccan teachings. They agree and go to say their I do's. Then Lesley pronounces them husband and wife. Lulu looks on and begins to have a confusing flashback about getting married from her kidnapping. After the ceremony, Lulu apologizes to Laura for not remembering her. She wishes Laura well and politely exits. Dante promptly follows, but when he catches up with Lulu she asks him to let her go home to Milo's alone. Back at the reception, Laura and Scotty cut the cake. Then Scott makes a nice toast, while Nik and AJ both try to impress Liz by each getting her cake. Liz isn't into it and walks away. At the end, Lesley talks to Dante and suggests that Lulu might have psychological damage from the kidnapping  Then we cut to a scene with Lulu going to The Haunted Star alone. Not-Todd shows up and surprises her. End of show!

Are you happy Laura married Scott?

Do you miss Mad World? Watch below!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Friday's Recap: You Must Miss Frisco Jones!

Where has the time gone?
In Friday's show we learn that Luke and Tracy still care about each other, Nulu doesn't like Scott whether she remembers him or not and Mac finally gets Felicia a ring.

Friday's Recap - 

Who am I?
Not-Todd smiles at a Pickle Eddie/Pickle Lila article on his iPad while flying. A passenger notices what he is reading and asks him who he thinks was responsible for everyone getting sick. Not-Todd suggests that maybe it was a ploy to take over ELQ. Then the passenger says Not-Todd looks familiar and asks if he knows him from somewhere. He asks if he was a Life Coach or a Motivational speaker from a conference he attended. He continues to probe his identity, but we still don't learn his new name. However, they finally arrive in Port Charles.

Luke goes to The Floating Rib for a drink. When he asks for another Mac doesn't think it's a good idea. Mac reminds Luke that he swore off alcohol after the hit and run with Jake. Luke resents the reminder and refers to it as a terrible accident. Mac questions his sobriety and asks why he came to The Floating Rib to drink after insisting that they change the name from Jake's. Luke gets annoyed and goes to leave at the same time Felicia is coming in. Luke says to her, "You must miss Frisco Jones!" and walks out. Felicia asks Mac what that was about. When Mac fills her in, Felicia tells him it was nice to try, but Luke does what he wants. At the end, they talk about their upcoming wedding. Mac seems off so Felicia asks what's wrong. He says he's not sure he wants a wedding at all. Mac says their married in spirit, while Felicia crunches on nuts nervously. She starts thinking he doesn't want to marry her, when she finds a real ring in the bowl. Mac gets down on one knee and officially proposes. Watch below!

AJ calls Liz from the Q mansion to apologize for her getting sick when Tracy grabs the phone. Tracy tells Liz that she wanted to remind her that AJ is a cheat and a liar. AJ takes the phone back and abruptly tells Liz he has to go and hangs up. Then he asks Tracy what her problem is and she says that AJ hasn't fulfilled his end of their deal. She doesn't think he's taken full responsibility for the relish mess. AJ is confused, because he thought confessing to Mario was enough. However, Tracy wants AJ to make a full press release. He decides he'll tell Elizabeth the truth himself so Tracy can't lord this over him and storms out. Later, Luke comes to the Quartermain mansion to see Tracy and have another drink. Luke vents to Tracy about Mac lecturing him. He tells her that Mac wouldn't serve him and asks if she can believe that. He insists he's not an alcoholic. Tracy is concerned and tries to talk to him. Tracy says she still cares about him a lot. Luke says, "likewise" and they kiss.

After hanging up with AJ Liz gets a knock on her door. Nik shows up with Spencer and brings her flowers. Spencer goes to play with Cameron and Aiden, while Nik takes the time to invite Liz to Laura and Scott's wedding. Elizabeth asks if the invite came from Laura or him. Nik deflects and asks what does it matter. She is about to accept when AJ walks in. AJ asks why Nikolas is there and Liz tells him it's to invite her to Laura's wedding. She also tells Nik she wants to bring AJ with her. Nik leaves and Elizabeth gets ready. When she comes down, AJ tells her she looks amazing. He feels guilty and wants to confess about Carly, but then the kids come down needing help. AJ helps Cam with his tie while Liz looks on with pride. He forgoes the confession and they all leave.

Nulu and Dante have fake Lante flashbacks of their past on The Haunted Star. She realizes that Dante purposely wanted to reminisce about their first kiss to trigger her memory. They have a little flirty banter and he encourages her to kiss him again. They're about to kiss when she has a memory of being dragged away during her kidnapping. Then Laura calls to invite her to the wedding at Windermere. Dante suggests they go together and he points to Spoon Island across the water to show her where it is.

Laura tries to smooth over Lesley's hostility toward Scott at Windermere. Scott tells Lesley that he's always loved Laura and plans to do right by her. Lesley reluctantly gives her blessing, but threatens to squash him if her hurts Laura again. Laura informs Scotty about the wedding being at Windermere and he agrees they should go for it. Nikolas returns to Windermere and tells Scotty about Liz coming with AJ. Then Liz and AJ show up with the kids. Nulu and Dante also arrive. Laura is thrilled and hugs Lulu. After, she announces that she is ready to marry Scott! Everyone goes to get seated and Lulu tears up from the pressure. Dante tells her not to worry, because he'll be there for her. Lesley introduces herself to Lulu and Lulu tells her that she really wants to remember her. At the end of the episode, AJ and Nik make small talk. Laura thanks Dante for bringing Lulu and Scott can't get the justice of the peace. He tells Laura, "There might not be a wedding!"

Are you frustrated with Todd's identity crisis? I know I am! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I kind of liked Scott in this episode. Also I thought Mac and Felicia were very sweet today, how about you?

Check out this clip of Laura & Scotty's 1st wedding in young, enjoy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lesley Returns + Full Episode

Today Lesley Webber returns! Read about her GH history here -->> Denise Alexander

I'm having some computer issues today and can't do a full recap. Here are the highlights from today's show:

 - Lesley returns and brings Spencer with her to see Nikolas.
 - Laura decides to have her wedding at Windermere and Lesley is not happy!
 - Kevin returns and tries to reassure Lucy that his mysterious patient isn't a problem.
 - Dante tries to get Lulu to remember him on The Haunted Star.
 - Scott gloats to Luke about his upcoming wedding to Laura.
 - Milo struts around topless!

Enjoy the full episode below in 3 parts!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bad Broads

Don't mess with me!
Today was filled with tough broads, familiar faces with different names and mobular Sonny comes back in a good way!

Here's what happened - 

Olivia and Connie tease the bad guy with pizza while holding him hostage at Crimson. Sonny calls in to check on them and they ask about Morgan. Sonny says he is about to find out and then the girls hear gunshots. Sonny and Shawn burst into an empty room. Sonny realizes the bad guy lied about Morgan's location. He tells Olivia, "You know what you have to do!" Olivia points the gun at the thug and tells him its a bad idea to lie to Sonny. She pretends she is going to shoot him, while he overuses the word broad. Finally, he comes clean with Morgan's correct location. Later, Olivia calls Dante to have him arrested. Then her and Connie finish their pizza and remark on what a good team they make.

TJ sees Molly and Rafe hugging and gets jealous. Rafe tells him that it's not what it looks like, but TJ gets mad all over again. He accuses Molly of cheating on him. Molly gets angry at TJ for being foolish, so she lies and tells him that she going to prom with Rafe. TJ is hurt and storms off. After he leaves, Rafe asks her why she lied. Molly admits she didn't think it through, but they decide to go to prom together after all.

AJ and Carly discuss their sex romp while Tracy eavesdrops. AJ finds her and Tracy confronts him about sleeping with Carly. She also uses her phone to record the conversation unbeknownst to AJ. They both deny it, but Tracy insists that she heard them. She threatens to tell Liz about it, if AJ doesn't admit he was responsible for the bad relish. AJ calls her bluff and Tracy walks off. Carly advises AJ to comply, but he thinks it's a bad idea. Then Sonny calls Carly to tell her he knows where Michael and Morgan are, putting both of their minds to rest about where Michael is.

Sam gets introduced to Dr. Silas Clay, Steven Clay's brother. He doesn't seem to know his brother and Sam has to fill him in on Steven Clay's murderous rampage. She also tells him about Steven kidnapping her, but Silas is cold and detached. He goes to walk away when Sam informs him that he has a nephew. He asks where Rafe is now and Sam tells him that Rafe is living with her. He says then he's in good hands and exits claiming he has patients to attend to. She goes looking for him at the end of the show to confront him on his coldness. Silas tells her that Steven was dead to him a long time ago and he walks away again. Sam is upset with his disinterest and then Carly finds her. Sam highlights her on why she looks forlorn and they decide to leave together. Meanwhile, Silas watches them leave from a distance with a strange smile on his face. Creepy!

Morgan starts to play poker with Kiki and the gang, while Michael keeps an eye out. Morgan thinks he's winning, until one of the party goers accuses him of cheating with Kiki. The guys get mad and leave the apartment. Morgan and Kiki blame Michael for ruining things and they all start fighting. Kiki orders Michael to get out and opens the door for him. However, the bad guys who beat Morgan up before are standing in the hallway. They threaten to beat Morgan up again, but Michael and Morgan try to jump them first. Fortunately, Sonny and Shawn arrive in time to stop things from getting out of control. Sonny pays them off, but warns them he'll kill them if they ever go near his family again. After they leave, Sonny wants to take Morgan back to Port Charles. Morgan asks what they'll do with Kiki. Sonny asks what Kiki is short for and she says Katherine. Then he asks if she is related to the Jerome crime family, but Kiki says there is no relation. Sonny isn't convinced and tells Morgan it's time to go without her!

Liz wakes up to Nikolas at her bedside and she asks for AJ. She tells Nikolas that she's with AJ and he needs to back off. He continues to tell her how bad AJ is for her. Liz doesn't believe it. Then Tracy walks in and says that AJ has already betrayed her. She is about to tell Liz, when AJ walks in. Nikolas says Tracy about to tell them what he did to hurt Elizabeth. AJ admits that he did something bad, but lies and tells Liz it was his relish that made everyone sick. AJ says he'll go tell Mario he's responsible, which makes Tracy's day. She gives AJ Mario's orange croc shoe and asks him to return it for her. Good stuff!

So do you believe Silas is really Silas or Steven? How do you like Kiki & NuMorgan? Personally, I'm finding it all a bit silly. I did like Sonny in action today though!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who is he?

Good stuff!
Today's show had some highs and a few lows. We meet Kiki Jerome and Steven Clay's brother, but all we learn about the new Todd Manning is that he's not Todd Manning, sniff!

The Recap - 

TJ mopes over prom tickets at Kelly's and Felix tries to comfort him. He fills Felix in on what happened with Molly and Rafe. Felix warns TJ that his temper is going to drive Molly into Rafe's arms. He suggests that TJ go to Molly and plead with her to forgive him. TJ agrees it's worth a shot and takes off to Molly's house.

Rafe comes to visit Molly at home while she babysits for Danny. Rafe apologizes to her for letting things with TJ get out of hand. He feels guilty for kissing her and admits that he's in love with her. He tells her all the things that made him fall for her and Molly is touched. He also talks about his "crazy" bio dad, Steven Clay. At the end, he asks Molly if they can be friends and he suggests that she give TJ another chance. Molly decides that she wants to be friends and hugs him. TJ walks up at that moment and sees them.

Sam sees a doctor who she believes is Steven Clay. She runs away from him and drops her phone in the process. He follows her and tries to return it to her. Sam wonders why he's not dead and he tells her whatever she thinks she knows about Steven Clay she is wrong. Then he is called away to a patient. He comes back over to Sam at the end of the show and she threatens to call the police. He tells her he's not Steven Clay, he's his brother.

Michael pushes his way into Ava's apartment and screams for Morgan. Morgan comes out and introduces the girl at the door as his girlfriend. She says her name is Kiki aka jeromearoundtheworld. They gush over one another in front of Michael. Michael questions the authenticity of Kiki's feelings for Morgan. He doesn't think she intends to help Morgan, but then they hear a knock on the door. Kiki opens the door, greets a group of young guys and tells them to hit the bar. The she tells Michael their loaded and she plans on gambling with them to earn the money for Morgan. Michael takes Morgan aside and warns him not to take this route. Morgan ultimately ignores him and sits down to play with Kiki.

Shawn and Sonny fly off to find Morgan. While in flight, they discuss Sonny's history dealing Mike's gambling. Mike mention! Sonny is worried that maybe Morgan is a gambling addict. Shawn thinks he's just a kid who got in over his head. They go over the details of Morgan's online chat with jeromearoundtheworld. Sonny is convinced Morgan is being set up.

Over at The Chew everyone tries to recover from the sickening relish. Nik tries to help Elizabeth and no one knows which relish is guilty for the food poisoning. AJ also tries to help Liz, while Tracy helps Mario from The Chew. Both Nik and AJ take want to play hero to Liz, so they take her to the hospital together. Tracy attempts to talk about Pickle Eddie to Mario while he's ill on stage. He can't stomach the word relish and asks his assistant to get him away from her.

In the green room, the producer named Todd, ironically finds a mysterious man who we know to be Todd Manning. He asks if he has a pass and what his name is. Before he can answer, one of the PA's yells out, "Todd!" Then he enters and tells the producer he needs him immediately. After the man of mystery watches Tracy from the green room TV. She talks to Edward when she is alone on the stage. Then she comes to return Mario's shoes to the green room, but doesn't see him. Afterward, he watches the TV again and sees all  of The Chew talking about possibly being poisoned. He makes a call and says, "I'm done here and ready to go to Port Charles!" 
Watch here!

Carly looks for Morgan at the hospital in NYC. She shows one of the nurse's a picture of Michael and Morgan and the nurse informs her they left. AJ finds her in the hallway while he's out looking for help for Elizabeth. Carly quickly briefs him about the Michael/Morgan situation then takes off.  AJ follows her and tries to assure her that Michael can take care of things. When AJ mentions wanting to check on Liz, Carly gives him a look. They talk about sleeping together and Tracy overhears. Meanwhile, Liz faints and Nik carries her to be treated by Steven Clay's brother. They put her on fluids, while Nik chats with nurse about how Liz stayed by his side in the hospital. When Liz wakes up, she sees Nik and asks, "Where's AJ?"

Who do you think Roger Howarth's new character will be? What do you think of his new edgy look? Personally I miss the scar! 

In honor of that, watch how Todd got his scar from OLTL! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Clash of the Condiments + Full Episode

May Sweeps - WTF?
Todd, Star & McBain return today! The Chew down is what it is and NuMorgan proves that he definitely inherited Carly's recklessness and Sonny's arrogance!

Here's what happened today - 

Emma isn't happy that Brit is still pregnant when Patrick breaks the news at Kelly's. At the hospital, Brit has help faking morning sickness from the orderly. Sabrina and Felix decide to take matters into their own hands. Felix creatively tries to get information from the orderly. When Patrick gets to the hospital, Brit manipulates him into letting her move in. 

Sam, Shawn, Carly and Sonny worry about Morgan at Carly's house. Connie and Olivia talk at Crimson about Morgan's situation. Thugs come looking for them after their visits to Johnny in Pentonville caught their attention. Olivia gets a message to Sonny, while the bad guys rough up the place. Thankfully, Sonny and Shawn get there on time to save them.

AJ is late for his airing when Nik informs him that he's backing off. When he finally gets on stage he freezes up at first, but then manages to sell the virtues of Pickle Lila. The Chew says that Tracy "chickened out" of the relish race. Nik's bodyguards try to stop her again in the hotel lobby, but Tracy makes it to The Chew regardless with Pickle Eddie in hand. When the choice for best relish is about to be announced the judge throws up! Then everyone gets sick, including Elizabeth. Once unoccupied, a mysterious figure enters the green room and it's Todd!

Michael finds Morgan beat up at Ava's place. Morgan acts like a rebel without a cause, while Michael lectures him on his poor choices. He takes Morgan to the hospital and gets to see AJ on the TV. Michael calls Carly to tell her that Morgan is okay. Then he goes back to Ava's to see if Morgan is there after he finds him missing again. Instead of Morgan, Michael is greeted by the actress formerly known as Star. Later, Carly and Sam come to the hospital in NYC. While there Sam sees McBain!

So what do you think of the 'big" return? Was Todd wearing skinny jeans? Oh my

Don't forget to vote for Ingo tonight on DWTS!

Watch today's show below, enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3