Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WOW - Super Tuesday!

So much stuff happened today that I don't know where to begin. I tried to stay away from Twitter and all my GH sites today, because I didn't want to get spoiled until I could watch. Thank goodness for DVR!

Let's see...we had Brenda, Jax, Emily, Alan, Rick Webber, Audrey and Ethan all pop up today in one form or another. Emily and Ethan were both a complete shock to me, but a wonderful surprise. Frank and Ron are really doing amazing things at GH and as a long time fan I'm just loving it!!!!!!

Alan, Emily and Rick Webber come (as ghosts) to talk Monica and Tracy into making peace with each other at the Q house. Emily comes for moral support and says that she is going to visit Nikolas at the hospital! I can't wait for that. Rick apologizes to Alan for all the fighting they did during their lifetime and wants Alan to shake his hand. Alan reluctantly accepts to show Monica and Tracy that if he and Rick can make peace, so can they. Emily insists Tracy and Monica hug. After much folly Monica and Tracy embrace and then poof...Emily, Rick and Alan are gone. I should also mention that Tracy teased Monica's about her affair with Ned from long ago and I nearly died laughing. Great Quartermain stuff!

Luke and Laura find Ethan under the "bag" on the Haunted Star. Turns out that Ethan was staying in Lucky's apartment in Dublin when he was kidnapped by Helena. Lucky is off on a mission in Africa and Ethan thinks Helena took him as backup in Lucky's place. Ethan and Laura have a nice first chat about their mutual love of Lulu & Lucky. When they try to leave Laura finds the door is locked. Shortly after Helena bursts in with her thugs and escorts them all to the upper deck at gunpoint. Laura asks about Dante and Helena laughs it off. Then she says she wants Laura to kill someone, but we don't get to find out who. What do you think happened to Dante? Will she make Laura kill Ethan? The previews made it seem like that is the case. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. (If the previews spoiled that...that's just bad ABC editing in my opinion)

Jax comes to visit Carly at her house. At first he has a quick scene with Jocelyn and he gives her a tea set. She runs off to play and Jax tells Carly that he needs her to sign their divorce papers. Apparently the paperwork was never filed at the courthouse and they are still legally married. This leads them have a nice chat about their marriage. They recount the past, the mistakes, etc. Carly is overcome with emotion and thinks it's a sign that maybe they shouldn't give up on their marriage. Jax says no he's engaged to someone else now. Carly asks who and Jax says....

Brenda goes to Sonny's house to clear the air with him. She tells him she is in town for the Nurse's Ball. She ends up questioning him about why he never read the letter she had wrote to him before she left Port Charles previously. Sonny tells her he was in a bad place and couldn't bring himself to read it. Brenda tells him that in the letter she offered him a chance to save their marriage, if he would come to her in Rome and give up life in Port Charles. Their conversation was tense and Sonny says he'll always wonder what if, but he's moved on with Kate/Connie. Brenda says she has also moved on. She smirks and tells him that she's engaged to Jax! Sonny looked pissed off!!!

Epiphany and Patrick break in new interns on today's show. At the beginning we see a classic portrait of Dr. Steve Hardy that is going to be used for a dedication to him. Patrick gives the interns a tour of the hospital and talks about Steve and all the hospital's history. It was really fabulous!

Liz and Audrey also have a sweet talk at the hospital about their family and all the history. Audrey looks terrific and it was great to see the tender relationship between Liz and her grandmother. Later they go together to view Steve's portrait. Patrick joins them and they all have a tender talk about the hospital's history. We got to see a black and white flashback of Audrey and Steve dancing in the old days. At the end Audrey wishes Steve a Happy Anniversary and the whole hospital starts clapping! I cried, I'll admit it.

The most tender moments of the show for me today where by far the Audrey/Liz scenes. I was fortunate to have wonderful relationships with both of my grandmother's so it just rang true. If you haven't watched today, you should.

Here's a fun tribute video for you to enjoy!

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