Friday, April 12, 2013

What is it with these people; why can't they just die?

I loved and hated parts of GH today. Some of it felt like a filler episode and some felt like a true Friday. Overall I think it was good and I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing Stavros again soon.

Here's what happened - 

Maxie goes to the Floating Rib to visit with Mac. Mac thinks Maxie is upset about Frisco leaving and the situation with Dante & Lulu. Maxie says she doesn't need Frisco, because she has Mac and he's always been her real dad. He surprises Maxie by telling her that he and Felicia are getting married. Maxie is delighted, but starts to worry about Dante, Lulu and the baby again. She lets it slip that if something happens to Dante and Lulu she feels the baby would be her responsibility, but Mac says no because it's not her child. Later, Mac gets a call from Anna and she updates him on Dante's situation. Mac tells Maxie he thinks they will be okay, she responds by saying good information is the best place to start. Mac asks, "Did you learn that from Frisco?" Maxie says, "No I learned that from you!."

I hate all the Frisco bashing. I'm sorry, but Frisco ruled the 80's on GH and his character deserved more redemption that what he got. I really hope the writer's have more in store before this is said and done, but it's not looking good.

AJ and Monica talk Liz at the Q mansion. Monica thinks AJ needs to step up his game with Elizabeth, but AJ doesn't know what the rush is. Monica tells him that Liz has been playing nursemaid to Nik at the hospital and she thinks AJ should make his feelings known to Liz before she moves on.

Alexis and Liz try to calm down Nik about Stavros at the hospital. They want him to rest, so Alexis goes to check on things for him. Liz stays behind with Nik. Nikolas tells Liz that he feels responsible for Stavros. Then they start talking about Lucky and the affair they had. Nik tells her that he and Lucky are trying to establish a relationship again and he feels Lulu is one of the few links that still connect them. Liz confides in Nik that she still doesn't understand why Lucky left. At the end, Nik thanks Liz for seeing him through and they hug. AJ sees them from the doorway and seems to realize Monica might have been right.

Sonny and Olivia go to see Anna at the police station. Anna tells them three bodies were tossed overboard on the Haunted Star and she thinks Dante might be one of them. Olivia is devastated. Sonny tries to console her, but Olivia thinks her vision from yesterday's show means it might be true. Sonny reminds her that Dante has survived a lot already and he thinks Dante will be okay.

Later, Alexis goes the police station and fills Anna in on the Cassadine history. Anna gets a call and tells Alexis that they found satellite footage of Helena's dead body on the Haunted Star. Alexis doesn't believe it and wants Anna to get confirmation. Then Anna tells Sonny and Olivia that she thinks Dante is probably okay. She informs them that Stavros is alive and the one who took Lulu. Sonny says, "What is it with these people; why can't they just die!" Olivia and Sonny hug and I started wondering why these two never got together!

Come back we miss you!
Dante sees NuLulu trapped in Helena's lab. It looked like a meat locker to me, so that's what I'm calling it. He tries to free her, but can't get the door open. Dante smashes the door with a fire extinguisher and sets off an alarm. It sounded so much like the Hatch alarm from Lost that I was waiting for the smoke monster to arrive.

Stavros tells Luke & Laura that he is Lulu's prince and she's his Ice Princess. He says that Lulu didn't want to submit to the life he wanted with her, so he put her on Ice. Laura pleads with Stavros to tell her where Lulu is. She begs him to take her to Lulu. Stavros gets emotional, but then hears the alarm Dante set off. Stavros takes off to the lab and sees Dante. Luke knocks Stavros out with a gun and he, Laura and Dante all try to free Lulu. They drag Stavros to the finger scanner and get the door open. Stavros comes to, but Luke holds a gun on him and they lock Stavros in the meat locker. They try to wake Lulu up, but she doesn't have a pulse. Laura tries her hardest, but Lulu seems to be dead. Stavros screams "she's mine!" Laura freaks out and turns the ice on him! Great scenes!

So are you ready for the new face of Lulu Spencer? Do you think Stavros will really die this time? I don't!

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy this tribute to Julie Marie Berman as Lulu!

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