Monday, April 8, 2013

The Nurse's Ball Continues...

The Ball continued in today's show with great performances, some fun antics and a bit of old school suspense. We learn who Felicia chooses, who Brit's father is and that Noah Drake knows Rick Springfield, wink wink!

Here's what happened - 

The episode starts with Lucy scrambling around in her dressing room. She can't find her wardrobe and is getting panicked about having to get back on stage. Then she hears a noise and asks if anyone is there. It turns out to be Richard Simmons in the closet. (How's that for symbolism?)  He says,"I'm back!" in a creepy voice and starts freaking out about her replacing him with Anton as the show's choreographer. He threatens to stop her from hosting and then tightly wraps a big red boa around Lucy's neck. He ties Lucy up and sticks her in the closet. He plans to take the stage, but Lucy breaks free and they start physically fighting.

Felix gets Liz to fill in as host since Lucy is nowhere to be found. Liz introduces Duke's tango that was supposed to be with Lucy, but since she is missing Duke asks Anna to fill in. Anna reluctantly agrees and they perform a beautiful tango together! Was there ever any doubt? Finola looked terrific btw! The experience brings them closer together and after they kiss!

Frisco waits for Felicia's answer to his marriage proposal. Felicia says she loves him, but that Mac is the man in her heart and her answer is no. Poor Frisco is devastated and storms out of the ballroom. Maxie runs after him. Frisco tells her there is nothing left in Port Charles for him. Maxie takes offense and reminds him that she is there. She asks him to stay in town for her.

They start talking about her pregnancy and the bonding they've done since he's been back. In the end Frisco says he has to go, but promises it will be different this time. They hug and he walks out.  I don't want to Frisco to leave in a way that makes him looks like a cad. I hope we see a little more of him. Maybe he could at least Skype Maxie once in a while? Meanwhile, Ellie overhears their chat about the baby stuff and gets suspicious. Later Ellie questions Maxie about the baby. Ugh...I hope this ends soon.

Felicia steps out of the ballroom to get some air and Mac seeks her out. He says he always knew she was the one for him, unlike her who had to choose. He's thrilled she chose him now, but he still doesn't trust it. Felicia takes a leap of faith and proposes to Mac. She hopes he'll see how serious she is. Mac is touched and says yes! Are you happy she picked Mac?

Liz introduces the next performance, which is Magic Milo! He performs with Max, Michael, Anton, Felix and Spinelli to "Give it to me baby!" This was hysterical. They do their best Chippendale's routine. Maks/Anton shakes his booty for us too! They strip down to their underwear and dance with all the ladies in the crowd. The back of their underwear collectively spells out Nurse's funny! The ladies start chanting for an encore and suddenly Lucy and Richard Simmons stumble on stage and interrupt the show. Of course Lucy continues her Nurse's Ball tradition and ends up in her skivvies. All the men in the audience start clapping and cheering for her! Lucy screams, "Richard Simmons just came out of the closet!" He goes at her again and the guys jump in to to protect her. They carry Richard out of the ballroom on their shoulders, whiles he carries on the whole time. Watch here!

Later, Lucy's regains her hosting position and introduces Noah, who she says made it possible for "Rick Springfield" to perform Jessie's Girl for the ball. Whoa what a throwback...effing awesome!! He still sounds fantastic! What fun it must have been for the actor's and crew to film this.

Also today, Patrick and Sabrina tell Emma they're dating back stage. Little Emma is thrilled. She also sees Duke and Anna kissing back stage and Anna tells her that Duke is now her boyfriend. Emma then whispers something to Anna. We assume it's about Sabrina and Patrick getting together. Patrick jests with Anna about what Emma must have said to her, but Anna assures Patrick she wants him to be happy and it's all good.

Brett watches the Nurse's Ball on TV in her Metro Court hotel room with Dr. Obrecht. She sees Patrick with Sabrina in the audience and gets upset. Dr. Obrecht insists Brit get dressed for the ball, while they discuss their still unknown revenge plan. At first Brit is skeptical, but then she gets on board. We see Brita get all dolled up, while Dr. Obrecht watches Rick Springfield's performance on the TV. She says, "Finally something worthwhile to watch!"

Later Sabrina sings "Call me Maybe" with Emma. Patrick looks on with pride, which makes Sabrina swoon. After Patrick takes the stage to make a tribute to Robin. Brit enters the ballroom suspiciously and waits to approach. His speech reminds us all of the continuing dangers of HIV.  He discusses Robin and her history with HIV. Emma joins him and as he wraps up Brit takes the stage. She says she has an announcement to make that he'll definitely want to hear. Wanna bet it's that Robin is alive? Dr. Obrecht watches from the hotel room and talks to a picture of Brit's poppa. It's revealed to be Fiason!!!

Were you surprised by that? I think we kinda of knew her father was Fiason, but the confirmation was great.

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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  1. Felicia picking Mac was a joke! His "act" on Friday was ridiculous and we all know who "the man of her heart" is. If you watched the marathon on Soapnet this weekend, you will see who the real super couple is.....Felicia and Mac are boring!

  2. One thing I really dislike is bringing back wonderful characters only to trash them. So far, this writer killed Helena, made Scotty a fool again so Luke could be the one a woman wants (that does take imagination as this foul mouthed, drunk rarely treats a woman well at best and is not exactly a sex symbol), and sent Frisco packing. Jax is looking badly and Brenda is now a prize creep.

    I want Stefan back BUT I want real story for him NOT just Luke gets to win yet again. If so, I think I can cancel GH from now on.

  3. They should have had Felicia leave with Frisco. It's not like she's ever on and she could have made appearances here and there. Just seems stupid to make Mac "the man of her heart" when everyone knows, it's Frisco! The writers did a horrible job with his return and character!

  4. I will admit that as a Frisco & Felicia fan, I was hoping they'd find a way to be together. In some ways though, I guess Mac is the sensible choice. Remember anything can happen on GH, so who knows maybe it's not over yet.

  5. In my opinion although Felicia does love Frisco, has he stuck with her and Maxie, lest we forget Georgie. Mac is the one who has acted like a father to Robin, Maxie and the late Georgie. So I think they did a great job.I was also a Frisco/Felicia follower at one time


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