Monday, April 15, 2013

Stop this incessant whining or I'll give you something to cry about!

My Name is Freeze!
Today we got some closure on couples of old, found out Lulu's fate and received plenty of Dr. Obrecht hilarity. Plus, Sonny was back and AJ fought with Carly again! I enjoyed today, how about you?

The Recap - 

Scotty is drunk at his Metro Court hotel room. Bobby stops by and he foolishly kisses her. Bobby pushes him away and finds all the empty alcohol bottles from the mini bar. She tries to make Scott feel better about Laura. She tells Scott she hasn't given up on love and neither should he. Then Bobby tells him she has to get back to Seattle and says goodbye.

Carly and AJ end up at Michael's door together. AJ jokes with Carly about Michael sleeping with Brenda. Carly gets worked up and uses her key to get into Michael's apartment. AJ and Carly realize Michael never came home. Carly wants to go to Sonny's to find Michael, but AJ tries to convince her otherwise. He thinks it's a bad idea to get Sonny on the defensive about Brenda. AJ reminds Carly of how Michael was conceived, re: their drunken hook up from eons ago. He thinks Carly is being a hypocrite and a control freak where Michael is concerned. Then Carly gets a call from Bobby at the airport to say goodbye. They have a nice chat and after AJ and Carly fight a little more over Michael. She tries to slap him, but he grabs her arm and they lock eyes for a moment. AJ then walks out, leaving Carly behind to wait for Michael. Their chemistry is awesome, isn't it?

Sonny finds his door open, he draws his gun and enters the house. He walks into his living room and sees Michael there. Sonny scolds him for coming in like that, because Sonny could have shot him thinking he was getting ambushed. At first they make idle chat about Dante, while Michael works up the nerve to tell Sonny about his tryst with Brenda. Michael starts by telling Sonny about Star breaking up with him. Then he finally admits to Sonny that he had sex with Brenda. Sonny doesn't seem upset, but he takes out his gun again and closes the door to the living room. Michael looks uncomfortable, but Sonny says he wants to lock up the gun. Sonny asks Michael to go over the story again with him. After listening to the story a second time, Sonny tells Michael it's not his fault. He doesn't want Michael to feel guilty and he isn't mad at him. They hug and Michael goes home. After, Sonny talks out loud to himself and says, "I can forgive my son, but Brenda is another story!" Then there is a knock on Sonny's door, he thinks it might be Brenda but it's actually Kate or Connie, we don't get to find out which.

Dr. Obrecht tells Brit she is leaving town today. Dr. Obrecht wants Brit to stick with their plan for Patrick, but Brit doesn't believe it will work. Brit tries to explain how Patrick said she disgusted him and he wants Sabrina instead. She is convinced that Patrick will leave her, just like Dr. Obrecht is leaving her. Dr Obrecht snaps, "Stop this incessant whining or I'll give you something to cry about!" I laughed pretty hard at that. They continue to banter about the baby until Dr. Obrecht softens a little. She tells Brit she wants her to handle Patrick alone, because she can't lead her forever. Then Brit assures her mother that she'll handle things with Patrick no matter what she has to do.

Patrick arrives at the hospital to see Sabrina, without her humongous spectacles; isn't she pretty? Patrick approves of her new look. Sabrina tells him that she promised Felix she'd "test drive" the makeover for awhile. Then they talk about Brit. Patrick tells Sabrina that he doesn't want this to ruin things between them. They agree to discuss it more later, kiss and part ways. What do you think of these two so far?

Later Patrick goes to the airport to say goodbye to Noah. Noah tells Patrick not to let Brit effect his relationship with Sabrina. Then, Dr. Obrecht shows up and tells Patrick she has something important to tell him about his wife. She says she saw him on TV during the Nurse's Ball and was moved by his dedication to Robin. Then Dr. Obrecht goes on to congratulate him on his new child. After she leaves, Noah and Patrick note how weird she was and say goodbye to each other. At the end of the show, Noah bumps into Bobby. He tells her he is also going to Seattle to report for his new job at Seattle General. Bobby says, "That's where I work," and Noah responds, "I know." cute! I liked how they left it open for them to reunite off camera.

Meanwhile, Felix and Sabrina talk about Brit's baby by the nurses' station. Felix thinks Brit got pregnant on purpose. Then Brit shows up and overhears part of their conversation. She tells Sabrina she doesn't intend to cause trouble for her and Patrick. Patrick returns to the hospital and encounters all of them. Brit asks to talk to Patrick alone, so Sabrina and Felix head off. Brit then tells Patrick that she has decided to have an abortion.

On Cassadine Island, Laura and Luke think they have iced Stavros for good this time. Laura cries over Lulu's cold body in a very touching scene. After Luke cries over Lulu's body. He screams, "There is no god that would allow this to happen!" Good stuff from Anthony Geary today! Next up, Dante cries over Lulu's body. All of them feel that they failed Lulu by not being able to protect her. Then Dante puts his head on her chest. He thinks he hears a heartbeat. Luke finds a weak pulse and starts applying CPR. Slowly Lulu opens her eyes and looks at them. She starts to get her barrings, but says she doesn't remember any of them. End of show.

So what do you think of Nulu (New Lulu)?

Enjoy this full length episode of the classic Ice Princess story from 1981!
You gotta love YouTube!!!

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  1. Thanks for dating so quickly. I love we Lulu I am glad they are taking it slow with her and Dante. I am not a fan of Sabrina I find her very manipulative and whiny.


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