Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Katie Couric Tuesday!

Today we had a guest appearance from Katie Couric, found out who Kate/Connie really is and learned that the Pickled Lila Relish dilemma is far from over! Sigh...

Here's what happened...

Nikolas talks to Spencer on his cell phone when Katie Couric walks into his hospital room claiming to be his doctor. She says her name is Dr. Kelly Curtis and she wants him to discuss how he got shot. She calls him Prince Nikolas and probes him for information on the Spencers & Cassadines. Then Epiphany comes in and scolds her intrusive questions. She demands, "Step away from the prince!" Epiphany reveals that she's really a sleazy reporter from Access Port Charles. Nik mistakenly calls her Katie, lol and threatens to use his power to get her fired. Kelly leaves and then Epiphany tells Nikolas it's time for his sponge bath. Nik looked  pretty frightened didn't he?

Kate/Connie arrives at Sonny's house. He wants to know if she's really Kate or Connie now. She says she's neither Kate or Connie, she's both. She wants to be called by her given name Connie, but she's not the wild Connie he knew. Then she tells Sonny that since her integration is complete, she's realized that she can't be with him. The only way for her not to relapse is if she stays away from him. After some back and fourth between them, Connie kisses him goodbye and walks out. Poor Sonny loses at love again! Will this make room for Brenda?

Spinelli goes to visit Heather Webber in prison to discuss the potential whereabouts of Lauren Franco. She doesn't know why he thinks she would ever help him after Sam failed to deliver her letter to Steven Lars last year. Heather asks about Luke. Spinelli lies and says Luke is busy with Tracy attempting to rekindle their romance. Spinelli wants to trick Heather into revealing what she knows about Franco's kid. Heather plays coy, but Spinelli says if Heather helps AJ that will keep Tracy from getting rich again which would attract Luke. At the end Heather admits to knowing something, but we don't get to find out what. Maybe we will tomorrow.

AJ finds Tracy discussing Pickle Lila Relish with Shawn at Kelly's. She wants Shawn to market the relish there since Kelly's was the birthplace of the recipe. AJ reminds Tracy that he is CEO of ELQ, but Tracy thinks once she finds Lauren Franco she can take back the company. However, AJ gloats that Spinelli now works for him not her and is close to finding out if she exists. Tracy tells AJ that seeing him so self assured almost makes her proud. AJ suggests she back off and let him run the company. Tracy agrees and says she realizes she needs to start her own company, TAQ for Tracy Angelica Quartermain. AJ laughs and reminds her that the name "Pickle Lila" is ELQ intellectual property and she can't use it to fund her new company.

Over in the hospital locker room, Felix sees Sabrina starting to put her hair into the same old frumpy ponytail and yells, "What in the name of Frederic Fekkai are you doing?" Sabrina laughs and they start to talk about  Brit again. Felix maintains that Brit definitely manipulated the baby situation. He suggests to Sabrina that she have sex with Patrick to seal the deal with him before Brit ruins things.

Out in the hospital hallway, Brit tells Patrick she is having an abortion. She says the deciding factor is him. Brit claims that Patrick's disgust with her makes it clear that she should abort, since she doesn't want to raise a child alone. Patrick grudgingly agrees it's a good idea and Brit storms off. Then Sabrina finds him and Patrick fills her on Brit's plans. Back in the locker room, Felix tells Brit off and she brags about things going her way in the end.

Nulu still has no idea who anyone is on Cassadine Island. She insists that her husband is Stavros Cassadine, not Dante. Dante, Laura and Luke try to  jog her memory. Dante gets frustrated, but Laura tries a softer touch. She gently fills Lulu in on details of her life, while Luke tries to convince Dante that Lulu will be okay. He says, "Lulu is a Spencer and no Cassadine will ever get the better of a Spencer!" Then Luke suggests they get off the island before more Cassadine's come. Lulu is afraid to go with them, but in the end Luke talks her into coming home with them.

So far Nulu's not too bad, but we'll see where this goes. What did you think of the episode?

Here's the funny clip of Katie Couric from today's show!


  1. Thank you for starting your blog. I think you are doing a fantastic job. Love your updates and I love your commitment to the show and fans. I may not post often but I will be checking in daily.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate the positive feedback! I've been having a blast with this blog and I'm glad other GH fans are enjoying it too!


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