Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spencer vs. Cassadine...again, again!

Wow what a day! I was late watching today so let's just dive right in.

Carly delivers breakfast to Brenda at the Metro Court and finds Michael in bed with her. Brenda says it's not what it looks like, however she looks delighted that Carly assumes the worst. Michael tells Carly to leave because he needs to talk to Brenda alone. Before she leaves, Carly tosses a bottle of milk at Brenda. It's not clear if they did or didn't have sex, but Brenda assures Michael that they have nothing to be ashamed of. My guess is they didn't have sex and Brenda just wants to torment Carly. 

Felicia and Mac go to visit Anna at the police station. Anna is frustrated with the Lulu case and they offer to help as private investigators. They also tell Anna about their engagement and they congratulate Anna for rekindling things with Duke. Anna says she is still not sure where things stand with Duke.

Bobby goes to visit Nikolas and talks to Scotty in the hallway. He is fuming because he hasn't heard from Laura. Later they go to the Metro Court and see Carly having a meltdown in the lobby. Carly fills Bobby in on what she saw and is convinced that Brenda seduced Michael. Scotty tries to console Carly and then Michael steps off the elevator. Scotty distracts Carly so Michael can slip out without Carly seeing him. Later, Brenda comes into the lobby when Carly is alone and asks Carly to return Michael's tie to him. If looks could kill, Brenda would have dropped dead from the glare Carly shot her.

Liz and AJ talk about their Nurse's Ball routine on the phone; still sucks we never saw it. Later, Duke goes to the Q mansion to talk to AJ about business. They wait for Michael to arrive and discuss their mutual performances at the Nurse's Ball. Duke confides in AJ about his uncertainty with Anna. Duke leaves and Michael finally arrives at the mansion. AJ notices that he's upset and gets Michael to tell about his roll in the hay with Brenda. The news causes AJ to spit out his drink in shock. I loved that scene!

Liz and Alexis talk to Nik at his bedside about the Nurse's Ball. They start discussing the reasons behind Nikolas leaving town in the first place and Liz feels him squeeze her hand. She asks if he can hear her and Nik opens his eyes. Hooray! Nikolas doesn't remember what happened before he was shot. Alexis and Liz try to fill him in and he suddenly recalls that Lulu is in danger. Nikolas says it's not Helena, its Stavros!

Luke wakes up in a bed with Laura in an unknown location. Neither of them remember what happened at first, but slowly retrace their steps. When Laura looks out the window she realizes it's the Cassadine Island. Then she remembers it's the same room she shared with Stavros back in the day and where Nik was born. Luke finds an invitation with fancy clothes in the closet for them to come to dinner. They get dressed and Luke yells for them to be let out. The bedroom door pops open and they cautiously venture out. They find a fully set table waiting for them in the dining room. At the end of the show the front door opens and Stavros enters!!! I'm glad they got Robert Kelker Kelly to reprise the role!

Here's an interview with Ron Carlivati about the return. General Hospital Exclusive: The Shocking Return of Stavros Cassadine 

So what do you think? Are you ready for another Spencer/Cassadine war?

                                Watch this from the original Stavros Cassadine in 1983!
      (His name is John Martinuzzi and apparently he and Genie Francis dated in the early 80's)

Here's a fun montage video of Robert Kelker Kelly on GH in the past.

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