Thursday, April 25, 2013

Relish: A Beacon of Hope in an Unkind World + Full Episode - 4/25/13

Sorry AJ, you lose again!
The first 20 minutes of GH were interrupted by a news broadcast today. 
The full episode is in three parts below. Enjoy!

Today's Show -

Tracy and Nikolas discuss Lulu's problems and relish at the hospital. When Tracy mentions AJ, Nik gets intrigued. Nik asks, "Is relish is a beacon of hope in an unkind world," I loved that! In the end, Nik agrees to invest in Pickle Tracy, but says they need to change the name.

At the Floating Rib, Milo agrees to help Dante search for Lulu, but fails to tell him where she is. After he leaves, Maxie and Dante discuss Lulu with Felicia and Mac. Dante is frustrated and hurt by Lulu's actions. Maxie suggests that she might have gone off with someone she knew and Dante agrees.

Brit catches Ellie fiddling with patient records on the hospital computer and confronts her. Ellie accuses Brit of lying about Maxie's pregnancy. Brit alerts Maxie to Ellie's persistence, so Maxie comes to the hospital to confront Ellie.

Nulu and Max talk about her problems at Milo's apartment. She fills Max in on her dilemma and he gets angry with Milo for helping her. Later, Milo returns and catches hell from Max for hiding Lulu from her family. Milo tells her about Dante finding her ring and how upset everyone is. He begs her to call Dante. At the end of the episode she calls to tell Dante she is okay, but not ready to come home.

Sabrina and Felix visit Patrick and Emma at Patrick's house. Felix watches Emma in her room, while Patrick and Sabrina talk about Brit's baby. They kiss and agree to tell Emma about Brit's abortion together. In the end, they make plans for their "official" date. Sabrina leaves and Brit shows up at Patrick's door in tears saying, "I can't do this!" We all saw that coming, didn't we?

AJ and Liz fight about Nikolas at Kelly's. AJ foolishly throws Liz's affair with Nikolas in her face and she gets very angry. AJ pleads with her to not misunderstand and profusely apologizes for his bad behavior. However, Liz isn't interested and puts an end to their would be romance. Later, Tracy comes to Kelly's and gloats about Nikolas helping her with Pickle Tracy. AJ sees red. End of show!

Are you upset about Liz dumping AJ? I feel a little disappointed.

In case you missed it!
Today's Episode (Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)


  1. I love Quiz I am so disappointed that Liz ended it with AJ. I am hoping that this is just to throw in some conflict short term.


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