Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nurse's Ball Spoilers & More...

According to Daytime Confidential...

Maxie attends the Nurses Ball... despite being worried about a still missing Lulu.  Will a conversation she has with Frisco be overheard by a certain lab rat? 
Are you ready for what’s about to hit the stage?  Patrick and Emma are said to do a daddy/daughter duet. Monica, Epiphany and Tracy are quite the trio. The nurses all team up. Duke and Anna show us that famous tango. Ellie and Spinelli put on a show. Noah Drake hits the stage in honor of his daughter-in-law, while Emma and Sabrina also share a number together. That Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) is quite the star. 
Everyone remembers Nikolas and Robin’s friendship, right? The Nurses Ball is in honor of Robin.  When they lost  funding, an anonymous donor stepped up. Three royal guesses who it is.
Lulu Spencer Falconeri, where are you?  Could it be that Helena is innocent?  Would she hire someone to shoot her darling Nikolas?  RUMORS point to when Helena is located, she swears she had nothing to do with Lulu’s kidnapping.  Is there a credible Spencer source with her to corroborate her story? Nikolas obviously has information to share, and it’s so juicy his life is hanging in the balance over it.  There is an obvious Cassadine Connection.
Why? Why? RUMOR has it we may revisit a story some of us really did not like — and by some of us, I mean me.  I hear Nikolas might be inserted into Elizabeth and AJ’s story, creating a little angst for the budding couple and a classic love triangle. 
Will Johnny get a swan song?  RUMOR has it Brandon Barash will have an exit story as he parted on good terms with the show. Will he save Kristina while she’s completing her community service at Pentonville? Does Kristina then decide it’s time for her to depart Port Charles again?  Now that Lindsey Morgan has announced her exit, will we get a new Krissy or will we be down one Davis girl? 
The search for Lauren Frank: The missing Quartermaine heiress is on her way to Port Charles.
RANDOM stuff… Does Jax find out about Jerry holding Robin?  Looks like Sabrina can sing too! AJ is not happy that Tracy got her paws on the secret relish recipe.  Noah and Bobbie have a chat. He asks if Bobbie is with Scotty. Bed Fellows?  Who winds up in the sack after the Ball?  Word is they don’t know how they got there. Anton (Maksim Chmerkovskiy) is someone Sam meets when looking into who her father is.  I’ve been dying to know who her dad is for years, but now all I care about is who Britt’s Papa is! When Lulu returns, with Emme Rylan’s face, will she remember anything that happened while she’s been away?


  1. Johnny has been gone so long now will anyone care?

  2. I care. I miss his character. Sonny is so boring anymore, we need another Mob prince who's really good at heart.

  3. I think Johnny will get an exit story that will leave it open for him to return one day. Probably the same with Kristina.

  4. Im always found Sonny boring. He is a rerun eternally and the ego more than annoying. For that matter I think Geary should retire. I have hated that super actors and interesting characters are diminished and left destroyed in order to hand Luke a win or pretend he can be a super "macho" man. The routine no longer fits well and it has destroyed Laura for me as well. She seems weak and lacking in appeal with Luke these days and seemed far more the leading even romantic lady when paired yes with Stefan Cassadine. It would be nice to see Stefan back and his true back story and history revealed including perhaps a shock to Nikolas who could perhaps not be the heir after all. Was that why Helena treated her son so poorly? Was he always the threat to her first born who could be a result of an affair rather than her husband's son? Would be such an intriguing story for both Stefan to emerge with story and not a cartoon for Luke, for Laura to grow on her own, for Nikolas to have to learn to be without the inheritances and find an identity. Growth is a key. Sonny and Luke seem to prevent growth and insist upon rehashing the same old over and over and over again ad nauseum.


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