Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Spoilers

Here are a few spoilers from Daytime Confidential, enjoy!

AJ keep your lady… Seeing Elizabeth and Nikolas in a tight embrace will leave the ELQ CEO a little uneasy. Look for Junior and Prince Cassadine to have words regarding the fair Nurse Webber.

Ellie and Spinelli… Will this match made in Geek Heaven get back on track?  They team up when Ellie asks Spinelli to help look into the truth about baby Falconeri. Spinelli is still in search of that Quartemaine heir. Is he getting closer to solving the caper? We hear Lauren Frank may look very familiar...

Get a little tipsy and kiss a red head!  Scotty ties one on and plants a big kiss on Bobbie!

Lulu is back in action… but will she remember what happened to her? It looks like she will be dropping some bombs when she returns.

Brenda and [SPOILER]? Brenda engages in some revenge loving. Carly to explode in 5...4...3..2...

She’s Baaaaack!  But, who is she? Will it be Connie or Kate who knocks on Sonny’s door?

Sabrina and Patrick… Can Patrick keep the promises he is making to the nurse? Sabrina turns to Felix for advice.

Is Britt's big news that she's with child? Shouldn't a man who was married to an HIV positive woman know that condoms are a must?

RANDOM STUFF… Dante finds a body. Luke and Laura are in for a shock. People fake pregnancies all the time.  One family has their joy squashed. Can Maxie keep up with her story? Anna sees Dr. Obrecht, but will she be able to stop her?


  1. I think Star will transform into Lauren Franco on GH now.

  2. Now Im ready to quit the soaps. This producer wanted a cartoonish Stravros when he could have had the depth of Stefan Cassadine.

    Im done now.

    No producer of soaps today is doing really good soap anymore. We get cartoonish antics or stereotypes or they pander and cater to the newbies and a few divas. Characters with depth well they are trashed, sent away and killed off.

    Im now done. Shame on the GH writers and producers who had the opportunity for better and chose a cartoonish popsicle's return younger than he was when he died.


  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Stefan popped up soon as well!

  4. I hope Frisco returns soon. I didn't like how he exited.. He needs to be there for his daughter. Also I too, think Stefan will show up sooner or later. It would be an awesome time for him to return. It does make sense that Stavros would think Lulu was Laura and be want her now. He is living in the past. He wouldn't see Laura as his princess now. Wow To have his own Son shot,or to do it himself,that's pretty cold. Even Helena would never let that happen to Nik. Luke and Laura are collateral damage. He would have no problem killing them then. It would make things interesting if Stefan appeared to save Laura from Stavros...

    1. I agree the Frisco exit was really a bummer. I'd love to see JW back, but if that can't happen they at least need to make fans happy with a better exit story.

    2. AGREED! They have made Frisco into something he wasn't back in the 80's. Then sent him off badly AND made fun of him? Poor taste.

  5. Poor Robert,he's in a coma. No one cares about him, not even His Own Brother, Mac, or his ex-wife Anna. They are all having so much fun going to balls, getting engaged. They don't have a care in the world...

  6. Side note: Monica shoulda let poor AJ come out of his room to see his dead father & sister lol


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