Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Last Day of the Nurse's Ball!

Today ended the Nurse's Ball and added a lot of drama into Patrick's life. There were some good performance's, some bad and some we didn't even get to see. Overall I loved the return of the Ball and I hope they can do it again next year!

Brit makes her revelation today; she says she's pregnant with Patrick's baby. Brit taunts Emma and Sabrina with her baby bump and shocks the audience. Patrick drags Brit out of the ballroom where she reminds him that it only takes one unprotected sex romp to get knocked up. Plus she wasn't on birth control and he didn't bother to get condom. She goes onto remark on how "That's how diseases are spread." and "he of all people should know that." Of course Patrick is highly offended given that the Nurse's Ball is in honor of Robin. Patrick says she disgusts him.

Liz and Felix try to make Sabrina feel better by reminding her that someone else could be the father of Brit's baby. Sabrina wants to tell Brit off. She goes to find her and sees Brit talking with Patrick. Brit makes a snide exit and leaves Sabrina and Patrick alone to talk. Sabrina worries it will ruin everything between her and Patrick, but Patrick wants to move pass it and return to the ball. He plans on getting a paternity test. Then he kisses Sabrina and they go back inside.

Lucy takes over as host again and introduces Olivia and Max as the Bensonhurst Medium. They predict someone will get a dream date with Anna, Maxie Jones sings in the shower, and made fun of Frisco's music. It was the lamest act of the Nurse's Ball if you ask me. What did you think?

The next act is TJ and Molly rocking out to an original song called "Private School Girls." They had an entertaining performance, but it wasn't my thing.

Then apparently AJ and Liz had a performance, but we never got to see it. We just see them talking about how great it was backstage and then they kiss. I think it lost a little punch with not having showed us their act. I was really looking forward to seeing them onstage. Thumbs down on that in my opinion.

Felix requests Tracy and Monica for their performance. They join Epiphany as "Epiphany and the Revelations" to dance and sing to "Jump, for my love" This was pretty fun, then everyone from the audience joins them onstage to dance along. Good stuff! Also it was the last performance of the ball.

Dr. Obrecht enjoys watching from her TV. She talks to herself and says Jerry Jacks will reveal the truth of Robin being alive. When? May sweeps maybe? Later, Dr. Obrecht dances in her room to Epiphany's performance - hilarious! Brit sees her and they discuss Brita's Nurse's Ball stunt. Dr. Obrecht is proud and hugs her. I think Dr. Obrecht is my favorite new character. She manages to make Brit watchable. She tells Brit to, "knock it off with the sour puss, your face could stay that way!" Brit says she just wants to be loved, so Dr. Obrecht gets her a glass of warm milk...touching lol!

Also Michael gets a call from Star. We don't hear her, but she tells him she's not coming back to Port Charles and basically breaks up with Michael over the phone. Michael is shocked and the scene ends. Do you care?

Ellie and Spinelli also talk about Maxie's baby and speculate on what her and Frisco might have been talking about in yesterday's episode.

They close the show with Lucy. Felix brings her flowers and everyone applauds. She makes a special tribute to Sabrina for bringing it all back. Sabrina takes the stage and she asks Patrick and Emma to join her. Then she starts singing a song I've never heard of before called, "You're not alone." Patrick sings along with her and soon after so does the audience. Does anyone know that song? I couldn't place if it had special meaning or was just a random choice.

So what did you think of the Nurse's Ball? This episode lost a little steam to me, but I did enjoy Dr. Obrecht and Epiphany and the Revelations a lot.

Here's the preview for tomorrow!

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  1. Mac's performance was the biggest joke!!

  2. "You are Not Alone" was a Michael Jackson hit about 9 years ago. I thought it was an appropriate song for at least 2 reasons. 1) If you are sick [with AIDS or any other illness] -- you need to know you are not alone , hince "Nurse's Ball" and their very reason for existence and 2) Patrick and Emma are not alone now that they have Sabrina

  3. Thank you. Since you mention it, I do remember MJ's version a little now and I agree that makes it more meaningful.


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