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Jailbird - Friday's Recap (04/26/13)

See you in another life, brotha!
I finally got to watch GH this afternoon so sorry for the delay. Johnny's back! Plus an Anna and Duke sighting; I guess I can check that off my complaint list!

Here's what happened - 

Duke brings Anna a white rose and dinner to her hotel room. Anna looks fabulous btw. She claims to not have expected him, but she was dressed to the nines. They talk about Lulu and their future together. Anna tells him that their dance and kiss at the Nurse's Ball helped to rid her of the angst she had about them before. They sit down to eat and enjoy some wine. Duke tells Anna that building a future with her is the most important thing to him. Anna admits that she has been afraid of him and whether they can recreate the past or not. Duke says he just wants the chance to make her happy now and they kiss. Duke tries to take things into the bedroom. Anna attempts to resist, but his kisses break her down and she relents.

Maxie verbally whip lashes Ellie at the hospital. Ellie tries to explain why she is pushing to understand what the issue with Maxie's baby is. They argue and Maxie claims the baby secret is about Brit's baby, but Ellie doesn't buy it. Ellie pressures Maxie to come clean about whatever the secret is, but Maxie insists that she doesn't know what Ellie is talking about. Maxie leaves and Ellie is determined to uncover the truth. Later, she gets a call from Spinelli and he senses something is off from her tone. Ellie says she needs his help and tricks him into assisting her with a way to log into the hospital network. Ellie gets into the system and looks up Maxie's patient records. She saves a copy to a flash drive and slips off the computer.

Brit cries to Patrick's at his door about the baby. As far as I know it's not legal to have an abortion when your 8 months pregnant. Didn't her and Patrick have sex in January? How is she so big? She asks Patrick to accompany her to the abortion clinic. She plays on his emotions until he finally agrees to go with her. Then he calls Sabrina to cancel their date, which pleases Brit greatly. Although she pretends to feel bad about him having to cancel.

At the Metro Court, Carly gets a collect call from Johnny at Pentonville, but she refuses the call. Then Felix shows up and asks her to set up a special table for Sabrina and Patrick. Carly agrees and Felix assures Sabrina that Carly will prepare a great date for her. Later, Felix leaves to babysit for Patrick. Sabrina confides in Carly and they have girl talk about men. Carly advises Sabrina to be careful with her heart and in a roundabout way refers to her own experiences with Johnny and Todd. Carly leaves to get champagne when Sabrina gets the call from Patrick canceling their date. Poor Sabrina then heads over to Patrick's house to see Felix, while Carly drinks champagne alone and thinks of Johnny.

Connie trains a new girl at Crimson. The new girl desperately tries to keep up with Connie's needs. When she doesn't transfer a call correctly, Connie gets frustrated and calls her "new Maxie" lol! When Connie finally picks up the phone it's Johnny. He asks Connie to come visit him in jail. Then Maxie shows up and sees new Maxie. She tries to explain her delay getting to work, re: helping Dante look for Lulu and dealing with Ellie. Connie forgives her, fire's new Maxie and heads off to visit Johnny. Later, Maxie feels the baby kick for the first time. In the final scene of the show, Connie arrives at the prison. She asks Johnny why he called her there. He says, "Someone's life depends on it."

So what do you think Johnny has to say? Are you ready for Ellie to get hit by another car like me? That's mean, I know. Have a great weekend!

Here's the preview for Monday's show!

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  1. I am so ready for Ellie to get hit by another car, it s none of her business.


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