Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's a Pretty Dream

Old 90's Promo
Good show today. There was a lot of romantic longing, classic super couples and a hint of humor to give us something to smile about. We learn that airport security in Port Charles is basically nonexistent and Brenda leaves town, but for how long?

The Recap - 

Carly rants to Michael about Brenda at Kelly's. Michael tells her Brenda is leaving town. Carly is pleased with the news, but when Michael tells her  that Brenda lied about the whole sex thing for revenge Carly gets all worked up again. She decides she is going to the airport to find Brenda. After Carly leaves, Michael has a creepy memory of Brenda pressuring him to drink coffee in her hotel room the night of the ball. Is there a piece missing from his memory?

At the airport, Brenda and Sonny have an intense conversation. Brenda admits to Sonny that she lied about sleeping with Michael. Sonny asks why she did it and she says it's because of Carly. Brenda also tells Sonny that she still loves him and always will. She asks if he is still in love with Kate and Sonny responds, "There is no Kate!" Brenda says she is sorry if he's hurt, but she hopes this means it's their chance to finally be together. She asks Sonny to move to Rome with her. Sonny says, "It's a pretty dream." He feels that maybe someday they will have a shot, but they need to heal first. Then they hear the announcement for her plane to board. Sonny grabs her, kisses her goodbye and Brenda walks away crying. Later, we see Brenda being offered a cup of coffee on the place and she has a weird smile on her face. Is there more to the story? Also Carly finally arrives at the airport ready to kick Brenda's butt, but Sonny tells her that Brenda is already gone. Does anyone else think that Carly needs a chill pill?

At the hospital, Scott informs Nikolas that he and Laura plan to be married. Scott expresses some doubts about Laura's feelings for him. Nik tells Scotty that he's never understood Laura's love for Luke, but that he and Luke found a way to peacefully coexist and he thinks Scotty should to. He advises Scott to hang in and prove his loyalty to Laura.

Laura, Luke and Dante bring Lulu to the hospital to see Patrick. They fill Patrick in on what happened to Lulu and Patrick asks Lulu if he can run some tests on her. Dante tries to accompany her into the exam room, but Lulu is not pleased. She begs Dante to give her space and Patrick agrees he should stay away. After Dante walks out, Lulu tells Patrick that she doesn't remember Dante or her life at all. She gets panicky over the pressure from Dante and her parents. Feeling helpless, Dante eavesdrops outside the door. When he hears what Lulu is saying, he impulsively bursts into the room. Dante pleads with her to look into his eyes and try to remember something. Lulu tries, but can't. Patrick sees that she's stressed so he advises Dante to go.

Out in the hallway, Luke and Laura talk about how Helena brainwashed Lucky in the past. Laura thinks Stavros may have done the same to Lulu. Then Scott steps off the elevator and sees them talking. Laura notices and runs to hug him. Laura fills Scott in on Lulu's status and Scotty tells her to go and check on Nikolas. She goes, leaving Scott and Luke alone. Luke asks, "Aren't you going to scurry after her?" Then Scott and Luke continue to banter with each other. Luke tells Scotty that he slept with Laura while they were gone. Scott gets the wrong idea and is about to go confront Laura when Luke thinks better of it. He tells Scott the truth about them being drugged and put in the same bed on Cassadine Island, but admits they didn't have sex.

Laura walks into Nikolas's room to visit with him. She tells him that Helena and Stavros are dead. Laura explains how Stavros died and her role in his murder. Nik takes the news well and is more concerned with his sister. Then Laura tells Nikolas that Lulu doesn't remember anyone. Later, Laura, Nik and Dante meet Scott and Luke in the hallway with Patrick. All of them discuss the best course of action for Lulu. Scott suggests they all play nice for Lulu's sake. Everyone thinks Laura is the one Lulu trusts the most so Laura goes to check on her. However, when she does she finds that Lulu is missing again.

Patrick ignores a text message from Britt at the nurse's station. Felix comes over and reminds Patrick that he needs to take Sabrina on a true date. He asks if Patrick wants to join him and Sabrina at the Floating Rib, but Patrick says he has patients and can't. Later on at the Floating Rib, Sabrina runs into Milo. She apologizes to Milo for hurting him and he also apologizes for trying to sabotage things between her and Patrick.

Then Felix arrives and Connie walks in as well. Sabrina and Felix move over to the pinball machine and talk about relationships. She tells him that Britt is having an abortion. They discuss what Sabrina and Patrick will do for a first date. Felix suggests Sabrina step up and take control of her relationship. Their conversation motivates her, so Sabrina goes to find Patrick at the hospital. When she finds him, she asks Patrick if he is free for a date tomorrow night and he says yes. Sabrina is over the moon with excitement, but when she walks away Patrick looks upset. My guess is he's torn about Britt getting an abortion.

Back at the Floating Rib, Connie chats Milo up at the bar. They have drinks and she explains integration to him. Connie also explains her breakup with Sonny. Then they play pool and talk about Milo's old crush on Lulu. She buys Milo more drinks and promises things will work out for both of them. Connie tells him she thinks the right woman might walk through the door any minute. Connie leaves and shortly there after Lulu strolls in, sits next to Milo and says she needs a drink. Will Milo finally get a chance with her?

I enjoyed today, how about you?

Check out this vintage clip of Sonny & Brenda from the early 90's!


  1. Patrick and Sabrina... the definition of ridiculos!! Please make it stop!!

  2. LOVE...LOVE.. Patrick 7 Sabrina storyline!!! Would love this one to end up being a TRUE LOVe story!!!!


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