Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Party Time...almost!

Happy Thursday everyone! Today's episode got us geared up for the Nurse's Ball hoopla to kick off tomorrow. Beautiful ladies, hot men and the drama is heating up to bring on the ball. I'm ready, are you?

Viva la GH...

Felix and Sabrina bring all of Lucy's dresses into the ballroom. Lucy explains to them her history of dress changes at the Nurse's Ball. Then Kevin shows up and tells her he can't attend. He says its because of an issue with a patient. Lucy is very disappointed, but Kevin assures her she'll be okay without him. He dismissively says he'll be there in spirit, then heads off. I found it a little strange. Maybe it's nothing, but I think something is up with Kevin. Maybe he's not Kevin at all...maybe he's Ryan Chamberlain. Is that just wishful thinking on my part?

Duke & Mac talk about Mr. Marbles in the ballroom. Mac wants to roast Frisco in his Nurse's Ball performance, but Duke advises him not to. Mac tells Duke about his anger about Felicia's feelings for Frisco. Then they discuss Anna and Duke's relationship. Mac thinks they still have a chance. Later Mac rehearses his Frisco roast routine for Lucy and she tells him it's not good. At the end Lucy tells everyone it's almost time for the 2013 Nurse's Ball!

Bobby goes to get Carly for the Nurse's Ball and Carly doesn't want to go. Bobby is suspicious and Carly admits that she is up to something. Then they part ways. BTW - I loved Carly's outfit today! Meanwhile, Brenda thinks about Sonny, while Jax is taking a shower in their hotel room. Brenda pretends that she is distracted by Carly's refusal to sign the divorce papers when Jax notices. She says she is nervous about going to the Ball and then lies to him about being at Sonny's the night before. Then someone knocks on the door, Brenda opens up and it's Carly.

Carly walks in and blows Brenda's lie away by telling Jax about her eavesdropping on Brenda's conversation with Sonny. Then Carly walks out with a huge smile on her face. Jax asks Brenda if Carly was telling the truth. Finally Brenda admits the truth, but tries to worm out of her exact wording regarding her wanting to get back with Sonny. She tells Jax about the letter she'd written him. Jax pushes and Brenda admits she does want to get back with Sonny. Jax freaks, but Brenda tries to smooth it over with Jax by saying she loves him too. Jax says he's realized he can never save Brenda from herself and he leaves. I'm not happy that Jax got hurt again. Brenda came off like a ass. I love VM, but I don't think Brenda of old would be so cruel to Jax.

Later, Carly goes back home and Sonny is waiting for her. Maurice looked hot in his tux! He tells her he found her scarf and confronts Carly about spying on him. Carly tells Sonny she's not going to let Brenda use Jax. Sonny tells her to butt out. They have a banter about Brenda, then Carly suggests her and Sonny attend the ball together. Sonny agrees and Carly goes to get ready. She claims she can get ready in 10 minutes. Ummm....I don't know any woman who could get ready for a big event in 10 minutes, do you?

Patrick and Emma talk about her performance at home. She plans on doing a duet with Sabrina and tells Patrick that Milo is now Sabrina's boyfriend. That prompts Patrick to try calling Sabrina again. He chickens out and leaves a voice mail about picking Emma up instead of something more personal. Then someone knocks at his door, Patrick opens and it's Noah! He tells Patrick that he's in town for the Nurse's Ball. Emma is trilled to see her grandfather. Then Sabrina shows up, after getting his message to take Emma. After they leave, Patrick tells Noah that he has feelings for Sabrina. Noah advises him not to give up and to tell Sabrina face to face about his feelings. Noah mentions regretting letting a "certain nurse" get away. Bobby anyone?

Anna, Olivia, Felicia and Maxie are all getting ready for the Nurse's Ball together. Anna gets a call from Frisco in regard to the Luke, Laura & Dante situation. The mention of him makes Felicia nervous. She tells Anna about confessing her love of both Mac & Frisco. She says Mac asked her to make a choice. Felicia says she'll end the mess sooner or later. Then Anna starts to talk about her feelings for Duke, until Bobby knocks on the door. Bobby comes to get ready with all the ladies. I loved Bobby's pink suit today! I should also mention that while Maxie was getting ready everyone applauded her surrogacy for Lulu and Dante. The praise made her guilty. I hope she comes clean soon, because it's really an awful lie!

Later Felix shows up with gift bags from Coco Cosmetics for all the ladies. Felix mentions to Anna that Patrick is "clueless" about something. When Anna probes him for the meaning of his statement, Felix insinuates that Patrick shouldn't be lonely. Shortly after Sabrina brings Emma to get ready with the group. Felix tells Sabrina to get a new look!! Finally! He got her contacts and wants to give her a makeover. At the end of the show we see all the ladies, including little Emma, looking fabulous and head off to the ball. Sabrina stays behind to finish up. Then Patrick comes to the room in his tuxedo and sees Sabrina all dolled up!

Sabrina looked great! Did you like her makeover?

See you tomorrow!

Don't forget to watch the GH 20/20 special this Saturday! Here's the promo.

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