Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm gonna make you a falsetto!

Kill that bitch!
GH was interrupted by a news brief so the last few minutes of the show got chopped up. Overall, the episode had some laughs and we finally got confirmation on what we've all suspected for awhile...Brenda was lying!

Today's Show - 

Spinelli takes care of little Danny at Ellie's apartment. She overhears him talking to Sam about how wonderful babysitting Danny is. At first Spinelli thinks Ellie will be upset with Danny there, but she assures Spinelli that just because she doesn't want to have kids, doesn't mean she doesn't like kids. She holds little Danny on her knee and sweet talks to him to convince Spinelli. Then they start to talk about Maxie. Ellie tells him she wants his help to find out what's going on with Maxie's pregnancy. They discuss the things that have made Ellie suspicious about Maxie. Spinelli agrees that it looks bad and says he'll help. Ellie concludes there might be a health issue with the baby.

Maxie goes to visit Connie at the Crimson office, per Connie's request. Maxie says that she is afraid of Connie and rehashes all of old Connie's bad behavior. She tries to explain her integration to convince Maxie that she is better now. Connie apologizes for all the trouble she caused in the past and wants to hire Maxie back at Crimson. Maxie is about to agree when Connie says they have to talk about her baby problem. Connie isn't sure Maxie will want to return to work after the child is born. Unfortunately the rest of their scene got cut off by the news. All we see at the end is Connie alone in her office looking at a picture of her and Sonny.

Luke, Laura, Dante & Nulu are on a plane heading home. Luke and Laura discuss how to fix Lulu's memory. Laura thinks Dante will unintentionally pressure Lulu and make things worse. Across the aisle Dante tries to talk to Lulu, but she says she is tired and mistakenly calls him David. Dante gets dismayed and tries to remind her of their life together. He mentions the surrogacy and Lulu flips out. She can't remember anything and tells him that he is overwhelming her. Laura suggests that she and Dante switch seats and Laura tries to assure Lulu that everything will be alright.

AJ and Carly run into each other at the hospital. Carly has a paper bag in her hand and AJ asks, "What's in the bag? The medication for your latest STD!" Hilarious! Carly corrects him and says it's for Jocelyn. AJ feels bad and tries to be nice. They make small talk and Carly says she is going to find Brenda to run her out of town. AJ sees the opportunity to torment Carly and tells her that Brenda is with Michael. AJ baits her by saying he can't tell Carly where the "lovers" are. Carly gets aggressive and threatens to snip AJ's man parts with a pair of scissor's, ouch! She says, "Tell me where they are or I'm gonna make you a falsetto!"

Over at Kelly's, Brenda confesses to Michael that they didn't have sex. Michael is confused and she explains that she lied. She tells him that they drank and talked, but that was it. Brenda admits that she just wanted to stick it to Carly. She tells him that Carly destroyed her relationship with Jax, so she wanted revenge. We see flashbacks of the night of the Nurse's Ball, which show Michael putting himself to sleep in Brenda's bed. We also see Brenda sleeping on the couch and then calling for room service and charging it to Carly. Then Brenda gets into bed, takes her top off and waits for Carly to arrive. Michael doesn't believe her at first, but then realizes that it's true and she did use him, just in a different way. Again, their scene got cut by the news brief, but at the end we see Carly run into Kelly's and Brenda's already gone. Michael tells Carly that Brenda left town.

Sonny and Olivia wait for Dante and Lulu at the airport. They discuss Connie while they wait. Olivia doesn't understand how breaking up with Sonny would help Connie. Personally I don't understand how she can't understand it. Nonetheless, they continue to talk and Sonny tells Olivia that Brenda and Michael slept together. Olivia can't believe it and they talk about Carly's desire for revenge. He tells Olivia that Carly wanted him to kill Brenda. Sonny admits that he wanted to find Brenda. When Olivia asks what he will do if he does, Sonny doesn't have time to answer because Dante and the gang arrive at the airport.

Olivia is ecstatic and runs to hug Lulu. Lulu pushes her away and screams, "I don't know who you people are!" Lulu storms off and Dante, Luke and Laura try to explain to Sonny and Olivia what happened with Stavros. Sonny and Olivia tell Dante to let Patrick take a look at her and they think it will be okay. However, once Dante leaves they admit to each other that things don't look good with Lulu. They say goodbye and part ways when Sonny gets a random phone call. He hangs up, turns around and runs into Brenda. End of Show!

Any thoughts on Nulu? I'm still undecided. Also I don't know if I like the way Brenda has been portrayed this time. I know a lot of you don't like her, but many of the long time fans really do. I don't know if the character is played out or what, but something is just not clicking. How do you feel? Do you care?

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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