Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy 50th General Hospital!

I am full of silly childlike glee today. I've been flooded with wonderful memories of GH and my life, as I've been watching classic clips of GH all day leading up to today's show on YouTube. It's funny how a soap can actually help you mark moments in your life. With 50 years of history, shows airing 5 days a week and new episodes all year long, it seems impossible not to think about where I was during some of my favorite plots over the years. Technology has brought it all full circle too. Almost everything is online now and I think it's wonderful!

Today's show...

We got a mix of three GH openings, merging past and present to earmark the first true day of the 50th extravaganza. I would have liked to see the original opening in it's entirety, just because I haven't seen it in so long. Nonetheless, it was fun.

Tracy and AJ have a hostile conversation regarding the relish recipe at the Q mansion. Tracy tells him she has already put the recipe into production and he's out! AJ is destroyed and swears he'll figure out a way to find the ingredients. He storms out and we see Tracy eating a sample of the relish. Monica enters and Tracy gives her a taste. From Monica's reaction is must be some incredible stuff! Later AJ returns and threatens to kill Tracy. Monica interjects and tells AJ that she'll take of of Tracy. Monica orders him out of the room and then tells Tracy she is officially kicking her out of the mansion. They start to have an argument and then Alan appears! Is he a ghost? It's not clear.

Liz has a bedside chat with an unconscious Nikolas at the hospital. We get flashbacks of their affair and the aftermath, while she recounts the experience to him out loud. At the end she kisses his head and tells him she loves him. Liz walks out of the room feeling very upset. We see a hand on her shoulder and then she turns to see Audrey standing behind her. For those who might not know, she is Liz's grandmother and was big time on the show back in the day. Then we cut to Nik opening his eyes. Yay!

Bobby goes to visit Carly at her house. They have a nice chat about men, kids, Jason and finally Jax! Bobby encourages Carly to reach out to Jax to see if there is any hope of a reconciliation. Bobby leaves and then Carly gets a knock on the door. She opens it and sure enough Jax is there! Where you happy to see him? It was just in time for Dancing with the Stars tonight too!

Michael goes to visit Sonny at his house. They have a chat about Kate/Connie and Sonny admits that he loves them both. They start to discuss the past and Sonny compares it to loving Brenda and Lily in the 90's. He felt that choosing between them caused Lily's death and he is afraid of making a mistake again. I thought that was a stretch because it's two very different situations. Nonetheless Michael and him hug and Michael leaves telling Sonny he hope the woman he loves comes home to him soon. Later Sonny gets another knock. He opens up, but we never see the face. I think we know it's Brenda!

Spoiler - There are rumors that Brenda and Jax are going to be married now and that they're behind the donation for the Nurse's Ball. We'll find out for sure this week!

Luke and Laura are being held at gunpoint by Helena on the Haunted Star. Helena is about to shoot Laura when Dante's rushes in and saves the day. He and Luke then have a shoot out with Helena's thugs and gain control of the situation. Dante questions Helena about Lulu's whereabouts. He says the WSB had infrared images of another person being held below deck in one of the staterooms. Luke and Laura go to investigate. They find someone tied to a chair with a bag over their head. They think it's Lulu, but we don't get to find out. End of show.

Did you like today? Are you excited for the anniversary?

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