Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine

Hot Stuff!
Today's show proved without a shadow of a doubt that the relish story is out of control! It's time to wrap it up! In addition, now that I see Liz's chemistry with Nikolas again I'm not sure who she should end up with.

Here's what happened - 

Dante worries about Nulu's whereabouts at his apartment. Maxie pops over unaware of Lulu's memory loss and starts babbling about needing to talk to her. Dante looks sullen and fills Maxie in on Lulu being missing and not remembering anyone. Maxie tries to make Dante feel better, but all he wants is for her to take care of the baby. He asks if he can touch her stomach and starts to talk to Maxie's belly. She feels guilty and tries to give Dante a pep talk. Then they part ways with Dante feeling determined to local Lulu.

Nulu wakes up in Milo's bed. He comes out of the shower and says, "Good Morning Sunshine!" Milo makes a special breakfast and talks about their wonderful night together. Then he takes his shirt off and does morning exercises in front of her. Lulu flashes back to the previous evening at the Floating Rib. She remembers talking to him about her memory loss and issues with Dante. We see that she left her wedding ring in a bowl of peanuts at the Floating Rib and that Milo offered her a place to crash with no strings attached. Lulu feels guilty about leaving the ring and asks Milo to go back to the bar to look for it.

Mac and Felicia look at wedding magazine's at the Floating Rib. Tracy interrupts them and takes Mac aside for a private chat about relish. She wants him to market her relish called Pickle Tracy. Mac thinks Lila's name and image make for a more marketable product and turns her down. Tracy gets offended and leaves. Meanwhile, Felicia bites into a peanut and finds a diamond ring. She assumes Mac bought it for her and when he approaches her Felicia gushes about the ring. Mac is clueless and admits he didn't buy it for her. Then Maxie walks in and says, "That's Lulu's" They call Dante and he rushes over. At first, Felicia can't get the ring off without using butter. Finally she does get it off and returns it to Dante when he arrives. Mac gets tip from his bartender that Lulu was there the night before with a dark haired man and tells Dante about it. Dante slams his hand down on the bar in anger just as poor Milo walks in.

Spinelli and Ellie say goodbye to each other at the hospital. He's briefly leaving town to search for Lauren Franco. They talk more about Maxie and Ellie's suspicions regarding her pregnancy. Spinelli thinks that they need proof and wants to table the subject until he returns. He leaves and later Ellie uses one of the doctor's access codes to look up Maxie's patient information.

Michael and AJ work on the relish recipe at Kelly's. They enlist Shawn to taste the relish, but he doesn't think it's a match for Pickle Lila. Apparently Shawn is a culinary genesis, who used to have an obsession with Pickle Lila during his military days. AJ wants him to try to use his expertise to uncover the secret ingredient. Shawn says the secret spice can only be found in Afghanistan and AJ says he can help Shawn get all the spice he needs if he'll join forces with him.

Tracy shows up wanting Shawn to market Pickle Tracy and AJ gloats that Shawn is going to help him, not her. Michael and Tracy taste AJ's new recipe and both agree it's tasty. Tracy is threatened and storms outside of Kelly's. She see's a bystander reading a newspaper with Nikolas's picture on the front page. Knowing she needs capitol to compete with AJ, seeing Nikolas' picture sparks an idea and Tracy takes off to find him.  Back inside, Michael asks AJ if they are being too hard on Tracy. AJ informs Michael that Tracy is now his enemy since he sided with him against her. Then Shawn interrupts them and says he knows where to get the special spice. Michael offers to go with him to get it. AJ says he wants to stay behind and get Liz's opinion on the relish.

At the hospital, Elizabeth walks in on Nikolas getting dressed in his room. He tells Liz that he wants to find his sister. She think it's a bad idea for him to leave before he is fully healed so Liz jokingly grabs his pants and tells him he can't go. They wrestle gently and fall back on his bed. Nik tells her she's hurting his wound and Liz jumps off. She encourages him to stay and get well. Nik agrees and tells her to go back to work. Liz says Epiphany won't mind and he replies, "AJ might." Liz asks what he means and Nik tells her that AJ asked him to back off. Liz gets upset about AJ overestimating his role in her life. Then Tracy arrives and tells Liz she can find AJ at Kelly's. Liz heads off leaving Nik and Tracy to talk privately, but not before she grabs Nik's pants so he can't leave the hospital. Tracy shows Nik a bottle of Pickle Tracy and claims she will make him an even wealthier man if he helps her against AJ. Back at Kelly's Liz walks in, scolds AJ and throws Nikolas's pants at him.

End of show.

So far I like Nulu, what about you?

Here's tomorrow's preview!

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  1. I love Nululu her chemistry with everyone is great. I hope they do a slow build up with her and Dante.


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