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Friday's Recap - The Nurse's Ball Begins!

Sorry for my delay. Yesterday was a super busy day and I just finally got a chance to watch GH this morning. I have to say, it was such a great episode. It's hard to believe that just a little over a year ago Guza and Frons were sending GH to it's grave and now it's been reborn into a bright shining star again. I am over the moon with excitement for my show!

Over at the Wub Tub you can view deleted scenes from yesterday's show. Here's the link: Wub Tub - Nurse's Ball Deleted Scenes - enjoy!

The GH Red Carpet...

The Aztec Princess with soulful singer and WSB agent...Frisco Jones...I died laughing, but in a good way. So fun. I think they mentioned Maxie's surrogacy too! Poor Mac, nobody to keep him company but Mr. Marbles.

Ellie and Spinelli...ugh. I love Spinelli, but Ellie not so much. They both looked good though.

Duke in his Scottish digs. Anna and Emma looked fab! Little Emma is so sweet, isn't she?

Sonny and Carly looked great together! Carly's dress was wonderful, but Brenda's wasn't. VM is so gorgeous, but that pink blanket of a dress did nothing for her. Where's Jax?

Michael, Bobby and Olivia all looked hot.

AJ and Liz are so cute together. They described AJ as the "back from the dead" Quartermain. lol

Monica and Tracy both looked great.

Alexis, Shawn, Molly, TJ and Sam all looked awesome. Kelly looked especially beautiful.

Anton and, hot, hot!!

Felix and the incomparable Lucy them!

The Recap...

Patrick tells Sabrina he thinks she looks beautiful. He hopes she still has feelings for him, because he is ready to tell her his feelings for her. Patrick says he loves her big hair and glasses, aww and they finally kiss. He asks Sabrina to be his date. Poor Milo gets the blow off. Are you into these two? I keep waiting for Robin to show up and destroy them, so it's hard to get invested.

Frisco and Mac argue over who gets to sit next to Felicia. Mac asks Felicia to chose; Frisco says he's a juicy filet mignon and Mac is a cold fish. I like seeing Jack's humor back. Frisco was always funny and sarcastic back in the 80's!

Bobby and Noah have a mini reunion. She tells him she's not seeing anyone and Noah looked pleased to hear that. Then Noah and Anna have a chat about their Eli Love adventures and he hints about performing at the show.

Carly taunts Brenda with her signed divorce papers. Brenda tells her that Jax called off their engagement, because Carly a miserable skank! Ha ha! These two are really bitchtastic together aren't they? Brenda digs her heels in and insists she will sit at Carly and Sonny's table.

Lucy opens the show with the nurse's performing to Molly & TJ's song. I bet the actor's loved showing off their Broadway side.

After Duke reminds Anna of the incredible love they once shared. She says his outfit reminds her of their wedding day.

Anton flirts with Sam an their table and asks her to perform with him.

Lucy gives a wonderful shout out to Jessie Brewer and Amy Vining. She thanks Bobby and the anonymous donor who paid for the Nurse's Ball. She asks that person to take credit, but no one does.

Maxie then asks Felicia who she's going to chose. Felicia says she loves them both and doesn't know.

The next number is Ellie and Spinelli singing  "She blinded me with Science!" Great choice for them!

After Maxie sees them perform she gets upset. Frisco notices and tells Maxie it's not to late to tell Spinelli the truth about her baby. 

Brenda tosses a napkin at Carly's head. Then Carly slings a drink at Brenda and orders Brenda to be thrown out. Sonny's not happy with Carly and takes off after Brenda. 

Milo confesses to Sabrina that he deleted her voice mail from Patrick. When Sabrina tells him that Patrick and her are together, Milo bows out gracefully.

Felix wants to be Anton's partner, but Sam has already agreed to dance with him. Then Lucy introduces Sam and Anton for their sexy dance. Sam does her best Dancing with the Stars moves. Great job!

Then Mac and Mr. Marbles come on stage. This was kinda of hard to watch. He rips Frisco up and it's very petty. Then Mac tells Felicia he loves her and just wants her to be happy. 

My favorite performance of the episode was by far Frisco's! After Mac attacks him, Frisco decides to get on stage. He sings his classic, "All I Need" for Felicia. Jack can still sing! The funny thing is, Felicia's song was Lady of my Heart. All I Need was originally dedicated for Frisco's 1st girlfriend Tonya, but I'm just being picky. It was awesome to see Jack do his thing! Felicia is clearly moved and Mac notices her emotion. I do feel bad for Mac. Then Frisco then proposes to Felicia!!! I'm in heaven today, I really am. 

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to watch or DVR the 20/20 special tonight!

You can watch the entire episode from yesterday here, enjoy! 

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