Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

We're back to the normal GH opening today! Lots of fun stuff happened on today's episode so let's dig in.

Milo helps Sabrina while they're preparing for the Nurse's Ball. Milo then reveals to TJ that he tried to sabotage Patrick's call to Sabrina. She overhears and then questions Milo about what they were talking about. They get interrupted by Lucy to begin practicing for the opening number before Milo can say anything. Later TJ asks Milo if he'll tell Sabrina the truth. Honestly, I don't care.

Patrick's pines for Sabrina at the hospital. Liz goes to thank Patrick for his kindness towards Audrey in the previous episode. She senses his angst and gets Patrick to talk about his thoughts on Sabrina. He thinks Sabrina is into Milo and Liz finds it amusing. Then Patrick reminds her that she's supposed to be rehearsing for the Nurse's Ball and Liz takes off. Later Patrick chats with a patient about how wonderful Sabrina is. Weird.

Carly can't believe that Jax is engaged to Brenda. She starts a fight with him and Jax tries to explain how it came about. Jax reminds Carly about her relationships and that he was trying to move on. Carly tells him she thinks Brenda only agreed to marry him to provoke Sonny. Carly says she won't sign the divorce papers yet either. Jax thinks Carly is wrong about Brenda and asks Carly to bring the papers to the Nurse's Ball. Later Jax runs into Michael at the Metro Court and tells him about the engagement and the divorce issues with Carly. Then, he goes to find that Brenda isn't waiting for him in their hotel room as he hoped she would be. Poor Jax, I don't want him to get hurt again! BTW - Ingo is doing great on Dancing with the Stars!

Sonny is also disgusted with their engagement. Brenda thinks he should congratulate her and Sonny tells her to leave. She says she waited for him in Rome for a year, before she picked up with Jax. She tries to pretend she is over Sonny, but he doesn't buy it. Carly shows up at Sonny's, because she suspects the Brenda is there and eavesdrops. Sonny thinks Brenda wants payback, Brenda says that's not the case. Then Sonny asks if Brenda is looking for Sonny to talk her out of marrying Jax. Brenda basically asks Sonny if they could try again. Carly is loving it and leaves, but drops her scarf on the way out. Sonny thinks it's time for them to let go, but they leave on a somewhat nice note. Brenda seemed very smug to me today. Question, how does Carly still have a key to Sonny's house?

MAKS! Or Anton..meets with Sam in the Metro Court Lobby, he wants to train Sam to dance. Sam mentions "Like they do with celebrities on that TV show?" Meanwhile in the ballroom, TJ, Molly, Felix & Lucy all help with the preparations. Molly stresses about the music video she is preparing for the ball, but Lucy approves of her work. Anton agrees that he can choreograph something good with Molly's music. Anton/Maks takes Sam aside to dance, since Liz is late and was supposed to be his partner. Sam pretends she can't dance. Also of note, Felix flirts with Max - funny scene. Then Liz finally shows up and questions Sabrina about why she didn't call Patrick back.

On the Haunted Star, Helena wants Laura to shoot Ethan. Helena tells her its the only way to save Lulu. Helena baits Laura wonderfully about Luke's giving Nik adrenaline and how he would sacrifice her son if the shoe was on the other foot. Laura can't! Genie was wonderful! Then Helena tells her to shoot Luke instead. Helena offers her a chance to save Lulu and break her curse once and for all. Laura points at Luke and seems terrified, but then Luke signals to Ethan. Ethan grabs Laura, while Luke takes the gun from her hand. He quickly turns and shoots Helena's thugs. Then Luke points and shoots Helena pointblank. Luke says, "Ding Dong the witch is dead!" Is she really dead? It seems so. OMG!

Later, Luke notices that one of Helena thugs has a blinking device on his ear. They hear a boat in the distance and Luke thinks it's more Cassadine's. Luke tells Ethan to get off the boat and talks him into being a decoy for them. Luke hugs him and Ethan departs. I really hope we see Ethan again, I just love Nathan Parsons!! I also think Tony Geary really enjoys working with him. Finally, we see Luke and Laura waiting for their showdown together. End of show.

Do you think they will end up back together this time?


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  1. I don't think she's really dead!

  2. I was just thinking about this, where is Dante?


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