Monday, April 29, 2013

Brit Strikes Again!

You know you want me!
Today we got some fun Carly and AJ scenes, found out Johnny's secret and Sonny punches AJ again!

The Recap - 

We'll miss you!
Connie talks to Johnny at the prison. He tells her that Carly's son is in trouble. Connie thinks he is talking about Michael, but Johnny says no it's Morgan! He explains that the cons are running a gambling racket with rich kids and he found out that Morgan was on their list and in big time debt. Johnny is concerned that the prisoners will find out Morgan is really Morgan Corinthos, not Morgan Benson. Connie agrees to reach out to Carly on his behalf. She also apologizes to him for all the problems she caused him and they say goodbye. Is that the last of Johnny?

AJ finds Carly at the Metro Court. Carly rants about Brenda and Michael to him. She accuses AJ of not caring about Brenda using Michael. AJ apologizes, but she suspects he wants something. AJ asks her to get him the best table in the restaurant. Carly teases him about messing things up with Elizabeth and refuses. AJ grabs her arm and pleads with her to "act like a human being" and help him.

Olivia remembers it's Sonny's birthday and asks him to come to dinner with her at the Metro Court. They arrive in time to see to AJ and Carly fighting and Sonny rushes to Carly's defense. AJ taunts Sonny about Brenda and Sonny punches him. AJ verbally attacks Sonny in retaliation, but then starts to have a another panic attack. Everyone thinks he's having a heart attack, but AJ explains the real issue. Carly takes him outside to get some air. Olivia and Sonny finally sit down to dinner. At the end of the show, Connie comes in looking for Carly and sees them together.

Alexis and Molly come to see Rafe and Sam at Sam's penthouse. Alexis brings paperwork for Sam to sign and Molly invites Rafe to go to Kelly's with her to meet up with TJ. Once they leave, Sam tells Alexis she is worried about Rafe. Sam thinks he is distracted by his mother's death, but won't talk about it. Over at Kelly's, Rafe kisses Molly outside the diner door. Molly tells him she thinks of him as just a friend. Rafe gets upset and goes back to Sam's place. When he arrives Rafe runs to his room, making Sam even more certain something is off with him.

TJ and Shawn talk about Molly at Kelly's. TJ thinks all is dandy with their relationship and asks Shawn for $500 to take Molly to prom. Shawn thinks it's a bit much, but once TJ begs a little Shawn agrees. Then Molly comes inside and TJ immediately senses something is off with her. He asks if the problem is Rafe. Molly gets nervous and says Rafe is just fine.

Britt and Patrick wait together at the abortion clinic. When they call her name, Brit says she isn't ready. Brit asks Patrick to come in the room with her, because she's scared. Once their in the doctor's office, Brit manipulates the doctor's questions to make Patrick guilty. Then the doctor asks if Patrick is pressuring her to have an abortion. Brit says no, but makes it obvious that she is only doing it to please Patrick. Patrick feels bad and tells her that he will provide for the child if she wants to keep it. He leaves and on her way out, Brit admits to the receptionist that she never planned to have an abortion in the first place.

Sabrina bends Felix's ear at Patrick's house. Emma sees Sabrina and is disappointed that she isn't on a date with Patrick. Emma wants to know where her daddy is and they tell her he is with a patient. Emma pushes to know who the patient is, they try to talk around the subject, but Emma is determined. She continues to question them and Sabrina lets it slip that the patient is a woman. Emma keeps asking until they convince her they can't tell because it's against hospital policy. They busy with Emma with a movie and Sabrina sends Felix home. Later, Patrick comes home to find Sabrina sleeping on the couch. He kisses her awake and they talk. Patrick then tells her that Brit decided to keep the baby. Poor Sabrina!

Do you think Patrick and Sabrina are doomed? Are you going to miss Johnny? I hope he returns one day.

Here's the clip of all the Carly & AJ stuff from today, enjoy!

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