Friday, April 26, 2013

A Quick Rant...

I woke up this morning filled with thoughts of GH. Can you tell I have a really exciting life? As much as I've been enjoying the new regime and all of the 50th anniversary hoopla, I still feel there is a lot of work to be done. Granted it's just a soap opera, but since it's also such a history rich and long running show I think fans deserve the best! After all, without us the show would never have survived this long. So let's delve a little deeper and explore the good, the bad and the ugly of General Hospital's current canvas.

The Editing - 

I think this is my biggest issue with the show currently. A lot of things seem to be missing or skipped over. Case in point, a few weeks ago when Emily's ghost visited Monica and Tracy at the Quartermain mansion, she made a comment about going to the hospital to see Nikolas. Yet, we never got to see that scene. I feel confident they must have filmed it, because why else would she have said that? However, it was just glossed over and forgotten about. Will we ever see Emily again, who knows?

Before the Nurse's Ball, Liz and AJ had several scenes where they discussed performing together at the ball, but we never got to see it! They talked about how great it was afterward, but denied the audience the supposedly "amazing" performance they had. I was very disappointed by that.

Next up, The Ice Princess round two. I liked how Laura froze Stavros, but I didn't like how the adventure stopped and started with huge pauses in between. For example, we saw Luke and Laura on the deck of the Haunted Star waiting for the other Cassadine's to come after they killed Helena. Then a week went by with nothing and all of sudden they're stuck on Cassadine island. It seemed like a big chuck of time was just deleted.

Character Assassination - 

My next issue is the negative way I feel some of the old favorites were portrayed. First up, Frisco! Now I know that prior to this year he hasn't been on the show since 1995, but this was a chance for him to have redemption. In particular with Maxie, who he's had no contact with since she was a small child. Yes I was a big fan of Frisco and Felicia, but I think it was more important for Maxie to get closure with her father. Having him take off like a big baby just because Felicia chose Mac to me was stupid! Not to mention his return was very chopped up and at times a week of episodes would past and we didn't see him at all.

Next Brenda! If you watched in the 90's you know that yes, Brenda was always desperate when it came to Sonny, but she always had a good heart. I don't think she would have used Jax or Michael in the way she did this time. Then she leaves in a mysterious fashion and who knows when or if we'll see her again.

Spinelli has turned into one of the most boring character's on the show. I once loved his quirky rhetoric, but these days his relationship with Ellie is pretty much the worst story going, in my opinion. Since Jason left, he has nothing of worth to do and the Maxie baby story is dragging out to an arduous degree.

Miscellaneous Crap - 

What happened to Anna & Duke? Will Kevin ever be back? Why is Sonny only on once week if that anymore?

What's Good - 

Overall, I think the writing has improved drastically. We have more continuity in the last year and half and then we did during Guza's entire reign. Bringing back old favorites, whether I liked their plots or not, has brought back many fans and basically saved the show. The return of the Nurse's Ball was the best thing that has happened on GH in a decade and dismantling the mob nonsense has been fabulous! So overall I am very happy with the direction GH has been going in. I just think it needs a bit more tweaking.

How do you feel about the show right now? Am I being to harsh?

P.S. I'll have the recap of today's show up tomorrow morning. Have a great night!



  1. I agree the show is better, but still needs work.

  2. I think it is improving. Really want to see how they are going to deal with Luke Spencers now that Laura is back. I want to see her lay into him about his infidelities and want to see the passion between Luke and Laura. No other couple has ever came close to what these two have onscreen.


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