Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back in the Relish Business

Let me rest in peace!
Today's Show - 

Connie takes back her office at the Metro Court. Carly interrupts her and wants to know if she's Connie or Kate. Then Carly sees the name on the door, it reads Connie Falconeri. Connie tells Carly not to call her Kate, because she is avoiding anything that could trigger a relapse. Connie also admits to Carly that she broke up with Sonny. Carly tells Connie that Brenda is in town and she needs to fight for him.

Olivia visits Sonny and she's ecstatic. Sonny thinks she's happy because Connie is integrated, but she tells him that Dante found Lulu and she's excited their coming home. Sonny explains to Olivia how Connie returned and dumped him. Olivia feels bad for him and tries to comfort him. They have a nice chat until Olivia exits to "run an errand" leaving Sonny to pine over an old picture of Connie. Olivia then goes to see Connie and scolds her for ending things with Sonny. Does anyone else think Olivia and Sonny might hook up soon?

Spinelli visits Sam and little Danny at her penthouse. Spinelli tells Sam they have a new client, AJ Quartermain. Spinelli wants to share McCall & Jackal's profits with Sam, but she doesn't want him to. He tells Sam about looking for Franco's kid and Heather Webber having information. Then Sam gets a call from her Nanny, who cancels babysitting. So Spinelli offers to sit with Danny for her.

Ellie bumps into Maxie at the hospital. Maxie thinks Ellie is stalking her. Ellie denies it, but admits that she is suspicious about Maxie's talk with Frisco at the Nurses' Ball. Ellie tells Maxie that she and Spinelli think Maxie was covering for Brit's pregnancy. Brit overhears and drags Maxie off for her appointment. Ellie then uses the excuse of bringing Maxie's blood work to Brit to interrupt the appointment. She opens the door just in time to overhear them talking about Maxie's secret. At the end of the episode, Ellie runs to tell Spinelli what she thinks she heard.  Ellie is about as entertaining as watching paint dry, do you agree? I hate to be mean, but she's boring....really, really boring!!!

Shawn and TJ talk about Rafe's guardianship hearing at Kelly's. Shawn tells TJ he should stay away from the courthouse, but TJ says he wants to show Molly support. Shawn tells him to play it cool and not hover over her. They have a nice exchange and TJ heads off.

Outside, AJ sees that Tracy put Pickle Lila's poster on the door at Kelly's. Michael runs into him and they start to talk about what happened between Michael and Brenda. Michael quickly changes the subject and they start discussing relish and ELQ. Michael and AJ ask Shawn to take down the flyer's because Tracy doesn't have permission to market the name. Then Spinelli walks in with Danny. All of them go sit down and discuss Heather Webber. Spinelli says Heather told him where to find Franco's adopted mother, who may have information. In the end, after much consideration AJ tells Shawn not to thrown out the Pickle Lila signs after all. Michael asks, "Does this mean we're back in the relish business?" Afterward Spinelli heads outside and gets a call from Carly. She wants him to find Brenda. Then Brenda walks into Kelly's and the scene ends.

Over at the courthouse, Molly and Alexis wait for Rafe. Lucy arrives and wants to be Rafe's legal guardian. Lucy tells Molly and Rafe that Kevin and her have decided to stay in Port Charles. Hooray! TJ shows up and holds Molly's hand in front of Rafe.  Court begins and the judge asks Lucy to take the stand. The judge is concerned about Lucy's fitness as a potential parent. He recounts Lucy's behavior during the vampire story. Alexis tries to smooth over the judge's opinion by using Sam as a character witness. Sam tries to defend Lucy, but in the end the judge denies Lucy guardianship. Rafe is devastated. Lucy thinks about it and suggests that Sam be Rafe's guardian. End of show.

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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