Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back and Better than Ever!

So much happened today I can barely wrap my head around it. GH hasn't been this exciting in a decade and I say that with love. I know a lot of people are upset that Stefan hasn't shown up, but don't give up hope yet. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him sooner or later. I love Stephen Nichols too! In the meantime, I think Robert Kelker Kelly is doing a great job as Stavros. The show needs a true villain. Nonetheless, in honor of us Stefan lovers I've included a tribute video of him from YouTube at the very bottom. Take a look!

Today's show - 

Olivia and Sonny find Dante at his apartment or so Olivia thinks. Olivia sees Dante in a vision and hugs who she thinks is him, but turns out to be a police officer. She tells Sonny she "saw" Dante and that he was saying he "couldn't save her." The vision makes Olivia very worried about Dante so she asks Sonny to talk about something else to distract her. She starts asking him about what happened between Carly and Brenda at the Nurse's Ball. Sonny tells her how Carly ruined Brenda's engagement to Jax. By the way Sonny describes things, Olivia thinks he's more on Brenda's side. It makes Olivia worry that maybe Sonny still has feelings for Brenda, which would leave Kate/Connie out in the cold. Sonny assures her that he is committed to both Kate & Connie, depending on who comes knocking on his door once her integration is done. 

At the Quartermain mansion, AJ loves the idea of sticking it to Sonny. Michael explains how Star dumped him and how he ended up in bed with Brenda. Michael is worried that Sonny will be upset. AJ presses for details, but Michael doesn't remember actually having sex with Brenda. Michael tells AJ about Carly finding out. AJ eats up the fact that Carly is freaking out and Sonny would be destroyed if he knew. I really got a kick out of AJ today. I like the friendship he and Michael are developing, how about you?

Carly & Brenda continue their bitch fest in the Metro lobby. Brenda taunts Carly about Michael. Carly looses it and attacks her. Brenda laughs at first, but it gets vicious so the Metro Court security guards have to pull them apart. Both women kick and scream for the guards to let go of them. Carly promises they will calm down so the guards let them go. Immediately after, the ladies continue to have a heated discussion. Carly reminds Brenda that Sonny isn't going to be happy about her sleeping with his son. Carly wants to call Sonny, but won't because of Dante and Lulu. She also doesn't want to cause trouble between Michael and Sonny. I don't know about you, but the only girl fight I ever had was with my sister. In Port Charles grown women attack each other with alarming regularity. 

At the hospital, Nikolas tries to tell Liz & Alexis how he found out Stavros was alive. Nik has a bunch of flashbacks so I included a clip of them from YouTube. Check it out ! Nik explains to Alexis that Stavros no longer wants Laura. He's after Lulu. Apparently, her likeness to Laura helped Stavros recover by fueling his obsession. Nik flashes back to a conversation with Helena about Stavros's condition. Helena admits that she faked Aiden's paternity test as a way of trying to stimulate Stavros with a new family to live for. Nothing worked, she even mentions a German doctor from Switzerland that treated him at one time. Dr. Obrecht anyone?

Helena said that Stavros saw Lulu by happenstance when Lulu and Dante tried to rescue Luke from the Turkish prison. He believed she was Laura from their time together on Cassadine Island years ago. Nik then tells Alexis and Liz that he tried to reason with his father, then he flashes to a scene of him and Stavros. Nikolas tries to explain to Stavros that it's not Laura, it's his sister. Stavros hits Nik in the head with a statue and knocks him out. Next we see Nikolas trying to call Lucky for help. Helena tries to stop him, but Nik get away and heads to PC. He knows Stavros is the one who shot him. Great Tyler scenes today!

On Cassadine Island, Stavros wants to have dinner, but Laura and Luke are afraid to eat in fear it might have been poisoned. Stavros tells Laura he would never hurt her, but he has moved on. Now he wants Lulu instead. He wants to preserve Lulu, because she is everything Laura once was. Luke and Laura are disgusted and insist on seeing Lulu. Stavros says they have the wrong idea. He explains to them how he stalked Lulu and ultimately kidnapped her at her apartment. He flashes to the night he took Lulu. Stavros was the person who knocked Dante out when he first found Lulu on the floor. Stavros tells them he took Lulu to the Haunted Star. Helena helped him use Ethan as a distraction while he got away with her. That's why Luke and Laura never saw them. Laura asks Stavros about Dante and he responds by saying he thinks Helena "feed him to the sharks." 

However, Dante is alive! He gets to the same lab where Stavros had been recovering. Dante foils the guards and gets into the secured area. He finds Helena's dead body under a sheet inside the room. The sight startles him and he backs into the wall. Dante realizes there is a door there with a tiny fogged up window. He looks inside and sees what looks like a blonde woman. Is it Lulu? Maybe a decoy?

Good show today!

 Tribute to Stefan - we hope to see you soon!

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