Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Kind of Kinky Stuff Are You Into?

New Morgan
Read about Morgan's GH history here -> Morgan Benson Jacks Corinthos

Today's Show - 

AJ calls Liz and leaves a message pleading with her to forgive him at the Q mansion. Carly overhears and tosses him some ice for his face. She mockingly questions why AJ taunted Sonny into punching him. She thinks AJ wanted Sonny to punch him as self punishment for ruining things with Liz. He denies it and they have a heated conversation laden with sexual undertones. Carly makes fun of his panic attacks and questions what AJ is afraid of. He says it's a good question, but he doesn't know. Carly suggests he go to a doctor to find out for Michael's sake. AJ says Elizabeth was helping him, but Carly tells him to forget about her and deal with it on his own.

Liz accompanies Nikolas to Windermere to recuperate. She thinks its a bad place to get well, but Nik says it's his family's home and where he wants to stay. She offers her place and Nik asks her if AJ will care. She brushes off the question, but then sees that AJ called. Liz listens to his voice mail in front of Nik. Nikolas asks what AJ wanted and Liz tells him that AJ wants to see her. Nik encourages her to stay away from him. Liz tells Nik that she feels compassion for AJ, but he thinks AJ is a waste of time. She gets annoyed and goes to the kitchen to get food for him. While she's gone, her phone rings and Nik sees it's AJ again. Nik picks up and says, "Nikolas Cassadine, Elizabeth Webber's phone." Liz comes in and grabs the phone. AJ gets the wrong idea and hangs up in anger. He goes for a drink when Carly calls his bluff and shoves the bottle at him. She baits him into taking a drink and even pours one for him. AJ smashes the glass out of her hand, grabs her and pulls Carly into a kiss. Back at Windermere, Nik wonders if he and Liz have really closed the door to their romantic relationship. He tells Liz that he can't stop thinking about her and also goes in for a kiss.

Dante goes to see Max at Sonny's office. He wants to know if Max knows anything about Lulu yet. Max claims to know nothing, but offers to keep an eye out. He mentions that his brother might know something. Dante asks that he leave no stone unturned. Max says he'll check with Milo about leads for Lulu and heads off. Dante stays behind hoping for good news soon.

I'm Mini Nulu
Milo gets a yoga lesson from Lulu at his apartment. She expresses her guilt about leaving Dante. Milo suggests that she move back in with Dante. Lulu insists it's too much pressure. Milo says, "You can't stay here forever." Lulu responds, "Why not?" Then Milo admits he has a crush on her. Lulu questions their history together and Milo fills her in on her past relationships, re: Johnny and Dante. Lulu wonders why she didn't notice how terrific Milo was before when Max walks in. Max tells Lulu the best thing for Milo and everyone else is if she goes back to Dante. Max threatens to tell Dante if she doesn't and Lulu asks for more time. Milo feels responsible and tells her she can stay. Max gets annoyed and says he won't protect them anymore. After he leaves, Milo tells Lulu he'll take whatever heat comes their way. She is touched and they kiss.

Connie tells Sonny and Olivia about the information she got from Johnny at the Metro Court. Sonny gets concerned about Morgan and calls his phone. When he doesn't get answer Sonny leaves to go to his office, thinking he can find out more there.  Olivia and Connie stay behind to talk. Connie is certain it's best she and Sonny stay broken up. She also tells Olivia that she's glad Sonny had someone to share his birthday with. When Sonny arrives at his office, he fills Dante in on Morgan's situation. He warns that if someone hurts Morgan, there will be hell to pay. Sonny decides to go to Morgan's school to look for him. Just as Sonny is getting ready to leave Max returns. Sonny takes off, leaving Max and Dante alone. Max decides to come clean and tells Dante that Lulu is at Milo's apartment.

Over at Maxie and Ellie's place, Ellie tries to sneak a peak at her flash drive when Maxie interrupts her. Maxie questions why Ellie closed her laptop so quickly when she entered the room. Ellie says she was having a sexy chat on Skype with Spinelli. Maxie is disgusted by the idea and asks," What kind of kinky stuff are you into?" Ellie lies and says Spinelli was showing her his Magic Milo act. Dear lord this is stupid! At the end of the show, Ellie debates whether or not to really look at the records and ultimately decides to go ahead. Upon doing so she finds out about Maxie's miscarriage.

So what do you think of all the kissing and potential hook ups going on today?

Here is AJ & Carly's original hook-up with Sarah Brown from 1997!

Monday, April 29, 2013

This Week's Scoops

According the ABC GH Blog, here's whats happening this week on GH.

When Sonny learns his kid is in danger, his complicated romantic life becomes second priority. This is one dad who’s NOT afraid to bring out the big guns when it comes to his kids’ safety. Sadly, he’s going to uncover some clues that hint he might already be too late. 

On the Lulu front, Dante is still desperate to bring his wife home but she wants to carry out a few longings of her own. Unfortunately, those longings have nothing to do with Dante. Also, something sparks a memory from her past – but is it enough to turn things around?

Meanwhile, there are some mind-blowing developments in the whole Liz, AJ and Nik triangle. AJ pulls a passionate (and slightly insane) move that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Finally, Ellie gets closer to uncovering the truth about Maxie’s baby. The question is, to what length will Maxie go to keep it from Spinelli? You’re going to find out.

Brit Strikes Again!

You know you want me!
Today we got some fun Carly and AJ scenes, found out Johnny's secret and Sonny punches AJ again!

The Recap - 

We'll miss you!
Connie talks to Johnny at the prison. He tells her that Carly's son is in trouble. Connie thinks he is talking about Michael, but Johnny says no it's Morgan! He explains that the cons are running a gambling racket with rich kids and he found out that Morgan was on their list and in big time debt. Johnny is concerned that the prisoners will find out Morgan is really Morgan Corinthos, not Morgan Benson. Connie agrees to reach out to Carly on his behalf. She also apologizes to him for all the problems she caused him and they say goodbye. Is that the last of Johnny?

AJ finds Carly at the Metro Court. Carly rants about Brenda and Michael to him. She accuses AJ of not caring about Brenda using Michael. AJ apologizes, but she suspects he wants something. AJ asks her to get him the best table in the restaurant. Carly teases him about messing things up with Elizabeth and refuses. AJ grabs her arm and pleads with her to "act like a human being" and help him.

Olivia remembers it's Sonny's birthday and asks him to come to dinner with her at the Metro Court. They arrive in time to see to AJ and Carly fighting and Sonny rushes to Carly's defense. AJ taunts Sonny about Brenda and Sonny punches him. AJ verbally attacks Sonny in retaliation, but then starts to have a another panic attack. Everyone thinks he's having a heart attack, but AJ explains the real issue. Carly takes him outside to get some air. Olivia and Sonny finally sit down to dinner. At the end of the show, Connie comes in looking for Carly and sees them together.

Alexis and Molly come to see Rafe and Sam at Sam's penthouse. Alexis brings paperwork for Sam to sign and Molly invites Rafe to go to Kelly's with her to meet up with TJ. Once they leave, Sam tells Alexis she is worried about Rafe. Sam thinks he is distracted by his mother's death, but won't talk about it. Over at Kelly's, Rafe kisses Molly outside the diner door. Molly tells him she thinks of him as just a friend. Rafe gets upset and goes back to Sam's place. When he arrives Rafe runs to his room, making Sam even more certain something is off with him.

TJ and Shawn talk about Molly at Kelly's. TJ thinks all is dandy with their relationship and asks Shawn for $500 to take Molly to prom. Shawn thinks it's a bit much, but once TJ begs a little Shawn agrees. Then Molly comes inside and TJ immediately senses something is off with her. He asks if the problem is Rafe. Molly gets nervous and says Rafe is just fine.

Britt and Patrick wait together at the abortion clinic. When they call her name, Brit says she isn't ready. Brit asks Patrick to come in the room with her, because she's scared. Once their in the doctor's office, Brit manipulates the doctor's questions to make Patrick guilty. Then the doctor asks if Patrick is pressuring her to have an abortion. Brit says no, but makes it obvious that she is only doing it to please Patrick. Patrick feels bad and tells her that he will provide for the child if she wants to keep it. He leaves and on her way out, Brit admits to the receptionist that she never planned to have an abortion in the first place.

Sabrina bends Felix's ear at Patrick's house. Emma sees Sabrina and is disappointed that she isn't on a date with Patrick. Emma wants to know where her daddy is and they tell her he is with a patient. Emma pushes to know who the patient is, they try to talk around the subject, but Emma is determined. She continues to question them and Sabrina lets it slip that the patient is a woman. Emma keeps asking until they convince her they can't tell because it's against hospital policy. They busy with Emma with a movie and Sabrina sends Felix home. Later, Patrick comes home to find Sabrina sleeping on the couch. He kisses her awake and they talk. Patrick then tells her that Brit decided to keep the baby. Poor Sabrina!

Do you think Patrick and Sabrina are doomed? Are you going to miss Johnny? I hope he returns one day.

Here's the clip of all the Carly & AJ stuff from today, enjoy!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jailbird - Friday's Recap (04/26/13)

See you in another life, brotha!
I finally got to watch GH this afternoon so sorry for the delay. Johnny's back! Plus an Anna and Duke sighting; I guess I can check that off my complaint list!

Here's what happened - 

Duke brings Anna a white rose and dinner to her hotel room. Anna looks fabulous btw. She claims to not have expected him, but she was dressed to the nines. They talk about Lulu and their future together. Anna tells him that their dance and kiss at the Nurse's Ball helped to rid her of the angst she had about them before. They sit down to eat and enjoy some wine. Duke tells Anna that building a future with her is the most important thing to him. Anna admits that she has been afraid of him and whether they can recreate the past or not. Duke says he just wants the chance to make her happy now and they kiss. Duke tries to take things into the bedroom. Anna attempts to resist, but his kisses break her down and she relents.

Maxie verbally whip lashes Ellie at the hospital. Ellie tries to explain why she is pushing to understand what the issue with Maxie's baby is. They argue and Maxie claims the baby secret is about Brit's baby, but Ellie doesn't buy it. Ellie pressures Maxie to come clean about whatever the secret is, but Maxie insists that she doesn't know what Ellie is talking about. Maxie leaves and Ellie is determined to uncover the truth. Later, she gets a call from Spinelli and he senses something is off from her tone. Ellie says she needs his help and tricks him into assisting her with a way to log into the hospital network. Ellie gets into the system and looks up Maxie's patient records. She saves a copy to a flash drive and slips off the computer.

Brit cries to Patrick's at his door about the baby. As far as I know it's not legal to have an abortion when your 8 months pregnant. Didn't her and Patrick have sex in January? How is she so big? She asks Patrick to accompany her to the abortion clinic. She plays on his emotions until he finally agrees to go with her. Then he calls Sabrina to cancel their date, which pleases Brit greatly. Although she pretends to feel bad about him having to cancel.

At the Metro Court, Carly gets a collect call from Johnny at Pentonville, but she refuses the call. Then Felix shows up and asks her to set up a special table for Sabrina and Patrick. Carly agrees and Felix assures Sabrina that Carly will prepare a great date for her. Later, Felix leaves to babysit for Patrick. Sabrina confides in Carly and they have girl talk about men. Carly advises Sabrina to be careful with her heart and in a roundabout way refers to her own experiences with Johnny and Todd. Carly leaves to get champagne when Sabrina gets the call from Patrick canceling their date. Poor Sabrina then heads over to Patrick's house to see Felix, while Carly drinks champagne alone and thinks of Johnny.

Connie trains a new girl at Crimson. The new girl desperately tries to keep up with Connie's needs. When she doesn't transfer a call correctly, Connie gets frustrated and calls her "new Maxie" lol! When Connie finally picks up the phone it's Johnny. He asks Connie to come visit him in jail. Then Maxie shows up and sees new Maxie. She tries to explain her delay getting to work, re: helping Dante look for Lulu and dealing with Ellie. Connie forgives her, fire's new Maxie and heads off to visit Johnny. Later, Maxie feels the baby kick for the first time. In the final scene of the show, Connie arrives at the prison. She asks Johnny why he called her there. He says, "Someone's life depends on it."

So what do you think Johnny has to say? Are you ready for Ellie to get hit by another car like me? That's mean, I know. Have a great weekend!

Here's the preview for Monday's show!

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Quick Rant...

I woke up this morning filled with thoughts of GH. Can you tell I have a really exciting life? As much as I've been enjoying the new regime and all of the 50th anniversary hoopla, I still feel there is a lot of work to be done. Granted it's just a soap opera, but since it's also such a history rich and long running show I think fans deserve the best! After all, without us the show would never have survived this long. So let's delve a little deeper and explore the good, the bad and the ugly of General Hospital's current canvas.

The Editing - 

I think this is my biggest issue with the show currently. A lot of things seem to be missing or skipped over. Case in point, a few weeks ago when Emily's ghost visited Monica and Tracy at the Quartermain mansion, she made a comment about going to the hospital to see Nikolas. Yet, we never got to see that scene. I feel confident they must have filmed it, because why else would she have said that? However, it was just glossed over and forgotten about. Will we ever see Emily again, who knows?

Before the Nurse's Ball, Liz and AJ had several scenes where they discussed performing together at the ball, but we never got to see it! They talked about how great it was afterward, but denied the audience the supposedly "amazing" performance they had. I was very disappointed by that.

Next up, The Ice Princess round two. I liked how Laura froze Stavros, but I didn't like how the adventure stopped and started with huge pauses in between. For example, we saw Luke and Laura on the deck of the Haunted Star waiting for the other Cassadine's to come after they killed Helena. Then a week went by with nothing and all of sudden they're stuck on Cassadine island. It seemed like a big chuck of time was just deleted.

Character Assassination - 

My next issue is the negative way I feel some of the old favorites were portrayed. First up, Frisco! Now I know that prior to this year he hasn't been on the show since 1995, but this was a chance for him to have redemption. In particular with Maxie, who he's had no contact with since she was a small child. Yes I was a big fan of Frisco and Felicia, but I think it was more important for Maxie to get closure with her father. Having him take off like a big baby just because Felicia chose Mac to me was stupid! Not to mention his return was very chopped up and at times a week of episodes would past and we didn't see him at all.

Next Brenda! If you watched in the 90's you know that yes, Brenda was always desperate when it came to Sonny, but she always had a good heart. I don't think she would have used Jax or Michael in the way she did this time. Then she leaves in a mysterious fashion and who knows when or if we'll see her again.

Spinelli has turned into one of the most boring character's on the show. I once loved his quirky rhetoric, but these days his relationship with Ellie is pretty much the worst story going, in my opinion. Since Jason left, he has nothing of worth to do and the Maxie baby story is dragging out to an arduous degree.

Miscellaneous Crap - 

What happened to Anna & Duke? Will Kevin ever be back? Why is Sonny only on once week if that anymore?

What's Good - 

Overall, I think the writing has improved drastically. We have more continuity in the last year and half and then we did during Guza's entire reign. Bringing back old favorites, whether I liked their plots or not, has brought back many fans and basically saved the show. The return of the Nurse's Ball was the best thing that has happened on GH in a decade and dismantling the mob nonsense has been fabulous! So overall I am very happy with the direction GH has been going in. I just think it needs a bit more tweaking.

How do you feel about the show right now? Am I being to harsh?

P.S. I'll have the recap of today's show up tomorrow morning. Have a great night!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Relish: A Beacon of Hope in an Unkind World + Full Episode - 4/25/13

Sorry AJ, you lose again!
The first 20 minutes of GH were interrupted by a news broadcast today. 
The full episode is in three parts below. Enjoy!

Today's Show -

Tracy and Nikolas discuss Lulu's problems and relish at the hospital. When Tracy mentions AJ, Nik gets intrigued. Nik asks, "Is relish is a beacon of hope in an unkind world," I loved that! In the end, Nik agrees to invest in Pickle Tracy, but says they need to change the name.

At the Floating Rib, Milo agrees to help Dante search for Lulu, but fails to tell him where she is. After he leaves, Maxie and Dante discuss Lulu with Felicia and Mac. Dante is frustrated and hurt by Lulu's actions. Maxie suggests that she might have gone off with someone she knew and Dante agrees.

Brit catches Ellie fiddling with patient records on the hospital computer and confronts her. Ellie accuses Brit of lying about Maxie's pregnancy. Brit alerts Maxie to Ellie's persistence, so Maxie comes to the hospital to confront Ellie.

Nulu and Max talk about her problems at Milo's apartment. She fills Max in on her dilemma and he gets angry with Milo for helping her. Later, Milo returns and catches hell from Max for hiding Lulu from her family. Milo tells her about Dante finding her ring and how upset everyone is. He begs her to call Dante. At the end of the episode she calls to tell Dante she is okay, but not ready to come home.

Sabrina and Felix visit Patrick and Emma at Patrick's house. Felix watches Emma in her room, while Patrick and Sabrina talk about Brit's baby. They kiss and agree to tell Emma about Brit's abortion together. In the end, they make plans for their "official" date. Sabrina leaves and Brit shows up at Patrick's door in tears saying, "I can't do this!" We all saw that coming, didn't we?

AJ and Liz fight about Nikolas at Kelly's. AJ foolishly throws Liz's affair with Nikolas in her face and she gets very angry. AJ pleads with her to not misunderstand and profusely apologizes for his bad behavior. However, Liz isn't interested and puts an end to their would be romance. Later, Tracy comes to Kelly's and gloats about Nikolas helping her with Pickle Tracy. AJ sees red. End of show!

Are you upset about Liz dumping AJ? I feel a little disappointed.

In case you missed it!
Today's Episode (Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine

Hot Stuff!
Today's show proved without a shadow of a doubt that the relish story is out of control! It's time to wrap it up! In addition, now that I see Liz's chemistry with Nikolas again I'm not sure who she should end up with.

Here's what happened - 

Dante worries about Nulu's whereabouts at his apartment. Maxie pops over unaware of Lulu's memory loss and starts babbling about needing to talk to her. Dante looks sullen and fills Maxie in on Lulu being missing and not remembering anyone. Maxie tries to make Dante feel better, but all he wants is for her to take care of the baby. He asks if he can touch her stomach and starts to talk to Maxie's belly. She feels guilty and tries to give Dante a pep talk. Then they part ways with Dante feeling determined to local Lulu.

Nulu wakes up in Milo's bed. He comes out of the shower and says, "Good Morning Sunshine!" Milo makes a special breakfast and talks about their wonderful night together. Then he takes his shirt off and does morning exercises in front of her. Lulu flashes back to the previous evening at the Floating Rib. She remembers talking to him about her memory loss and issues with Dante. We see that she left her wedding ring in a bowl of peanuts at the Floating Rib and that Milo offered her a place to crash with no strings attached. Lulu feels guilty about leaving the ring and asks Milo to go back to the bar to look for it.

Mac and Felicia look at wedding magazine's at the Floating Rib. Tracy interrupts them and takes Mac aside for a private chat about relish. She wants him to market her relish called Pickle Tracy. Mac thinks Lila's name and image make for a more marketable product and turns her down. Tracy gets offended and leaves. Meanwhile, Felicia bites into a peanut and finds a diamond ring. She assumes Mac bought it for her and when he approaches her Felicia gushes about the ring. Mac is clueless and admits he didn't buy it for her. Then Maxie walks in and says, "That's Lulu's" They call Dante and he rushes over. At first, Felicia can't get the ring off without using butter. Finally she does get it off and returns it to Dante when he arrives. Mac gets tip from his bartender that Lulu was there the night before with a dark haired man and tells Dante about it. Dante slams his hand down on the bar in anger just as poor Milo walks in.

Spinelli and Ellie say goodbye to each other at the hospital. He's briefly leaving town to search for Lauren Franco. They talk more about Maxie and Ellie's suspicions regarding her pregnancy. Spinelli thinks that they need proof and wants to table the subject until he returns. He leaves and later Ellie uses one of the doctor's access codes to look up Maxie's patient information.

Michael and AJ work on the relish recipe at Kelly's. They enlist Shawn to taste the relish, but he doesn't think it's a match for Pickle Lila. Apparently Shawn is a culinary genesis, who used to have an obsession with Pickle Lila during his military days. AJ wants him to try to use his expertise to uncover the secret ingredient. Shawn says the secret spice can only be found in Afghanistan and AJ says he can help Shawn get all the spice he needs if he'll join forces with him.

Tracy shows up wanting Shawn to market Pickle Tracy and AJ gloats that Shawn is going to help him, not her. Michael and Tracy taste AJ's new recipe and both agree it's tasty. Tracy is threatened and storms outside of Kelly's. She see's a bystander reading a newspaper with Nikolas's picture on the front page. Knowing she needs capitol to compete with AJ, seeing Nikolas' picture sparks an idea and Tracy takes off to find him.  Back inside, Michael asks AJ if they are being too hard on Tracy. AJ informs Michael that Tracy is now his enemy since he sided with him against her. Then Shawn interrupts them and says he knows where to get the special spice. Michael offers to go with him to get it. AJ says he wants to stay behind and get Liz's opinion on the relish.

At the hospital, Elizabeth walks in on Nikolas getting dressed in his room. He tells Liz that he wants to find his sister. She think it's a bad idea for him to leave before he is fully healed so Liz jokingly grabs his pants and tells him he can't go. They wrestle gently and fall back on his bed. Nik tells her she's hurting his wound and Liz jumps off. She encourages him to stay and get well. Nik agrees and tells her to go back to work. Liz says Epiphany won't mind and he replies, "AJ might." Liz asks what he means and Nik tells her that AJ asked him to back off. Liz gets upset about AJ overestimating his role in her life. Then Tracy arrives and tells Liz she can find AJ at Kelly's. Liz heads off leaving Nik and Tracy to talk privately, but not before she grabs Nik's pants so he can't leave the hospital. Tracy shows Nik a bottle of Pickle Tracy and claims she will make him an even wealthier man if he helps her against AJ. Back at Kelly's Liz walks in, scolds AJ and throws Nikolas's pants at him.

End of show.

So far I like Nulu, what about you?

Here's tomorrow's preview!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's a Pretty Dream

Old 90's Promo
Good show today. There was a lot of romantic longing, classic super couples and a hint of humor to give us something to smile about. We learn that airport security in Port Charles is basically nonexistent and Brenda leaves town, but for how long?

The Recap - 

Carly rants to Michael about Brenda at Kelly's. Michael tells her Brenda is leaving town. Carly is pleased with the news, but when Michael tells her  that Brenda lied about the whole sex thing for revenge Carly gets all worked up again. She decides she is going to the airport to find Brenda. After Carly leaves, Michael has a creepy memory of Brenda pressuring him to drink coffee in her hotel room the night of the ball. Is there a piece missing from his memory?

At the airport, Brenda and Sonny have an intense conversation. Brenda admits to Sonny that she lied about sleeping with Michael. Sonny asks why she did it and she says it's because of Carly. Brenda also tells Sonny that she still loves him and always will. She asks if he is still in love with Kate and Sonny responds, "There is no Kate!" Brenda says she is sorry if he's hurt, but she hopes this means it's their chance to finally be together. She asks Sonny to move to Rome with her. Sonny says, "It's a pretty dream." He feels that maybe someday they will have a shot, but they need to heal first. Then they hear the announcement for her plane to board. Sonny grabs her, kisses her goodbye and Brenda walks away crying. Later, we see Brenda being offered a cup of coffee on the place and she has a weird smile on her face. Is there more to the story? Also Carly finally arrives at the airport ready to kick Brenda's butt, but Sonny tells her that Brenda is already gone. Does anyone else think that Carly needs a chill pill?

At the hospital, Scott informs Nikolas that he and Laura plan to be married. Scott expresses some doubts about Laura's feelings for him. Nik tells Scotty that he's never understood Laura's love for Luke, but that he and Luke found a way to peacefully coexist and he thinks Scotty should to. He advises Scott to hang in and prove his loyalty to Laura.

Laura, Luke and Dante bring Lulu to the hospital to see Patrick. They fill Patrick in on what happened to Lulu and Patrick asks Lulu if he can run some tests on her. Dante tries to accompany her into the exam room, but Lulu is not pleased. She begs Dante to give her space and Patrick agrees he should stay away. After Dante walks out, Lulu tells Patrick that she doesn't remember Dante or her life at all. She gets panicky over the pressure from Dante and her parents. Feeling helpless, Dante eavesdrops outside the door. When he hears what Lulu is saying, he impulsively bursts into the room. Dante pleads with her to look into his eyes and try to remember something. Lulu tries, but can't. Patrick sees that she's stressed so he advises Dante to go.

Out in the hallway, Luke and Laura talk about how Helena brainwashed Lucky in the past. Laura thinks Stavros may have done the same to Lulu. Then Scott steps off the elevator and sees them talking. Laura notices and runs to hug him. Laura fills Scott in on Lulu's status and Scotty tells her to go and check on Nikolas. She goes, leaving Scott and Luke alone. Luke asks, "Aren't you going to scurry after her?" Then Scott and Luke continue to banter with each other. Luke tells Scotty that he slept with Laura while they were gone. Scott gets the wrong idea and is about to go confront Laura when Luke thinks better of it. He tells Scott the truth about them being drugged and put in the same bed on Cassadine Island, but admits they didn't have sex.

Laura walks into Nikolas's room to visit with him. She tells him that Helena and Stavros are dead. Laura explains how Stavros died and her role in his murder. Nik takes the news well and is more concerned with his sister. Then Laura tells Nikolas that Lulu doesn't remember anyone. Later, Laura, Nik and Dante meet Scott and Luke in the hallway with Patrick. All of them discuss the best course of action for Lulu. Scott suggests they all play nice for Lulu's sake. Everyone thinks Laura is the one Lulu trusts the most so Laura goes to check on her. However, when she does she finds that Lulu is missing again.

Patrick ignores a text message from Britt at the nurse's station. Felix comes over and reminds Patrick that he needs to take Sabrina on a true date. He asks if Patrick wants to join him and Sabrina at the Floating Rib, but Patrick says he has patients and can't. Later on at the Floating Rib, Sabrina runs into Milo. She apologizes to Milo for hurting him and he also apologizes for trying to sabotage things between her and Patrick.

Then Felix arrives and Connie walks in as well. Sabrina and Felix move over to the pinball machine and talk about relationships. She tells him that Britt is having an abortion. They discuss what Sabrina and Patrick will do for a first date. Felix suggests Sabrina step up and take control of her relationship. Their conversation motivates her, so Sabrina goes to find Patrick at the hospital. When she finds him, she asks Patrick if he is free for a date tomorrow night and he says yes. Sabrina is over the moon with excitement, but when she walks away Patrick looks upset. My guess is he's torn about Britt getting an abortion.

Back at the Floating Rib, Connie chats Milo up at the bar. They have drinks and she explains integration to him. Connie also explains her breakup with Sonny. Then they play pool and talk about Milo's old crush on Lulu. She buys Milo more drinks and promises things will work out for both of them. Connie tells him she thinks the right woman might walk through the door any minute. Connie leaves and shortly there after Lulu strolls in, sits next to Milo and says she needs a drink. Will Milo finally get a chance with her?

I enjoyed today, how about you?

Check out this vintage clip of Sonny & Brenda from the early 90's!

Monday, April 22, 2013

They're Back!

Kristen Alderson, Michael Easton and Roger Howarth will return to ABC’s General Hospital beginning May 10 as new characters. What do you think?  

I'm gonna make you a falsetto!

Kill that bitch!
GH was interrupted by a news brief so the last few minutes of the show got chopped up. Overall, the episode had some laughs and we finally got confirmation on what we've all suspected for awhile...Brenda was lying!

Today's Show - 

Spinelli takes care of little Danny at Ellie's apartment. She overhears him talking to Sam about how wonderful babysitting Danny is. At first Spinelli thinks Ellie will be upset with Danny there, but she assures Spinelli that just because she doesn't want to have kids, doesn't mean she doesn't like kids. She holds little Danny on her knee and sweet talks to him to convince Spinelli. Then they start to talk about Maxie. Ellie tells him she wants his help to find out what's going on with Maxie's pregnancy. They discuss the things that have made Ellie suspicious about Maxie. Spinelli agrees that it looks bad and says he'll help. Ellie concludes there might be a health issue with the baby.

Maxie goes to visit Connie at the Crimson office, per Connie's request. Maxie says that she is afraid of Connie and rehashes all of old Connie's bad behavior. She tries to explain her integration to convince Maxie that she is better now. Connie apologizes for all the trouble she caused in the past and wants to hire Maxie back at Crimson. Maxie is about to agree when Connie says they have to talk about her baby problem. Connie isn't sure Maxie will want to return to work after the child is born. Unfortunately the rest of their scene got cut off by the news. All we see at the end is Connie alone in her office looking at a picture of her and Sonny.

Luke, Laura, Dante & Nulu are on a plane heading home. Luke and Laura discuss how to fix Lulu's memory. Laura thinks Dante will unintentionally pressure Lulu and make things worse. Across the aisle Dante tries to talk to Lulu, but she says she is tired and mistakenly calls him David. Dante gets dismayed and tries to remind her of their life together. He mentions the surrogacy and Lulu flips out. She can't remember anything and tells him that he is overwhelming her. Laura suggests that she and Dante switch seats and Laura tries to assure Lulu that everything will be alright.

AJ and Carly run into each other at the hospital. Carly has a paper bag in her hand and AJ asks, "What's in the bag? The medication for your latest STD!" Hilarious! Carly corrects him and says it's for Jocelyn. AJ feels bad and tries to be nice. They make small talk and Carly says she is going to find Brenda to run her out of town. AJ sees the opportunity to torment Carly and tells her that Brenda is with Michael. AJ baits her by saying he can't tell Carly where the "lovers" are. Carly gets aggressive and threatens to snip AJ's man parts with a pair of scissor's, ouch! She says, "Tell me where they are or I'm gonna make you a falsetto!"

Over at Kelly's, Brenda confesses to Michael that they didn't have sex. Michael is confused and she explains that she lied. She tells him that they drank and talked, but that was it. Brenda admits that she just wanted to stick it to Carly. She tells him that Carly destroyed her relationship with Jax, so she wanted revenge. We see flashbacks of the night of the Nurse's Ball, which show Michael putting himself to sleep in Brenda's bed. We also see Brenda sleeping on the couch and then calling for room service and charging it to Carly. Then Brenda gets into bed, takes her top off and waits for Carly to arrive. Michael doesn't believe her at first, but then realizes that it's true and she did use him, just in a different way. Again, their scene got cut by the news brief, but at the end we see Carly run into Kelly's and Brenda's already gone. Michael tells Carly that Brenda left town.

Sonny and Olivia wait for Dante and Lulu at the airport. They discuss Connie while they wait. Olivia doesn't understand how breaking up with Sonny would help Connie. Personally I don't understand how she can't understand it. Nonetheless, they continue to talk and Sonny tells Olivia that Brenda and Michael slept together. Olivia can't believe it and they talk about Carly's desire for revenge. He tells Olivia that Carly wanted him to kill Brenda. Sonny admits that he wanted to find Brenda. When Olivia asks what he will do if he does, Sonny doesn't have time to answer because Dante and the gang arrive at the airport.

Olivia is ecstatic and runs to hug Lulu. Lulu pushes her away and screams, "I don't know who you people are!" Lulu storms off and Dante, Luke and Laura try to explain to Sonny and Olivia what happened with Stavros. Sonny and Olivia tell Dante to let Patrick take a look at her and they think it will be okay. However, once Dante leaves they admit to each other that things don't look good with Lulu. They say goodbye and part ways when Sonny gets a random phone call. He hangs up, turns around and runs into Brenda. End of Show!

Any thoughts on Nulu? I'm still undecided. Also I don't know if I like the way Brenda has been portrayed this time. I know a lot of you don't like her, but many of the long time fans really do. I don't know if the character is played out or what, but something is just not clicking. How do you feel? Do you care?

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nikolas Update + Kimberly McCullough Interview

Looks like Tyler Christopher will be sticking around Port Charles for awhile longer. He recently twitted that:

For fans of the Lying Game, hold out because I think they will renew. In the meantime, it's great he'll be in PC.


Also from Daytime Confidential a fun interview with:

Kimberly McCullough 

As a huge part of General Hospital history, Kimberly McCullough (Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake) was on hand to celebrate the show’s past and help look into its future at the recent Paley Center event.  I was lucky enough to steal time with the very fun McCullough, who told me about the ABC Directing program, a GH alum she recently spent time with and of course I asked her about her adorable on-screen daughterBrooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma).
The General Hospital fan in McCullough is up-to-date on all the happenings in Port Charles , while the director in her had a tip for the Nurse’s Ball.  McCulloiugh also dished about the possibility of a Robin return.
Daytime Confidential: Just a little bit on your directing. I know you’re out there doing that, how’s it going?
Kimberly McCullough: It’s going really well. I just did my first episode of Shake it Up called "Halloween it Up".
DC: My nieces are going to be ecstatic when I tell them!
KM: Oh I was ecstatic! It was so fun and Zendaya is doing so great on Dancing with the Stars right now. So I did that and right now I’m an ABC Director Fellow, so I'm in the program and shadowing different shows.I'm actually going to shadow on Homeland in two weeks which I'm very excited about.

DC: You also got to work with Tyler Christopher on ABC Family’s The Lying Game, right?
KM: Yes, we’re waiting on a pick-up for that. I'm praying I get to direct that show, it would be great. So yeah, I'm just doing that and this is random, but I just
got back last night from shadowing Stephen Kay who was Reginald the Quartermain butler on General Hospital.  He’s a really well known director now. 
DC: Are we going to see Robin back anytime soon? Will it fit into the busy directing schedule?
KM: I would like to, put it that way.  It’s just a matter if Frank wants me back and if they can work with my schedule. We'll just have to see how it goes, but of
course I’d be open to it. I miss my family.
DC: I know you’re a big fan of the show regardless, have you been watching?
KM: I am! I watch it all the time.
DC: You have to tell us your thoughts on the Nurses Ball and of course Brooklyn Rae Silzer.
KM: She kills me, that kid! Kills me! I mean I cry all the time just because she’s just so cute and I’m so happy.  But, I love the Nurses Ball, I thought it was great. The one thing I thought is that there should be people, it looked a little sparse. See, I’m doing the directing thing. [Laughs]
DC: No, I remember back in the day there being a lot more people in the audience at the Nurses Ball.
KM: Yeah, there needs to be like 30 more people. Other than that, it was great.
DC: Congratulations on everything and good luck with all that’s coming up!
KM: Thank you, I really appreciate that.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

General Hospital - 04/18/13 - Full Episode

Whoa Jax!!!!

Hello Ladies!

Unfortunately I don't have time today for a full recap, so I found today's show for you to enjoy here!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I'll be back tomorrow!

Let me know what you thought of today's show!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back in the Relish Business

Let me rest in peace!
Today's Show - 

Connie takes back her office at the Metro Court. Carly interrupts her and wants to know if she's Connie or Kate. Then Carly sees the name on the door, it reads Connie Falconeri. Connie tells Carly not to call her Kate, because she is avoiding anything that could trigger a relapse. Connie also admits to Carly that she broke up with Sonny. Carly tells Connie that Brenda is in town and she needs to fight for him.

Olivia visits Sonny and she's ecstatic. Sonny thinks she's happy because Connie is integrated, but she tells him that Dante found Lulu and she's excited their coming home. Sonny explains to Olivia how Connie returned and dumped him. Olivia feels bad for him and tries to comfort him. They have a nice chat until Olivia exits to "run an errand" leaving Sonny to pine over an old picture of Connie. Olivia then goes to see Connie and scolds her for ending things with Sonny. Does anyone else think Olivia and Sonny might hook up soon?

Spinelli visits Sam and little Danny at her penthouse. Spinelli tells Sam they have a new client, AJ Quartermain. Spinelli wants to share McCall & Jackal's profits with Sam, but she doesn't want him to. He tells Sam about looking for Franco's kid and Heather Webber having information. Then Sam gets a call from her Nanny, who cancels babysitting. So Spinelli offers to sit with Danny for her.

Ellie bumps into Maxie at the hospital. Maxie thinks Ellie is stalking her. Ellie denies it, but admits that she is suspicious about Maxie's talk with Frisco at the Nurses' Ball. Ellie tells Maxie that she and Spinelli think Maxie was covering for Brit's pregnancy. Brit overhears and drags Maxie off for her appointment. Ellie then uses the excuse of bringing Maxie's blood work to Brit to interrupt the appointment. She opens the door just in time to overhear them talking about Maxie's secret. At the end of the episode, Ellie runs to tell Spinelli what she thinks she heard.  Ellie is about as entertaining as watching paint dry, do you agree? I hate to be mean, but she's boring....really, really boring!!!

Shawn and TJ talk about Rafe's guardianship hearing at Kelly's. Shawn tells TJ he should stay away from the courthouse, but TJ says he wants to show Molly support. Shawn tells him to play it cool and not hover over her. They have a nice exchange and TJ heads off.

Outside, AJ sees that Tracy put Pickle Lila's poster on the door at Kelly's. Michael runs into him and they start to talk about what happened between Michael and Brenda. Michael quickly changes the subject and they start discussing relish and ELQ. Michael and AJ ask Shawn to take down the flyer's because Tracy doesn't have permission to market the name. Then Spinelli walks in with Danny. All of them go sit down and discuss Heather Webber. Spinelli says Heather told him where to find Franco's adopted mother, who may have information. In the end, after much consideration AJ tells Shawn not to thrown out the Pickle Lila signs after all. Michael asks, "Does this mean we're back in the relish business?" Afterward Spinelli heads outside and gets a call from Carly. She wants him to find Brenda. Then Brenda walks into Kelly's and the scene ends.

Over at the courthouse, Molly and Alexis wait for Rafe. Lucy arrives and wants to be Rafe's legal guardian. Lucy tells Molly and Rafe that Kevin and her have decided to stay in Port Charles. Hooray! TJ shows up and holds Molly's hand in front of Rafe.  Court begins and the judge asks Lucy to take the stand. The judge is concerned about Lucy's fitness as a potential parent. He recounts Lucy's behavior during the vampire story. Alexis tries to smooth over the judge's opinion by using Sam as a character witness. Sam tries to defend Lucy, but in the end the judge denies Lucy guardianship. Rafe is devastated. Lucy thinks about it and suggests that Sam be Rafe's guardian. End of show.

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

General Hospital - The Complete Nurse's Ball 2013 with Deleted Scenes

Since everyone loved the 2013 Nurses' Ball,  you can watch it here in it's entirety with deleted scenes!! You can thankMatuatay2 on YouTube for this!

Mac & Felicia Tribute

Since most of you seem pleased with Felicia's choice, here's a few fun Mac & Felicia clips. Enjoy!

For all the Frisco & Felicia fans, like me, here's one for you too!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Katie Couric Tuesday!

Today we had a guest appearance from Katie Couric, found out who Kate/Connie really is and learned that the Pickled Lila Relish dilemma is far from over! Sigh...

Here's what happened...

Nikolas talks to Spencer on his cell phone when Katie Couric walks into his hospital room claiming to be his doctor. She says her name is Dr. Kelly Curtis and she wants him to discuss how he got shot. She calls him Prince Nikolas and probes him for information on the Spencers & Cassadines. Then Epiphany comes in and scolds her intrusive questions. She demands, "Step away from the prince!" Epiphany reveals that she's really a sleazy reporter from Access Port Charles. Nik mistakenly calls her Katie, lol and threatens to use his power to get her fired. Kelly leaves and then Epiphany tells Nikolas it's time for his sponge bath. Nik looked  pretty frightened didn't he?

Kate/Connie arrives at Sonny's house. He wants to know if she's really Kate or Connie now. She says she's neither Kate or Connie, she's both. She wants to be called by her given name Connie, but she's not the wild Connie he knew. Then she tells Sonny that since her integration is complete, she's realized that she can't be with him. The only way for her not to relapse is if she stays away from him. After some back and fourth between them, Connie kisses him goodbye and walks out. Poor Sonny loses at love again! Will this make room for Brenda?

Spinelli goes to visit Heather Webber in prison to discuss the potential whereabouts of Lauren Franco. She doesn't know why he thinks she would ever help him after Sam failed to deliver her letter to Steven Lars last year. Heather asks about Luke. Spinelli lies and says Luke is busy with Tracy attempting to rekindle their romance. Spinelli wants to trick Heather into revealing what she knows about Franco's kid. Heather plays coy, but Spinelli says if Heather helps AJ that will keep Tracy from getting rich again which would attract Luke. At the end Heather admits to knowing something, but we don't get to find out what. Maybe we will tomorrow.

AJ finds Tracy discussing Pickle Lila Relish with Shawn at Kelly's. She wants Shawn to market the relish there since Kelly's was the birthplace of the recipe. AJ reminds Tracy that he is CEO of ELQ, but Tracy thinks once she finds Lauren Franco she can take back the company. However, AJ gloats that Spinelli now works for him not her and is close to finding out if she exists. Tracy tells AJ that seeing him so self assured almost makes her proud. AJ suggests she back off and let him run the company. Tracy agrees and says she realizes she needs to start her own company, TAQ for Tracy Angelica Quartermain. AJ laughs and reminds her that the name "Pickle Lila" is ELQ intellectual property and she can't use it to fund her new company.

Over in the hospital locker room, Felix sees Sabrina starting to put her hair into the same old frumpy ponytail and yells, "What in the name of Frederic Fekkai are you doing?" Sabrina laughs and they start to talk about  Brit again. Felix maintains that Brit definitely manipulated the baby situation. He suggests to Sabrina that she have sex with Patrick to seal the deal with him before Brit ruins things.

Out in the hospital hallway, Brit tells Patrick she is having an abortion. She says the deciding factor is him. Brit claims that Patrick's disgust with her makes it clear that she should abort, since she doesn't want to raise a child alone. Patrick grudgingly agrees it's a good idea and Brit storms off. Then Sabrina finds him and Patrick fills her on Brit's plans. Back in the locker room, Felix tells Brit off and she brags about things going her way in the end.

Nulu still has no idea who anyone is on Cassadine Island. She insists that her husband is Stavros Cassadine, not Dante. Dante, Laura and Luke try to  jog her memory. Dante gets frustrated, but Laura tries a softer touch. She gently fills Lulu in on details of her life, while Luke tries to convince Dante that Lulu will be okay. He says, "Lulu is a Spencer and no Cassadine will ever get the better of a Spencer!" Then Luke suggests they get off the island before more Cassadine's come. Lulu is afraid to go with them, but in the end Luke talks her into coming home with them.

So far Nulu's not too bad, but we'll see where this goes. What did you think of the episode?

Here's the funny clip of Katie Couric from today's show!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Stop this incessant whining or I'll give you something to cry about!

My Name is Freeze!
Today we got some closure on couples of old, found out Lulu's fate and received plenty of Dr. Obrecht hilarity. Plus, Sonny was back and AJ fought with Carly again! I enjoyed today, how about you?

The Recap - 

Scotty is drunk at his Metro Court hotel room. Bobby stops by and he foolishly kisses her. Bobby pushes him away and finds all the empty alcohol bottles from the mini bar. She tries to make Scott feel better about Laura. She tells Scott she hasn't given up on love and neither should he. Then Bobby tells him she has to get back to Seattle and says goodbye.

Carly and AJ end up at Michael's door together. AJ jokes with Carly about Michael sleeping with Brenda. Carly gets worked up and uses her key to get into Michael's apartment. AJ and Carly realize Michael never came home. Carly wants to go to Sonny's to find Michael, but AJ tries to convince her otherwise. He thinks it's a bad idea to get Sonny on the defensive about Brenda. AJ reminds Carly of how Michael was conceived, re: their drunken hook up from eons ago. He thinks Carly is being a hypocrite and a control freak where Michael is concerned. Then Carly gets a call from Bobby at the airport to say goodbye. They have a nice chat and after AJ and Carly fight a little more over Michael. She tries to slap him, but he grabs her arm and they lock eyes for a moment. AJ then walks out, leaving Carly behind to wait for Michael. Their chemistry is awesome, isn't it?

Sonny finds his door open, he draws his gun and enters the house. He walks into his living room and sees Michael there. Sonny scolds him for coming in like that, because Sonny could have shot him thinking he was getting ambushed. At first they make idle chat about Dante, while Michael works up the nerve to tell Sonny about his tryst with Brenda. Michael starts by telling Sonny about Star breaking up with him. Then he finally admits to Sonny that he had sex with Brenda. Sonny doesn't seem upset, but he takes out his gun again and closes the door to the living room. Michael looks uncomfortable, but Sonny says he wants to lock up the gun. Sonny asks Michael to go over the story again with him. After listening to the story a second time, Sonny tells Michael it's not his fault. He doesn't want Michael to feel guilty and he isn't mad at him. They hug and Michael goes home. After, Sonny talks out loud to himself and says, "I can forgive my son, but Brenda is another story!" Then there is a knock on Sonny's door, he thinks it might be Brenda but it's actually Kate or Connie, we don't get to find out which.

Dr. Obrecht tells Brit she is leaving town today. Dr. Obrecht wants Brit to stick with their plan for Patrick, but Brit doesn't believe it will work. Brit tries to explain how Patrick said she disgusted him and he wants Sabrina instead. She is convinced that Patrick will leave her, just like Dr. Obrecht is leaving her. Dr Obrecht snaps, "Stop this incessant whining or I'll give you something to cry about!" I laughed pretty hard at that. They continue to banter about the baby until Dr. Obrecht softens a little. She tells Brit she wants her to handle Patrick alone, because she can't lead her forever. Then Brit assures her mother that she'll handle things with Patrick no matter what she has to do.

Patrick arrives at the hospital to see Sabrina, without her humongous spectacles; isn't she pretty? Patrick approves of her new look. Sabrina tells him that she promised Felix she'd "test drive" the makeover for awhile. Then they talk about Brit. Patrick tells Sabrina that he doesn't want this to ruin things between them. They agree to discuss it more later, kiss and part ways. What do you think of these two so far?

Later Patrick goes to the airport to say goodbye to Noah. Noah tells Patrick not to let Brit effect his relationship with Sabrina. Then, Dr. Obrecht shows up and tells Patrick she has something important to tell him about his wife. She says she saw him on TV during the Nurse's Ball and was moved by his dedication to Robin. Then Dr. Obrecht goes on to congratulate him on his new child. After she leaves, Noah and Patrick note how weird she was and say goodbye to each other. At the end of the show, Noah bumps into Bobby. He tells her he is also going to Seattle to report for his new job at Seattle General. Bobby says, "That's where I work," and Noah responds, "I know." Awww...how cute! I liked how they left it open for them to reunite off camera.

Meanwhile, Felix and Sabrina talk about Brit's baby by the nurses' station. Felix thinks Brit got pregnant on purpose. Then Brit shows up and overhears part of their conversation. She tells Sabrina she doesn't intend to cause trouble for her and Patrick. Patrick returns to the hospital and encounters all of them. Brit asks to talk to Patrick alone, so Sabrina and Felix head off. Brit then tells Patrick that she has decided to have an abortion.

On Cassadine Island, Laura and Luke think they have iced Stavros for good this time. Laura cries over Lulu's cold body in a very touching scene. After Luke cries over Lulu's body. He screams, "There is no god that would allow this to happen!" Good stuff from Anthony Geary today! Next up, Dante cries over Lulu's body. All of them feel that they failed Lulu by not being able to protect her. Then Dante puts his head on her chest. He thinks he hears a heartbeat. Luke finds a weak pulse and starts applying CPR. Slowly Lulu opens her eyes and looks at them. She starts to get her barrings, but says she doesn't remember any of them. End of show.

So what do you think of Nulu (New Lulu)?

Enjoy this full length episode of the classic Ice Princess story from 1981!
You gotta love YouTube!!!