Friday, March 29, 2013

What's up with the Dummy?

circa 1983?
(I guess you know my vote for my favorite super couple poll)

I just want to say that Kristina Wagner (Felicia) is still so beautiful and natural! Does this women ever age? Is she even human? Amazing!!! I hope I age that well and who cares about age anyway. You go girl!

On to the show...we met Mr. Marbles today! Sure it was a little freaky, but I laughed. I guess we'll see more at the Nurse's Ball. Frisco goes to chat with Mac at the Floating Rib about Felicia. They debate who is the right man for her, which was very reminiscent of Frisco's 1989 return when she had to chose between Colton Shore or Frisco. (You can find their entire back story on YouTube, if you're interested). Mac bates Frisco about his poor parenting skills and Georgie's death. Frisco punches Mac in response, but then goes on to tell him that he respects him. Frisco appreciates Mac's help raising the girls, but he feels Mac should do the right thing and step aside. Mac strongly disagrees and feels Frisco should be the one who gets out of the way.

Meanwhile, Felicia goes to see Maxie and they have girl chat about Mac and Frisco. Maxie feels that Felicia is sending Frisco mixed messages and urges her mother to make things right with Mac. Felicia realizes she needs to talk to Mac and heads off to find him. When she arrives at the Floating Rib she sees Frisco and Mac talking. They both ask her to make a choice, but she can't because she says she loves them both! What do you think? I know it will probably be Mac. Mac does deserve to win, but if you watched Frisco and Felicia fall in love back in the 80's you'd understand why I think it will always be Frisco in her heart! I also think that their real life romance added even more to their chemistry at the time.

After finding out what happened to Nikolas, AJ goes to see Liz at the hospital. He finds her crying outside Nikolas's room. Alexis briefly interrupts them to ask Liz about Nikolas status. Liz explains that his heart stopped again, but the doctors were able to revive him. Alexis thinks it's because of the adrenaline that Luke gave him, but Liz said the doctor's don't think so. Alexis goes into Nik's room and AJ takes Liz aside for a private chat. Liz explains the story of her affair with Nik and they bond over AJ's past experiences with Carly and Jason. They shared a sweet hug and AJ tells Liz he is always a call away. I'm really liking these two, how about you?

Laura and Luke arrive on the Haunted Star. At first no one is around and then guess who shows up...HELENA! They have a mini showdown and Helena gets the best of them. Laura berates Helena about shooting Nikolas, but Helena claims to not know anything about it. She seems genuinely upset and demands that Laura get Nikolas on the phone. Laura calls Scotty's phone assuming he is at Nikolas's bedside, but Alexis picks up instead. Laura puts her on speaker phone and asks about Nikolas's condition. Alexis starts explaining the situation and Helena jumps in. She tells Alexis to take care of Nikolas or she'll kill her. Later Liz enters the room and Alexis gives her an update on the situation. Liz asks where Dante is in the equation and then we cut to Dante climbing onto the Haunted Star in a wet suit. 

I should also mention that Spinelli and Ellie had a chat in the lab today about having kids again. Should they break up? What does it mean if they don't want the same thing, blah, blah, blah...enough with these two. They part, Spinelli goes to see Maxie and Ellie runs into AJ at the hospital. He wants to know where his relish recipe is. Ellie tells him she mailed it to him and she takes out her iPad to show him the tracking information. The signature reads, "Kiss my tuckus AJ, I win!" Hilarious!!!

End of show!

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!

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