Monday, March 25, 2013

"Toss my Tassel!"

I really liked today's episode. It had the right mix of drama and suspense. We even got a few surprises! We're really gearing up for next week and frankly I'm excited! I can't remember the last time I felt this into GH. I just hope we get the payoff.

On the lighter side of things...

Sabrina and Felix graduated today and are now officially nurses. Milo, Liz and little Emma turn out to support them and Epiphany is the master of ceremony. Turns out Milo is interested in Sabrina, much to Felix's disappointment. Poor Felix. Seeing Milo today made me think, where is Max?

Patrick watches the video that Robin made for him and she tells him that he needs a wife. She wants him to move on for Emma's sake. It gets him thinking about Sabrina. Then Emma sends him a picture of her and Sabrina together at the graduation and he decides to go. At the end he gets Sabrina alone and tells her there is something he wants to talk about. Do you think he wants a relationship? I'm not sure, but I'm keeping an open mind.

Regarding the creepy...

Brit or "Brita" as her mommy dearest calls her, finally made me a little interested in her today. It turns out her mother sent her to Port Charles to seduce Patrick and is pretty pissed that she hasn't succeeded. She threatens to call Brit's father and it clearly terrifies her. Is her father Faison? Could she be a Cassadine? Stavros? The mind reels! I think Brit's days may be numbered.

The high drama...

Nikolas is about to tell Laura and Luke what he knows about Lulu's disappearance when he gets shot through the window the Dante's apartment. He gets rushed to the hospital. Liz is called to the emergency room to help and is upset to learn the identity of her patient. She holds his hand and then Nik flat lines! My heart dropped! I have to believe he'll make it. Do you think he'll die?

Dante is loosing it over Lulu's disappearance. He pleads with Olivia to get a vision about Lulu's whereabouts. Olivia tries, but gets a headache instead. Dante gets increasingly more frustrated and poor Olivia feels awful she can't help. Anna sees he's cracking and pulls him aside. Then they get the call that there were shots at his apartment. When they finally get there, Anna's new detective fills them in on what happened. I got a bad feeling about that guy. He seemed pretty suspicious to me.

Anna grills Dante about Nikolas's history with the Spencer's and I was thrilled at the recount of Nik's background. Someone sees the shooter at the park and they take off. When Anna and Dante catch up, the shooter turns about to he Shawn!?! Hard to believe they could have caught up that quickly, but okay I'll play along. Is Shawn being set up?

Moments of note...

I loved when Laura told Luke she was going to kill whoever was hurting her children. We need to see her strong and savvy!

We learned that Milo can bench 250 and is not just a "beefcake"

Felix is becoming the king of one liners!

Anna calls Frisco for help.

Here is a throw back video for you, enjoy!

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