Thursday, March 21, 2013

The GH 50th Anniversary Bonanza Officially Begins!

It was a great day for looking back and moving forward. Today we got a lot of good bonding scenes with vets, great father/daughter moments with Frisco & Maxie and a little bit of old school mystery!

Frisco goes to visit Maxie with pizza. They have some great scenes about her coming clean about her baby and his feelings for Felicia. The reminisce about Georgie and shed some tears. When they start talking about Frisco and Felicia getting back together, Maxie makes it clear that she doesn't want Mac to get hurt. Frisco says someone always gets hurt in these situations. Very true, but this time I think it will be him.

Felicia goes to visit Anna at the police station to have girl talk about her feelings for Frisco and Mac. She reveals that she has been keeping a picture of her wedding to Frisco with her all these years and that she keeps thinking about the past. Anna takes it to heart and they wax nostalgic about the 80's. Anna also keeps a picture of her wedding to Duke in her office and is conflicted about her feelings for him. They debate on whether or not you can back and recreate the magic. Ultimately they decide its best to move on. Felicia says her and Frisco are over and Anna agrees that so are her and Duke.

Over at the Floating Rib, Mac and Duke have a similar conversation about the past. Mac is waiting to hear from Felicia and Duke is certain he ruined his second chance with Anna. Duke advises Mac to keep the faith where Felicia is concerned. Then Felicia comes in to assure Mac about her feelings for him, but as they start talking Frisco walks in and Mac punches him. Felicia runs to Frisco and scolds Mac. Will this change her mind?

Dante finds the "real" package from Aunt Bobby outside his apartment door and then finds Lulu laying on the apartment floor unconscious. When he goes to help her, some unseen person comes from behind him and knocks him out. When he awakes, Lulu is gone. Dante immediately calls for help. Anna comes to his aid with the police first, then he calls Luke. Luke is at the courthouse trying to convince Laura not to marry Scott. Thankfully upon hearing the news that Lulu is missing, Laura and Luke take off to see Dante at the apartment together. Leaving Scotty high and dry! I should also mention that Luke and Lucy had a very cute interaction at the courthouse. They did have a fun friendship in the 90's! Good stuff.

There was also some scenes with Spinelli and Ellie discussing their desire to have children at the lab. He realizes he might want one and she says she doesn't. Ellie gets insecure and suggests they might not be a good match for one another. Then they return to her apartment and Maxie is there eating the last of her pizza. Ellie stomps off to her bedroom, leaving Spinelli and Maxie alone to talk. Will she tell him about the baby she is carrying? I really don't care. This plot is lame to me. If they can make Maxie and Spinelli fun again, I might get reinvested in the future. We'll see.

Overall a good show today!

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