Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Friend Bobby Spencer!

Sorry I'm late today. It was a long day in the office. I usually work from home, but not today! Thankfully I finally got to watch GH. I'm short on time though, so I apologize for the brief recap.

Amy mention! AND THEY PLAYED MY GENERAL HOSPI"tale" song! Loved it!!!!

MAKS saves the day! I love Dancing with the Stars and I was very happy to see him today.

Everyone is getting ready for the Nurse's Ball over at the Metro Court. Milo teases Sabrina & Felix with his ripped abs and Richard Simmons shows up to choreograph the opening number! Drama ensues of course.

AJ wants Spinelli to find Franco's daughter aka the missing Quartermain and they discuss having kids...weird!

Tracy and Ellie have a similar chat about kids & relish at the lab - more weird, weirder?! (Not sure which is right)

Liz and Patrick discuss Sabrina at the hospital. He works up the nerve to call Sabrina, but Milo intercepts the call.

Rafe goes to Alexis for help. Shawn warns him to not step on TJ's toes where Molly is concerned.

Tracy steals AJ's lab report at ELQ.

Watch today's show! It was a lot of fun. 

Enjoy this video!

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