Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Madness

Today's episode focused on Sam & McBain, Carly & Todd and Luke & Laura. We got a sprinkle of Scotty, Olivia, Lucy, Dante, Molly and Rafe too. Alexis & AJ also popped up for a few scenes.

Molly, McBain, Sam and Rafe decided that Rafe should live with McBain and it;s time for McBain to move into proper digs and ditch the motel room. They all celebrate the joyous decision and even though Sam is skeptical she thinks John is a great guy for offering to help. Everyone is happy until Alexis pops in to say, "No way Jose!" and takes Rafe back to child services, because McBain is not legally able to take responsibility for him. Molly is devastated and she follows Alexis to keep Rafe company. That leaves Sam and Mcbain alone in the motel room. McBain rants about being useless and Sam consoles him by making out with him. I like them together even though it's taking forever. What do you think?

Scotty sees Laura looking at old family pictures and gets insecure. Then he pressures her to allow him to accompany her to visit Lulu. Scotty fears that Laura will run into Luke and he secretly doesn't want Laura to find out that Luke is no longer dating Anna. She politely tells him to stay home and then in desperation he proposes to her again, but this time with a big fat diamond (or in reality a giant CZ). Laura gushes, says yes again, but then quickly leaves to meet Lulu. Meanwhile, Dante goes to get Olivia to come and join him and Lulu at their apartment to see the sonogram of their baby. Laura, Dante & Olivia all arrive at the same time to find Luke already there with Lulu discussing his breakup with Anna. There is a lot of awkwardness  especially with Olivia. She was playing the part of the over-excited mother-in-law very well, while holding back her anxiety about Steve's pending sentencing. Then Olivia excuses herself for a moment and leaves the scene.

Lulu and Dante show the picture to everyone and they all hug (which was overkill I thought). Luke and Luke reluctantly hug and then after Lulu and Laura take some much needed mother/daughter time to look at the old photo album Laura brought. They get to talking about Luke and Lulu tells her that Luke and Anna did break up. Which clearly makes Laura look at Luke in a whole new light. Across the room, Luke and Dante have a moment and discuss their mutual appreciation for one another. Luke then asks Dante to look into Scotty for him, because he thinks something suspicious is going on. Then Olivia returns with a giant gift bag and a card she find outside their door with Lulu's name on it. Lulu opens the card and says, "Its from Aunt Bobby." Then she goes to open the bag and Luke screams for her to stop and the scene ends. I'm thinking this and the weird ice princess she got on Valentine's day are all part of Lulu's exit story, at least until she is recasted. Is it Helena? Or maybe really from Bobby? Maybe Scotty as Luke suspects?

Lucy runs into Todd at the Floating Rib while he's watching Carly & AJ fight over their fake relationship via the camera he put in Jocelyn's stuffed Easter bunny. They have a brief conversation about Carly and Todd gloats about how he is going to bust Carly and win her back. Then he darts off to Carly's house. Lucy then runs into Scotty as he enters the Floating Rib. They have a nice little reunion and Scotty admits to Lucy that he didn't run into Laura by accident in Paris and that he knows Laura came back to Port Charles to see if there is anything left between her and Luke. Lucy then urges Scotty to seize the day & marry Laura as soon as possible. It was nice to see Lucy and Scott have a scene, but I'm finding Scotty so creepy over Laura that I don't enjoy him. What is Laura thinking??

Meanwhile over at Carly's house, she and AJ discuss their plans to fool Todd. AJ gets a crisis of conscious and wants to back out, but Carly throws the missing Quartermain in his face. She tells him that she already told Luke about the identity of the missing heiress. AJ freaks out knowing that Tracy is steps ahead of him, but he also wants a real chance with Liz. Then Todd bursts in, reveals the camera in the stuffed rabbit and blows Carly's plan all to hell. AJ is delighted and leaves. Then Todd tells Carly how much he loves her and how great he thinks they'll be together. She finally gives in and kisses him. End of show.

Did you like today's episode?

Do you agree that Olivia was acting oddly hyper?

What's in the bag???

See you tomorrow!!!

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