Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Here We Go Again!

Today was a day to set things in place for upcoming stuff. Dare I say filler? It was enjoyable, but I think we'll see more suspense in the next few episodes. Although, the preview for tomorrow did show Ellie holding a blow torch in the lab. That concerned me a bit. ;)

The Highlights - 

We were introduced to the new Metro Court ballroom that apparently Carly designed. Lucy was pleased and roped Michael into performing at the Nurse's Ball. BTW - Carly is looking extra trim and I loved her dress today!

Carly calls Sam to "check-in" even though their not friends. - Random!

Milo questions Patrick about his feelings toward Sabrina. More random and a little pointless.

Felix was mad at Sabrina over Milo, but in the end they patched it up with Lucy and Carly's council. Sabrina and Milo are now going to the Nurse's Ball with Felix's consent. I've had my fill of these two this week, how about you?

Scotty is still jealous and complains to Lucy & Bobby today. Lucy tells him that he has the "IQ of a loofah!" Best line of dialogue in the episode. Bobby also advises him to be there for Laura.

The Davis girls & TJ host a get well party for Shawn at Alexis's house. TJ & Shawn have a nice moment together. Alexis and Sam have a random chat about Steven Clay. Kristina was missing, so I guess she is done or maybe we'll get one final scene to exit her.

Luke tries to wake Nikolas up with a shot of adrenaline. Laura sees it, freaks and slaps Luke across the face. She doesn't want him to sacrifice one of her kids for the other. This was the best scene of the episode, I thought.

Anna and Dante discover that the Haunted Star is missing and was last seen right before Nikolas was shot. Anna arranges, apparently with the help of Frisco although we don't see him, for the WSB to provide a helicopter. She tells Luke that he and Dante need to go on a rogue mission to find Lulu, presumably on the Haunted Star. She can't help because it's in international waters.

Luke prepares to take off. Anna gives hims a pep talk and then Laura shows up. She insists on going with Luke to find Lulu, leaving Scotty to look after Nikolas in her absence.

What did you think of the show today?

Did you like the new ballroom?

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  1. Tony Geary seems to he phoning it in during his scenes today.

  2. The show was good today. I liked the ballroom

  3. I liked the ballroom too, plus we got a LIVE helicopter!


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