Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Gunfire at the Park; it's so American!"

Call me crazy, but I'm kinda liking Dr. Obrecht. That hat gives her a certain arch villain edginess that is fun to watch. I think her accent is pretty bad, but it is amusing.

Today's show...

Brita and mommy Obrecht continue their chat at the park today. Dr. O reveals that she has a plan for Patrick and wants Brit's help with how to go about it. Brit mentions the Nurse's Ball and Obrecht thinks it will be a good place to surprise Patrick. Will Robin make an appearance?

Patrick chickens out about telling Sabrina his feelings after Milo interrupts to ask Sabrina to the grad party at the Floating Rib. Sabrina agrees and Felix, Sabrina, Milo and little Emma leave for the party after Patrick gets called away about a patient. Patrick later confesses to Epiphany that he's realized he likes Sabrina after all. Epiphany advises him to have an "epiphany" and tell Sabrina his feelings as soon as possible. Meanwhile thinking Patrick is not into her, Sabrina tells Milo at the party that she's ready to move on. Also Molly and TJ hang out at the Floating Rib too and agree to go to the Nurses Ball together. 

Scotty and Bobby discuss the past and present at Dante's apartment after Laura tells him to stay by the phone in case Lulu's kidnappers call. Bobby tells him that she's been living in Seattle near Lucas and works at a hospital there. She is happy, but single and just wishes Lucas could find a nice guy and get married. Can anyone say Felix?

Nikolas flat lines, but is saved. He remains in critical condition at the hospital, while Liz, Laura and Alexis all stay vigil for him. I thought Laura's bedside chat about how she loves him was the best scene of the episode. Their relationship was always different then her's with Lucky and Lulu. Good stuff! How Tyler Christopher stayed so still in those scenes is beyond me. We also find out that little Spencer is safe in Lake Como with his grandma Leslie. I was happy to hear that.

Olivia has a vision that Shawn comes into the police station pointing a gun at her, but it turns out to be Alexis instead. Olivia explains her psychic concerns to Alexis and then a call comes into the station saying Shawn was shot at the park. Cut to Anna and Dante confronting Shawn at the park who claims he didn't shoot Nikolas. Then the real shooter starts firing on all three of them. Shawn gets a flesh wound in the shoulder. At the end of episode the shooter comes back again, but gets caught. Dante violently confronts the guy and out of nowhere he swallows a suicide pill and dies. Dante becomes even more unraveled. End of show.

I have to mention a few things that bothered me about this episode.

Why were Molly and TJ at the Floating Rib? Their teenagers at a bar!?! Not to mention Emma!

I don't think it was ever made clear in the past that Bobby was in Seattle, was it?

Patrick looks very hot with a beard.

Here is another throw back in honor of the upcoming 50th!

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  1. Can you believe all the old character's from the opening of this video? Major blast from the past!


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