Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Goodbye OLTL'ers, Hello Teddy Ruxpin!

(Just thought this pic was funny given today's episode)

In today's show Lulu got taken down by a teddy bear, Carly & Sam sort of became friends, Anna & McBain said goodbye and Scotty drove me nuts for the entire episode!

I think we've seen the last of our OLTL'ers for awhile. I know Todd and Star will be back in about a month, but not sure about McBain. I think that's why McBain and Anna's scenes today were so good; even Michael Easton doesn't know if he's returning.

Anna goes to McBain's apartment to take his Port Charles police badge away and send him back to the FBI on a "long term" secret assignment. Mcbain realizes his days in Port Charles are over and packs up his motel room, which after a year of living in PC is only a small bag full of CD's.?? I guess he's old school and never went digital? Although I have also saved all my old CD's too. They share a nice long goodbye and toast with some whiskey or scotch, I couldn't tell...let's call it iced tea, cause that's what it really is and he leaves. I really liked their friendship and I enjoyed those scenes today very much. Finger's crossed for his return. 

Todd and Star also make their exit today. Star heads off LA and Todd goes back to Llanview. Star tells Michael she'll be back before he knows it and Todd says he's never coming back. We know differently. They leave town together on his jet to spend father/daughter time together. Since I know they'll be back I wasn't too invested in these scenes today. Let's hope Michael doesn't get too lonely without Star around. 

Carly and Sam bonded over beers and men at the Floating Rib. Both of them looked great today, but early in the episode the background music was so loud I couldn't hear the dialog. Did anyone else experience that? It seems with Jason out of the picture they are leaning on each other now. I like that, lord knows they could both use a friend! 

Also at the Floating Rib, Lucy sweet talks Kevin into agreeing to be Scott's best man for his warp speed wedding to Laura. She gives him a pep talk about how she only loves him and just wants to be a good friend to Scott. Mac pops up and they all discuss if it's possible to be friends with your ex. I think it is. At first Kevin is not having any of it, but in the end he caves and they leave.

Cut to the courthouse where Scotty is pressuring Laura into marrying him, because he "loves her" which he says ad nauseam. Laura gets suspicious and questions him about how long he's known that Anna & Luke were no longer dating. Scotty comes clean and admits that he deliberately kept that from her and hopes that doesn't change her mind about him. It looks like Laura is going to dump him, but then Lucy and Kevin show up with a dress and flowers for her and Laura gives in. Ugh, I was so disappointed by that. 

At the hospital, Olivia gets checked out by Patrick after fainting at Dante's apartment in yesterday's episode. Dante thinks it has something to do with her LSD trip. I have to laugh about this. I know it was supposed to be super potent stuff that Heather slipped her, but this whole thing has gotten out of control. Then Dante and Patrick leave the room and Olivia has a vision of Lulu's teddy bear clock ticking away until it sets it's alarm off. She freaks out and insists that Dante go to check on Lulu.

Over at Lulu and Dante's apartment, Luke and her discuss how dumb he is for not seeing how clearly hot Laura still is for him. Luke is convinced that it's not true. Lulu is certain that he is missing the obvious and then Scotty calls to tell her that Laura is with him at the courthouse and their getting married. He tells Lulu to come and be her mother's maid of honor. Yuck! Even after Lulu tells Luke about the call, she still tried to convince Luke to go and stop the wedding. During the entire scene she was fooling with the teddy bear, cranking it's clock and tossing it around the couch. It was pretty obvious something would happen. Lulu then exits to change her clothes and when she comes back in a sexy red dress, Luke is gone. She hears the bear ticking, picks it up and the alarm goes off! 

They show Luke interrupting everyone at courthouse then they cut to a random scene of Mac calling Felicia and leaving her a voice mail saying they need to discuss Frisco. When we see Lulu again she is laying on her apartment floor, presumably passed out, with the bear next to her. End of show.

Will Laura make it down the aisle? Was the bear filled with poison gas? I think they will have her in the hospital for awhile, maybe in a coma and when she wakes, it will be the recast. 

Thanks for reading!

Check out this video! Just for fun. I never had one, I always thought he was a little creepy looking!

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