Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can you put relish on breakfast sausage?

Today's episode made my head spin. There were things I liked and things I didn't, but overall I think we got some closure on top couples and renewed hope for others.

Carly & Todd - Carly and Todd went back and forth today deciding on their relationship status and they ultimately decided on staying single. Carly feels like they are too much alike and will end up hating each other. Todd wants to have sex badly, but to her credit Carly resists. Laura Wright said on Twitter that she loved her scenes with Todd from today's episode and I can see why. Laura and Roger really have some hot chemistry, huh? Too bad he has go back to OLTL for awhile. Me thinks this is not the end of these two though, just a pause while he's gone. In the meantime enter Jax! Did you see Ingo on DWTS last night? Hot stuff!

Sam & McBain - Similar to Carly & Todd, these two almost have sex until Sam pulls back. They come to the realization that to many people would be hurt by them becoming a couple and with all that happened it doesn't feel right. Honestly I love that Sam took the high road, but from a writing prospective I would have liked to see them give it a try. These two make a lot of sense and with Jason gone Sam needs to be happy and not depressed all the time. Their story is a bit sadder to me, because Michael Easton's fate with GH is still unknown. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. I hope we see him on screen again; I really do.

AJ & Liz - Early in the episode AJ runs around trying to find Liz, which he finally does at the Floating Rib. She is having drinks with Felix, trying to forgot AJ when he pops in. AJ explains the silly mix up with his phony Carly relationship and he makes a romantic declaration to Liz that Felix finds so sweet he cries. AJ asks Liz to please give him another shot and she agrees under the condition that he does a number with her at the Nurse's Ball! Their scenes were probably my favorite today. I've always been an AJ fan. I loved Sean Kanan in the 90's and I grew to love Billy Warlock after he left and now I love Sean Kanan again! I always felt he was the underdog and I hated the way Guza destroyed the character! Enter Liz, another character that got jerked around over the years, and I think we have super-couple potential!

Lucy & Scott - Those two run around like in their 80's days in today's episode. This time to the courthouse to convince the major to allow Scotty to get a marriage license after hours. He plans on marrying Laura, "lick-a-dee-slipt!" (not sure I spelled that right). I love Lucy, but her fur coat was killing me today, not to mention that fake ponytail. I know her character is supposed to be over the top, but who wears those horrible things? I love animals and I just don't like it; I'm sure it's fake though so I'm not too upset. Scotty remains annoying, nothing against the actor I'm just not liking the character this time around.

Star & Michael - Their scenes today seemed a bit randomly inserted to me. They started out discussing the secret ingredient for Lila's relish and then began naming different foods you can put relish on. Michael says breakfast sausage and Star says gross and I thought wtf! Then later in the episode they were in the bedroom, rolling on bed in their underwear. Kinda of silly all around if you ask me.

Luke & Laura - It turns out the mystery gift bag at Dante and Lulu's apartment was from Aunt Bobby after all  It turn out to be a stuffed Teddy bear with a clock in it's belly that is supposed to help children sleep. Weird, so weird in fact it makes Olivia faint from the sight of it. As I stated yesterday, she was definitely acting off and I think Olivia has some type of illness. Maybe a brain tumor from her LSD? Anyway, Dante takes her to the hospital leaving Lulu alone with her parents. Lulu decides to force their hand and tells them that Laura was confused about Luke's status with Anna and that Luke should have told Laura himself. Then Laura gets a call from Scotty and takes off. Lulu tells Luke that he's a dumbass for not realizing that Laura only agreed to marry Scott because she thought Luke was "off the market". Cut to Laura at the courthouse with Scotty waving his marriage license in her face. End of show.

So far I'm not loving Luke & Laura. There hasn't been enough of them yet to start caring too much, but I'm hoping that changes for me overtime. Can different writer's make a difference? Can you catch magic in a bottle twenty times around with these two? Let's hope so!

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