Sunday, March 17, 2013

A brief history....

Like a lot of long time soap fans, I started watching because my mother did. So did my grandmother, sister, aunt's and cousin's. The addiction of fanatic soap opera watching was just something that women seem to pass along to one another. Maybe it was because a lot of woman used to be stay at home mom's or in my case, because GH was on at 3 o'clock. I could usually get home from school in time to watch it live, but I always had my VCR (now DVR) programmed just in case.

General Hospital was always my soap of choice. I started watching as young as 6, so not to age myself, but I've got a pretty solid memory bank for GH's history from the mid 1980's to present day. I was a Frisco & Felicia fan. Their romance hooked me and I've watched pretty faithfully since then. I've ridden the show's highest high's and lowest low's, but I always felt loyal to the character's. I think that is what keeps generations of fans watching...loyalty!

Long time fans know it's been hard to watch at times. There has been plenty of ridiculousness and painstakingly horrendous storyline's that went nowhere, but in the midst of it all I still cared about life in Port Charles. When I think about what I like about the show the most it's the great romances. Not to be corny, because outside of this show my tastes lean toward darker more surreal stuff, but in the soap world it's the romances that generally enchant me the most. Currently, I'm rooting for Carly & Todd and keeping my fingers crossed for AJ & Liz. I love Sonny, but I've had it with the Connie/Kate nonsense. I think it's time for Brenda to come back.

I hope the show continues to improve, as I feel it has in the last year or so. I'd love for GH to stay on the air for a long, long time. I can't wait for the Nurse's Ball and I'm loving all the old favorites coming back for the 50th. I do wish the storyline's integrated a bit more and the editing seems off at times, but all in all it's a major improvement. A couple of years ago it looked it soaps were doomed, but now there seems to be some hope for longevity. We'll have to wait and see what happens, but I'm hoping for the best. :)

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