Sunday, March 31, 2013

Missing the Soapnet Marathon :(

You may have heard that Soapnet is airing a GH marathon this weekend. Unfortunately, I have Comcast and don't get Soapnet anymore. So I decided to put up some fun GH video's from YouTube instead. Enjoy!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, March 29, 2013

What's up with the Dummy?

circa 1983?
(I guess you know my vote for my favorite super couple poll)

I just want to say that Kristina Wagner (Felicia) is still so beautiful and natural! Does this women ever age? Is she even human? Amazing!!! I hope I age that well and who cares about age anyway. You go girl!

On to the show...we met Mr. Marbles today! Sure it was a little freaky, but I laughed. I guess we'll see more at the Nurse's Ball. Frisco goes to chat with Mac at the Floating Rib about Felicia. They debate who is the right man for her, which was very reminiscent of Frisco's 1989 return when she had to chose between Colton Shore or Frisco. (You can find their entire back story on YouTube, if you're interested). Mac bates Frisco about his poor parenting skills and Georgie's death. Frisco punches Mac in response, but then goes on to tell him that he respects him. Frisco appreciates Mac's help raising the girls, but he feels Mac should do the right thing and step aside. Mac strongly disagrees and feels Frisco should be the one who gets out of the way.

Meanwhile, Felicia goes to see Maxie and they have girl chat about Mac and Frisco. Maxie feels that Felicia is sending Frisco mixed messages and urges her mother to make things right with Mac. Felicia realizes she needs to talk to Mac and heads off to find him. When she arrives at the Floating Rib she sees Frisco and Mac talking. They both ask her to make a choice, but she can't because she says she loves them both! What do you think? I know it will probably be Mac. Mac does deserve to win, but if you watched Frisco and Felicia fall in love back in the 80's you'd understand why I think it will always be Frisco in her heart! I also think that their real life romance added even more to their chemistry at the time.

After finding out what happened to Nikolas, AJ goes to see Liz at the hospital. He finds her crying outside Nikolas's room. Alexis briefly interrupts them to ask Liz about Nikolas status. Liz explains that his heart stopped again, but the doctors were able to revive him. Alexis thinks it's because of the adrenaline that Luke gave him, but Liz said the doctor's don't think so. Alexis goes into Nik's room and AJ takes Liz aside for a private chat. Liz explains the story of her affair with Nik and they bond over AJ's past experiences with Carly and Jason. They shared a sweet hug and AJ tells Liz he is always a call away. I'm really liking these two, how about you?

Laura and Luke arrive on the Haunted Star. At first no one is around and then guess who shows up...HELENA! They have a mini showdown and Helena gets the best of them. Laura berates Helena about shooting Nikolas, but Helena claims to not know anything about it. She seems genuinely upset and demands that Laura get Nikolas on the phone. Laura calls Scotty's phone assuming he is at Nikolas's bedside, but Alexis picks up instead. Laura puts her on speaker phone and asks about Nikolas's condition. Alexis starts explaining the situation and Helena jumps in. She tells Alexis to take care of Nikolas or she'll kill her. Later Liz enters the room and Alexis gives her an update on the situation. Liz asks where Dante is in the equation and then we cut to Dante climbing onto the Haunted Star in a wet suit. 

I should also mention that Spinelli and Ellie had a chat in the lab today about having kids again. Should they break up? What does it mean if they don't want the same thing, blah, blah, blah...enough with these two. They part, Spinelli goes to see Maxie and Ellie runs into AJ at the hospital. He wants to know where his relish recipe is. Ellie tells him she mailed it to him and she takes out her iPad to show him the tracking information. The signature reads, "Kiss my tuckus AJ, I win!" Hilarious!!!

End of show!

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!

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Brenda & Sonny's 1st Meeting

In honor of her upcoming appearance!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Friend Bobby Spencer!

Sorry I'm late today. It was a long day in the office. I usually work from home, but not today! Thankfully I finally got to watch GH. I'm short on time though, so I apologize for the brief recap.

Amy mention! AND THEY PLAYED MY GENERAL HOSPI"tale" song! Loved it!!!!

MAKS saves the day! I love Dancing with the Stars and I was very happy to see him today.

Everyone is getting ready for the Nurse's Ball over at the Metro Court. Milo teases Sabrina & Felix with his ripped abs and Richard Simmons shows up to choreograph the opening number! Drama ensues of course.

AJ wants Spinelli to find Franco's daughter aka the missing Quartermain and they discuss having kids...weird!

Tracy and Ellie have a similar chat about kids & relish at the lab - more weird, weirder?! (Not sure which is right)

Liz and Patrick discuss Sabrina at the hospital. He works up the nerve to call Sabrina, but Milo intercepts the call.

Rafe goes to Alexis for help. Shawn warns him to not step on TJ's toes where Molly is concerned.

Tracy steals AJ's lab report at ELQ.

Watch today's show! It was a lot of fun. 

Enjoy this video!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bad Blast from the Past - General Hospi 'Tale'

Anyone remember this?

Maksim Chmerkovskiy on General Hospital!

According to TV Guide, Maks will be dancing with Sam during the Nurses Ball. I believe he makes his first appearance tomorrow!

Here We Go Again!

Today was a day to set things in place for upcoming stuff. Dare I say filler? It was enjoyable, but I think we'll see more suspense in the next few episodes. Although, the preview for tomorrow did show Ellie holding a blow torch in the lab. That concerned me a bit. ;)

The Highlights - 

We were introduced to the new Metro Court ballroom that apparently Carly designed. Lucy was pleased and roped Michael into performing at the Nurse's Ball. BTW - Carly is looking extra trim and I loved her dress today!

Carly calls Sam to "check-in" even though their not friends. - Random!

Milo questions Patrick about his feelings toward Sabrina. More random and a little pointless.

Felix was mad at Sabrina over Milo, but in the end they patched it up with Lucy and Carly's council. Sabrina and Milo are now going to the Nurse's Ball with Felix's consent. I've had my fill of these two this week, how about you?

Scotty is still jealous and complains to Lucy & Bobby today. Lucy tells him that he has the "IQ of a loofah!" Best line of dialogue in the episode. Bobby also advises him to be there for Laura.

The Davis girls & TJ host a get well party for Shawn at Alexis's house. TJ & Shawn have a nice moment together. Alexis and Sam have a random chat about Steven Clay. Kristina was missing, so I guess she is done or maybe we'll get one final scene to exit her.

Luke tries to wake Nikolas up with a shot of adrenaline. Laura sees it, freaks and slaps Luke across the face. She doesn't want him to sacrifice one of her kids for the other. This was the best scene of the episode, I thought.

Anna and Dante discover that the Haunted Star is missing and was last seen right before Nikolas was shot. Anna arranges, apparently with the help of Frisco although we don't see him, for the WSB to provide a helicopter. She tells Luke that he and Dante need to go on a rogue mission to find Lulu, presumably on the Haunted Star. She can't help because it's in international waters.

Luke prepares to take off. Anna gives hims a pep talk and then Laura shows up. She insists on going with Luke to find Lulu, leaving Scotty to look after Nikolas in her absence.

What did you think of the show today?

Did you like the new ballroom?

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Lindsey Morgan Leaving General Hospital!

This broke yesterday so I'm late to the party, but according to Daytime Confidential...

Kristina Davis-Corinthos is leaving General Hospital again. Lindsey Morgan announced today on her Facebook page that she will be departing her role as Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Alexis' (Nancy Lee Grahn) daughter. 
It is with a heavy heart I have to announce that my time at Port Charles has come to an end. I’m not sure where Kristina is headed next but it was a beyond amazing opportunity to portray her…be part of the Davis Girls…have the Corinthos’ passion and temper run though my veins and to witness history being made on this momentous show! I learned so much and am so grateful for the friendships I’ve made and experiences I’ve had. GH will always have a special place in my heart and I cannot thank y’all enough for tuning in loyally to watch me live my dream. But more importantly, THANK Y’ALL for your endless love, letters, support, encouragement, kind words, even the little hello’s or a sweet smiley face…that love kept me going when I had difficulty navigating through Kristina’s and my own journey this past year. Whenever I felt lost, I never truly felt alone and for that, I am eternally gratefully. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your love. Thank you. Now keep watching GH!! The Nurses’ Ball is mere days away!!
All my love and see you on the next adventure,

So are you sad? Surprised? I think it was a mistake to recast her in the first place. Lexi Ainsworth was a fabulous Kristina and unfortunately Lindsay Morgan wasn't. She is a very pretty girl and seemed to get along with the cast very well, but her acting wasn't good. Let's hope they send Kristina back to college and let it be for awhile!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Gunfire at the Park; it's so American!"

Call me crazy, but I'm kinda liking Dr. Obrecht. That hat gives her a certain arch villain edginess that is fun to watch. I think her accent is pretty bad, but it is amusing.

Today's show...

Brita and mommy Obrecht continue their chat at the park today. Dr. O reveals that she has a plan for Patrick and wants Brit's help with how to go about it. Brit mentions the Nurse's Ball and Obrecht thinks it will be a good place to surprise Patrick. Will Robin make an appearance?

Patrick chickens out about telling Sabrina his feelings after Milo interrupts to ask Sabrina to the grad party at the Floating Rib. Sabrina agrees and Felix, Sabrina, Milo and little Emma leave for the party after Patrick gets called away about a patient. Patrick later confesses to Epiphany that he's realized he likes Sabrina after all. Epiphany advises him to have an "epiphany" and tell Sabrina his feelings as soon as possible. Meanwhile thinking Patrick is not into her, Sabrina tells Milo at the party that she's ready to move on. Also Molly and TJ hang out at the Floating Rib too and agree to go to the Nurses Ball together. 

Scotty and Bobby discuss the past and present at Dante's apartment after Laura tells him to stay by the phone in case Lulu's kidnappers call. Bobby tells him that she's been living in Seattle near Lucas and works at a hospital there. She is happy, but single and just wishes Lucas could find a nice guy and get married. Can anyone say Felix?

Nikolas flat lines, but is saved. He remains in critical condition at the hospital, while Liz, Laura and Alexis all stay vigil for him. I thought Laura's bedside chat about how she loves him was the best scene of the episode. Their relationship was always different then her's with Lucky and Lulu. Good stuff! How Tyler Christopher stayed so still in those scenes is beyond me. We also find out that little Spencer is safe in Lake Como with his grandma Leslie. I was happy to hear that.

Olivia has a vision that Shawn comes into the police station pointing a gun at her, but it turns out to be Alexis instead. Olivia explains her psychic concerns to Alexis and then a call comes into the station saying Shawn was shot at the park. Cut to Anna and Dante confronting Shawn at the park who claims he didn't shoot Nikolas. Then the real shooter starts firing on all three of them. Shawn gets a flesh wound in the shoulder. At the end of episode the shooter comes back again, but gets caught. Dante violently confronts the guy and out of nowhere he swallows a suicide pill and dies. Dante becomes even more unraveled. End of show.

I have to mention a few things that bothered me about this episode.

Why were Molly and TJ at the Floating Rib? Their teenagers at a bar!?! Not to mention Emma!

I don't think it was ever made clear in the past that Bobby was in Seattle, was it?

Patrick looks very hot with a beard.

Here is another throw back in honor of the upcoming 50th!

1989 Frisco's Return

This is one of my favorite story line's! Frisco's 1989 return!


Monday, March 25, 2013

"Toss my Tassel!"

I really liked today's episode. It had the right mix of drama and suspense. We even got a few surprises! We're really gearing up for next week and frankly I'm excited! I can't remember the last time I felt this into GH. I just hope we get the payoff.

On the lighter side of things...

Sabrina and Felix graduated today and are now officially nurses. Milo, Liz and little Emma turn out to support them and Epiphany is the master of ceremony. Turns out Milo is interested in Sabrina, much to Felix's disappointment. Poor Felix. Seeing Milo today made me think, where is Max?

Patrick watches the video that Robin made for him and she tells him that he needs a wife. She wants him to move on for Emma's sake. It gets him thinking about Sabrina. Then Emma sends him a picture of her and Sabrina together at the graduation and he decides to go. At the end he gets Sabrina alone and tells her there is something he wants to talk about. Do you think he wants a relationship? I'm not sure, but I'm keeping an open mind.

Regarding the creepy...

Brit or "Brita" as her mommy dearest calls her, finally made me a little interested in her today. It turns out her mother sent her to Port Charles to seduce Patrick and is pretty pissed that she hasn't succeeded. She threatens to call Brit's father and it clearly terrifies her. Is her father Faison? Could she be a Cassadine? Stavros? The mind reels! I think Brit's days may be numbered.

The high drama...

Nikolas is about to tell Laura and Luke what he knows about Lulu's disappearance when he gets shot through the window the Dante's apartment. He gets rushed to the hospital. Liz is called to the emergency room to help and is upset to learn the identity of her patient. She holds his hand and then Nik flat lines! My heart dropped! I have to believe he'll make it. Do you think he'll die?

Dante is loosing it over Lulu's disappearance. He pleads with Olivia to get a vision about Lulu's whereabouts. Olivia tries, but gets a headache instead. Dante gets increasingly more frustrated and poor Olivia feels awful she can't help. Anna sees he's cracking and pulls him aside. Then they get the call that there were shots at his apartment. When they finally get there, Anna's new detective fills them in on what happened. I got a bad feeling about that guy. He seemed pretty suspicious to me.

Anna grills Dante about Nikolas's history with the Spencer's and I was thrilled at the recount of Nik's background. Someone sees the shooter at the park and they take off. When Anna and Dante catch up, the shooter turns about to he Shawn!?! Hard to believe they could have caught up that quickly, but okay I'll play along. Is Shawn being set up?

Moments of note...

I loved when Laura told Luke she was going to kill whoever was hurting her children. We need to see her strong and savvy!

We learned that Milo can bench 250 and is not just a "beefcake"

Felix is becoming the king of one liners!

Anna calls Frisco for help.

Here is a throw back video for you, enjoy!

BREAKING NEWS: Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson AND Roger Howarth to Play NEW Characters on General Hospital!

According to daytime confidential our OLTL'er's will be back as all new characters!
I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think it will confuse a lot of things, but let's see if it actually happens. What do you think?

Three familiar faces are heading back to General Hospital. However, they reportedly won't be playing the same characters they portrayed the last time you saw them! TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan is reporting Michael EastonKristen Alderson and Roger Howarth will all be playing new characters when they return to General Hospital!
While Howarth was initially set to reprise the role of Todd Manning on GH—after briefly returning toOne Life to Live for that sudser's relaunch—the brass at GH has reportedly opted to sever ties with Prospect Park, by creating an all-new role for him. Easton and Alderson, who didn't make deals to reprise John and Starr on the new OLTL, will also play new characters on GH
From the article:
"Prospect Park has been extremely difficult to deal with on this issue so GH basically said, 'Screw it! We'll create all new characters!'" notes one source privy to the situation. "It's the only way GH can get past the problem and get on with business."

Friday, March 22, 2013

He's back!

What happened....

Elizabeth and Patrick discuss his feelings for Sabrina or lack there of and he pines for Robin.

Bobby pops up to help Luke and Laura with the search for Lulu.

Spinelli and Maxie discuss his budding desire to become a father.

Lucy runs into Faison's crazy accomplice at the park, while helping with the search for Lulu.

Brit gets busted for setting up Sabrina by Epiphany.

Dante is running around frantic over Lulu being gone.

Scotty annoys everyone!

The Outcome...

Brit's mother is Faison's accomplice!

Nikolas returns!


Elizabeth looked great, but her hair was a bit too Mad Men for me today.

Someone's plastic surgery was horrendous!

The "Who took Lulu Spencer?" mystery might turn out to be pretty good.

My favorite though was Nikolas; let's hope he gets a good story line this time!

Good show today.

Have a great weekend!

Classic Clips from GH in the 90's!

Some of my favorite classic GH moments from the 90's!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The GH 50th Anniversary Bonanza Officially Begins!

It was a great day for looking back and moving forward. Today we got a lot of good bonding scenes with vets, great father/daughter moments with Frisco & Maxie and a little bit of old school mystery!

Frisco goes to visit Maxie with pizza. They have some great scenes about her coming clean about her baby and his feelings for Felicia. The reminisce about Georgie and shed some tears. When they start talking about Frisco and Felicia getting back together, Maxie makes it clear that she doesn't want Mac to get hurt. Frisco says someone always gets hurt in these situations. Very true, but this time I think it will be him.

Felicia goes to visit Anna at the police station to have girl talk about her feelings for Frisco and Mac. She reveals that she has been keeping a picture of her wedding to Frisco with her all these years and that she keeps thinking about the past. Anna takes it to heart and they wax nostalgic about the 80's. Anna also keeps a picture of her wedding to Duke in her office and is conflicted about her feelings for him. They debate on whether or not you can back and recreate the magic. Ultimately they decide its best to move on. Felicia says her and Frisco are over and Anna agrees that so are her and Duke.

Over at the Floating Rib, Mac and Duke have a similar conversation about the past. Mac is waiting to hear from Felicia and Duke is certain he ruined his second chance with Anna. Duke advises Mac to keep the faith where Felicia is concerned. Then Felicia comes in to assure Mac about her feelings for him, but as they start talking Frisco walks in and Mac punches him. Felicia runs to Frisco and scolds Mac. Will this change her mind?

Dante finds the "real" package from Aunt Bobby outside his apartment door and then finds Lulu laying on the apartment floor unconscious. When he goes to help her, some unseen person comes from behind him and knocks him out. When he awakes, Lulu is gone. Dante immediately calls for help. Anna comes to his aid with the police first, then he calls Luke. Luke is at the courthouse trying to convince Laura not to marry Scott. Thankfully upon hearing the news that Lulu is missing, Laura and Luke take off to see Dante at the apartment together. Leaving Scotty high and dry! I should also mention that Luke and Lucy had a very cute interaction at the courthouse. They did have a fun friendship in the 90's! Good stuff.

There was also some scenes with Spinelli and Ellie discussing their desire to have children at the lab. He realizes he might want one and she says she doesn't. Ellie gets insecure and suggests they might not be a good match for one another. Then they return to her apartment and Maxie is there eating the last of her pizza. Ellie stomps off to her bedroom, leaving Spinelli and Maxie alone to talk. Will she tell him about the baby she is carrying? I really don't care. This plot is lame to me. If they can make Maxie and Spinelli fun again, I might get reinvested in the future. We'll see.

Overall a good show today!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Goodbye OLTL'ers, Hello Teddy Ruxpin!

(Just thought this pic was funny given today's episode)

In today's show Lulu got taken down by a teddy bear, Carly & Sam sort of became friends, Anna & McBain said goodbye and Scotty drove me nuts for the entire episode!

I think we've seen the last of our OLTL'ers for awhile. I know Todd and Star will be back in about a month, but not sure about McBain. I think that's why McBain and Anna's scenes today were so good; even Michael Easton doesn't know if he's returning.

Anna goes to McBain's apartment to take his Port Charles police badge away and send him back to the FBI on a "long term" secret assignment. Mcbain realizes his days in Port Charles are over and packs up his motel room, which after a year of living in PC is only a small bag full of CD's.?? I guess he's old school and never went digital? Although I have also saved all my old CD's too. They share a nice long goodbye and toast with some whiskey or scotch, I couldn't tell...let's call it iced tea, cause that's what it really is and he leaves. I really liked their friendship and I enjoyed those scenes today very much. Finger's crossed for his return. 

Todd and Star also make their exit today. Star heads off LA and Todd goes back to Llanview. Star tells Michael she'll be back before he knows it and Todd says he's never coming back. We know differently. They leave town together on his jet to spend father/daughter time together. Since I know they'll be back I wasn't too invested in these scenes today. Let's hope Michael doesn't get too lonely without Star around. 

Carly and Sam bonded over beers and men at the Floating Rib. Both of them looked great today, but early in the episode the background music was so loud I couldn't hear the dialog. Did anyone else experience that? It seems with Jason out of the picture they are leaning on each other now. I like that, lord knows they could both use a friend! 

Also at the Floating Rib, Lucy sweet talks Kevin into agreeing to be Scott's best man for his warp speed wedding to Laura. She gives him a pep talk about how she only loves him and just wants to be a good friend to Scott. Mac pops up and they all discuss if it's possible to be friends with your ex. I think it is. At first Kevin is not having any of it, but in the end he caves and they leave.

Cut to the courthouse where Scotty is pressuring Laura into marrying him, because he "loves her" which he says ad nauseam. Laura gets suspicious and questions him about how long he's known that Anna & Luke were no longer dating. Scotty comes clean and admits that he deliberately kept that from her and hopes that doesn't change her mind about him. It looks like Laura is going to dump him, but then Lucy and Kevin show up with a dress and flowers for her and Laura gives in. Ugh, I was so disappointed by that. 

At the hospital, Olivia gets checked out by Patrick after fainting at Dante's apartment in yesterday's episode. Dante thinks it has something to do with her LSD trip. I have to laugh about this. I know it was supposed to be super potent stuff that Heather slipped her, but this whole thing has gotten out of control. Then Dante and Patrick leave the room and Olivia has a vision of Lulu's teddy bear clock ticking away until it sets it's alarm off. She freaks out and insists that Dante go to check on Lulu.

Over at Lulu and Dante's apartment, Luke and her discuss how dumb he is for not seeing how clearly hot Laura still is for him. Luke is convinced that it's not true. Lulu is certain that he is missing the obvious and then Scotty calls to tell her that Laura is with him at the courthouse and their getting married. He tells Lulu to come and be her mother's maid of honor. Yuck! Even after Lulu tells Luke about the call, she still tried to convince Luke to go and stop the wedding. During the entire scene she was fooling with the teddy bear, cranking it's clock and tossing it around the couch. It was pretty obvious something would happen. Lulu then exits to change her clothes and when she comes back in a sexy red dress, Luke is gone. She hears the bear ticking, picks it up and the alarm goes off! 

They show Luke interrupting everyone at courthouse then they cut to a random scene of Mac calling Felicia and leaving her a voice mail saying they need to discuss Frisco. When we see Lulu again she is laying on her apartment floor, presumably passed out, with the bear next to her. End of show.

Will Laura make it down the aisle? Was the bear filled with poison gas? I think they will have her in the hospital for awhile, maybe in a coma and when she wakes, it will be the recast. 

Thanks for reading!

Check out this video! Just for fun. I never had one, I always thought he was a little creepy looking!

Marty Saybrooke's Gang Rape By Todd Manning, Zack Rosen & Powell Lord III

Vintage Todd for those who haven't seen this. He wasn't always so much fun!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can you put relish on breakfast sausage?

Today's episode made my head spin. There were things I liked and things I didn't, but overall I think we got some closure on top couples and renewed hope for others.

Carly & Todd - Carly and Todd went back and forth today deciding on their relationship status and they ultimately decided on staying single. Carly feels like they are too much alike and will end up hating each other. Todd wants to have sex badly, but to her credit Carly resists. Laura Wright said on Twitter that she loved her scenes with Todd from today's episode and I can see why. Laura and Roger really have some hot chemistry, huh? Too bad he has go back to OLTL for awhile. Me thinks this is not the end of these two though, just a pause while he's gone. In the meantime enter Jax! Did you see Ingo on DWTS last night? Hot stuff!

Sam & McBain - Similar to Carly & Todd, these two almost have sex until Sam pulls back. They come to the realization that to many people would be hurt by them becoming a couple and with all that happened it doesn't feel right. Honestly I love that Sam took the high road, but from a writing prospective I would have liked to see them give it a try. These two make a lot of sense and with Jason gone Sam needs to be happy and not depressed all the time. Their story is a bit sadder to me, because Michael Easton's fate with GH is still unknown. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. I hope we see him on screen again; I really do.

AJ & Liz - Early in the episode AJ runs around trying to find Liz, which he finally does at the Floating Rib. She is having drinks with Felix, trying to forgot AJ when he pops in. AJ explains the silly mix up with his phony Carly relationship and he makes a romantic declaration to Liz that Felix finds so sweet he cries. AJ asks Liz to please give him another shot and she agrees under the condition that he does a number with her at the Nurse's Ball! Their scenes were probably my favorite today. I've always been an AJ fan. I loved Sean Kanan in the 90's and I grew to love Billy Warlock after he left and now I love Sean Kanan again! I always felt he was the underdog and I hated the way Guza destroyed the character! Enter Liz, another character that got jerked around over the years, and I think we have super-couple potential!

Lucy & Scott - Those two run around like in their 80's days in today's episode. This time to the courthouse to convince the major to allow Scotty to get a marriage license after hours. He plans on marrying Laura, "lick-a-dee-slipt!" (not sure I spelled that right). I love Lucy, but her fur coat was killing me today, not to mention that fake ponytail. I know her character is supposed to be over the top, but who wears those horrible things? I love animals and I just don't like it; I'm sure it's fake though so I'm not too upset. Scotty remains annoying, nothing against the actor I'm just not liking the character this time around.

Star & Michael - Their scenes today seemed a bit randomly inserted to me. They started out discussing the secret ingredient for Lila's relish and then began naming different foods you can put relish on. Michael says breakfast sausage and Star says gross and I thought wtf! Then later in the episode they were in the bedroom, rolling on bed in their underwear. Kinda of silly all around if you ask me.

Luke & Laura - It turns out the mystery gift bag at Dante and Lulu's apartment was from Aunt Bobby after all  It turn out to be a stuffed Teddy bear with a clock in it's belly that is supposed to help children sleep. Weird, so weird in fact it makes Olivia faint from the sight of it. As I stated yesterday, she was definitely acting off and I think Olivia has some type of illness. Maybe a brain tumor from her LSD? Anyway, Dante takes her to the hospital leaving Lulu alone with her parents. Lulu decides to force their hand and tells them that Laura was confused about Luke's status with Anna and that Luke should have told Laura himself. Then Laura gets a call from Scotty and takes off. Lulu tells Luke that he's a dumbass for not realizing that Laura only agreed to marry Scott because she thought Luke was "off the market". Cut to Laura at the courthouse with Scotty waving his marriage license in her face. End of show.

So far I'm not loving Luke & Laura. There hasn't been enough of them yet to start caring too much, but I'm hoping that changes for me overtime. Can different writer's make a difference? Can you catch magic in a bottle twenty times around with these two? Let's hope so!

Until next time...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Madness

Today's episode focused on Sam & McBain, Carly & Todd and Luke & Laura. We got a sprinkle of Scotty, Olivia, Lucy, Dante, Molly and Rafe too. Alexis & AJ also popped up for a few scenes.

Molly, McBain, Sam and Rafe decided that Rafe should live with McBain and it;s time for McBain to move into proper digs and ditch the motel room. They all celebrate the joyous decision and even though Sam is skeptical she thinks John is a great guy for offering to help. Everyone is happy until Alexis pops in to say, "No way Jose!" and takes Rafe back to child services, because McBain is not legally able to take responsibility for him. Molly is devastated and she follows Alexis to keep Rafe company. That leaves Sam and Mcbain alone in the motel room. McBain rants about being useless and Sam consoles him by making out with him. I like them together even though it's taking forever. What do you think?

Scotty sees Laura looking at old family pictures and gets insecure. Then he pressures her to allow him to accompany her to visit Lulu. Scotty fears that Laura will run into Luke and he secretly doesn't want Laura to find out that Luke is no longer dating Anna. She politely tells him to stay home and then in desperation he proposes to her again, but this time with a big fat diamond (or in reality a giant CZ). Laura gushes, says yes again, but then quickly leaves to meet Lulu. Meanwhile, Dante goes to get Olivia to come and join him and Lulu at their apartment to see the sonogram of their baby. Laura, Dante & Olivia all arrive at the same time to find Luke already there with Lulu discussing his breakup with Anna. There is a lot of awkwardness  especially with Olivia. She was playing the part of the over-excited mother-in-law very well, while holding back her anxiety about Steve's pending sentencing. Then Olivia excuses herself for a moment and leaves the scene.

Lulu and Dante show the picture to everyone and they all hug (which was overkill I thought). Luke and Luke reluctantly hug and then after Lulu and Laura take some much needed mother/daughter time to look at the old photo album Laura brought. They get to talking about Luke and Lulu tells her that Luke and Anna did break up. Which clearly makes Laura look at Luke in a whole new light. Across the room, Luke and Dante have a moment and discuss their mutual appreciation for one another. Luke then asks Dante to look into Scotty for him, because he thinks something suspicious is going on. Then Olivia returns with a giant gift bag and a card she find outside their door with Lulu's name on it. Lulu opens the card and says, "Its from Aunt Bobby." Then she goes to open the bag and Luke screams for her to stop and the scene ends. I'm thinking this and the weird ice princess she got on Valentine's day are all part of Lulu's exit story, at least until she is recasted. Is it Helena? Or maybe really from Bobby? Maybe Scotty as Luke suspects?

Lucy runs into Todd at the Floating Rib while he's watching Carly & AJ fight over their fake relationship via the camera he put in Jocelyn's stuffed Easter bunny. They have a brief conversation about Carly and Todd gloats about how he is going to bust Carly and win her back. Then he darts off to Carly's house. Lucy then runs into Scotty as he enters the Floating Rib. They have a nice little reunion and Scotty admits to Lucy that he didn't run into Laura by accident in Paris and that he knows Laura came back to Port Charles to see if there is anything left between her and Luke. Lucy then urges Scotty to seize the day & marry Laura as soon as possible. It was nice to see Lucy and Scott have a scene, but I'm finding Scotty so creepy over Laura that I don't enjoy him. What is Laura thinking??

Meanwhile over at Carly's house, she and AJ discuss their plans to fool Todd. AJ gets a crisis of conscious and wants to back out, but Carly throws the missing Quartermain in his face. She tells him that she already told Luke about the identity of the missing heiress. AJ freaks out knowing that Tracy is steps ahead of him, but he also wants a real chance with Liz. Then Todd bursts in, reveals the camera in the stuffed rabbit and blows Carly's plan all to hell. AJ is delighted and leaves. Then Todd tells Carly how much he loves her and how great he thinks they'll be together. She finally gives in and kisses him. End of show.

Did you like today's episode?

Do you agree that Olivia was acting oddly hyper?

What's in the bag???

See you tomorrow!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A brief history....

Like a lot of long time soap fans, I started watching because my mother did. So did my grandmother, sister, aunt's and cousin's. The addiction of fanatic soap opera watching was just something that women seem to pass along to one another. Maybe it was because a lot of woman used to be stay at home mom's or in my case, because GH was on at 3 o'clock. I could usually get home from school in time to watch it live, but I always had my VCR (now DVR) programmed just in case.

General Hospital was always my soap of choice. I started watching as young as 6, so not to age myself, but I've got a pretty solid memory bank for GH's history from the mid 1980's to present day. I was a Frisco & Felicia fan. Their romance hooked me and I've watched pretty faithfully since then. I've ridden the show's highest high's and lowest low's, but I always felt loyal to the character's. I think that is what keeps generations of fans watching...loyalty!

Long time fans know it's been hard to watch at times. There has been plenty of ridiculousness and painstakingly horrendous storyline's that went nowhere, but in the midst of it all I still cared about life in Port Charles. When I think about what I like about the show the most it's the great romances. Not to be corny, because outside of this show my tastes lean toward darker more surreal stuff, but in the soap world it's the romances that generally enchant me the most. Currently, I'm rooting for Carly & Todd and keeping my fingers crossed for AJ & Liz. I love Sonny, but I've had it with the Connie/Kate nonsense. I think it's time for Brenda to come back.

I hope the show continues to improve, as I feel it has in the last year or so. I'd love for GH to stay on the air for a long, long time. I can't wait for the Nurse's Ball and I'm loving all the old favorites coming back for the 50th. I do wish the storyline's integrated a bit more and the editing seems off at times, but all in all it's a major improvement. A couple of years ago it looked it soaps were doomed, but now there seems to be some hope for longevity. We'll have to wait and see what happens, but I'm hoping for the best. :)