Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Ready for 2014!
GH will be a rerun today, but according to the ABC GH Blog here's what's on tap for the start of 2014!


A new year brings a new beginning for Patrick and Robin -- and new problems for Sabrina and Carlos.


A devastating development pushes Dante and Lulu to the brink on New Year's Eve. Could this be one challenge too many as 2014 begins?


As Maxie prepares to take a trip of self-discovery, she meets a sexy detective who reveals the stunning truth about Silas' past.


One couple celebrates New Year's Eve by taking their relationship to the next level. But will the past catch up with them in the new year?

So what was your favorite GH moment of 2013? Mine was definitely the Nurse's Ball!

Have a happy & safe New Year's!

Monday, December 30, 2013

GH's Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) Expecting 1st Child

General Hospital star Teresa Castillo is pregnant with her first child, People reports.

Castillo, who plays Sabrina Santiago on the ABC soap, and her husband Shane Aaron will welcome a baby girl in late May.

"It feels wonderful," Castillo told the magazine. "This is the most joyous time of my life. It feels great to finally be able to share it with the world.

We've known for awhile, but I guess it's confirmed now. Obviously, TPTB are writing this into the show!

New Year's Eve Continues

New Year, New Start!
In this episode New Year's Eve continues with Robin and Patrick recommitting to one another. Maxie tries to make peace with Lulu and Sabrina gets some surprising news!

Today's Show - 

Maxie goes to visit Lulu to say goodbye. Maxie makes a sincere apology and asks for Lulu's forgiveness. Lulu says she wants to, but she can't yet. Lulu also shares with Maxie that she asked Britt to help her and Dante have another baby. At the end, Maxie says she hopes her time away will help heal the damage to their friendship, then she leaves. When Maxie gets home she starts to pack up her things, but then a mysterious and very handsome stranger knocks on her door.

At the Drake's, Patrick asks Robin if she wants to have another baby. Robin says she's not ready to have another child and she needs time to bond with him and Emma. Robin suggests they renew their vows instead. Patrick agrees that it's a good idea and says they should do it tonight!

Silas wants to make a confession to Sam at the hospital, but he's interrupted by Monica. She's upset, because Silas was listed as a potential replacement for Monica as chief of staff. Silas says he had nothing to do with his name being on the list, so Monica asks him to take his name out of the running. At the end, Silas thinks being Chief of Staff could be a good opportunity for him. Sam asks what he wanted to tell her, but he chickens out and claims he's just happy she's going to be his NYE date.

Dante runs into Britt and baby Ben at the hospital. They discuss Lulu's decision to try IVF again. Britt apologizes for her past lies and promises Dante that she'll do anything she can to help them have another baby. At the end, Dante holds little Ben and tells Britt that he can't wait to be a father. Then Lulu shows up and they all go to get started on their new family. Once their in the exam room, Britt notices a potential problem on the ultrasound.

Despite her insistence that it can't be true, Felix convinces Sabrina to take a pregnancy test at their apartment. At the end, Felix and Sabrina look and of course the test is positive! 

End of show!

Enjoy today's show below!

Have a great night!

Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year's Eve Begins

GH jumped ahead a week and it's now New Years Eve in Port Charles.

Quick Recap -

Nik asks Britt to move into Windermere officially with Ben. Britt worries about Lulu's reaction to their relationship and says she doesn't deserve him.

Lulu tells Dante that she wants to make another baby. Dante is delighted and they have sex to commiserate their joy.

Silas tells Sam that Danny's in excellent health and asks her to be his New Year's Eve date. Later, Silas treats a sick veteran and continues to receive calls from a restricted number.

Felix comes home and Sabrina tells him that Patrick chose Robin. Then Felix finds Carlos sleeping in his bed and he's not pleased.

Maxie calls Felicia, Mac and Robin over to tell them that she's leaving Port Charles. Maxie says she needs an Eat, Prey, Love journey!

Sam goes to visit Patrick. They talk about his reunion with Robin and her budding relationship with Silas. They also discuss Ava and her interest in Silas.

At the end, Lulu calls Britt and asks for her help to have another child. The call makes Britt happy and she agrees to move into Windermere. After, Lulu gets a visit from Maxie. Over at the hospital, Silas wants to make a confession to Sam. At the Drake's, Patrick asks Robin if she wants to have another baby. Meanwhile, Sabrina throws up at her apartment and Felix wonders if she's pregnant!

End of show!

What do you think of the friendship developing between Sam & Patrick...could it lead to a romance down the line?

Enjoy the preview for Monday's show below!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Very GH Christmas

Come back to us!
It's Christmas Day in Port Charles, but the drama never pauses for the holidays!

Today's Show - 

Dr. Obrecht narrates as we see where our characters are on Christmas Day. We see Robin and Patrick blissfully in bed together. Meanwhile, Sabrina's in tears over Patrick with a wounded Carlos looming over her. Ava leaves a message for Morgan not to go to the hospital. However it's too late, because Morgan is already at the hospital and Olivia runs into him. Lulu misses baby Connie/Georgie and our claustrophobic Sonny is stuck in jail with Dr. Obrecht regaling him with her words of wisdom.

Over at the Q's, AJ opens a gift from Michael and Kiki to see a Broadway show. Although, he is thankful for the gift, AJ is downcast at the thought that he did kill Connie. Michael tells him to be grateful for his freedom, but AJ wonders who else could be responsible. Meanwhile, Ava comes to the Q's to see Kiki and they get into heated conversation. Then Michael interrupts to bring Kiki to the hospital to see Max, so Ava goes to visit with AJ in the living room. Ava fixes herself a drink and taunts AJ about killing Connie. She tells him to celebrate, because he got away with murder. AJ gets angry and orders Ava to leave. She goes to walk out, but not before rubbing Connie's death in his face a little more.

Dante gives Lulu a two year anniversary gift at their apartment. With all the drama of late, she forgot it was their anniversary and says they were more hopeful when they first got married. Dante comforts her and promises they'll get through this. Later, when Lulu is alone Nikolas, Britt and baby Ben stop over. Britt is uncomfortable and it only gets worst when Lulu starts talking about how she and Dante can't have children. Britt tells her that it's not true, they can fertilize more eggs. Lulu gets quiet at the thought.

At the Drake house, Patrick apologizes to Robin for delaying their reunion. Robin says it's okay and asks if he broke things off with Sabrina. Patrick says yes and they rejoice in their renewed happiness. Their fun is interrupted by Emma playing her didgeridoo. Emma runs into their room and wants them to get up for Christmas. They start opening presents and it turns out that Sabrina's gifts were more in line with what Emma wanted then Robin's. Emma asks if she can call Sabrina to thank her. It throws Robin a little, but she takes it in stride. Later, Patrick gives Robin her wedding ring back.

Carlos tries to talk to Sabrina at her apartment. He tells her that she saved him from his gun shot wound, but Sabrina doesn't want to be sweet talked. She demands he tell her who did this to him. Carlos says he can't get into it. Sabrina doesn't like that answer and threatens to call the police. He admits to being in the mob, but says if she turns him in Sonny will kill him. Carlos asks if he can stay for awhile until he knows what to do next. She says okay, but then they get into a heated conversation about Patrick. Sabrina assumes that Carlos wants to gloat over her loosing Patrick, but Carlos says he just never wanted her to get hurt.

Olivia sees Morgan outside of Max's hospital room and tells him that Sonny was arrested. Then Olivia wishes Morgan a Merry Christmas and goes in Max's room to visit him. Milo and Diane sit at Max's bedside and tell Olivia that Sonny told them he shot Max. Later, Olivia returns to speak with Morgan and tells him about Sonny admitting to shooting Max. Olivia says it doesn't sound right and heads off to the police station to see Sonny. Back in Max's room, Milo cries over his brother and Diane tries to console him. She advises him to get out of the business and says something about Max's shooting doesn't add up.

Dr. Obrecht chats Sonny up at the police station and calls him the Don of the Port Charles mafia. She brings up how Faison killed Jason, but says she doesn't want to strike a nerve. Then she says she has a lot of respect for him since he's been a successful mob boss for 20 years. With that in mind, Dr. O wonders how he could end up in jail. Sonny tells her to stop talking, because she's annoying him. She ignores him and suggests he is there to protect one of his children. Then Dante shows up and quietly asks Sonny to explain what really happened with Max. Sonny tells Dante not to push the issue, but Dante takes a guess that Morgan might be involved. Olivia shows up and Dante takes off to find Morgan. Olivia says she won't pressure Sonny to explain what happened and tells him about seeing Morgan at the hospital.

Michael and Kiki arrive at the hospital and run into Morgan. Kiki is angry with Morgan for pushing Michael into the water and almost letting him drown. Michael asks to speak with Morgan in private and once alone Michael asks what Morgan knows about Max getting shot. Michael suspects Morgan was involved, but Morgan won't admit anything. Then Kiki calls for Michael to come visit Max and Dante arrives to speak with Morgan in private. Dante asks Morgan if he shot Max and promises that he can trust him. Morgan won't admit the truth, which ticks Dante off so he leaves.

 At the end, Sonny gets called away for more questioning. Dr. Obrecht stays behind and starts singing O'tannenbaum. It leads into a music montage and we see Olivia walking Sonny into interrogation. Max wakes up to a delighted Milo and Diane. Seeing that Max is conscious pleases Morgan. Then Ava appears out of nowhere and they hug. Kiki and Michael kiss at the Q's and AJ takes a drink in the living room. Carlos makes Sabrina spaghetti and the Drake's play with Emma's didgeridoo. Dante comes home and Britt watches as Dante and Lulu play with baby Ben!

End of show! 

Today was a good episode, wasn't it? I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Have a good night!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I'm taking a holiday break, but I'll be back on Thursday!

In the meantime, enjoy some GH holiday pictures and classic clips below!

Young Robin & Dr. Steve Hardy!

Santa Spinelli!

Quartermaine love, I miss Alan & Monica!

Holiday hug for Jason & Alan - look how happy Monica is!

I preferred him as McBain, but they're cute together!

Aww, baby Emma was cute!

Enjoy some classic GH holiday clips below!

GH Xmas 1986 

GH Xmas 1996

GH Xmas 2007

I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Patrick's Choice

What Does This Mean?
In this episode Max takes a bullet, Emma gets a special Christmas gift and Patrick finally admits what he wants!

Today's Show - 

The warehouse showdown continues with bullets flying everywhere. Sonny shoots Carlos and Shaun takes TJ out of the building. Carlos manages to crawl out of the warehouse and runs for his life. Morgan and Sonny end up coming head to head with guns drawn at each other. Sonny looks shocked to see Morgan pointing a gun at him. Julian screams at Morgan to shoot. Sonny lowers his gun and tries to talk Morgan down. Right then, Max gets in the way and Morgan shoots him unintentionally. Morgan panics saying that he didn't mean to hurt Max, but runs like a coward when Julian orders him to make haste. Sonny tries to help Max and calls for an ambulance.

Santa comes to visit Robin and Emma in the form of Robert at the Drake house! He notices that Robin is downcast and she tells him that she was hoping he was Patrick. Robert starts to rant about how stupid Patrick is being, but Robin asks him not to speak badly about Emma's father. Then Emma sees Robert and immediately knows he's not the real Santa. Anna and Duke get a kick out of Emma and Robert lets her open one of her gifts. Robert gives Emma a didgeridoo and takes her in the back to use it. Then Anna gets a call about a shooting at Sonny's warehouse. Duke gets a little pale hearing it, but stays quiet. Then Anna takes off to investigate. After, Robin puts Emma to bed and Duke texts Sonny that Anna is on the way. Once in private, Robert and Duke start to chat about how good it is that Duke it out of the mob.

Molly waits at Ava's apartment for Julian and Morgan to return. Ava walks in and asks why she's there. Molly explains that Julian and Morgan went to find TJ at the warehouse. At first Ava is very upset, but then after seeing how worried Molly is, Ava tries to assure her everything will be okay. Diane stops by for a visit to tell Ava that she overheard that the police are looking into her. Ava flashes to her conversation with Silas about their mysterious history. Then Morgan and Julian return just as a Diane gets a call from Sonny about Max being shot. Devastated, Diane takes off to the hospital. Julian tells Molly that TJ is fine and sends her on her way. After, Morgan gets emotional thinking about what he did to Max. Ava tries to console him and suggests he makes an anonymous call to the hospital to check on Max. Then Ava rips into Julian about the terrible mess he made and worries about where Carlos is.

Patrick comes to see Sabrina at her apartment. She is surprised to see him. At first they make some idle chat and Sabrina hands him a Christmas gift. Patrick gets a little emotional and tells her that he is going back to Robin. Sabrina realizes she's the loser and starts to cry. Patrick feels terrible that he hurt Sabrina and hopes that she will be able to forgive him once day. Sabrina tells him that she does forgive him and says goodbye. She tells him to go and gives him presents to bring to Emma. Then she hands him their wedding rings back and Patrick walks out. Once alone, Sabrina breaks into more tears. At the end, a bloody Carlos bangs on Sabrina's door for help.

Over at Kelly's, Shaun and TJ arrive safely but are in shock over what happened. Shaun lectures TJ about how dangerous it was for him to be at the warehouse. TJ tells Shaun that what they were doing to Carlos was wrong. Then Molly shows up and tells them that Max was shot. Back at the warehouse, Sonny gets Max in the ambulance. He wants to go with him, but Anna tells Sonny to stay put. She asks him what happened. Sonny won't speak, but Anna guesses it has something to do with Julian Jerome. Sonny claims that Max was shot by accident when he was cleaning his gun. Anna doesn't buy it and asks Sonny to explain the extensive shell casings and blood. He can't, so she arrests Sonny and reads him his rights.

Sam and Silas start to discuss their holiday plans at the hospital when Silas gets called to examine Rafe. Rafe's hand is all cut up and he says he punched a wall, because of Molly. He tells Sam and Silas that his plan to break Molly and TJ up failed and seems to have brought them closer together. Then Silas get a call from a restricted number on his cell. Seeing it makes him flash his conversation with Ava. Silas ignores the call and tries to reengage in Sam and Rafe's conversation, but then the restricted number calls again. Before he can decide whether or not to answer it, Silas gets called to help Max when he arrives at the hospital. Silas leaves his cell phone behind. Sam and Rafe notice that it's ringing again and wonder who is trying to reach him.

Back at the Drake's, Patrick finally shows up. He tells Robin that he's finally home and sorry he kept her waiting. Robin asks what this means. Patrick answers that, "He wants her back, if she'll have him!" Robin says of course and they finally kiss! End of show!

Are you happy Robin & Patrick are finally reunited?

In case you missed it, today's show is below!

Have a great night!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Today's Episode Preempted

This was posted today on the ABC GH Blog  - 

Today's episode of General Hospital will be preempted due to a White House Press Conference.

Because this is such an exciting episode, the schedule will be pushed back and the episode will air in its entirety on Monday, December 23 at 2 ET | 1 C|P.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mafia Wars

Bang Bang, he shot me down!
Quick Recap -

Luke and Bobby encounter Julian Jerome at Kelly's. Lucas calls Bobby while Julian is standing there, so Luke pretends he "butt dialed" her to keep Julian from getting suspicious. Later, Julian leaves and Bobby & Luke reminisce about Ruby!

Patrick asks that Robin bring Emma home for the holidays and gives her his key to the house. Patrick tells her that he will stay at the hospital until everything is resolved. Later, Patrick runs into Sam. She advises him to follow his heart, because she thinks he already knows who he wants.

Robin returns home and is later joined by Emma, Anna and Duke. Anna shares with Robin that she shared a similar dilemma with Duke & Robert as Patrick is with her and Sabrina. At the end, they all decorate for Christmas and hang stockings. Someone knocks on the door and although we don't see who, Robin smiles when she sees them.

Molly goes to Morgan for help with TJ. She tells Morgan and Ava that Carlos is probably at Uncle Sonny's warehouse. Ava gets an urgent call from Silas, so she leaves Morgan to deal with it. After, Julian shows up. He tells Molly that he and Morgan will take care of it.

Silas and Sam share a kiss at the hospital when Silas gets a mysterious phone call. He tells Sam it's about one of his patients, but once alone he calls Ava for an urgent chat. Shortly after, Ava arrives and they tensely discuss an unknown incident from their past in NYC. 

A shootout at the warehouse ensues and Carlos takes TJ hostage. When Sonny and Shawn arrive they find TJ with a gun pointed at his chest. Carlos tells them he's using TJ to escape with his life, but then Max shows up and puts a gun in Carlos's back. Sonny orders Carlos to drop his weapon, but then Morgan and Julian arrive with their guns drawn at Sonny. Julian fires, but don't see if anyone gets hit.

Sabrina pines over Patrick at her apartment while wrapping Christmas presents. Felix comes home and they discuss her woes. Felix suggests that she come to North Carolina with he and Taylor for the holidays, but Sabrina decides to stay in Port Charles. At the end, Patrick comes to talk with her.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

There Is No Us!

Go to hell!
On today's show Julian searches for answers about Lucas, Britt & Dr. Obrecht rehash their evil plans and Brad tries to give Dante and Lulu closure!

In this episode - 

Julian pays Alexis a visit at her house. He asks if she knows where Carlos is and Molly overhears their conversation. Julian says that if Sonny ordered Carlos to be killed, it would be Shawn who does it. Hearing that, Molly says she needs to leave for school and makes a hasty exit. After, Julian point blank asks Alexis who Lucas is. He tells her that Sam mentioned him and asks her to explain. Alexis says she can't help him, but Julian thinks she's lying. Alexis finds that funny, since Julian has lied about so many things himself. Julian makes himself comfortable and continues to question her. She tells him to get out, but before he leaves Julian tells Alexis he's not giving up on finding Lucas, Carlos or on them being a couple. Alexis responds, "There is no us!" Then she tells him to go to hell and slams the door.

Shawn and TJ talk at Kelly's over breakfast. TJ asks what was happening at the warehouse last night. They go into the kitchen and Shawn tells TJ it wasn't anything he needs to worry about it. TJ gets worked up and says he's worried it's dangerous. Shawn asks why he's asking these questions now, since he's been working for Sonny for months. Before TJ can answer, Molly shows up and interrupts them. Molly tells TJ about Julian's visit to her house and her fears that Carlos will be killed. TJ worries that if something happens to Shawn he'll end up in foster care. They decide to take action themselves and TJ goes searching for Carlos.

Sonny continues to threaten Carlos at the warehouse. Sonny gags him and then leaves a frustrated Carlos alone to speak with Duke. Sonny asks Duke if he's truly ready to work with him. Duke says that Anna would feel betrayed if she knew he was working with him, but taking Julian down is the only way to protect her. Sonny advises Duke to keep a wide birth so Julian doesn't suspect they're working together. Later, Shawn meets up with them outside of Kelly's and tells them that Carlos isn't related to Lily afterall. Meanwhile, TJ returns to the warehouse looking for Carlos and finds him tied up.

Britt talks to baby Ben about her woes at Windermere. She worries she'll lose him and holds him close. Nikolas comes to talk to her and asks what happened with her mother. Britt tells him that she wants to get her mother a lawyer. Seeing that it's bothering her, Nik says it's okay with him and that he hopes he it makes her feel better. So Britt leaves for the police station to see her mother again.

Dr. Obrecht waits for Britt's aid at the police station. Anna uses the situation to taunt Dr. O with the benefits of a confession. Dante shows up and Dr. Obrecht says she has something important to share with him. Before they can talk, Britt arrives. Dante asks why she was avoiding his calls and if she knows where the embryo's are. Dr. Obrecht encourages Brita to help him if she can. Britt tells Dante that she doesn't know what happened and she's sorry this happened to him. Then she asks to speak with her mother alone. Once in private, Britt is appalled that her mother would give her up. Then we get flashbacks to Feb 2013 when Dr. Obrecht and Britt first planned to get Britt pregnant knowingly using Dante and Lulu's embryo.

Brad and Felix flirt at the hospital. Then Felix tells Brad that he needs to solve the mystery of Dante and Lulu's lost embryo's. Felix tells Brad that they'll both feel better if he can fix this problem for Dante and Lulu. Then Felix leaves Brad to consider his next move. Brad decides to call Dante.

Bobbie and Luke chat with Lulu outside of Kelly's about her missing embryo's. After, Lulu heads over to Windermere to see Nikolas and Luke and Bobby go inside and chat over coffee. Bobby brings up her fears that Julian Jerome will find out that Lucas is his biological son. After hearing the details, Luke says it's possible there is nothing to worry about. Later, Alexis calls Bobby and says that Julian was there asking questions about Lucas. Before Luke can respond, Julian walks into Kelly's.

Over at Windermere, Lulu is pleased to see baby Ben and asks to hold him. She picks him up and tells Nikolas how much she misses having a baby around. Then she tells Nikolas that she and Dante decided to try for another baby and that she needs Britt's help. Before she can tell Nik what for, Lulu gets a call from Dante asking her to come meet him. After she leaves, Nik whispers to baby Ben that he thinks he's in love with Britt.

At the end, Duke goes to the police station to see Anna and he dances around the subject of his rejoining the mob. TJ unties Carlos and sets him free. On his way out of the warehouse, Carlos wrestles with one of Sonny's henchmen and a gunshot goes off. Sonny and Shawn hear it as they make their way to the warehouse door. Back at the PCPD, Britt cries to Dr. Obrecht about her guilt over dating Nikolas knowing she's raising his sister's baby as her own. Dr. O assures her that she made arrangements to cover their asses in case anyone looks into it. Dante and Lulu head over the hospital and Brad shows them paperwork saying that Ellie accidentally destroyed their embryo's months ago.

End of show!

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spindly English Succubus

Shhh it's a secret!
In today's show Sonny gets mobular in a snazzy new warehouse, Morgan reappears as a half-naked horny Santa plus Dante & Lulu continue their embryo hunt!

Here's What Happened - 

Dante and Lulu corner Brad at the hospital about the whereabouts of their embryo's. Brad says he doesn't know where they are and suggests they ask Dr. Westborne. They get annoyed and say they already tried to reach her and got nowhere. Dante insists that Brad find her himself, so Brad grudgingly agrees and walks off to find Britt. After Dante and Lulu wait for Brad to return and discuss whether or not they can trust him. They wonder why Britt has gotten back to them yet, so Dante leaves her another message. After Lulu tells him she's scared this a bad omen.

Dr. Obrecht demands over the phone that Brita rescue her from the lair of the, "Spindly English Succubus" or she'll blow the whistle on Britt's baby secret. Britt says she won't help her and that Nikolas already knows everything. Dr. Obrecht taunts her that there is no way he knows the whole truth and asks to speak with him. Right then a shirtless Nik walks in holding baby Ben. Britt hurries off the phone, but not before Dr. Obrecht gives her one hour to come to her aid. Britt tells Nikolas about her mother calling for help and says she needs to go deal with her mother immediately. Britt heads off to the police station and after Brad arrives at Windermere. Nikolas answers the door shirtless, which excites Brad. Nikolas isn't happy to see him. He tells Brad that he knows that he isn't Ben's father and orders him off the property.

Anna runs into Duke at the police as she finishes leaving a message for Robert about their secret. He asks if everything is okay and Anna replies that she's just overwhelmed by Robin's return. Duke suggests they go have dinner or take some time away to recoup, but Anna says she can't because she's got Dr. Obrecht waiting in the interrogation room. Duke says he'll leave so she can deal with Obrecht. After Anna goes into the interrogation room to speak with Obrecht and Dr. Obrecht tells her that she has help on the way. Anna turns around and sees Britt in the doorway. Anna starts lecturing Britt that she shouldn't help her mother, which enrages Dr. Obrecht. She screams at Anna to stay out of her daughter's affairs, so Anna gives up and let's them talk. Once alone, Dr. Obrecht again threatens to spill Britt's secret if she doesn't help her.

Ava leaves a worried voice message for Carlos at her apartment, while Morgan waits for her in a Santa hat and boxer shorts. After she gets off the phone they have exhausting sex and discuss how their not bored with each other. Julian stops by and wants to discuss Carlos's disappearance. Morgan offers to intervene and says he knows of a way to find out where Sonny is holding Carlos. After Morgan takes off and Julian threatens that if Morgan can't deliver he'll have to answer for it. Ava gets upset and threatens Julian in Morgan's defense. Then someone knocks on the door. When Julian answers, it's Duke. They exchange some tense words and then Duke reads Julian a scathing letter of resignation. Julian makes a vague threat toward Anna as Duke goes to leave. Duke turns and dares Julian to make a move, then walks off.

TJ and Molly argue at her house about ending their relationship. The fight is about TJ checking Taylor out at the Christmas festival and Molly slams the door in TJ's face. After, Morgan stops by to speak with Molly. He leads her into a conversation about how Shawn works for Sonny, which is bad for TJ. Molly doesn't understand, so Morgan explains that Shawn does Sonny's dirtiest business and that Carlos is missing. He suggests that TJ could get hurt from being near Shawn. Molly says she always worried about that, but doesn't know how to help. Then Molly suggests that she could follow TJ to see where Shawn is working.

Shawn stands guard as Sonny interrogates a tied up Carlos in an unknown warehouse. They have a tense conversation about Carlos's real identity. Someone buzzes on the warehouse door, so Shawn goes to investigate. When he answers the door, it's TJ looking to talk to Shawn about Molly. Shawn tells him it's not a good time to talk and says he'll see him back at home later. TJ leaves and then Shawn returns to Sonny and they tell Carlos he's going to die. Then Duke shows up to discuss phase two of their plan to take the Jerome's down. TJ heads back to Molly's to give her an early Christmas gift and they make up.

At the end, Dante tells Lulu not to be scared and assures her they'll have a baby at the hospital. Britt runs into Brad at Windermere as he's leaving the island. He tells her that Dante and Lulu know their embryo's are missing. Britt flashes to a conversation with her mother saying that they used Dante and Lulu's embryo to create Ben.  End of show!

Did you ever think you'd hear the word "embryo" so much on GH? Shocked that Ben is Dante and Lulu's baby? Not to toot my own horn, but I guessed that back in September, see my post Be Thankful for What Is

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

Have a great night!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

See you on the flip side!
In this episode Britt and Nik hit the sheets, Dante & Lulu search for their missing embryo's and Spixie says a touching goodbye!

Today's Show - 

Maxie shuts the door in Spinelli's face when he brings the baby to see her. Spinelli yells for her to open the door and says he wants to risk her having a visit, because he has to leave tonight. Maxie decides to open the door afterall and Spinelli hands her the baby to hold. Spinelli tells her that he would like to rename Connie, Georgie. After, Spinelli talks about his long ago crush on Maxie that led to them becoming friends. Maxie tells him that they're friendship brought out the good in her. Spinelli says she was the first girl he ever loved. They tell each other that they still love one another and kiss. At the end, Maxie says he belongs with Ellie, but she'll always wonder what could have been. Spinelli tells her that she'll always have a piece of his heart. Then we get a touching series of flashbacks of their relationship over the years...sniff! 

Dante and Lulu aren't pleased to learn their embryo's are missing at the lab. Ellie doesn't know what happened and they all try to figure out where they went. Ellie remembers that Britt would have had access to the lab during the time the embryo's were stored. Dante suggests they ask Britt directly, so he leaves a message on Britt's phone. After Ellie says she has to leave, but will help them in anyway she can. Lulu and Dante wish her well and decide they need to figure out what happened to their DNA!

Anna brings Dr. Obrecht to the Port Charles police station and wants her to write down all of her crimes. Dr. Obrecht refuses and says she wants to call Faison. Anna tells her that it's not possible for her to talk to Faison. Dr. Obrecht demands to know why, so Anna explains it will never be allowed because of their dangerous relationship. Obrecht gets suspicious and wonders if Anna did something to Faison. Anna calls her bluff and hands her the phone. At the end, Anna leaves a message for Robert telling him about Obrecht's attempt to contact Faison.

Britt admits to Nikolas that Brad isn't her baby's father at Windermere. Nikolas isn't happy that she lied and demands to know who the real father is. Britt starts to cry and admits that she stole DNA samples from the lab to get pregnant. She asks if he can forgive her. Nikolas gets emotional and says that he can, but she needs to stop lying to him and stop hiding who she is from him. He kisses her again and says he's not going anywhere. They make their way up to his bedroom and make a little love! After, Britt says, "So we're really doing this; full steam ahead?" Nikolas answers yes and jokingly pinches her, so she knows it's for real.

Duke comes to see Sonny at the gym. He tells Sonny his offer to take down Julian Jerome is attractive, but he has to refuse due to his relationship with Anna. Sonny understands, they shake hands and then Duke leaves. Right as Duke is walking out the door, Julian sneaks in another entrance and points a gun at Sonny. Julian demands to know where Carlos is. Sonny says if anything happens to him, Julian will be the first suspect. Meanwhile, Duke listens from outside the door and grows angry when Julian threatens to kill Anna, Dante or any cop that tries to take him down. Julian decides to walk out and after Duke tells Sonny he wants to join forces afterall to protect Anna.

Felix asks Brad to be an elf while he's Santa for the hospital pediatrics unit. Brad agrees and they go to change into their costumes together. The naked closeness makes them almost kiss, but Felix pulls back and they get dressed for the kids. Later, Dante and Lulu find Brad in this hospital hallway and ask what he knows about their missing embryo's.

At the end, Dr. Obrecht calls Britt and insists that she help her, because she knows everything about Brita's baby. At Maxie's place, Ellie arrives to get Spinelli. Before they leave, Maxie gives Spinelli her and Georgie's baby shoes for her daughter. He tells her to keep one for the next time she sees little Georgie. Then they leave for Portland and Maxie sinks into the couch crying. End of show!

I have to admit that Spinelli and Maxie's scenes today were touching! How do you feel about Spinelli leaving?

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

Have a great night!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Friday's Show - Leaving for Portland!

Marry Britt Dad!
I'm still feeling under the weather and not into doing a full recap. 

Here's the highlights of Friday's show:

Leslie tells Nik she knows he lied to her about Faison at Windermere and Nik gives Leslie Heather's Egg Salad painting. Spencer likes Britt so much, he tells Nikolas to marry her. Plus, we get reminded that Sonny is Spencer's uncle. Nik and Britt come close to making love, but she stops to share some truth with him about Ben!

Dante talks Lulu into trying to have another baby. They go to the lab for their remaining embryo's and Ellie informs them that their missing.

Sonny and Olivia discuss how great Dante is and get a visit from Spencer and Leslie!

Mac & Felicia try to cheer Maxie up with some holiday fun.

Silas, Rafe and Taylor help decorate Sam's apartment for Christmas. Then Molly and TJ join the party and random teenage angst ensues! 

Ellie tells Spinelli that her new job starts immediately. Spinelli goes to say goodbye to Sam and then visits Maxie with baby Connie.

Enjoy Friday's GH Below!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Dante's Fault!

Thanks Dad!
I've caught an awful cold and can't bring myself to do a full recap today. :(

Quick Recap - 

Sonny and Dante discuss Dante's troubled marriage with Lulu and his grief over losing baby Connie. Sonny tells Dante that he will always be there for him and advises him to work on his marriage with Lulu.

Franco goes to Kevin for mental health help and confesses that he killed Heather. After hearing the details, Kevin thinks it's a one time mistake and offers to take him on as a patient.

Carly visits Lulu and they discuss Lulu losing baby Connie. Lulu blames Dante, but Carly advises her to lean on Dante. Then Carly asks Lulu to consider giving Franco a job.

Lucy and Scott discuss her wanting to get back with Kevin. Scotty wants more from Lucy, but she asks if they can stay friends. Scott isn't pleased, but says okay and tells her not to confess their tryst to Kevin.

Spinelli tells Sam about his plans to move to Portland with Ellie. Sam is sad to lose him, but advises him to follow his heart.

Maxie and Robin vent to each other about Spinelli moving away and Robin's drama with Patrick. Maxie feels certain that Patrick will chose Robin. Then Spinelli drops by and is overjoyed to see Robin.

At the end, Lucy finds Kevin and they decide to fix their marriage. Franco tells Carly that he found someone who gave him hope. Spinelli decides to move officially and Dante tells Lulu that they need to try to have another baby!

Have a great night!

P.S According to Soaps In Depth, Spinelli & Ellie are leaving GH for good. 
Read here - Bradford Leaving GH

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Egg Salad

Officially a couple!
In this episode Kevin decides to fight for Lucy, Patrick tries to explain his love triangle to Emma and Nikolas confirms his relationship with Britt!

Today's Show - 

Nik and Britt enjoy breakfast together at Windermere when a package arrives for PK Sinclair. Britt tells Nik that PK Sinclair is one of Faison's alias's'. Nikolas opens it and it's one of Heather's paintings titled, Egg Salad. Liz arrives with Ben and Spencer and tells Britt that Heather was once married to her father. Liz also mentions that Leslie and Monica are having breakfast together despite their bitter past. Britt takes Ben away and when their alone, Liz asks Nik why Britt is still staying with him. Nikolas tells her that Britt is welcome to stay as long as she wants to. Britt eavesdrops and hears Nikolas tell Liz that he thinks Britt has changed and he's glad he got to know her. Liz asks if their a couple and Nikolas answers yes! Liz replies that its a big mistake and Britt will hurt him. Nik responds that people used to think that about her. Liz agrees and says that's why she can read Britt so well. Then Liz makes her way out and Britt enters the room. Britt thanks Nik for defending her and they hug.

Anna and Robert meet in the the hotel parking garage and discuss what they did with Faison. They agree no one can ever know what happened and they agree to keep it a secret. Nearby, Duke and Kevin run into each other in the parking garage. Kevin asks if Duke has seen Lucy. Duke says no and they briefly discuss Lucy's relationship with Scott. Then Kevin gets on the elevator to find her and Duke stumbles upon Anna and Robert. Duke gives Robert an earful about his involvement in faking Julian Jerome's death. Robert gets defensive and they start to argue about the past. Robert blames Duke for his previous involvement with the mob. Anna jumps to Duke's defense and says that it's in the past and Duke promised to stay out of that stuff now. Duke gets quiet and flashes to his recent conversations with Sonny.

Lucy wakes up in Scott's bed thinking she was sleeping with Kevin. When she realizes she is with Scotty and that they had sex, Lucy starts to freak out. Scotty reminds her that she is supposedly separated from Kevin, but Lucy feels guilty for cheating. Scotty thinks that they could have a deeper relationship and Kevin is a waste of her time. Lucy asks about his relationship with Laura, but Scotty says that was a big mistake. They agree they have chemistry together, but then Kevin knocks on the door. Lucy hides and Scott answers. Kevin asks where Lucy is. Scott says he doesn't know, but Kevin pushes his way into the room. Kevin starts to share with Scotty how he loves Lucy and knows that it's his fault that he and Lucy grew apart. Kevin says Lucy means everything to him. Kevin asks if Scott will help him find Lucy and tell Lucy that he loves her. Scotty says okay and hurries Kevin out. After, Lucy gets dressed and tells Scott that she's going to find Kevin and confess.

Franco wakes up from a bad dream about killing Heather in his bed with Carly. He tells Carly not to worry and kisses her to stop of her from asking what his dream was about. He goes to take a shower and when he gets out, Carly tells him that she knows what he's dreaming about. She promises him that she's not going anywhere and he doesn't need to worry about it. Franco replies that he wasn't dreaming about her, he was dreaming about what he did last night. Carly insists that he share whatever he did with her, so Franco makes up a lie and says that he's not getting the teaching job. At the end, they go they're separate ways. Franco seeks Kevin out for help and Carly calls an unknown person for help.

Robin and Emma get a visit from Patrick at Anna's place. Emma asks if he's there to take them home. Patrick asks to speak with Robin alone and once in private, Robin asks if Patrick has spoken with Sabrina. He replies not yet. Then Patrick explains that he can't just go back to the way things used to be. He tells Robin about how hard it was for him when she was gone and how everything is different now. After, Robin decides to give him some time with Emma and leaves. Then Emma asks Patrick why he's not bringing Robin home yet or marrying Sabrina. He tries to explains the complexities of the situation and simply says he can only chose one woman. Emma asks which one he wants. Patrick says he doesn't know yet, but he will figure it out soon.

Felix and Sabrina discuss her situation with Patrick at the Nurse's Station. Sabrina tells him that she's going to let Patrick go, because it's the right thing to do. She tells Felix about her conversation with Robin, but Felix thinks she should fight for Patrick. He tells Sabrina not to let Robin push her around. Right then, Robin steps off the elevator and sees them talking. Sabrina and Robin go into one of the exam rooms for privacy and Robin asks when Sabrina is going to break up with Patrick. Sabrina says she can't do that, because it's up to Patrick who he wants to be with. Robin gets nervous and asks her to please reconsider. Sabrina refuses and Robin decides to leave. End of show!

I enjoyed the Kevin, Lucy and Scott scenes today. Of course I'm routing for Kevin, but Scotty was entertaining. Are you happy Nik and Britt made things official?

Have a great night!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Verdict Is In

In today's show AJ gets surprising news, Carlos makes a shocking claim to Sonny and Franco's problems with Heather are far from over!

Here's What Happened - 

Carly impatiently waits in Franco's hotel room to surprise him with dinner and tries to call him. Sam shows up to talk to Carly about Julian. Sam tells Carly that she mentioned Lucas to Julian unintentionally. Carly gets worked up and says Bobby will be upset. Sam apologizes and offers to help out if she can. Sam asks what Lucas thinks about all this and asks if he knows that she's his sister. Carly says no and then wants Sam to leave. Sam realizes that Carly is preparing for Franco and asks if Carly is dating him. Carly says yes, but is defensive. Sam thinks it's a bad idea and asks Carly what Jason would think. Carly says that Jason would stand by her, but Sam thinks he would hate her dating a psychopath. Carly freaks and says he not a psychopath. Sam decides to leave, but tells Carly that dating Franco is a terrible idea.

Ava surprises Julian in his hotel room to discuss her concerns about Carlos. Ava is worried about Carlos being off the radar, but Julian thinks he busy consoling Sabrina. Ava says she can't shake a bad feeling regarding Carlos. Then Julian complains about Sam not wanting to see him and her mentioning Lucas. They discuss who Lucas could be and Ava says she only knows of one, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. At the end, Julian says that he doesn't think Sam was talking about Luke. Ava tells him to go ask Sam about this, but Julian thinks it's better if he looks into the matter personally.

Lucy finds Franco in the parking garage of the Metro Court and warns him that Heather is dangerous. Franco tries to conceal Heather's body in the laundry bin and says Heather won't be a problem. He tries to get moving, but then Lucy wants to discuss him bonding with Scotty. Franco tells her that Scott wants nothing to do with him. She decides to go find Scott to talk to him about this. After Lucy leaves, Franco talks to Heather's dead body about how she brought this fate on herself for threatening Carly.

Not Guilty!
Monica and Tracy see on the TV at the Quartermaine's that AJ's verdict is in. Luke pops in just as Monica makes a hasty exit. He asks what's up and Tracy tells him that she is certain AJ will be convicted. Then they discuss Luke's getting Sean Donely the cure. Luke tells her that Sean is showing signs of improvement. Tracy asks about Jerry whereabouts and Luke wonders out loud about who might have helped Jerry escape. Luke says he thinks Ava had something to do with it and tells her about seeing Ava after Jerry's fall. He also mentions the Jerome's ties to the mob. Tracy strongly advises Luke to stay out of it.

At the courthouse, Scotty taunts AJ that he's about to be sentenced to prison for life. Monica shows up to support AJ and Michael tells AJ that he loves him. Court begins and the jury reads their verdict, not guilty! AJ is in disbelief and Scotty is furious with the jury. Scotty turns to AJ and says that he knows AJ is guilty and he'll have to spend the rest of his life living with it. Later, AJ, Monica, Michael and Kiki return to the Q's just as Luke and Tracy are toasting to AJ going to jail. Monica and AJ are happy to prove them wrong. Luke and Tracy are disgusted and leave the room to drink their champagne alone. After Monica, Kiki and Michael decide to celebrate with AJ and Michael tells Kiki in private that he's not sure how to feel about the verdict. At the end, AJ watches TV and sees one of the jurors being interviewed. The woman says that she thinks AJ is guilty, but there wasn't enough evidence to convict him. It makes AJ upset and he decides to take a drink.

Over at the park, Sonny and Shawn make Carlos dig his own grave. Carlos starts digging, but asks Sonny to please not do this. Sonny says he would have killed him last week, but he needed to verify his identity. Then Sonny screams at Shawn to "end it" and in a panic, Carlos yells for them to wait. Shawn goes to shoot, but Carlos claims that he's Lily's brother. Carlos says that he was the illegitimate son of one of Lily's father's mistresses. Then Carlos tells Sonny that he is responsible for Lily's death and asks if he can live with killing her brother. Sonny decides to keep Carlos alive until he can prove if this is true or not. At the end, Michael calls Sonny to tell him that AJ was found not guilty and asks Sonny not to take the law into his hands. When they get off the phone we see that Sonny is visiting Lily's grave and he promises her that he won't kill her brother if Carlos is telling the truth.

Lucy finds Scotty in his hotel room drinking over the jury's decision. She scolds him for banishing Franco from his life. Scotty says Franco being his son isn't good news, but Lucy reminds him that it was the tumor that made Franco bad. She also says that not having a father probably made it worst for Franco. Lucy advises Scott to help him, because she thinks Franco is in a bad place in his life. She mentions seeing Franco pushing a laundry cart in the parking garage. Scotty says he can't be a father to Franco now, because his political career has been neutered. Then Scotty says the only thing worth anything in his life right now is her. Lucy tells him that she is separated from Kevin and then they start making out.

At the end, we see Franco take Heather to the cemetery and bury her in an open grave. Carly finally gets him on the phone and he steps away from the buried body to speak with her. Once all is quiet, we see Heather's hand come up from the dirt, proving she's still alive or a zombie! (just kidding, but ya never know) End of show!

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Heather No More

Bye Bye!
Quick Recap - 

Robin goes to talk to Sabrina about Patrick. Both women are polite to one another, but are uncomfortable. Robin thanks Sabrina for taking good care of Emma. Sabrina tells her that she would never try to take her place. Then Robin asks Sabrina to help her get Patrick back by letting him go. Sabrina is overwhelmed by Robin's request, but Robin implores Sabrina to help her get her family back.

Patrick warns Carlos to stay away from Sabrina, but Carlos doesn't scare easily. He tells Patrick he'll be the one to pick Sabrina up when Patrick finally dumps her. Patrick takes off and heads to the hospital. Epiphany speaks with him and Patrick admits that he loves both Robin and Sabrina. Epiphany hugs him and tells him she understands how hard this situation is for him.

Shawn tells Sonny that Carlos is not related to Lily. So they decide to go visit Carlos in person. They knock on Carlos's door and Sonny tells Carlos that he's taking him on a ride. They take Carlos to the park to execute him, but make Carlos dig his own grave first.

Diane isn't happy when AJ wants to take the stand in his own defense. AJ politely fires Diane, so he can speak for himself without going against her wishes. When he takes the stand, AJ admits to getting drunk and hating Connie, but passionately says he can't remember killing Connie. After Scotty cross examines AJ and suggests that it's a little convenient that AJ doesn't remember. At the end, AJ thanks Michael and Kiki for their support and Scotty tells them the verdict is in.

Ellie and Spinelli tell Maxie about Ellie's job offer in Oregon. They tell Maxie that they don't feel it's right to leave her, but Maxie tells them they should go. She says that it will be easier that way so she won't be tempted to see the baby. At the end, Maxie says she knows this is the right decision and they thank her.

Heather tries to stab Carly in the shower, but Franco foils her plans. He takes her knife and puts it to Heather's throat. She admits to pretending to call him for an interview to get to Carly alone. The truth angers Franco and he stabs Heather until she dies. Heather falls dead on his bed and he drags the body away so Carly won't see it. He puts Heather in one of the hotel laundry bins, but Diane comes up behind him and asks what he's doing. He pretends it's part of an art project and quickly gets Heather's body on the elevator!

End of show!

Are you sad Heather's dead?

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Have a great night!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Filler Friday

Poor Me!
In this episode Robin saves Maxie from committing suicide, Ava tries to get in Sonny's good graces and Patrick gets macho with Carlos!

Today's Show - 

Robin visits Maxie at the cemetery. Maxie doesn't think it's real and screams for Robin to get away from her. Maxie starts ranting about how she killed Robin, so Robin slaps her to prove she's real. Maxie is relived to learn that she didn't kill Robin. They start talking and Maxie fills Robin in on the baby drama. Robin comforts Maxie and then they discuss Patrick and Sabrina's wedding disaster. Maxie tells Robin to fight for Patrick. Robin asks Maxie to promise her that she won't ever think of attempting suicide again. Maxie agrees and Robin decides to go after her man.

Michael, Kiki, AJ and Diane prepare for court with Scotty at the courthouse. Outside of the courtroom, Ava and Sonny run into each other. Sonny accuses her of turning Morgan against him and threatens that he'll get her back. Ava tries to win points with Sonny, by saying she is going to testify against AJ. Later, court begins and Ava tells the court about seeing AJ drunk at The Floating Rib before Connie was killed. Diane asks if she has any proof that AJ killed Connie. Ava says no and court is briefly recessed. After Ava asks Kiki to lunch, but Kiki shuts her down. Inside the courtroom, Sonny warns Michael to watch his loyalty to AJ, because AJ is going down. At the end, AJ demands to be put on the stand in his own defense.

Carly and Franco make out in his hotel room and then chat about what happened with Jerry. Franco shares with her that Scott basically rejected him as his son. Carly brings up her troubled relationship with her bio-dad and suggests that there is still hope for Franco and Scott. They end up in the bedroom and after a little sexual activity, Carly asks if Franco's heard from Heather. Franco says no, but starts to worry. Then we see Heather sneaking up to his hotel door. Heather calls Franco's cell and pretends to be calling about a teaching job he applied for. She asks him to come for an interview. Franco leaves for his interview and after when Carly is alone taking a shower, Heather let's herself in the room. She pulls out a knife out of her purse and goes toward the bathroom.

Spinelli and Ellie discuss the situation with Maxie at Ellie's place. Ellie tells Spinelli that Robin is alive. Spinelli is overjoyed to hear that and agrees it will be good for Maxie. Then Ellie tells him that she got a terrific job offer, but isn't going to take it. Spinelli is confused and asks why. Ellie tells him that the job is in Portland, OR. Ellie says she doesn't want to leave Spinelli in order to take the job. Spinelli offers to go with her with the baby. As their discussing the details, Maxie walks in.

Patrick pushes Carlos away from Sabrina when he sees him kissing her. Carlos and Patrick argue, but Sabrina interjects and tells Patrick she chose to come see Carlos. Sabrina explains how she got drunk and Carlos helped her. Sabrina asks Patrick to tell her whether or not he's going to chose her or Robin. Patrick apologizes for hurting her and asks for a little more time. Carlos accuses Patrick of not caring about what's best for Sabrina, which makes Sabrina run off. After Patrick punches Carlos and warns him to stay away from Sabrina or he's a dead man! At the end, Robin goes to Sabrina's apartment to speak with her. End of show!

Nothing to exciting happened today, but Maxie's scenes with Robin were nice. Were you as bored as me today? lol

Enjoy this random classic GH Clip - 1996 Edward's Thanksgiving nightmare!

Have a wonderful weekend!