Friday, January 30, 2015

Party Bomb

In this episode the Haunted Star party begins, Jake is taken to the police station and Dante finds a big surprise in Bill's basement!

Today's Show - 

Nathan arrests Jake on the Haunted Star. Michael doesn't think Jake could be be the gunman and tells Tracy Jake seemed like a good guy. Lulu asks Nathan where Dante is, but Nathan says he hasn't seen him all day. Then Nathan takes Jake to the police station and tells Maxie he's going to have to miss the party. Later the party begins. Carlos and Sabrina have a chat with Michael. Johnny arrives and tells Lulu and Maxie they look hot. Bobby arrives with Brad and Lucas on each arm.

Helena and Fluke meet on the docks. They hide as Nathan passes by with Jake and aren't pleased to see him arrested. After Fluke says he's going to check the bomb on the Haunted Star and Helena says she'll wait for him to pop the champagne. Later Nikolas walks by with his date, Ivy. Helena calls out to Nikolas. He tells her they're late for the party at the Haunted Star. Helena asks to speak with Nikolas in private and Ivy says she'll meet him at the party. Once alone, Helena insists he stay off the boat. Nikolas refuses to listen so Helena has her goons stop him.

Fluke arrives at the Haunted Star just as Tracy is panicking about his whereabouts. Then he tells Lulu that Dante isn't going to make the party. Fluke lies and claims Dante told him he didn't want to come to the party, because of Lulu's partnership with Johnny. Lulu is enraged and leaves Dante a nasty voice message. Johnny sees that she's upset and decides to make her a martini. Meanwhile Tracy notices blood on Fluke's shirt cuff. Later Fluke tells Johnny to get Carlos and stop Julian and Sonny. After Bobby comes to hug Fluke and thanks him for supporting AJ's clinic.

Carly tells Sam and Patrick at the PCPD that she turned Jake into the police. Carly apologizes to Sam for not believing her and tells them about her finding Jake's bag. She also tells them about Jake's gun matching the bullet that shot Nathan. Later Jake arrives with Nathan. Carly asks why he lied about meeting with Kevin Collins. Jake believes he did meet with him, but Carly says who ever it was, it wasn't Kevin. Then Jake has a memory flash of meeting Helena. After Nathan gets interrupted by the news of a break out at Pentonville and Jake gets taken into the interrogation room. Sam tells Patrick to go to the party without her so she can get answers from Jake. Then Sam walks in to see Jake and shows him the phoenix.

Julian, Sonny, Franco and Ava ride in the transport van to freedom. Ava isn't happy that Franco joined in, but Franco insists that he's got to save Nina from Heather. Ava says she hopes Nina gets gets what she deserves. Franco calls Ava a poisonous bitch who never really wanted her baby. Sonny tells them both to shut up. Then Julian tells Ava that Bill Eckert sent someone to kill her. Sonny says they need to warn Michael as soon as possible. Julian calls Lucas and asks where he is. Lucas says he's at the Haunted Star with Luke. Julian tells Lucas to get Michael and get away from Luke, but the cell phone dies before Lucas hears him. After Franco insists they have to get Nina first, but Julian and Sonny ignore him. At the end, someone starts to chase them down and the van swerves off the road.

At Shadybrook, Heather comes to visit Nina and brings her a surprise. She gives Nina a manicure and apologizes for getting their phone privileges taken away. Nina says it's okay, because she didn't do it on purpose. Then Heather tells Nina her name isn't really Diana. Heather tells Nina the story of how she sold her baby, Steven Lars, on the black market to a woman named Diana. She also says she had another son who she sold and that son grew up to be a famous artist. At the end, Heather says outright that Franco is her son.

Dante starts to wake up in Bill's basement. His vision is blurry and his head bloody. He sees the back of a chair and notices someone sitting in it wearing an orange shirt. He thinks it's Luke and calls out to him. Luke doesn't answer. At the end, Dante manages to get up and look for himself. He first notices a bomb. Then Dante sees the head and it's not Luke, it's a skeleton!

End of show!

So it appears the theory of Luke having multiple personalities was right. Unless there is another explanation for this crazy stuff! What do you think?

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm Clear

Jake Doe, you're under arrest!
In today's episode Carly enlists Nathan's help, Fluke sabotages Dante and Jake brings a bomb onto the Haunted Star!

Here's What Happened - 

At the Haunted Star, Nathan calls Maxie to tell her he's on his way to the party. Lulu worries about where Dante is. Then Tracy and Michael arrive for the party and Tracy asks Lulu if she's seen Luke. Lulu grows concerned about Luke and Dante. In private, Lulu and Maxie discuss Dante wanting Lulu to sell her shares to Johnny. Maxie says Nathan doesn't like Johnny either. Nearby Michael thanks Tracy for talking Luke into agreeing to using Bill's house for AJ's clinic. Then Michael talks about the basement and says Luke is the only person who's been down there. Tracy tells Michael the story about Bill getting shot as a mistaken identity for Luke and Luke's subsequent alliance with Sonny.

Brad and Lucas continue their sexy fun at Brad's apartment before they start to get ready for the party. After Brad suggests that Lucas move in and tells Lucas that he loves him. Lucas gets teary eyed, but is interrupted by Sam and Patrick knocking on the door for their double date. Later Sam notices her phoenix on the counter and asks Brad where he got it. Lucas tells her that he gave it to Brad. Lucas explains that he found it on the docks. It leads to a conversation about Jake being found unconscious on the docks. At the end, Sam is convinced that Jake broke into her apartment and took the phoenix.

On Ava and Madeline's way out of Pentonville, Ava sees the guard driving the transport who tried to stab her. She freaks out and insists she's a dead woman if she gets on the van. She tries to run away, but the guard follows her with a knife in his hand. However Sonny appears in a guard's uniform to save her. Meanwhile Franco and Julian, also in guard's uniforms, take down the other guards by with Madeline standing by confused. Sonny tells Madeline they're escaping on her transport, but Madeline doesn't want to be a part of it and refuses to get on the van. Then more guards arrive so Julian, Ava, Franco and Sonny take off while getting fired at.

Jake looks at a bomb on the docks. After he chokes out the Haunted Star bartender and takes his place for the party. Jake wheels the liquor boxes onto the Haunted Star with the bomb inside and is pleasantly greeted by Lulu. He places the bomb under the bar and stacks bottles of champagne in front of it to cover the it up. Then Helena calls his cell phone and he tells her, "I'm clear!" After Jake hangs up, Lulu approaches him and he seems a little confused.

Carly goes to the PCPD looking for Dante to discuss Jake. Nathan offers to help her discreetly in Dante's absence. Carly decides to trust him and tells Nathan she thinks Jake is the one who helped Faison escape. She says she thinks Jake isn't in control of himself and gives Nathan Jake's black bag. She also tells him about Kevin Collins saying Jake never met with him. Nathan runs a trace on the gun in Jake's bag and gets confirmation that the bullet he got shot with matches it. Later Maxie calls Nathan to tell him to hurry and mentions that Jake is working the party. At the end, Nathan arrives on the Haunted Star and places Jake under arrest.

Fluke pushes Dante down the basement stairs at Bill Eckert's house. Then walks down the stairs and hovers over Dante's unconscious body while looking at Luke. He tells Luke that Dante dug up Bill's body. Luke assumes that means he really is Bill, but Fluke continues to avoid the subject. He insists that Luke should be more concerned with his family being blow up at the Haunted Star party. Luke screams that he's a "son of a bitch" as Fluke walks back up the stairs. At the end, Fluke returns in his tuxedo and knocks Dante on the head again just as he's coming to. Then Fluke puts a bomb on Luke's lap and says tick tock!

End of show!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Open the Basement Door!

You're not Luke!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Brad gives Patrick Jake's medical records at GH. Then Sam comes over to check on Patrick and says she hasn't found her Phoenix yet. After she invites Patrick to join her for the party on the Haunted Star. Patrick agrees and then wonders if Lucas might know where the Phoenix is. Sam says it's worth asking and then tells Patrick they're going to the party on a double date with Brad and Lucas. Meanwhile, Lucas looks at the Phoenix figurine at Brad's apartment. Brad comes home and Lucas invites him to the party on the Haunted Star. Brad is flattered and they end up having sex. After Brad notices the Phoenix and asks what it is. Lucas says he found it and thought it was cute. Brad says there are a ton of them in the Asian Quarter and they're usually sold in a pair with a dragon.

A Kevin Collins stand in finds Carly waiting in his office. Carly asks about Kevin's previous visit with Jake, but Kevin tells her that he never met with Jake. Carly insists that Jake claimed he met with him. Kevin answers, "then your friend was lying!" Kevin says maybe Jake met with someone else that day. Carly is confused, but insists her instincts tell her Jake is a good guy. At the end, Carly tells Kevin Jake needs her help and she needs to turn him into the police.

Jake meets Helena at Bill Eckert's grave. Helena asks why Sam and Patrick are still alive. Jake tells Helena that he was stopped by a hallucination. Helena figures out that it must have been Robin and asks what else he remembered. He says he remembered Sam giving him a figurine so he took it from her place and left. Helena says she was tempting fate by asking him to kill Sam and orders Jake to completely forget that she wanted Sam dead. At the end, Helena gives Jake a new order and tells him Carly is not his friend.

Franco interrupts Julian and Sonny's conversation at Pentonville to tell them he wants in on their escape plan. Franco says he needs to save Nina from Heather and he'll tell the guards about their plan if they don't include him. Julian thinks they should work with Franco so he doesn't mess up their plans. Sonny reluctantly agrees. Then Julian tells Franco that Ava and Madeline are part of their break out plan. Franco doesn't like the idea of working with them, but Julian insists its the only option. At the end, all of them take down some guards when they come to do a cell search. Nearby, Ava tells Madeline in the women's ward that she's leaving the prison with her. Madeline thinks Ava might be losing it, but Ava says she plans on testifying for Madeline. Ava claims she's going to do Madeline a favor, because then Madeline can do her a favor in return. At the end, the guards come to take Ava and Madeline to the courthouse.

Fluke finds Dante trying to get into the basement at Bill's house and asks what he's doing. Dante insists that he unlock the basement door. Fluke says the only thing down there is rotting supports and it's dangerous. Dante ignores him and tries to pry the door open with a crow bar. Fluke asks why he's so determined. Dante says he thinks Luke is down there and asks Fluke if he's Bill Eckert. Fluke furiously denies it so Dante pulls his gun and demands Fluke open the door. At the end, Fluke finally unlocks the door. Dante makes him handcuff himself to the railing, but somehow Fluke gets free and pushes Dante down the stairs.

End of show!

How silly was it to have someone else playing Kevin, especially when he looks 15 years younger than the real Kevin Collins! 

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow! In the meantime, here's what on tap for today's show according to General Hospital Happenings:

1/27 Dante does some digging regarding Luke.

Ava receives a visit from Silas.

Carly and Jake head to the hospital to see Dr. Collins for answers.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Coffin Was Empty!

Heart-shaped pancakes!
Monday's Recap - 

Bobby talks to Lulu and Lucas about Ruby at Kelly's. Lucas says he remembers her, because she used to make him heart shaped pancakes. Bobby responds that she'd like to honor Ruby and has the waitress bring all of them heart shaped pancakes. After they talk about Luke and Lulu tells Bobby about the party Luke's throwing. Lulu wonders why Luke didn't join them and says he'd never miss a chance to celebrate Ruby.

Ava wears a hoodie and sneaks into the men's unit to find Julian at Pentonville. She tells Julian that Sonny tried to kill her, but Julian doesn't think so. He says Sonny is busy dealing with Fluke. Julian explains Sonny's theory about Bill Eckert impersonating Luke. Julian also expresses his concern about Fluke going after Lucas. Ava thinks she knows of a way to get out of prison. Ava thinks she can use Madeline's transportation to the courthouse. Julian says he's coming with her. Then one of the guards comes to drag Ava back to her part of the prison.

Shawn visits with Sonny to tell him about what was in Bill's coffin. We get a flashback and Shawn says, "The coffin was empty!" Sonny says he's not surprised and he's gonna handle this bastard himself. Sonny tells Shawn that he and Jerome are breaking out today. Shawn explains Jordan's involvement in digging up Bill's grave. Sonny isn't happy to hear it and later tells Julian about the empty coffin. Meanwhile Jordan runs into TJ on the docks. TJ starts to rail on Jordan for her bad behavior so Jordan says she's turned on the Jerome's and is now working with Shawn. At the end, Shawn shows up and talks TJ into forgiving Jordan.

The guards at Pentonville search Franco's prison cell. They find phone Sonny's cell phone and threaten to put Franco back in solitary. Franco decides to reveal Sonny's plans to escape so the guard returns Sonny's cell phone to him.. Meanwhile Heather brings Nina a jelly donut in Shadybrook. Nina can't wait to tell "Diana" that Franco called her. Heather says the next time Franco calls she should say hello. Later Franco does call and Heather gets on the phone. In private, Heather tells Franco she's going to crush Nina. Then Nina wants the phone back, but Heather hangs it up before handing it to her. Franco tries to call back, but the guard at Shadybrook takes Nina's phone before they can connect.

Fluke brings Luke some breakfast in the basement. He callously tells Luke that he plans on blowing up the Haunted Star at the party killing everyone on board. Luke asks why he's doing this if he's Bill Eckert. Fluke screams, "I never said I was Bill Eckert!" Luke demands that he take his revenge out on him, not his family. However Fluke gets a call from Lulu and takes off leaving Luke wondering why this is happening.

Dante finds Bill Eckert's dug up grave and wonders what happened. Jordan shows up to take responsibility for the crime. She says Sonny ordered Shawn to dig up Bill, because Sonny thinks Bill is Luke. Jordan also tells Dante about Shawn finding Helena and Fluke talking at Bill Eckert's house. Dante decides to go investigate the house, especially the basement. On his way out of the graveyard, Dante runs into Fluke, Lulu, Bobby and Lucas who've come to visit Ruby's grave. Dante asks Fluke if Ruby was Bill Eckert's mother. Luke gets annoyed, but Bobby answers no. At the end once alone, Fluke sees Bill's empty grave and panics. Meanwhile Dante makes his way to Bill's house!

End of show!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Louisville Slugger

I miss my baby!
In today's show Madeline and Ava have a prison chat, Fluke wants to throw a party and Shawn finally opens Bill Eckert's coffin!

Friday's Recap - 

Kiki takes baby Avery to visit Ava in jail. Ava is excited to see them, but then Kiki changes her mind and says she's Avery's mother now. However it turns out to be Ava's bad dream. When she wakes up, Madeline is standing over her. Madeline asks what's upsetting her. Ava responds it's because she can't be with her baby and it's Madeline's fault. Madeline pretends to be upset about her actions, but then tells Ava that's the performance she'll use for the jury to get released. Later one the guards comes to take Madeline back to her cell. Once alone with Ava, the guard pulls a knife on her. However before he can do anything, he gets called away by another guard.

Morgan meets up with Kiki and Avery at Kelly's. Kiki asks if Morgan has heard from Michael. He answers not lately. Morgan asks if he made things complicated when he kissed her. Then Dante and Lulu show up and are happy to meet Avery. Lulu asks Kiki how she's doing taking care of the baby. Kiki says it's been an adjustment. Dante asks Morgan what's new in his life and if he's been looking for a job. Morgan says it's been tough so Lulu offers him a job at The Haunted Star. Later Lulu leaves with Morgan to test him out as a bartender. After Kiki and Dante talk about Ava and Michael. Dante says he's never seen Michael act like this before. Then Kiki tells Dante about Morgan kissing her.

Shawn finds Jordan spying on him in the graveyard. Jordan wants to know what he's up to, but Shawn doesn't trust her. He starts asking her a lot of questions and then guesses that she might be an undercover cop. Jordan tries to convince him otherwise so Shawn says to forget it. After Jordan asks about Bill Eckert. Shawn tells her that he and Sonny think Bill might be her old boss. Jordan looks interested and then says, "Let's dig!"

Michael and Lucas meet up with Fluke at the Haunted Star. Fluke holds the baseball bat in his hand and tells them that it's a Louisville Slugger that he found in Bill Eckert's basement. They ask Fluke why he wanted to see them. He apologizes for being so negative about turning the house into AJ's clinic and says he's changed his mind. Fluke offers them his full support. He says he wants to throw a big party to get lots of donations for the new clinic. Then Lulu and Morgan walk in. Lulu tells Michael she's giving Morgan a job. Fluke tells Lulu about his idea for the party, but seeing Morgan gives Michael second thoughts. Michael says he wants another bartender to work the party and Morgan storms out.

Sonny tells Julian they need to break out to protect Lucas and Michael. Franco overhears them discussing escape. Franco says he spent 28 days in solitary because of Sonny and he wants to know their break out plans. When they refuse to give them to him, Franco starts yelling for the guard. One of the guards walks over asking what the problem is. Franco decides to tell him that he promises to behave from now on to avoid solitary. After Franco says he'll keep his mouth shut if Sonny let's him use his cell phone. Sonny reluctantly agrees and gives Franco his phone. After Sonny whispers to Julian that they're breaking out tomorrow.

Nina plays battleship with Heather Webber in the nut house, but loses her interest and says she'd rather talk. Heather says Nina is like her, not crazy just hurt. Heather asks who hurt Nina so Nina says her husband and his whore. Nina tells Heather the story of taking Nina's baby and Heather says she was betrayed by her son. Then Nina says she should have known that Franco was the only person she could trust. Heather's ears perk up and she asks for more information. Nina says Franco watched over her when no one else did. Heather lets Nina pour her heart out about her problems with Madeline. Heather says she can be Nina's mother in lock up. She introduces herself to Nina as Diana Taylor. At the end, Franco gets a call into Nina. He tells her that he's sorry he's not there for her, but Nina says she made a friend.

At the end, Morgan tells Kiki about his new job but says Michael won't let him work for him. At the Haunted Star Lucas is excited about Luke's party. Meanwhile Fluke goes to see Luke again in the basement. Luke asks if he hurt his sister. Fluke asks which one, but then says Bobby is okay for now. Luke demands to know if he's really Bill Eckert, but Fluke replies he should be more worried about the party he's throwing. In the graveyard, Shawn and Jordan begin to dig Bill Eckert up. They finally get to the coffin, but we don't get to see what, if anything, is in there.

 End of show!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Apparently Kiki is being recast, ugh!! Read here -- > Hayley Erin Joins GH

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bill Eckert is Dead

Let's break out!
In this episode Fluke threatens Lucas and Michael, Shawn wants to dig up Bill Eckert's body and Sonny is ready for a prison break!

Today's Show - 

Maxie and Nathan wake up in bed together and he's speaks French to her. After Nathan says he has to get back to work soon, because crime never sleeps in Port Charles. It leads to a conversation about Maxie's relationship with Johnny Z. Nathan asks about Maxie's history with him. Maxie gives him a little background and says they had a minor attraction. She says Johnny can be his own worst enemy. Nathan notices that she still cares about him. Maxie says only as a friend and tells Nathan she's all in with him.

Jordan meets with Duke and Shawn on the docks. In private, Shawn tells Duke that there is still a Luke impostor on the loose. Duke says he understands why Sonny is worried and Michael could be in danger. Shawn tells Duke that Sonny thinks he's Bill Eckert and wants him to dig up his grave. Duke says it's extreme, but worth a shot. Jordan listens in on their conversation. Later Shawn goes to dig Bill Eckert up and Jordan follows him.

Sonny gets a threatening call from Fluke in Pentonville. Fluke says he'll go after Michael and Lucas if Sonny and Julian don't back off. Sonny says he'll tell everyone that he's Bill Eckert if he's hurts anyone. Fluke replies, "Bill Eckert is Dead!" Sonny asks what he's after so Fluke answers that he's out for power! Then Fluke says he'll just take what he wants and there isn't anything Sonny can do about it.

Michael and Lucas chat at GH. Alexis calls Michael to tell him that his restraining order against Shawn was approved. After Michael fills Lucas in on why he wanted a restraining order against Shawn. After they decide to take a walk on the waterfront and discuss the plans for the clinic. On the way out of GH, they run into Carly. Michael tells her that Lucas will be running the clinic. Carly is thrilled and tells Michael that she's very proud of him. Michael quietly walks away. Lucas tells Carly not to give up on him and then goes after Michael. At the end, Michael and Lucas talk on the docks. Lucas tells Michael he shouldn't keep his anger inside and offers to listen if he needs it. 

Sam and Alexis have lunch at Kelly's and discuss her date with Patrick. Sam tells her that Patrick spent the night and it was wonderful. However Sam says her Phoenix is missing and it's distracting her. Alexis thinks it's more likely that it's just misplaced, but Sam insists it was stolen. Alexis thinks maybe Sam was fixating on the Phoenix because she felt guilty about Jason. Sam doesn't think that's the case so Alexis promises to help her look for it. Then Alexis tells Sam that she deserves to be happy and she likes her with Patrick.

Carly finds a gun in Jake's bag in his hospital room. Jake says someone else must have put that in his bag. Then she finds his black ski mask in the bag. Jake looks at it and swears he's never seen it before. Carly tells him, "It looks like you did it!" Jake swears he doesn't know how those things got into his bag and asks Carly to give him time to figure it out.

Patrick and Liz discuss Jake at the hospital. Patrick starts to wonder if Sam might be right about him. Elizabeth doesn't like what he's suggesting, but Patrick says Jake passing out on the docks is suspect. However Patrick promises Liz he'll do his best to be objective and find out what's wrong with Jake. After Patrick goes to diagnosis Jake in his hospital room. Carly takes his bag and says she'll keep it safe for him. At the end, Carly returns with his bag. Jake says he doesn't know what to do. Carly says they need to find out what happened and suggests they go back to Kevin Collins.

At the end, Fluke calls Michael and tells Michael to bring Lucas and meet him at the Haunted Star. Lucas finds Sam's Phoenix on the ground at the docks. Meanwhile Patrick calls Sam and asks her out to dinner. At the graveyard, Jordan exposes herself to Shawn right before he's ready to dig. Over at Pentonville, Sonny tells Julian they need to break out!

End of show!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Missing Phoenix

I'm Dr. Jones!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Patrick and Sam wake up in her bed feeling fabulous about their night together. They decide to have a quick breakfast together before Patrick has to leave for work. Sam notices her Phoenix is gone. She explains to Patrick the significance of the Phoenix and says she's certain someone took it. Patrick isn't convinced and assures her it must just be missing or misplaced.

Michael talks to Alexis at the Quartermaine's about getting a restraining order on Shawn. Later he gets a call from Sonny. Michael says he's got the wrong number, but Sonny implores him to stay away from Luke. However, Michael won't listen and hangs up. After Sonny tells Julian at Pentonville about his failed conversation with Michael. Julian wonders how they can prove if Fluke is really Bill Eckert. They discuss a plan off camera and later Sonny tells Julian it's the best solution for them to work together.

Shawn does internet research at Kelly's about Bill Eckert. Carly walks up to him and asks what he's doing. She figures he's doing something for Sonny and wants to know what it is. Shawn tells her that he can't tell her anything. Then she asks how Sonny is doing in prison. Shawn tells her that Sonny wants her to move on. Carly doesn't want to hear it and begs Shawn to talk Sonny into allowing her to visit him. Shawn doesn't think it's a good idea. Then Alexis walks in and delivers a restraining order to Shawn. Alexis says he has to stay away from Michael and Luke's childhood home. Later Shawn gets a call from Sonny. He tells Shawn to dig up Bill Eckert's grave.

Tracy asks Fluke who he is furiously texting with in the Q's living room. Fluke claims he's playing Words with Friends, but it's really Helena. Then Michael storms in and says Sonny wanted to talk to him about Luke. Tracy wonders what for. Michael assumes it has to do with the Luke's childhood home and says Shawn tried to break into the basement. Fluke isn't happy, but then Michael tells him about the restraining order he's getting against Shawn. Fluke says the best solution is to board up the house, especially the basement. Michael says he'll think about it and walks out. After Tracy tells Fluke that Michael's conversion of the house could be good to help get rid of bad memories. Fluke responds that Bill Eckert owns the place and that will determine what finally happens with it. At the end, Fluke calls Sonny at Pentonville to warn him against conspiring with Julian or he'll go after Michael and Lucas.

Anna tracks Jordan down at the hospital to tell her that it might be the last time they see each other. Anna says she's been called to DC to give a detailed account of her actions against Faison. Jordan worries about how this will effect her undercover operation. Anna pleads with her to stay undercover to make things right. Jordan says okay as long as Anna warns her if things to bad in DC. At the end, Anna promises to keep Jordan posted and they say goodbye.

A cop finds Jake passed out on the docks with a bloody forehead. The cop calls the paramedics and they take Jake to the hospital. Meanwhile by the nurse's station, Liz thinks about her last conversation with Jake. Lucas walks up to her and tells her that he'll also be working at Michael's clinic. Lucas worries that Carly will be upset about him working for Michael. Liz thinks Carly should have been honest with Michael from the start. Then Jake comes into the ER. Liz and Lucas rush to his aid. Lucas tells him, "Jake I'm Dr. Jones."

Later Liz tends to Jake's wounds and asks him what happened. He remembers seeing Sam's Phoenix, but doesn't remember what he was doing on the docks. Liz takes Lucas aside and briefs him on Jake's previous head injury. After Liz decides to call Carly and tell her what happened to Jake. Carly runs to the hospital to check on him. Jake tells Carly that he remembers a figurine. Carly looks through his black bag to see if she can find it, but finds a gun instead. Meanwhile Sam takes a walk on the docks where Jake left the Phoenix!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hug It Out

Adorable family!
In today's episode Maxie and Johnny catch up, Nikolas wants to know what Fluke and Helena are up to and Jake can't bring himself to kill Sam!

Here's What Happened - 

Maxie runs into Johnny at the Haunted Star when she goes there looking for Lulu. Johnny asks if she wants to, "hug it out" and tells her that he's now in business with Lulu. Maxie tells him about having a baby named Georgie with Spinelli. Johnny says he used to dream of having a baby girl named Harper (which is their real life baby's name). Then Maxie brings up her new boyfriend. Johnny says he met Nathan and Nathan didn't like him. Johnny says that it's because Dante doesn't like him. Maxie asks if he wants Lulu back. Johnny says no he'd rather see if he's got a chance with Maxie. She tells him no, because Nathan is the best guy ever. However Maxie says they can be friends.

Julian tells Sonny that he knew Helena and Fluke were involved at Pentonville. Sonny says he knows the real Luke would never work with her. Julian thinks Shawn didn't learn anything they didn't already know. Sonny says that's not true, because Shawn learned about Bill Eckert. He gives Julian some background on Bill and explains how he and Luke are identical. Julian says it makes sense, but wonders why Bill would want to go after Sonny. Sonny thinks it probably has to do with his past involvement with Frank Smith. At the end, Johnny calls his goon's phone and Sonny answers. Sonny toys with him. After he tells Julian Fluke must be Bill Eckert.

Dante and Nathan chat at Kelly's about Michael's suspicions about Shawn. Dante feels caught in the middle and says he can understand Sonny's impulse kill AJ and Michael's anger. After Dante tells Nathan about Johnny owning part of the Haunted Star. Nathan advises Dante to back off for now and see how things play out. Then Nathan tells Dante that he and Maxie decided not to move in together, but it's all good. Dante leaves to face the music with Lulu. After Maxie comes to meet Nathan and he tells her that he's staying at Kelly's. However they decide to go back to her place together.

Lulu comes home to find Olivia asleep on the couch while babysitting Rocco. Lulu tells her about the fight she and Dante had over Johnny. Lulu says she can't believe that Dante doesn't trust her. Olivia thinks that Dante probably only wants to protect her. After Olivia tells Lulu about sleeping with Julian on New Year's Eve. At the end, Dante comes home with roses for Lulu while she pretends to be asleep. Dante wakes her and apologizes. Lulu accepts it and says that Johnny swore to her that he's out of the mob.

Fluke and Helena discuss Jake on the docks. Fluke isn't sure having him kill both Patrick and Sam is a good idea. Helena thinks Sam probably told Patrick about her suspicions of Jake so he needs to go. Then Nikolas sees them. He asks Luke why he's changed his mind about Helena all of the sudden. Fluke answers that there is a thin line between love and hate. Nik thinks that sounds crazy and asks what Lulu would think about him working with Helena. Fluke sternly tells Nikolas to butt out and keep his mouth shut so they can all take over ELQ. At the end, Helena wonders if Jake did his job successfully or not.

Jake enters Sam's bedroom as she and Patrick are in bed together. He points his gun at them, but has disturbing thoughts and lowers his gun again. He listens as Sam and Patrick discuss how great their sex together was. Then they decide to take a shower. After Jake looks at Sam's bed and has a memory of being on top of her. Then he finds Sam's wedding ring in a can next to the bed and notices the Phoenix dragon on Sam's dresser. Jake goes back and forth between his conflicting memories and Helena's orders to kill her. Ultimately he decides not to shoot and runs out of Sam's place, taking the Phoenix with him. At the end, Jake heads to the docks, has a memory flash and then passes out!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dream Patrick

I don't want to hurt anyone!
Today's Highlights - 

Michael walks in on Shawn trying to break into the basement. Michael deduces that Sonny sent him and calls Dante to report an intruder. Meanwhile Dante pressures Lulu to sell her half of the Haunted Star to Johnny. Lulu doesn't want to and Johnny goats Dante into a fight about it. Lulu stops them and then Dante leaves to help Michael. After Lulu accuses Johnny of leading Dante into a fight on purpose. Johnny assures her that he wants a fresh start and isn't up to no good. Dante heads over to see Michael who tells him that Shawn was trying to break in because of Sonny. Dante says there isn't much he can do. Michael says he wants a restraining order.

Helena and Fluke discuss how Luke gave Laura the Haunted Stars years ago on the docks. Then Helena talks about killing Sam. Fluke says its a shame because Sam is attractive. It leads to an odd conversation about Fluke's sexual appetites. Helena warns him to stay away from Kiki. He changes the subject and asks who she has taking care of Sam. Helena replies, "Soldier boy!" Later Helena wonders why she hasn't heard from Jake yet about Sam and decides to call him.

Carly and Elizabeth talk about Jake at GH. Carly asks if Liz has seen him. They end up talking about Liz's encounter with Jake on the docks. Liz says that she got a weird feeling with Jake when she ran into him on the docks. They both agree that they hope he's okay.

Julian and Sonny differ on how they think Fluke should be dealt with at Pentonville. Sonny trusts Shawn to do his job. Julian says Shawn is no Jason. Then one of Johnny's goons walks over to tell them that Johnny wants both of them dead. Then more of Johnny guys come and once again Sonny and Julian fight their way to victory. They take the cell phone of the last man standing and Sonny calls Shawn. Shawn tells Sonny that Fluke was meeting with Helena. Julian listens nearby impatiently. Shawn also tells Sonny that Fluke has something in the basement, but Michael interrupted him. Shawn says the house belongs to Bill Eckert. 

Jake breaks into Sam's place while she's upstairs with Patrick. As he looks around the apartment things seem familiar. Jake looks at a picture of Sam, Jason and Danny and seems to feel a connection. Then he imagines that Robin is there, freaks and points his gun at her. Robin tells him that she's a memory who came to stop him from killing Sam. Helena calls him to see if Sam is dead yet and Robin disappears. Jake says Sam is with Patrick and he hasn't killed her yet. Helena orders him to kill them both.

Sam takes Patrick into her bedroom and they both have a few jitters. Nonetheless they start to fool around anyway. Sam sees Jason's picture in the background and stalls. Patrick says they can stop if she's not ready, but Sam decides they should keep going. Patrick undresses her and they finally have sex on her bed. After Patrick asks if her "dream Patrick" was better in bed than him. Sam promises him he was better. Then they agree that it's okay for them to think/talk about Jason and Robin, but they're happy together. At the end, Jake makes his way up to Sam's bedroom!

End of show!

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