Monday, September 1, 2014

GH September 2014 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings here's what's on tap this September!

The News - 

GH is returning to the 3pm EST/2pm PST timeslot on Monday, September 8, in the following eight markets: San Antonio, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston and Raleigh-Durham.

Heather Webber is returning to GH soon, but her first air-date has 

Update: It's been confirmed, Billy Miller is joining GH as NuJason.

The characters of Robin and Helena are taping scenes together that should air around Sept. 19th or the following 

Some parts of the Julian/Alexis story (such as their wedding) may be delayed due to Tony Geary's (Luke/Fluke) slow recovery from back surgery. This could possibly delay Ric's return as well. 

The Rumors - 

Could Frisco (Jack Wagner) be making another return this fall?

Could Levi be working for...Victor?

If Nina can't have Silas' baby, she may go after the next best thing...Ava's.

When Stavros returns will he begin where he left off, wanting Lulu to have his baby?

Will Dr. Obrecht tell Anna that Robin is working at the clinic (and that Victor is involved and why)? 

Will Carlos become a casualty of Sabrina's investigation? Someone definitely will.

Remember the compass necklace Jason once gave Sam? It may reappear, albeit a bit "buggy".

Jason may first appear in Port Charles on his birthday, Thursday, September 14th. 

The Spoilers - 

Despite Sabrina's outward appearance, she may not be as stable as she seems.

There is another villain that will factor into Levi's (Peter) plans. Expect a lot of twists and turns with multiple villains.

Tracy goes on the hunt for Luke and she teams up with some unexpected people to find him.

Anna is determined to take Julian down, says Carlivati, "she has a blind spot" as far as he is concerned. However, with rampant crime going on right now she has her hands full.

The fact that Nina has Kiki on her list will be an issue for Morgan and Rosalie , and down the road for Franco (and his friendship with Nina) as well, since he cares about Kiki.

Michael and Kiki are still on a bumpy road. Kiki is confiding more in Morgan and not so much in Michael because she worries about how he will react.

Michael is still a pawn in the mob wars, and remains in the dark about Sonny shooting AJ. Sooner of later, that has to blow up.

Olivia has been saying she is not ready for romance, but somebody else is going to come into the story that may have her thinking she should have grabbed Ned when she had the chance.

What will happen when TJ eventually learns that his mom is really one of the good guys, AND the big secret Shawn and Jordan have been keeping regarding his father?

When Madeline returns will she expose Nina or team up with her?

Britt makes more headway with Nikolas. (However, don't forget she has kept yet another secret from him).

Patrick and Sam continue to bond. Head writer, Ron Carlivati, in SID says, "We want the biggest impact possible should Jason come back to the canvas."

Nina has separate plans for both Ava and Kiki which will "unfold at the same time".

Carly and Sonny can't seem to stay away from each other. Franco takes desperate measures to keep Sonny and Carly apart.

Alexis tries to resist her pull towards Julian. Their reconnecting could be a dangerous proposition for both.

Just what is Victor planning for Jason?

Lives are endangered as Sabrina continues her quest for answers. Sabrina's investigation ties several storylines together. There are hints that the Nathan/Dante/Levi/Lulu/Maxie story will eventually tie into the characters involved with the clinic storyline.

Happy September!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Royal Jackass!

Watch out!
In this episode Liz and Nik rehash their love woes, Carlos get's a surprise visit from Sabrina and Nina gets devastating news!

Friday's Recap - 

Sabrina goes to see Carlos in jail. He's overjoyed to see her and runs to hug her. The guard immediately pulls Carlos off her and warns him not to touch. After Carlos asks about baby Gabriel so Sabrina tells him that he died. Carlos is very saddened to hear the news. Then to his surprise, Sabrina apologizes to him. Sabrina says she's sorry for blaming him and says she knows who is truly responsible for the accident. She tells Carlos about Rafe and explains that he was ordered to cause the accident. Carlos thinks of Ava and warns Sabrina that he's trying to protect her from the Jerome's.

Ava and Julian discuss, "Not Luke" at her apartment. Julian stresses how important it is for Ava to get dirt on Sonny. Then Fluke calls Julian's phone. He hands the phone to Ava and when Ava picks up, she tells Fluke she has a proposition for him. Ava suggests that instead of killing Michael they should use him to get to Sonny. Luke agrees for the time being and after Julian asks Ava what her plan is. She tells him she's leaving to find Franco, because it's the only move she has.

Silas wants to discuss Nina with Franco at the hospital. Silas is concerned about Nina skipping physical therapy in favor of his art therapy, which makes Franco laugh. Silas asks what's so funny to him. Franco says he thinks it's a waste of money. Silas asks why so Franco says he learned a lot about Nina when they were in the elevator. Franco informs Silas that Nina is dying to have a baby with him. 

Nina goes for a doctor's visit with Britt at GH. She can't wait to tell Britt that she "made love" with Silas and wants to know if she's pregnant. Britt says it's too soon to tell if Nina is pregnant or not, but Nina claims she can feel the pregnant vibe in her stomach. Britt offers to fully examine her to check on things for Nina. Then Nina asks if Britt has kids. Britt ends up telling her all about her disastrous mistake with Rocco/Ben. Later Britt confirms that Nina is pregnant. Nina is overjoyed, but then we see Nina was just daydreaming. Britt actually tells Nina that she's in menopause and can't have a baby. Nina says she's too young, but Britt explain's that it's early onset menopause probably due to the coma she was in. Britt hands her a card from a colleague at Crichton-Clark and says Nina should call him for help. At the end, Nina refuses to accept this. She wheels herself out of the exam room and runs into Ava.

Nik explains to Liz at Dante's apartment that he told Britt he still have feelings for her. Nikolas gets emotional and tells Liz that he's still very in love with her. He tries to kiss her, but Liz pushes him away and calls him a royal jackass. He can't believe that she's rejecting him, but Liz is upset that he almost slept with Britt. Liz can't deal with his feelings toward Britt. They argue about all the missed moments and people that have gotten in the way of their chance to be together for years now. The yelling wakes up baby Rocco and he starts crying. After Liz asks if Nikolas can truly say that he doesn't feel anything for Britt. Nikolas can't do that so Liz shows him the door. At the end, Nik goes to the PCPD and runs into Britt.

Lulu manages to call Dante and Nathan from Levi's phone at the new cabin their being held in. They try to trace the call while the girls attempt to provide details on where they're at on speakerphone. Dante tells the girls that Levi's real name is Peter Harrell. Lulu asks why Levi would say she's a part of this Aztec situation. Dante says he's trying to figure it out, but Luke and Laura were involved back in the 80's. Then Levi comes in and takes the phone from Lulu. He gets on the phone and Dante tries to keep him on the line long enough for Nathan to trace it. Levi quickly hangs up, but the boys manage to get a location hit. Meanwhile, Maxie and Lulu start calling Levi, Peter Harrell. Levi confirms that the original Peter is his father and says what goes around comes around. After Maxie and Lulu toy with Levi as Maxie recounts how hot Nathan is. Maxie says she should have never left for her Eat, Prey, Love trip and should have seen that Nathan was the sign she'd been looking for. At the end, Dante and Nathan arrive with a swat team and surround the cabin.

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for Tuesday's show below. Monday will be a repeat!

Have a great weekend and wonderful Labor day!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Operation is Personal

Nice haircut!
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, you can watch today's full episode here ---> GH 08/28/14 or read the Wub Tub!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Take Me or Reject Me

Not Levi's dad, hooray!
In today's show Sam makes a bet with Patrick, Franco wonders if Carly is lying to him and we learn Levi's real name!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sonny tries to assure Olivia and Carly that Lulu will be found at the police station. Olivia steps away to check on Rocco and after Sonny tries to put his hand on Carly. She quickly stops him and warns him to not make Franco suspicious. Sonny takes the opportunity to rag on Franco so Carly walks away annoyed. Nearby in the interrogation room, Scotty tells Franco that he didn't have a night cap with Bobby. It makes Franco suspicious and he asks to see Scotty's call log to verify what time he was with Bobby on the night in question. Scotty tells Franco to let it go, because Sonny makes a bad enemy. Then Carly walks in and interrupts them. Franco snarks at her about Sonny, but doesn't say anything.

Nathan and Dante wonder what the circling of Frisco's face means at the cabin. Dante thinks they need to find Frisco. They decide to split up in the hopes of getting more answers. Dante heads to the station and when Olivia sees him she runs to hug him. Dante expresses to Sonny and Olivia how frustrated he is. Olivia advises Dante to go spend time with Rocco and get some rest. Sonny promises to stay behind and alert him to any news. Dante agrees and Olivia takes him home. At the end, Sonny tells Franco and Carly to sleep tight as they walk out of the station together. Franco gets pissed and warns Sonny to stay away from Carly. Meanwhile over at Dante's apartment, he promises Rocco that his mother will be home soon.

Silas is happy to hear that Nina gave Rosalie the night off at his place. He shows Nina a card in Rafe's things from Crichton-Clark and questions her about it. Then he asks if she knows how Rafe got $500. Nina swears that she doesn't know and asks why Silas is suspicious of her. He says Sam got him thinking, but he realizes it's silly for him to think she could pull that off. After Nina brings up wanting a baby. She tells Silas she wants to make love with him and give it a try. Nina magically stands up and starts to strip for him. Nina tells Silas to, "Take me or reject me," because she can't stand the limbo they've been in. Silas agrees they were good together once and decides to take Nina to the bedroom.

Sam and Patrick stumble upon each other at The Floating Rib. They decide to have a drink together and Sam ends up venting to him about Nina. Sam tells Patrick about her frustrations about Silas's blind spot when it comes to Nina. Patrick thinks they should have some fun to get their minds off things and suggestions a game of pool. Sam agrees and they bet that the winner gets to make the loser do a dare. Sam wins and after tells Patrick to shave his beard. 

Mac and Felicia see Scribner arrive in the ER at GH. Anna walks up to them and explains that Levi shot him, but the girls still haven't been found. Then Nathan approaches them and shows Felicia the old newspaper article with Frisco's face circled. Anna says she will try to use her WSB influence to find out where Frisco is. However when she makes an inquiry on Frisco's whereabouts, Anna learns that her clearance was denied. Mac wonders if that's because Frisco is behind Maxie's disappearance somehow. Felicia doesn't buy it and jumps to Frisco's defense. At the end, Anna questions Scribner who tells her, Nathan, Felicia and Mac that Levi isn't named Levi at all. He says Levi's real name is Peter Harrell. Felicia immediately recognizes the name as her ex-fiance!

End of show!

To learn more about the Aztec Treasure, start at the beginning: Frisco & Felicia Meet pt. 1

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P.S. You can also watch today's episode here --- > GH 08/27/14

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Total Perv

Levi shot my ass!
In this episode Ava learns about Fluke's perverted behavior, Scribner takes a bullet plus we get a Frisco mention!

Here's What Happened - 

Lucy runs into Scotty at the PCPD. She tells him that she came to find out what's going with Maxie and Lulu's disappearance. She says it makes her think of Serena and what they'd do if anything happened to her. Scotty assures Lucy that everything will be okay. Then he tries to hug her, but Lucy tells him to back off until he chooses her or Bobby. Scott is reluctant to discuss it and Lucy can't believe that he doesn't know what he wants. Then he gets a call from Anna and quickly runs out of the room.

Olivia and Ned can't believe Coleman's betrayal at The Floating Rib. They sit down to discuss it over a beer when Tracy walks in. Tracy starts giving Ned attitude about kicking her out of the house, but then Ned tells her that Lulu was kidnapped. Olivia decides to leave to tell Sonny about Lulu. After Ned tries to talk calmly with Tracy. He tells her to call Luke and tell him that Lulu's missing. Tracy leaves him a voice message and after they argue about whether to track Luke down or not. Ned thinks Luke is too preoccupied to care about Lulu's kidnapping. 

Carly daydreams about her sex romp with Sonny at GH. Franco sees her and wonders what's on her mind. Carly says she wants to take him out to dinner to make up for the anxiety she caused him about Sonny kissing her. Franco tells her he wants to focus on their love and then gives her the flowers from the other day. They head to The Floating Rib and overhear Tracy and Ned arguing about Lulu's kidnapping. Carly can't believe it and wants to tell Sonny. Ned informs her that Olivia already beat her to it. After Carly and Franco decide to go to the PCPD. When they get there, Franco talks to Scott and calls him dad. Scotty brings them up to date on the Lulu's situation. Then Lucy corners Scotty again about their romance. She tells him if he doesn't choose soon, he'll lose both her and Bobby. At the end, Scotty mentions to Franco that he didn't have a night cap with Bobby the other night.

Julian goes to visit Sonny at his office. He tells Sonny that he wants to offer a truce and steer their businesses clear of each other. Sonny asks what prompted this. Julian says Lucas being shot and Alexis's house getting burned did. Sonny responds by saying that they'll only have peace when Julian's gone. Then Sonny shows Julian the door and sends him on his way. After Sonny gets a call from Olivia and she explains what happened with Coleman. They agree to meet up at the PCPD. When they get there they run into Carly.

Ava serves Michael chocolate mousse spiked with Oleander at her penthouse. Ava tells he and Kiki that everything she does is to protect her family. Michael brings up Luke hitting on Kiki. Ava gets upset and demands that Kiki tell her what Luke did to her. Michael explains that Luke was, "a total perv!" Then Kiki fills Ava in on the details and Ava freaks. She calls what Luke did assault. Then Ava swats the mousse out of Michael's hand when he tries to eat it. She claims it was just an angry reaction to learning what happened to Kiki. Later Julian comes home and Michael and Kiki take off. After Ava tells Julian she's ready to tell Fluke off, but Julian stops her. He thinks her only play is getting dirt on Sonny.

Nathan and Dante find blood on the floor of the cabin where Maxie and Lulu were being held. They hear a noise and then Scribner stumbles out of the bedroom and falls on the floor. They can see he's been shot and Dante asks him where the girls are. Scribner tells them that Levi shot him and took the girls away. Then he passes out and Dante calls for an ambulance. While they wait, Nathan and Dante search the cabin and discuss what could have happened. At the end, they find a newspaper article from the 80's with a picture of Frisco and Felicia during the original Aztec Treasure adventure. Frisco's face is circled with a black marker!

End of show!

Could Frisco be coming back to Port Charles??

Have a great night!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Scribner & Dunkleman

Hey, it's Coleman!
Today's Show - 

Dante goes to see Sonny at his office. He tells Sonny about Lulu and Maxie being kidnapped. Dante says he wants his helping finding the girls. Dante explains that Levi was after Felicia's jewels. Sonny says Coleman could be involved based on things he's heard about jewelry fencing. Meanwhile, Ned and Olivia go to The Floating Rib for a drink after their movie date. They talk Bensonhurst, Lois and Connie in the old days. Olivia asks about Ned's youth so he brings up his affair with Monica. Later Coleman makes a appearance and tells Olivia he's filling in for Mac. He explains about Mac getting shot as well as Maxie and Lulu's kidnapping. Olivia can't believe it, but then Dante storms in and throws Coleman on the pool table. Dante demands to know what Coleman was up with Scribner & Dunkleman. 

Britt and Liz find Nik at the PCPD getting involved with the search for Lulu and Maxie. Nathan comes in and expresses his frustration over the situation. He and Britt take a moment in the interrogation room and Britt let's Nathan vent to her. Nathan tells Britt about his feelings for Maxie. Britt advises him to channel their mutta and not back down. Meanwhile, Liz tries to assure Nik that Lulu will be okay. He mentions that Britt spent the night with him at Windermere. After Britt makes sure Liz knows that she and Nik almost had sex. Later Nathan heads to The Floating Rib after getting a text from Dante. When he arrives, Coleman tells everyone that he wanted to make some money and didn't know about the kidnapping. At the end, Nathan and Dante take off in search of the girls and Olivia tells Coleman off.

Maxie tries to untie herself at the cabin where Levi is holding her. Then Levi comes in. Maxie demands to know where he took Lulu. Then Lulu and Agent Scribner arrive with groceries. Lulu manages to grab Levi's gun when he's not looking and points it at the guys. Maxie gets herself untied, but then Levi pulls out Scribner's gun and points it at Maxie. The boys get the upper hand and tie them up again. After Maxie cries to Lulu about how sorry she is and reminders that it's Georgie's birthday. She wishes that she listened to Nathan's warnings. Then Levi asks what their talking about. Maxie takes the opportunity to tease Levi about his poor performance in bed. Then Levi informs the girls and Scribner that he's got no intention of letting Lulu and Maxie go. At the end, Nathan and Dante find the cabin and are shocked at what they see inside.

At GH, Kiki and Michael discuss going to Ava's for dinner. Michael isn't thrilled with the idea, but says he will try for Kiki's sake. However, he's uncomfortable going to Ava's penthouse since AJ was shot there. Kiki feels bad and says they can cancel. Michael tells her not to and says he's ready face it and hopefully get closure. Meanwhile, Ava and Julian discuss her security at her apartment. Julian doesn't like Ava leaving alone, but Ava explains that she had to go shopping for supplies for her dinner with Kiki and Michael. Ava shows him a vial of Oleander that she plans to put in Michael's dessert. Later, Kiki and Michael arrive for dinner. Julian makes a polite exit and after they sit down to eat. Michael and Ava talk about her baby. Then AJ's shooting comes up. Ava apologizes for Carlos's actions. At the end, Julian goes to see Sonny and Ava brings out dessert for Kiki and Michael.

End of show!

Nice to see Coleman again, too bad he was the bad guy today. I use to love watching him with Skye back in the day!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Baby Daddies

You know I'm hot, right?
In today's episode Nina and Rosalie talk babies, Patrick confides in Sabrina plus Sonny and Carly can't keep their hands off each other!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Silas look through Rafe's phone and see a picture of them together. It touches them to see that Rafe kept a picture of them. They feel determined to find out who ordered Rafe to hit Patrick's car. Sam finds a 20 minute call in Rafe's call log prior to the accident. They wonder how they could trace the call, but aren't really sure how to go about it. Sam mentions wanting to have more to tell Patrick about who caused the accident. Silas gets jealous and mentions how much time she's been spending with Patrick. Sam notes how much time he's been spending with Nina and reminds him about finding him making out with her. Sam says Nina seems very possessive and asks if he and Nina are back together. Silas says he's sleeping on the couch. Sam decides not to press and asks if she can take Rafe's phone. He gives it to her and Sam thanks him for going through Rafe's things with her. Then she leaves. At the end, Silas finds a Crichton-Clark business card in Rafe's things.

Sabrina and Patrick continue to discuss Rafe and the accident at his house. Patrick tells her that Sam's on the case for free. Sabrina notes how nice that is of Sam and what a good friend she is to him. Patrick says that's true, but he's not been a good friend in return. Sabrina asks what he means, but Patrick says he can't talk to her about this. Sabrina assures him she'll keep it a secret so Patrick tells her about where Robin's really been. Patrick explains that Robin has been helping restore Jason and he's been lying to Sam about it. Patrick also tells Sabrina that he's divorcing Robin. Sabrina is genuinely sorry, but Patrick says he's at peace with it. After Sabrina advises him not to tell Sam since Jason is dead in her mind and why open old wounds. At the end, Sam knocks on the door. She tells Patrick and Sabrina that she hasn't been able to find out who ordered Rafe to cause their accident

Nina angrily vents to Rosalie in the GH physical therapy room. She can't believe that Sam is spending time with Silas alone right now. Nina's also furious that Ava's pregnant. Rosalie doesn't understand why Nina is so upset. Nina says it's because she has no babies and Ava now has two. Nina is disgusted, because the father could be Sonny or Morgan. Rosalie realizes that she knows one of the "baby daddies." She tells Nina about her run in with Morgan in the park and how he confided in her about Ava's baby drama. Nina feels useless without a child and says she feels like a dry, old and barren woman. Rosalie assures her that Sam has nothing on her and she's going to get back everything she wants. Nina likes what she hears and thanks Rosalie for snapping her back into focus. Nina says she ready to get pregnant. Rosalie says that's if she can get pregnant. Nina takes offenses and explains that she's plans on finding a way to have a baby no matter what she has to do.

Michael and Kiki run into Franco at GH while taking flowers to Alice. Franco asks if he can take the flowers to Carly instead. Michael gets annoyed so Franco takes the time to mention that Sonny put his hands all over Carly. Morgan shows up and Franco clues him in on Sonny's behavior as well. Michael and Morgan make Franco feel insecure about Carly and Sonny's history. They recount Sonny and Carly's many break ups and hook ups. Ava's name comes up. Franco says Carly is way better then Ava and Kiki wonders what Franco knows about her. At the end, Franco decides to ignore the warnings, takes the flowers and says he going to see Carly.

Carly storms in Sonny's office and rails on him for being cocky. She tells him she won't be having sex with him again. Sonny doesn't believe her and continues to flirt. Carly reminds him that Franco will rat him out for killing AJ if he finds out. Carly insists that she loves Franco, but Sonny says, "No you love me!" Then he tries to kiss her. Carly tries to fight him, but they end up undressing each other. They almost have sex, but Carly pushes him off her. Sonny says she can't deny what they have between them. He says it's time she get rid of Franco. Carly gets irked and wonders if Sonny's lust is just about getting Franco out of her life. Sonny says no, it's just a benefit of their attraction. Carly feels frustrated and decides to leave.

Ava and Julian talk about Fluke Spencer in Ava's apartment. She tells Julian that he wants her to kill Michael, because Michael ruined his plans to take over ELQ. Ava says she can't kill Michael, because of Kiki. Julian says he tried to warn her against involving herself with his boss. Ava can't believe how Luke could be this cruel so Julian tells her that Luke isn't Luke. Julian says the real Luke is still in Miscavige. Ava asks who Luke really is, but Julian says he doesn't know. Julian explains that he met him in witness protection and he helped rebuild the Jerome's business. Julian says it was a big mistake and advises Ava not to cross Fluke. He thinks Ava should kill Michael so Fluke doesn't kill Kiki. At the end, Ava calls Kiki and invites her and Michael to dinner.

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show, you can catch up here --- > GH 08/21/14

Bored this weekend? Watch the 1st episode of ID's Heartbreakers by using the link below. To say it's cheesy, probably doesn't accurately describe it. However, GH's very own Jagger Cates (Antonio Sabato. Jr.) does have a lead in this episode!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sabrina Returns!

Who ran us off the road?
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow! 

From the ABC GH Blog:

Sabrina returns to Port Charles today and learns about Rafe and the accident from Patrick. 

Enjoy today's episode below!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sleeping with the Enemy

How many times was that?
Today's Show -

Jordan and Shawn count their sex romps in bed and note that they've been sneaking around for two weeks. Shawn says he's been, "Sleeping with the Enemy!" He doesn't like lying to TJ or Jordan's involvement with the Jerome's. Jordan explains that she's an independent contractor, unlike him who's on a short leash from Sonny. Shawn defends Sonny saying at least he doesn't deal in drugs. He brings up Rafe and says it could have TJ who got mixed up in that. He wonders how she stomach's sealing them. Jordan tells him she won't be working for the Jerome's forever. Shawn asks what she means, but Jordan distracts him with the lure of more sex.

Kiki and Ava continue Ava's birthday celebration at her apartment. Ava says she has a lot riding on her birthday wish. She talks about her fears regarding being a mom again. Then the baby starts kicking. Ava and Kiki get excited, then get choked up and tell each other they love one another. Later Kiki leaves and Ava takes a Skype calls from Fluke. He wants the dirt she has on Sonny. Ava says she's working on it and asks what else she can't help him with in the meantime. Luke tells her to kill Michael. Ava can't believe it and says she can't, because Michael is Kiki's boyfriend. Luke advises her not to waste his time and then hangs up.

Ned wants to know what's going on with Tracy at GH. Michael explains what Alice told him about Tracy. He thinks it means that Tracy's divorce from Luke wasn't on the up and up either. They speculate on Tracy plans. Ned says he want to think about what do to next. Later Kiki comes to visit Michael at the hospital after Ned goes home. She tells him how wonderful Ava seems now. Then they talk about Alice and Tracy's plans to take back ELQ. Kiki realizes that Luke isn't out of their lives afterall.

Tracy Skype's Fluke from the Q's living room and tells him their ELQ plans are in the crapper. She explains that Alice ratted her out to Michael and he fired her. Fluke isn't happy and demands to know how she could let this happen. Tracy gets defensive and feels like she doing this on her own. She wants him to come home and help her. Fluke says he's working on her behalf on his end and can't. He insists that they stick to the plan to take down ELQ and Ned. Right then Ned bursts in the room, jumps in front of the computer and tells Luke he's not getting his hands on ELQ. Then Ned hangs up the call. After he and Tracy argue. Ned insists that Luke has gone bad and doesn't understand how Tracy can't see it. Ned rails against Luke, but Tracy won't believe it. Ned decides she needs to find a new place to live and orders Tracy to move out!

Franco wants to know who Carly's been drinking wine with at her house. Sonny listens from the top of the stairs. Right then Bobby walks in so Carly says the other wine glass is Bobby's. Carly stares her down so Bobby confirms it's her glass. She quickly makes up a story explaining how she came to be there, but Franco's not convinced. He wants to go check the bedroom and goes to walk up the stairs. Bobby asks Carly if Franco will find Sonny in her room and Carly says yes. 

Meanwhile, Franco makes his way to the bedroom. However he finds it empty. Then Carly gets a call from Sonny who tells her he slipped out the window. Bobby runs upstairs to run damage control with Franco. Carly runs outside to chat with Sonny. Sonny tells her that he decided to avoid a confrontation for now, but he wants Carly to make a choice. Sonny kisses her again. She pushes him away and tells him to go, denying her obvious attraction. At the end, Franco apologizes to Carly for thinking the worst.

End of show!

Fluke looked like he's been recouping with some hot cocoa and a joint in Amsterdam! 

Have a great night! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alice Gets a Heart

Long live the Dominator!
Tuesday's Recap - 

At GH, Alice wakes up to find Morgan, Tracy, Michael and Ned waiting by her bedside. They tell her that she's got a new heart now. Later Tracy takes a moment alone with Alice and wants to know that Alice will keep her mouth shut about her ELQ plans. Michael walks back in and wants to know what their talking about. Alice tells him that Tracy is plotting with Luke to take ELQ back. Michael decides to fire Tracy. Meanwhile, Ned runs into Olivia in the hall and he tells her about Alice's new heart. She apologizes for using him to make Sonny jealous. Ned flirts with her and tells Olivia that he enjoys spending time with her. They agree to be friends and decide to go see a movie together. At the end, Ned returns to Alice's room just as Tracy storms out.

Kiki goes to visit Ava at her apartment to wish her a happy birthday. They discuss Alice's progress and then get into a conversation about Kiki living with Morgan. Kiki explains that Michael plans to renovate the waterfront. Kiki also mentions that Nina is alive and living with Silas. Ava asks how Sam's dealing with everything. Kiki explains that Sam stepped aside and she thinks Nina wants Silas back. Ava feels certain that Nina must be out for revenge. Ava warns Kiki to be careful around Nina. At the end, they share some birthday cake.

Rosalie goes to Silas at the hospital when she can't find Nina. They get into a snarky conversation and she ends up ticking Silas off. He tells Rosalie to go home and threatens to fire her if she doesn't get off his back. Later Rosalie runs into Morgan. She tells him about her employment issues. Then they discuss Morgan's relationship with Sonny. Morgan says their making a little progress. Then he asks about Rosalie's father. Rosalie changes the subject and asks Morgan out for a drink instead. He asks for rain check until Alice is better.

Franco tells Nina that he's going home to talk to Carly about the situation with Sonny after they get out of the elevator. Nina wants assurances that Franco won't spill the beans about her being able to walk. Nina also reminds him that knows a secret or two of his. Franco says her secret is safe with him and Silas overhears. After Franco takes off and Silas asks Nina what secret she's keeping from him. Nina says she's been skipping physical therapy in favor of Franco's art therapy. Nina explains that she's having a hard time dealing with the loss of time, losing her baby and Silas moving on. Silas gets choked up as Nina tells him about how excited she was at the thought of having a baby. At the end, Silas agrees to support her art therapy. They run into Rosalie and in private, Nina tells her about Ava being pregnant again.

At Carly's place, Sonny and her decide to take things to the bedroom. They end up stripping their clothes off and hop into bed. After they have pillow talk and Carly sees that they broke a picture of her and Franco in their lust. It makes her immediately guilt ridden, but Sonny says Franco's not stable. Sonny says he enjoyed every second of what happened between them and has no regrets. Then Franco comes home and starts calling Carly's name. Carly wants Sonny to hide, but he says he's not going to do that. Carly reminds him that Franco will tell the cops about Sonny killing AJ, if he finds him there. At the end, Carly runs down stairs to keep Franco from going up stairs. Franco confronts her about kissing Sonny. Carly claims that she pushed Sonny away, but Franco sees two wine glasses and asks who was drinking with her. 

End of show!

I'm starting to like Nina, how about you?

P.S. In case you haven't heard, GH is moving back to 3 pm in most EST markets.