Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mini Vacation

Taking a short break this week from recapping. I'll be back Monday, May 9th!

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Monday, May 2, 2016

General Hospital Wins! - 2016 Daytime Emmy Award Winners

Here is list of GH Winners:

Outstanding Drama Series
General Hospital

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Mary Beth Evans, Days of Our Lives

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Tyler Christopher, General Hospital

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Jessica Collins, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Sean Blakemore, General Hospital

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team
The Bold and the Beautiful

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team
General Hospital

Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series
True O'Brien, Days of Our Lives

Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series
Bryan Craig, General Hospital

I'm very happy that GH won and especially for Tyler Christopher! No recap today, btw!

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Maybe Our Jason Is Gone


Friday's Recap - 

Carly talks to Dr. Finn at The Metro Court about Jocelyn's kidney. Dr. Finn suspects her kidney came from the black market. Carly worries that if she doesn't find out where her kidney came from it could be a problem if Jocelyn develops health issues. She also notices that he eats a chocolate chop cookie and wonders why since he said he was diabetic. Dr. Finn asks her as a friend not to question him further on that. 

At GH, Brad makes excuses to hold off on getting married, which makes Lucas think he's stalling. Brad assures him that's not the case and promises they will find the right date/venue. Later Brad approaches Dr. Finn and asks why he requested time in the lab. Finn says he's conducting a specialized kind of research and refuses to tell Brad anything more. Meanwhile Lucas thinks he may have a solution to his and Brad's wedding issues. 

Over at the courthouse, Jordan comes to tell Anna she has her full support. Scotty tells Anna he's got a secret weapon to help her. Then Paul tells Anna not to count on Scotty to save her. Paul takes Anna aside and says he doesn't want to prosecute her, but Anna insists that the truth has to come out. Later the hearing begins and Paul lobbies to have Anna denied bail. He produces a file on Anna's mental state. Then Andre arrives and wants to speak on Anna's behalf. He takes the stand and gives Anna a glowing recommendation for bail. The judge grants Anna bail, much to Paul's disappointment. After Anna thanks Andre and hugs him. Jordan looks on with concern.

Carlos tells Michael in the interrogation room at the PCPD that he married Sabrina and he plans on getting out. Michael thinks Carlos married Sabrina so she couldn't testify against him. Carlos swears he loves Sabrina and Alexis is getting him off. Then Alexis shows up and asks to speak with Carlos alone. Michael questions Alexis for defending Carlos and implores Alexis to rethink the situation. After Alexis speaks with Carlos alone and tells him about the witness who claims he saw Carlos shoot Duke. Carlos thinks Sonny is behind the witness. Later Michael talks to Carlos again and Carlos says he wants to make a deal.

Sonny asks Jason at his office to help Michael from allowing Carlos to use Sabrina to get Michael in trouble. Jason wonders if Sonny is playing him, but Sonny swears he doesn't play his friends. Sonny claims he's only asking for Michael's sake. Jason is hesitant to get involved, which disappoints Sonny. Carly walks in and Jason decides to leave. After Carly talks to Sonny about how hard it is that Jason is different now. Sonny wonders if "their" Jason is gone. Back at the PCPD, Carlos offers to tell Michael where Sabrina is if Michael will break him out. Right then Jason shows up and sees Michael talking to Carlos. 

End of show!

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

One More Day

Under the weather today, sorry. See you for Friday's GH!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'd Like to Speak With My Brother

Happy Birthday!
Here's What Happened - 

Jason pushes Franco into the wall at GH and says he wishes he'd died when he tried to kill him years ago. Dr. Obrecht sees them and breaks it up. Franco can't keep his mouth shut so Jason starts to choke him. Luckily for Franco, Sam shows up and talks Jason down. After Dr. O wants to know why Franco provoked Jason. Franco says he just likes a worthy opponent. He explains that he tried to reform himself, but maybe it's time for him to be the Franco he was born to be. Dr. O advises him to work things out with Nina and not to back track. 

Sam and Jason head to The Floating Rib, have some beer and talk about what happened with Franco. Jason tells her that his instincts tell him that Franco is bad news. Sam tells him that in the past, Franco was obsessed with him. She gives him the back story on his history with Franco. Jason says he doesn't want Franco anywhere near Jake. At the end, Jason asks Sam to take a road trip with him and we see that someone follows them. 

Nina runs into Dillon at The Floating Rib with a bunch of packages in her arms. Dillon reminds her that she kissed him when she was drunk. Nina thinks Dillon is going to sue her, but Dillon laughs and says he likes working for her and just wants to be cool. Nina thanks him and tells Dillon she hasn't told Franco about their kiss and she doesn't think he'd even care. Dillon advises her to talk things out with Franco. Nina mentions that Kiki is always at their apartment. Later Dr. O comes to The Floating Rib and advises Nina to work things out with Franco. Dr. Obrecht texts Franco to come to The Floating Rib, but when he does, he sees Jason there and leaves. 

Kiki gets a visit from Ava with dinner for them to eat. Ava tells her that once she gets a few things in order, Kiki can come home. However Kiki says she's already home and doesn't want to move to Ava's place. Later when Kiki is alone, Dillon stops by and asks if Kiki knows how to change a flat tire. Kiki agrees to help, but detects that he made up the story to come see her. He admits that he wanted to check on her. Kiki thinks it's sweet and takes off with Dillon just as Nina comes in the door. Kiki tells Nina she doesn't know where Franco is. 

Sonny gets a call from Ric telling him he has news about Carlos. Meanwhile Sonny gets a visit from Carly at his office. She's ready to take him out to celebrate his birthday, but Sonny says he's waiting for Ric. Later Ric shows up and asks to speak with his brother alone. Carly decides to leave them alone and in private, Ric tells Sonny about the witness he saw at the station claiming he knows who shot Duke. Then Sonny gives Ric a new assignment. After Sonny tells Carly he asked Ric to find out where Jocelyn's kidney came from.

Julian comes home and finds Alexis holding the knife Helena used to kill her mother. She says she knew the moment she touched it something bad would happen. Alexis tells him about her fight with Molly over her representing Carlos. Later Alexis gets a call to come to the staion in regards to her motion to dismiss Carlos' case. Later Ava stops by and tells Julian that Kiki doesn't want to come home with her. Then Julian confides that he's running the organization again and he doesn't plan on telling Alexis. Ava tells him to use his mob power and get rid of Carlos. 

The mysterious witness, Hail, tells Jordan in the interrogation room that he saw Duke get shot. Jordan is skeptical and wonders why he took so long to come forward. He says he was using drugs at the time and wasn't thinking clearly. Then he tells Jordan the night Duke was killed he saw two men, one in a tuxedo and heard someone say something about Julian Jerome. He ID's Duke as the man in the tuxedo and Carlos as the other man in street clothes. Jordan tells him she has to verify his story and walks out. After Alexis comes to the station and Jordan tells her about the witness. Alexis thinks the witness is a bit convenient and goes home to tell Julian the unfortunate news. Meanwhile back at the station, Hail gets nervous at the thought of having to testify in Carlos' trial and we see Julian puts a hit out on Hail. 

End of show!

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Puppy Love

Monday's Recap -

Nina finds Julian waiting in her office at Crimson. She assumes he's there to start trouble and begins to have a meltdown. Julian tells her he only wanted Crimson's current financial reports, but Nina can't keep it together and starts crying. She ends up venting to Julian about her fight with Franco, the puppy and her disappointment over not being able to have a baby. Some of the things she says hit home for Julian and he gets upset. Nina wonders if Julian is worried about Carlos. Julian answers that Nina should worry about her own problems. 

Sonny wants news about Carlos from Ric at his office. Ric says the case against Carlos is weak and wonders if Sonny is going to kill Carlos. Sonny tells Ric that he knows better than to ask him something like that. Ric feels like Sonny should trust him. Sonny tells Ric he's still concerning his options where Carlos is concerned. Ric feels insulted that Sonny won't tell him more and walks out. Later Ric heads to the police station and runs into a witness who claims he has new information about Carlos. Then we see Sonny had Max send the witness at his behest. 

Alexis visits Carlos at the PCPD and asks if there is a chance Sabrina will return to Port Charles. He says no, she's keeping out of sight. Alexis thinks if that's the case, he should get off. Carlos wants a payoff from Julian to keep his mouth closed. Later Alexis goes home and Molly demands to know why she is representing Carlos. She accuses Alexis of losing her ethics. Alexis gets irked by Molly's attitude, takes out the knife that Helena used to kill her mother and says Carlos isn't evil like Helena was. Molly thinks Alexis is only defending Carlos, because of Julian. The conversation upsets Alexis and Molly ends up walking out.

Michael finds a baby rattle on the floor of Sabrina's aunt's house in Puerto Rico and demands to know who it belongs to. She claims it belongs to her friends baby. Michael asks her to call her friend over to verify it. She does so and manages to convince Michael and Felix that the rattle isn't Sabrina's baby rattle. Later Felix and Michael wonder if Sabrina was ever really in Puerto Rico at all. However after they leave, we see that Sabrina's aunt has another baby in the house, presumably Sabrina and Carlos' child. 

A new Jake and Jason wait at the hospital for Franco to arrive for little Jake's art therapy appointment. Nearby Franco walks off the elevators with the puppy in a box and runs into Monica. She questions him about what's in the box. Franco gets defensive and they end up having a nasty argument. Later Franco ends up giving the puppy to Jake without asking Jason first. Jason tells Jake he can't keep it. Then Monica comes over and scolds Franco for giving the dog to Jake. Little Jake is very upset that he can't keep the dog so Monica takes him to see if they have find the puppy a home. After Franco and Jason end up having an argument. Jason pushes Franco into the wall in anger and says he wishes he'd killed him when he had the chance. 

End of show!

NuJake's hair is so awful. I loathe bowl cuts on kids. Loved seeing Ric today!

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Friday, April 22, 2016


No recap today! I'll be back Monday. In the meantime enjoy a few scoops for today's show, courtesy of --- > GHH!

Felicia and Mac obtain legal assistance for Anna.

Michael gets a clue about Sabrina's location. 

Scott has an interesting idea about the best way to represent someone.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hello Olivia

We're co-parenting!
Today's Recap - 

Carly drops by Sonny's office with a birthday muffin for him. She lights a candle and tells him to make a wish. They end up sharing the muffin together and talk about Sonny's plans for Julian. After Carly tells him about how she plans on celebrating his birthday and that she plans on spoiling him rotten. She leaves to make arrangements and once alone, Sonny places a call to find out what's happening with Carlos. 

Julian meets Alexis for breakfast at The Metro Court. Olivia interrupts saying she needs to talk to Julian about Leo. She's excited and tells them that Leo stood up on his own. Olivia runs to show Julian a video and is surprised by Ned. He says, "hello Olivia," and asks how she's been. Olivia shows him some pictures of Leo. Then they talk about her telling Julian the truth about being Leo's father and Olivia tells Ned she's now co-parenting with Julian. Ned says since she seems happy and the obstacle between them is gone, maybe they can get together. Olivia says yes. Nearby Alexis tells Julian they need to stop talking about Carlos so she can get him out of trouble. Later Olivia finally shows Julian the video of Leo standing up and it chokes him up. Olivia thinks Julian is upset about Carlos and worries that his past will come back to haunt him. 

Dr. Finn and Tracy play backgammon together in her hospital room. Then she gets good news that her latest test results are all negative. Monica comes in and tells Tracy she can go home in a few days, but she'll have to come back for regular check ups. Then Dr. Finn says he's not planning on staying on at GH, but Tracy and Monica try to convince him otherwise. Monica takes Finn with her and tells him she going to use her Quartermaine status to keep him on staff. Dr. Obrecht interrupts them saying Monica has no authority to put Dr. Finn on staff. Carly and Jocelyn walk over and ask Dr. O what her problem with Dr. Finn is. Dr. Obrecht says as Chief of Staff she will see to it that he doesn't work at GH. Monica thinks maybe it's time to do something about Dr. O being the Chief of Staff. After Jocelyn asks Dr. Finn if she can study Roxie for a school report and Dr. Finn agrees.

Meanwhile Ned goes to visit Tracy at the hospital and she asks him to stay in town for ELQ. She hopes there is a chance now for them to be a family again. Ned is surprised by Tracy showing her love for the family and thinks she'll be bickering with Monica again in no time. He also wonders if she'll be scheming again once she feels better, but Tracy says no, she's changed. 

Jordan gets a visit from Andre at the police station. Jordan apologizes to him for their last tense conversation about Anna. However when Andre finds out Anna is in jail his concerned reaction displeases Jordan. Alexis interrupts them and asks to see Carlos' file. Jordan takes Alexis into her office, shows her the file and they discuss Carlos' case. Alexis says they have no physical evident and she's going to file a motion to dismiss. After Alexis runs into Sonny on her way out of the station. They go back to his office and Sonny expresses his anger about Alexis defending Carlos. Sonny thinks Alexis has lost sense of her priorities since getting together with Julian. Alexis defends Julian saying he's out of the mob, but Sonny thinks defending Carlos is going to bite her in the ass. Alexis thinks Sonny is a hypocrite.

Paul stops by Anna's jail cell to tell her she's not getting out on bail. He tells her that he doesn't think she's of sound mind. Paul has Andre unintentionally be the psychiatrist to evaluate Anna's mental fitness. Andre isn't happy about it, but asks Paul to leave them alone. In private, Anna tells Andre about how she got in jail and Paul got out. Anna insists that Paul killed Agent Sloane and says once she gets Paul and Carlos in prison, Duke will have justice. Andre thinks Anna is acting irrational. Anna wonders if he's going to help Paul now. At the end, Paul asks for Andre's opinion of Anna.

End of show!

I'm sorry, but Andre is a very dull character. Also Carly looked extra tan and gorgeous today!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dream of My Curse

Heartbreak Hotel
Wednesday's Recap - 

Carlos and Anna exchange angry words from their jail cells at the PCPD. Carlos tries to convince Anna that he loves Sabrina and his child, but Anna says he's in jail for killing Duke, as he should be. Anna gets emotional talking about Duke and it appears to have an effect on Carlos. He defends himself by saying Duke was deeply involved in the mob, which lead to his death. Anna doesn't agree and says Carlos took Duke away from his son, Griffin, as well.

Michael calls Felix to compare notes on Carlos and Sabrina. Griffin overhears Felix talking at the hospital and after tells Felix he's Duke's son. Then Griffin asks about Carlos so Felix tells him about how Sabrina run off with Carlos and had his baby. Meanwhile Michael stops by Dante and Lulu's place while Dante is preparing a romantic evening for Lulu. Dante tells him he and Lulu are taking things slow, but he's hopeful. Then Michael brings up Carlos and wonders about Sabrina's location. 

Later Michael goes to GH and talks with Griffin and Felix about Carlos. Michael tells Griffin that Anna was arrested so Griffin runs to the PCPD to help her. Back at GH, Michael tells Felix he wants to go looking for Sabrina in Puerto Rico. Felix decides to come with him. Meanwhile Griffin learns from Anna at the PCPD that she did really try to kill Carlos. Griffin has trouble digesting her confession, but decides to ask Carlos if he's sorry for killing Duke. Carlos says he has no regrets, which angers Griffin, but ultimately he decides to tell Anna they need to forgive Carlos. However Anna tells Carlos she never will. 

Lulu meets Laura at The Metro Court and Laura notices that Lulu is all dressed up. Lulu tells Laura she's got a couples therapy date with Dante later. Then Laura tells Lulu about Kevin Collins being the cryptographer she was looking for. Later Laura is alone and has a memory of her and Helena arguing. Kevin interrupts her and Laura tells him about her flash of Helena. After Kevin tells her that he found two words in Helena message, "Heartbreak Hotel." Laura isn't sure what that means. Later Kevin tells Laura about the end of his marriage to Lucy and says he's done with relationships. Laura says she's in the same boat and wonders what Helena is trying to say with the Heartbreak Hotel clue. Kevin says he loves a good mystery and wants to help figure it out.

Lulu heads to her apartment to meet Dante for their date. They practice their therapy exercises to rebuild intimacy, which require they stare into each other's eyes without speaking for four minutes. They end up just making out and have sex again. After they remark how happy they are to be back together.

Jason comes to Sam's place and she invites him to stay the night. Jason happily agrees and they end up making out. Jason has a memory flash of kissing Sam on the bed before. He describes it to Sam and she remembers it as the last time they were together before he was shot. Sam tells him about her fears of losing him, but Jason promises everything will be okay. Then they have sex and fall asleep. Later Sam wakes up from the sound a gunshot, finds Jason shot next to her and then Helena appears saying, "What's the matter Samantha?" Helena whispers to Sam that she'll never known happiness, because of her curse. At the end, Sam wakes up and Jason is okay, but she can't shake her scary dream. 

End of show!

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