Friday, February 12, 2016

Love Is In The Air

Today's Show - 

Nathan and Maxie wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day at The Floating Rib and notice Dante stroll in. Nearby Jordan tells Curtis he needs to leave when she sees him walk in. Dante and Nathan back her up, but Curtis says he's waiting for his date, who happens to be Valerie. He advises Jordan to butt out of his business, because he has no plans to hurt Valerie. Then Andre walks in to meet Jordan for their date. 

Later TJ comes in and sees Jordan giving Andre a funny hat as a gift. Andre notices Jordan is distracted so she tells him that Curtis is her former brother in law. She explains that Curtis recruited her into the DEA, but they ended up having a problem with each other. Jordan worries that Curtis is bad news for TJ and Valerie. Nearby Maxie decides to play cupid for Dante and Lulu. She leaves to put a plan into action and after Nathan and Dante play pool. Meanwhile Valerie and Curtis enjoy their date. When Valerie steps away to use the bathroom, Jordan tells her in private that Curtis is trouble. Jordan says Curtis used to have a problem with cocaine.  

Laura calls Lulu and asks to meet her at The Haunted Star from Wyndermere. Then she sees that Nikolas gave Hayden a bracelet from Helena in the living room. Laura hands Nik an invitation to the reading of Helena's will and tells him he might not want to give Helena's stuff away just yet. Later Nikolas tells Hayden in private that he knows exactly what's in Helena's will and everything goes to him. Then he carries Hayden to the bedroom and they have sex. After Nikolas falls asleep and Hayden decides to take a peek in Nik's safe. Liz walks in and ends up seeing her.

Lulu has flashbacks while working at The Haunted Star about romantic times she shared with Dante. Then Laura comes to see her and tells Lulu about Helena's mysterious will reading. Laura wonders what Helena might have left her and speculates it could be another curse. Lulu doesn't think Laura shouldn't even go to the reading, but Laura thinks she should just get it over with. Later Maxie stops by and tells Lulu she got her a massage at The Metro Court. However Maxie arranges, with Nathan's help, to have Dante meet up with Lulu there. At the end, Lulu and Dante end up in a hotel room together. Nathan and Maxie lock them in the room and hope it will help them get back together. 

Molly assumes Kristina is gay at GH when she finds out about Professor Parker. Molly decides to ask Brad, but Kristina pulls Molly away and tells her she's not gay. She accuses Molly and TJ of being gay, because they haven't had sex yet. Molly advises Kristina to be honest with herself and talk to someone. After Brad and Lucas talk with Kristina and she asks what it was like when they realized they weren't straight. Lucas says it was hard and took him awhile to figure it out. Brad says he was singing and dancing when he came out of the womb. Meanwhile over at The Haunted Star, Molly invites TJ to her dorm room for sex. TJ likes her suggestion and they take off. 

Sam asks Jason to help her escape from the hospital. He agrees and they try to sneak out. Lucas sees them, but decides not to stop them. Later Liz goes looking for Sam and learns from Lucas that Sam left with Jason. Later Liz gets bad news from her insurance company and ends up venting to Laura. Liz says she's afraid to leave Jake's side, because the last time she did Helena took him. Meanwhile Jason brings Sam home and orders her to relax with Danny's help. Jason plays with Danny and puts him to bed, while Sam watches with joy. At the end, Jason says he remembers what it was like to be close to Sam before and then he kisses her. 

End of show

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

What's Wrong with Tracy?

No recap today. Instead enjoy some scoops on today's episode, courtesy of ---> GHH!

Dillon makes Nathan uncomfortable.

Hayden notices that Tracy is acting oddly.

Liz gets support from an unexpected source.

Sonny and Alexis realize that Kristina is hiding something.

What do you think is wrong with Tracy?

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Paging Dr. Monroe

Wednesday's Recap - 

Nik and Hayden come home to Wyndermere and Laura gives them a message from Spencer. Then she offers a weary toast to them for getting married. Hayden hugs her in response and then leaves when she gets a text from Tracy. Once alone, Nikolas tells Laura he respects her concerns about Hayden and to trust him. Laura doesn't think a prenup is enough to protect him, but says she is glad to hear he's keeping his wits about him. Laura tells Nik she wants him to truly be loved by someone and hopes she is wrong about Hayden. Later Nikolas decides to hit the internet to find out about Rachel. 

At The Floating Rib, Julian takes a look at Olivia's photo shoot pics and offers to deliver them to Crimson. Olivia comes with him so he doesn't destroy them. After Dillon thinks Maxie would make a good candidate for their real women issue. He convinces Maxie to let him take some pictures of her and they have a photo shoot. Meanwhile at Crimson, Julian and Olivia review her photos on the laptop. Julian poo poo's all the pictures so Olivia starts to wonder why he doesn't want anyone to see them. Alexis walks in and asks what's going on. Julian tells Alexis in private that he doesn't want Leo's mother exposing herself. Alexis accuses him of being sexist and Julian concedes. Then they leave to pick out wedding rings. 

Nina comes to Maxie's place looking for her, but ends up chatting with Nathan instead. Nathan tells her that he's moving in with Maxie and Nina tells Nathan about her desire to adopt a child with Franco. She tells him about Franco's concerns and asks for Nathan's opinion. Nina worries that Madeline might have messed her up for life, but Nathan thinks Nina will be a great mother and tells her to go for it. Later Nina goes to Crimson and loves Olivia's pictures. After Epiphany shows up as another candidate for their real women issue. Meanwhile Nathan goes to The Floating Rib and finds Dillon gushing over Maxie's pictures. 

Tracy and Michael talk about ELQ at The Metro Court. Alexis meets up with them and says suing Nikolas could take years. Michael thinks maybe they should hire Diane instead, but Tracy wants to keep Alexis. Later in private, Tracy assures Michael that she's got plans to return ELQ to the family. Michael warns her not to do anything to mess up them getting the company back. Later Hayden meets with Tracy and informs her she married Nikolas. Tracy is pleased, but when she learns Hayden signed a prenup, Tracy gets upset. Hayden tells Tracy she's got something on Nik and not to worry. After Tracy starts to get pale and spaces out. 

Carly and Sonny have breakfast at The Metro Court. Max comes to tell Sonny some gun news and in private, Sonny says he's ready to take his enemies down. He reminds Max that he doesn't want anyone to know he can walk yet. Later they all go to GH and Epiphany introduces Sonny to his new doctor, Dr. Griffin Monroe (funny name to me). Later Dr. Griffin asks Epiphany in private about Sonny's progress. At the end, he asks Sonny when their alone why he's lying to Carly about his condition.

End of show!

I guess Tracy is going to get sick or have an illness now. What do you think of the new doctor?

Have a great night!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Let's Move In

Here's What Happened - 

Nathan comes to visit Maxie at her apartment. He tells her a pipe broke at his place and he needs a place to get warm. Lulu interrupts and has a brief chat with Nathan about Dante. After Nathan tells Maxie he thinks they should move in together. Maxie loves the idea and they decide to look for new place. However then Maxie worries about moving out on Lulu and asks if they can all live together for awhile. Nathan agrees. When they tell Lulu about it, she drops her wine glass in shock. Lulu apologizes and explains that it just made her remember when her and Dante started out. Later Nathan assures Lulu he's okay with all of them living together, which Lulu gets excited about it. However at the end, Nathan is stuck in the middle when Maxie and Lulu are chatting non-stop and he looks a bit concerned. (cute scene!)

Alexis and Julian get an unexpected visit from Ava at their place. She brings Julian a odd sculpture piece for them to put on their lawn. Alexis doesn't seem pleased with the idea. Then Alexis gets a call from Monica about Sam being in the hospital so she takes off. Once alone, Julian vents to Ava about how dangerous Jason is for Sam. Ava reminds him that his life is going pretty good and he should be grateful. Julian gets suspicious and questions if she's having second thoughts about running the organization. Ava expresses that she's worried about keeping Avery safe. Julian tells her to get out and make a clean break from the business in that case. However, Ava says she has no choice.

Anna stops by Paul's office and tells him that she lied to him about a lot of things. She explains that she wasn't visiting Robin, as he thought, because she was really in a jail cell in Halifax. She goes on to tell them that she went on an unsuccessful search looking for Carlos, but now realizes he must really be dead. Anna puts on an act for Paul about mourning Duke and not thinking clearly. He seems to buy it and shows compassion toward her. Then Paul vents to Anna about his failed relationship with Dillon. He brings up his daughter Susan and says he was a bad father to her as well and they don't keep in touch. Paul seems upset thinking about it and offers Anna a drink. She asks for a rain check and leaves. After he calls Ava to keep him company, but she refuses him. Paul ends up smashing a glass in anger. At the end, Anna decides to investigate Paul's daughter Susan and asks Mac to look into it. We see that an unseen person is following her. 

Sam tells Jason in the ER that she dreamed of him telling her to run to him when she was unconscious in Liz's basement. Then Liz walks in panicking that Jake pushed Sam, but Sam tells them she fell all on her own. She explains how it happened, which relieves Jason. Liz steps out feeling weird about Jason and Sam's obvious closeness and cries alone. Meanwhile back in Sam's room, Jason promises to stand by her. Then Alexis comes in and thanks Jason for saving Sam. Jason leaves and after Sam fills Alexis in on what happened to her. Sam says Jason was there for her like he always is. Later Jason speaks with Monica in the ER about Jake's condition and she promises to keep an eye on him. Then Liz and he talk. Liz says she knows he has a connection to Sam and that its not going away. Monica comes over to tell them that Jake is fast asleep and offers Liz a place to stay if she needs it. Jason says he wants to stay at the hospital with Jake for the night. Then Alexis comes over to Liz and says Sam wants to talk to her. 

Liz goes to see Sam and Sam assures Liz that Jake didn't hurt her. She says all that matters is that everyone is okay. Later Jason and Sam speak alone again. Sam warns him that Julian will likely blame him for her accident, but not to listen to anything he says. Jason decides to stay with Sam and she tells him they belong together. She explains what "run to me" means and says his love kept her alive. Meanwhile Liz goes to see the damage at her house and finds a picture of her and Jason all smashed up on the ground. She looks around at the mess and seems to have a moment of realization.

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. Given the recent news about Rebecca Herbst having contract issues, read here --> Contract Snag, I'm wondering if this isn't her exit story. The end scene with her today was very weird, I thought. I liked it, but felt it was almost a moment of Liz debating what's left for her. Do you agree?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Professor Parker

No recap today. I'm off for a long weekend, but in the meantime here are a few scoops on today's General Hospital. Spoilers are courtesy off --- > GHH!

Someone confesses to a murder.

Morgan's medications take their toll.

Jake makes a reveal as Sam's life is endangered.

Sonny and his new doctor meet up. Turns out the doc has a connection in Port Charles.

Kristina confides in Molly about her professor, Parker.

What do you think of Kristina's plot with professor Parker? I'm not sure yet. We'll see where it goes.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Not Rachel

Thursday's Recap - 

Hayden is called Rachel at the casino after marrying Nikolas by a mysterious man. (I know he said a name at the beginning, but I missed it. Did anyone get it?) She tells the man he's mistaken when Nikolas walks over. The man walks away and Hayden assures Nikolas it was a mix up. After Hayden tells Nik she wants to go shop for naughty lingerie and says she'll meet him in their hotel suite. However once alone, she approaches the mysterious man again and warns him that she's not Rachel. He calls her "not Rachel" and she stares him down. Later she meets Nikolas in their suite and opts for elegant lingerie. They end up making love (awkwardly filmed, I thought) and at the end, Nikolas jokingly calls her Rachel. Meanwhile the mysterious man makes an unknown phone call about seeing Rachel. 

Dylan and Valerie go to The Floating Rib and he tells her that he plans on being neutral when it comes to her and Lulu. Then they go to play pool, but Curtis says he's using the table, but will share if Valerie plays with him. Valerie agrees and starts to play/flirt with him. Then Lulu and Maxie walk in, followed by Dante and Nathan. Dillon and Maxie try to get Lulu to leave, but she refuses. Instead she decides to apologize to Valerie for her actions, but Valerie won't accept it. Curtis is impressed with Valerie's self assurance so she tells him about what happened with her, Lulu and Dante. Outside Dillon decides to walk Lulu home. Meanwhile Maxie asks Dante and Nathan to leave, but Dante thinks its silly and they all just have to get used it. Maxie thinks he's being foolish. 

Morgan pulls back after kissing Kiki on their date in fear of moving too fast, but Kiki doesn't mind and asks if he wants to leave. They go to Nina and Franco's place and learn that they have the apartment to themselves. They decide to drink soda and make out. Kiki pulls back this time and they end up playing Scrabble. However they can't keep their hands off each other and go at it again. At the end, Morgan pulls back a second time saying he can't go through with it.

Liz and Jason worry about Jake at the hospital while he's in surgery. Lucas gives them an update on the progress and tells them it will be awhile if they want to head home. However they both refuse to leave. Later Jason brings Cameron to the hospital to cheer Liz up. Cameron brings Jake a get well card from the kids at school and tells Jason in private that Jake didn't feel like his brother at first. However Cameron says he feels differently now and fears Jake's going to die. Jason assures him that Jake will be okay. 

Sam continues to struggle to stay warm in Elizabeth's basement. She huddles by the furnace, which begins to smoke, for warmth and hallucinates that Jason is there to save her. She imagines that Jason tells her to get up and run to him, but she's really passed out on the floor. Meanwhile back at GH, Lucas tells Liz and Jason that there was a complication with Jake's surgery. 

End of show!

Cameron was sweet today. 

Have a great night!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Married in Vegas

Here's What Happened - 

Scotty stops by Franco's apartment with food for them to have together. Franco starts to open up to Scotty when Nina bursts in about how they have 15 minutes to have sex. Scotty gets uncomfortable and makes a hasty exit. Once alone, Nina tells Franco she wants to make a baby. The subject makes Franco squeamish and he says he doesn't want a baby. He thinks his DNA is a ticking time bomb that he won't pass along. Nina tries to persuade him otherwise to no avail. At the end, they agree to talk about it again in the future. 

At The Metro Court, Ava sees Kiki walk in with Morgan and demands to know where Avery is. Kiki snarks, "She's with her father." Ava gets upset, but Kiki defends her actions by saying daughters need their fathers and she learned that from Silas. Kiki also wants to know why Ava is mysteriously recovered from being sick. Ava storms off to get Avery so Morgan sends Sonny a warning via text. After Morgan and Kiki start their date, but Kiki has trouble getting Ava off her mind. At the end, Morgan manages to distract her and they kiss. 

Carly comes home to Sonny's and sees Sonny with Avery. At first Carly is thrilled to see the baby, but when she learns that Ava didn't approve it, Carly thinks it will become a problem. Then they get Morgan's text about Ava and Ava knocks on the door. She tells Sonny that she's going to push for him to have even less visitation now. Then Ava takes Avery and storms off. She runs right to see Scotty for legal advice, but learns there isn't much she can do. Meanwhile back at Sonny's house, Sonny thinks its weird that Ava pretended to be sick and he hopes to get the custody reversed. 

Tracy eavesdrops on Laura at Wyndermere while she leaves a message for Nikolas. Laura says she hopes Nik didn't run off to get married. Tracy smiles when she hears the news. Then Tracy walks in saying she's looking for Hayden. Laura says if Tracy can find Hayden, she can keep her. Laura then vents to Tracy about her frustration about Hayden taking advantage of Nik. Tracy thinks Nik deserves it for stealing ELQ. Laura thinks Nikolas is wrong for his actions of late, but that he has a lot of romantic notions about love. She fears Hayden will hurt him. At the end, Laura is alone and Scotty pays her a visit. He tells Laura he has something for her from Helena's will. 

Hayden and Nikolas head to Las Vegas to get married. Nikolas wants to ask Hayden something important, but he's interrupted by their wedding organizer, who is dressed a court jester. The jester encourages them to hurry along so Nik quickly asks Hayden to sign a prenup. In the agreement, it states that if they divorce, Hayden will get a lump sum of five million dollars. She agrees and signs. Later they get dressed up and Nikolas gives her a proper engagement ring. Then they go into the chapel, Nik says a few vows and they get officially hitched. At the end, Nik leaves Hayden alone momentarily and she gets recognized by an unseen man that calls her, "Rachel."

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you didn't hear, Michael Easton (Silas) is returning to GH. The question is will he be back as Silas, McBain, Caleb or a new person? Read here --- > Michael Easton Returning

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

Maybe Love Isn't Enough

It's not working!
Monday's Recap - 

Kristina is confronted by her professor Parker, who happens to be female, at Alexis' house. Parker accuses Kristina of trying to sabotage her online with bad professor reviews. Alexis interrupts them and Kristina introduces Parker to Alexis as her professor turned friend. After Parker and Kristina talk alone about Parker's wife and the bad reviews she thinks Kristina supposedly posted. Kristina denies posting anything and says the only reason she propositioned Parker in the first place, was because Parker wanted her to. Parker denies it and threatens to have Kristina expelled if the bad comments about her don't get deleted. 

Dante comes home to find Lulu waiting for him with romance on her mind. She asks him to give her one hour to save their marriage and he agrees. They toast with some beer from when Coleman ran The Floating Rib and talk about old times. They realize they're still in love and kiss. They start to move onto the bed, but Lulu pulls back and says it's not working. Dante agrees despite the fact that they still love each other. He thinks maybe love isn't enough. At the end, they tearfully sign divorce papers. 

Julian asks Olivia at The Metro court if she wants his help with the Mayor Lomax. Nina overhears their conversation and defends Olivia's right to breast feed in public. Nina wants to use her story for Crimson and asks Olivia to pose topless while breastfeeding. Julian thinks it's undignified and not right for Crimson. His protests make Olivia want to go through with it. Later in private, Julian tells Olivia he thinks it's bad for Leo if she poses in the magazine. Then Alexis walks in and thinks it's great if Olivia poses for Crimson. At the end, Alexis tells Julian not to worry because the breastfeeding spread will likely bankrupt Crimson.

Franco tells Jason and Liz at GH that he's hopeful they can get Jake help. Then Liz and Jason talk to Jake's therapist and show her Jake's art. Jason shares his suspicions about Jake possibly drawing Sam. The therapist says she will see all of them tomorrow and suggests they just support Jake for the night. Later Franco heads to The Metro Court and Nina notices that he's distracted. Franco says he's worried about a kid he's working with. At the end, Nina tells Franco that the upcoming Crimson issue gives her hope for having a child of her own. 

Over at Liz's house, Sam falls down the basement stairs when she goes looking for Jake. He panics and tries to wake her up, but then hears the babysitter and runs upstairs. Later Jason and Liz go home and learn from the babysitter that Jake ran off. Jason and the babysitter take off looking for him while Liz waits at home for news. Meanwhile Sam lays unconscious on the basement floor, but starts to wake up. Upstairs Liz and Jason hear a car horn blare outside and Liz runs out the door calling Jake's name. 

End of show!

Have a great night!