Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's Thanksgiving in Port Charles!

I know a secret!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Sam, Patrick, Emma, Anna and Danny are joined by Dr. Maddox at the Drake's for Thanksgiving. Anna looks uncomfortable and Emma quickly lets Dr. Maddox know that Anna is her grandma and single. Later they all sit down to dinner and Emma tells a story about ghosts. After Dr. Maddox talks to Anna in private and he tells her he didn't know he was going to be having dinner with a patient. Then Anna shows him the necklace she found on the docks. She tells him she's starting to suspect that Carlos is alive. Dr. Maddox offers to help listen if she needs him. 

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy and Monica talk about Edward, Lila and Jason's return. Then Paul and Dillon come in and tell them they are cooking dinner for the family. Paul let's them know he's frying the turkey. Tracy notes that Paul came home late last night and in private Dillon asks if it would bother Tracy if Paul was dating someone. Tracy tells him no. Later Dillon tells Tracy and Paul that he's going to back to Los Angeles. Meanwhile in the foyer, Michael and Sabrina come over and Michael says he hopes Jason shows up so he can tell him about the baby. Monica gets choked up talking about Jason and then Jason rings the doorbell with little Jake and Liz. Monica is thrilled to see him and Michael tells Jason he's going to be a father. Jason congratulates him and Jason tells Michael that Helena is dead. Hearing that makes little Jake upset and he breaks a figurine on an accent table. After Sam stops by with Patrick and Danny to visit Monica. 

Ava sits with Avery at the Metro Court and says out loud that she's surprised that Julian didn't invite her for dinner. Meanwhile Alexis asks Molly to give Julian a break at their new house. Kristina joins in and then Julian arrives with Olivia and Leo. Olivia made a lot of Italian food, which makes Alexis nervous since she already had dinner planned. Then Ava knocks on the door and surprises them. Olivia freaks out, but Kristina manages to smooth it over by asking to spend time with Avery. Later Julian spends time alone with Molly, Kristina, Leo and Avery while Alexis struggles to deal with Olivia and Ava in the dinning room. After everyone starts eating and Molly asks Kristina if she's going to stay in Port Charles. Nearby Alexis tells Olivia that Lulu had her draw up a separation agreement. Then Ava finds receipt for the food and outs Alexis for passing off a catered meal as home cooked. At the end, Ava gets a call from Paul reminding her that a shipment is coming in tomorrow. At the end, they all sit down for dinner and everyone holds hands while Olivia says a prayer. 

Lulu meets Laura at The Metro Court for Thanksgiving dinner with Rocco. Laura says she was hoping Lulu and Dante patched things up. Lulu says she can't trust Dante, but she still loves him. Laura asks why she's asking Dante for a separation, if it's not what she wants. Laura thinks if Dante and Lulu can agree to work things out together they can fix things. Lulu decides that she wants to try and fight for her marriage. Meanwhile Dante gets a visit from Valerie at his apartment with food for him. His has the football game on and Valerie gets excited by it. Dante offers to let her stay to watch the game. Later she notices the separation agreement on the counter. Dante decides to sign the papers in front of her. After Valerie spontaneously kisses Dante when her team wins the football game. At the end, Valerie and Dante end up taking their clothes off. 

Back at the Q's, little Jake and Danny play together while Patrick chats with Jason. Patrick tells Jason he's going to marry Sam and says it's best if everyone moves on. Nearby Sabrina gets a text message from Carlos and Liz tries to talk to Sam. Elizabeth wants to know if her and Sam can make peace, but Sam says she doesn't know yet. Then Sam overhears little Jake telling Danny that his mommy knows a secret about Jason. Right then the power goes out, because Paul's turkey fryer blew a fuse. Jason makes a comment that they can always get a pizza and everyone looks shocked. At the end, the pizza arrives and Monica asks if Jason remembers the family tradition, but he says no. Then Michael gives a toast welcoming Jason home and everyone sings together. However Sam looks at Jason and Liz with suspicion. 

End of show!

P.S. 11/26/2015 - GH will be a repeat of Liz & Jake's wedding.

11/272015 - GH is preempted.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sabrina, is that my baby?

Let's leave Port Charles!
Today's Show - 

Over at GH, Bobby meets up with Dante and Michael to talk about Morgan. Bobby says they need to make plans for Thanksgiving and then heads off to take care of the details. After Dante and Michael talk in private about Dante's marital problems. Meanwhile Carly and Sonny sit with Morgan in his hospital room until Dr. Maddox comes in. Carly and Sonny step outside so Dr. Maddox can talk to Morgan alone. In private, Dr. Maddox tells Morgan they need to evaluate him for awhile to know how best to treat him. 

In the hospital hallway, Kristina comes to chat with Sonny, Dante, Michael and Carly. Later Dr. Maddox comes to tell Carly and Sonny that he'll need to observe Morgan for while to know what's going on with him. After Carly and Sonny go to talk to Morgan again. Morgan asks Carly to help get Kiki out of jail. Carly leaves to see what she can do and once alone, Sonny wants to have a man to man talk with Morgan. He asks Morgan how he's really feeling. Morgan is worried that he's bi polar and isn't sure how he's going to deal with it. Sonny promises him it will be okay and they'll get through it as a family. 

Carlos makes breakfast for Sabrina at her apartment and she asks how he managed to survive. Carlos tells her that he didn't shoot Sonny and that he ended up faking his own death when the opportunity arose. Then Carlos asks smiling at her stomach, "Sabrina is that my baby?" She's quick to tell him that the baby is Michael's, but Carlos doesn't believe her. Carlos wants to leave the country with Sabrina and promises to give her a great life. Then Michael knocks on the door looking to pick Sabrina up for Thanksgiving. Sabrina insists that Michael is the father and orders Carlos to hide. Then she answers the door and asks Michael to meet her with the car downstairs. Michael agrees and after Sabrina tells Carlos to be gone by the morning. Then she walks out to meet Michael. Once alone, Carlos says out loud that he's not going anywhere. 

Paul gets a text message while at Ava's apartment that Kiki was arrested. Ava begs him to help Kiki somehow, but Paul thinks if he does it will expose their relationship. Meanwhile at the PCPD, Nathan gets Kiki situated in the interrogation room. Then he steps outside and Jordan tells him she's going to handle Kiki's case personally. Later Paul and Ava arrive and Ava wants to help Kiki. However, Kiki refuses to take aid from her. Then Carly shows up and wants to drop the charges against Kiki. Jordan and Paul agree and Paul has the charges dropped. After Kiki thanks Carly and Carly offers to take Kiki to visit Morgan at the hospital. Kiki agrees and they leave together while Ava watches in disgust. Later Ava reconvenes with Paul at her apartment and thanks him for helping Kiki. Paul says he did to impress Carly so no one suspects he's after Sonny's territory. After Ava offers to let Paul join her for Thanksgiving, but Paul says he's got plans with Dillon. 

Maxie accompanies Lulu to her apartment to pick up more clothes while Dante isn't home. Lulu sees family pictures and gets emotional. Then she finds a lipstick in the bathroom and assumes it's Valerie's. However Maxie recognizes it as a gift she gave Lulu. Then Dante comes home and notices that Lulu brought over separation papers. Maxie tries to reason with them, but Lulu asks her to leave so she can talk to Dante alone. Once in private, Dante asks how he can earn Lulu's trust again. Lulu says they blew up big time and she doesn't know how to fix it. Meanwhile Maxie heads to the PCPD and chats with Nathan about visiting Georgie for the holiday. At the end, they leave for Portland. 

Sam comes home to Patrick and tells him that Helena died. She explains that spending time with Jason made her realize that her Jason died and he isn't her husband anymore. Then Sam assures Patrick he's not her second choice, says she loves him and asks if he'll still marry her. Patrick tells her yes he still wants to marry her and they kiss. At the end, they prepare to have Thanksgiving together, but Patrick looks a little unsure when Sam steps away to freshen up. 

Carly brings Kiki to visit Morgan at GH and they invite her to join them for Thanksgiving. Then Bobby walks in with bags of food for the holiday. After Michael and Sabrina along with Kristina join them for the holiday meal in Morgan's hospital room. Sonny is touched and makes a toast. He wishes that Dante and Lulu can fix their marriage and hopes they will join them next year. Then Sonny thanks Carly for marrying him, thanks Bobby for tolerating him, thanks Michael for coming home and Sabrina for the baby. He also thanks Kristina for coming him and being wonderful and then thanks Morgan for facing his problems. Finally they all toast to a Happy Thanksgiving!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Carlos Lives!

We almost made it!
Here's What Happened - 

Anna talks to Dr. Maddox at GH and he guesses that her trouble has something to do with the man who killed Duke. Anna talks about the true love she experienced with Duke and all the ups and downs they had. Anna recounts Duke's final moments and how they almost ran away together. She blames Julian for Duke's death, not Carlos. However she explains that she lost sight of that and killed Carlos anyway. After Dr. Maddox says he will keep her secret and that he wants to treat her. Then she explains that someone else knows she killed Carlos and is blackmailing her. At the end, Anna goes to the docks again and sees Carlos. When she goes to investigate she finds Carlos' necklace.

Michael asks Sabrina why she cancelled her Doctor's appointment at her apartment. Sabrina explains that she's still afraid of losing the baby, but Michael thinks it has something to do with him. He promises to be there for her and to always put her and the baby first. Sabrina is touched and says she loves him. She almost tells him about Carlos, but then Michael gets called away to help Morgan. After Felix and Sabrina talk alone and Sabrina says she wants to tell Michael the truth. At the end, Sabrina gets a knock on the door and when she answers, it's Carlos!

Carly tells Sonny at the gym that she thinks Morgan is in trouble. Then Michael meets up with them and Carly and Michael leave to help Morgan. Sonny has to stay behind. Epiphany knows it's hard for him not to go with them and tries to give him encouragement. She talks about her son and says she understands how he feels. Sonny worries that he's hurt Morgan by passing down mental health issues. He talks about being bi polar and says Morgan is going to have to learn to live with this. 

Helena tells Jason, Nikolas, Sam and Elizabeth on Cassadine Island that she had Jason conditioned, but his memory loss is from the car accident. Jason asks who else knew about his true identity. Liz tries to convince Jason not to listen to Helena so Helena accuses Liz of living a charade. Then she advises Jason to find a worthy goal to focus on. Helena is about to tell Jason who else knew about him when she starts to lose the ability to speak. Liz tries to save her, but Helena ultimately dies. After Jason asks why Nik is upset when he's the reason Helena died. He thinks Nikolas had Helena poisoned and ends up attacking Nik. At the end, Liz, Jason and Sam decide to go home while Nik says an awkward goodbye to Helena.

At the cabin, Morgan heads out with a shot gun leaving Kiki terrified he's going to get hurt. She hears a gun shot and then Morgan comes back in saying he shot a branch. Kiki freaks out and calls Michael for help. After Morgan sees her on the phone and asks who she called. He looks at her phone and sees she called Michael. Kiki explains that the gun he's holding is making her nervous and asks for him to put it down. He continues to act manic and starts to try to make out with her. Then Michael, Carly and Max show up. Carly tries to reason with Morgan, but he manically rants and refuses to get help. Morgan tries to run away, but Max and Morgan have to restrain him. At the end, they drag him off to the hospital while Morgan screams that he hates them!

End of show!

Is Helena really dead?

Have a great night!

Friday, November 20, 2015

You Might Not Like The Truth

I'll tell you everything!
Friday's Recap - 

Nina tells Nathan at the PCPD that Kiki is the one who hit Carly, not Franco. Then Franco tries to dissuade Nathan from believing her, but Nathan decides to check into it. While waiting, Franco expresses frustration with Nina and tells her she needs to accept that he loves Kiki. After Nathan gets video footage of Kiki driving and he releases Franco. Meanwhile Carly asks Patrick at GH what he knows about Dr. Maddox. She senses he's upset so Patrick explains to her that Sam went to Cassadine Island to find Jason. Patrick wonders where this is going to leave his relationship with Sam. After Carly gets a call from Nathan looking for Morgan. Carly goes storming off to the PCPD and when she gets there, Nathan tells her that Kiki is the one who ran her over. 

Morgan brings Kiki to Sonny's cabin. He wants to go fishing, but Kiki reminds him it's cold out. Morgan gets manic and tells her he plans on moving in there for the winter. Kiki doesn't want to stay, but Morgan insists this is a chance for them both to start over. He manages to convince her to stay so they end up playing a card game that involves striping and alcohol. Morgan ends up taking a polar bear plunge outside and then Kiki gets a call from Franco. He warns her that the police are after her. Then Morgan gets a text message from Carly saying the cops are looking for Kiki. Morgan decides to delete the message. After Kiki panics and wants to go back to Port Charles. Morgan wants to head off to Canada and let's it slip that the cabin isn't even Sonny's. At the end, Morgan freaks out that someone is outside and readies a shot gun saying he's going to protect her. 

Back at the PCPD, Nathan lectures Franco for tipping Kiki off. Franco gets upset with Nina again and says he wanted to take the blame so Kiki didn't get in trouble. Franco doesn't think Nina is sorry for hurting Kiki. Nina wonders if he's going to break up with her now. He tells her that's not the case and says they're just having a fight. Nina says she always worried about Silas leaving her when they were married. Franco assures her he's not Silas and says he loves her. At the end, Nina tells Franco she really is sorry for Kiki and hopes everything will work out for the better. 

Epiphany tells Sonny at the gym that he's not going anywhere. However Sonny doesn't want to work out in front of all the bipedal boxers. Epiphany pushes him to use the weights and after gives him boxing gloves. Later Patrick comes to the gym to try boxing for the first time. Sonny offers to help him since Patrick saved his life. Sonny guesses that Patrick is upset with Jason and decides to give him advice on boxing/life. At the end, Epiphany tells Sonny he did good with his therapy and his conversation with Patrick. Then Carly shows up and tells Sonny that Kiki and Morgan are hiding out together. Back at the hospital, Patrick leaves a sweet message for Sam. 

On Cassadine Island, Helena tells Elizabeth, Nikolas, Sam and Jason that she's ready to tell them everything. However she warns Jason that he might not like the truth. Elizabeth gets nervous while Sam becomes impatient. Helena makes cracks at both of them and then tells Jason she saved his life. She explains that she rescued Jason from the water after Faison shot him and then Victor took it from there. Sam gets angry and tells Helena she will dance on her grave. Helena puts a curse of unhappiness on Sam in response. Nikolas tells Helena to stop it, but Helena says what's done is done. Liz wants to leave, but then Helena says she's the one who took Jason's memory away. Sam wants to know if Helena can undo it and Jason demands to know how she did it!

End of show!

Good show today! GH has been getting better lately. I hope they keep it up; still a lot of work to do!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Searching for Jason

This is my angry face.
No recap today, but I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here's what is coming up on today's General Hospital. Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH!

Morgan makes a proposition to Kiki. 

Carly worries about Morgan.

Sam and Liz are in pursuit of Jason.

Hayden wants to discover who shot her.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I'm going after Jason!
Here's What Happened - 

Jason goes to see Spinelli in Portland for answers about Helena. Spinelli gets on his laptop and starts scanning the computers on Cassadine Island. Spinelli is happy to help him and tells him about all the great things Jason did for him in the past. Spinelli assures him that he doesn't have to be anything he doesn't want to be and advises Jason to, "Be Yourself!" Jason says Sam deserves her husband and he loves Elizabeth, but no matter what he does somebody gets hurt. Later Spinelli finds a location for Helena. He programs it into Jason's phone and transfers money to him from Jason's old off shore accounts. Jason thanks him and takes off to confront Helena. 

Dante admonishes Valerie at the PCPD for her reckless, but effective behavior during their stake out. Later Valerie sends Dante an email thanking him for the night before. After Michael comes to see Dante to talk about getting Nik out of ELQ. Meanwhile Lulu tells Maxie at the Metro Court that she saw Valerie in the car with Dante with her head on his shoulder the night before. Maxie says she can read Dante's email with software Spinelli put on her computer. When she does, they see the email that Valerie sent to Dante. Later Lulu goes to the station to confront Dante about his night with Valerie and her email. Dante explains he was on a stake out and thinks Lulu is overreacting. He says maybe they really are over. Back at the Metro Court, Valerie goes for breakfast and Maxie tells her off for emailing Dante. 

Sam tells Patrick at their house that Jason left town for answers and she wants to help him. Patrick is upset that she's choosing to leave and says if she leaves it could be the end for them. Then he walks out and after Sam thinks about Jason and Patrick both while we get flashbacks. Later Liz comes by all worried about Jason and Sam informs her that she's going after Jason. Liz tells Sam to respect her relationship, because she loves Jason. Sam thinks Liz has created something in her head and she intends to help Jason whether Liz likes it or not. Then she kicks Liz out.

Liz goes to the Quartermaine's and asks Sabrina and Michael if they've seen Jason. Michael is excited about an upcoming doctor appointment for the baby and tells Sabrina he'll meet up with her after. Once alone, Liz and Sabrina talk about Liz's fear that Jason won't come back to her. Later Sabrina heads to GH, but cancels her appointment. After Sabrina runs into Anna and asks if there is any progress on Carlos' killer. Anna gets nervous, promises to keep her posted and then heads off. At the end, Michael comes to the hospital and learns that Sabrina cancelled her appointment. Meanwhile Patrick sees Sabrina and apologizes to her for what happened between them when Robin came back.

Anna runs into Dr. Maddox at The Metro Court. He notices that she has St. John Wart with her and suggests that she's self medicating. Later Anna heads to GH to talk to Patrick about Emma's kidnapping attempt. Patrick assures her that Emma will be protected. Then Patrick confides in Anna about his concerns regarding Sam since Jason came back. Anna advises Patrick to trust Sam and let her do what she needs to do. Later Sam calls Patrick to tell him she loves him, but needs to help Jason. Patrick says he trusts her and wishes her well. Meanwhile, Anna goes to Dr. Maddox's office and says she needs help. 

At the end, Liz returns to Sam's place and tells her she wants to come along on the search for Jason. Then Spinelli calls Sam to tell her that Jason is headed to Cassadine Island!

End of show!

So Anna is a druggie for taking St. John's Wart...come on that's so silly!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Marital Woes

Today's Show - 

Nina and Franco talk before heading out to their new jobs. Nina is nervous about starting at Crimson and Franco has his psych evaluation at GH. Kiki teases Nina while they talk. After Franco tells Kiki to stop insulting Nina. He nicely advises her to get a job and get her act together. Later Morgan comes to visit Kiki when she's alone and she tells him she needs a job. Morgan asks what experience Kiki has and suggests that she could be waitress at The Metro Court. Then Nathan comes over looking for Franco. Kiki tells him to look in the hospital. At the end, Kiki goes to the Metro Court and asks Olivia for a job.

Over at GH, Dr. Obrecht introduces Franco to Dr. Andre Maddox for his evaluation. They go into Dr. Maddox's office and Dr. Maddox reviews Franco's files. Franco is quick to say the tumor he had is why he did so many bad things in the past, but Dr. Maddox says he's concerned about what Franco did after his Halloween wedding debacle with Carly. Then they talk about his relationship with Nina and Franco says he wants a job to prove to Nina that he's worthy of her. Dr. Maddox thinks Franco is trying too hard to say the right things. Later Dr. Obrecht bursts in wanting to know if Franco passed. She then gives Franco his job back without listening to Dr. Maddox's concerns.

Lulu interrupts Alexis and Julian during their dinner at the Metro Court to ask Alexis to represent her. Then Olivia comes over to tell Julian that Leo said his first word. Alexis dismisses it by saying Leo is too young to talk. After Julian heads off to Crimson and Alexis leaves for work. Then Lulu talks to Olivia at the bar and Olivia tells Lulu that Dante will always help her with Rocco. Later Alexis returns and apologizes to Olivia for blowing off her comment about Leo earlier. Then she invites Olivia and Leo to Thanksgiving dinner. 

Over at Crimson, Lulu stops by to see Maxie and Maxie tells her how excited she is to be back. Lulu thinks Nina won't make it as the CEO. Right then Nina walks in and hears Lulu talking about her. Maxie introduces them and Nina tells Lulu she's welcome anytime. Then Lulu leaves and after Maxie hands Nina a book of Crimson's current status reports. Nina is overwhelmed and asks Maxie what she thinks they need to do. Maxie thinks they need a complete re-branding of themselves. Later Julian comes by and tells Nina not to spend much money and suggests she focus on social media marketing. At the end, Nina tells Maxie in private that she doesn't know what to do. Maxie says she will help her and that Nina needs to be the face of Crimson.

Nathan brings Dante food to his car during a stake out. Dante tells him he's waiting for a newbie to do a ride along so Nathan heads off. After Valerie shows up as the newbie and they talk about the case Dante's working on. Then Dante tells Valerie that his embryo plans with Lulu are on hold. Later Lulu calls Dante to tell him that he can visit Rocco. At the end, Valerie falls asleep on Dante's shoulder and Lulu sees them. 

Carly and Sonny argue at their house. Sonny dares to end their marriage so Carly threatens to walk out. Then she realizes that he's trying to push her away before things get really difficult for him. Sonny finally softens and apologizes. Carly tells him he has to stop taking his anger out on her, but she's not going anywhere. Then Epiphany stops by to do physical therapy. She tells Carly to leave so she can work with him alone. Once alone, Epiphany takes control and let's Sonny know he has to do exactly what she tells him. She makes him uses weights, but Sonny tries to overdue it when Epiphany leaves.

Ava tells Paul at her apartment that she won't be his whore. Paul clarifies that he thinks Ava should get back at Morgan, but not sleep with him. Paul wonders if Ava's cool feet are about her feelings toward Morgan. Ava gets insulted and slaps Paul across the face. Then she insists she can get the job done. Later Carly stops by so Paul hides. Ava and Carly discuss Avery and Carly tells her she in for the fight of her life. Then Carly sees the box of Avery's things that Morgan brought over and gets upset that Morgan came to see Ava. She's quick to warn Ava off from seeing Morgan and walks out. After Ava rants to Paul that she's going to claim what is hers. Paul likes what he hears and they start making out. At the end, Carly calls Morgan to the hospital and pushes him to see a doctor. Nearby, Nathan shows up and arrests Franco for Carly's accident. 

End of show!

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Monday, November 16, 2015

We Kissed

Who kissed who?
Monday's Recap - 

At Sonny's house, Carly tries to make changes to adjust life for Sonny's wheelchair, but Sonny takes offense. He cops an attitude and tells Carly she can move out if she doesn't like it. Carly walks out of the living room and then Morgan comes in. Morgan hears Sonny giving Max orders about Ava, but Morgan says he wants to be the one to deal with Ava. Sonny gets upset and tells Morgan he doesn't want him involved. After Sonny tells Max to watch Ava, but he'll be the one to ultimately confront her. Meanwhile Lucas comes over and sees that Carly is stressed. She vents to Lucas about the situation with Sonny. Lucas suggests that Carly get Sonny a physical therapist to work with him at home. At the end Carly tries to reason with Sonny, but he threatens to end their marriage if she tries to be his nursemaid. 

Ava gets a visit from Paul at her apartment. He brings her a stuffed animal with a nanny cam inside. After Ava tries to get out of working with Paul, but they end up making out. Right then Morgan starts screaming for Ava to open the door from outside. Paul hides and Ava let's Morgan in. Morgan has a box of Avery's things to give to Ava and he asks if she is taking over Julian's organization. Ava thinks Morgan is trying to play her so she kicks him out. At the end, Paul advises Ava to strike back at Morgan. 

Hayden meets up with Tracy in secret and they discuss Hayden's seduction of Nikolas at the park. Hayden says seduction takes time, but Tracy doesn't want to hear it and threatens to tell Nikolas that Hayden is double crossing him. Hayden assures Tracy that she will manage to get ELQ from Nikolas for their agreed upon fee. Meanwhile Robin watches on a tablet as Emma gets approached by a kidnapper at the park as punishment for Robin contacting Patrick. Emma freaks out when the kidnapper tries to grab her and Tracy runs over to help. Robin watches with pride. After the security guard at the compound warns Robin not to cross them again. Robin says when Jason remembers he'll want to find her and Jason will kill them. The security guard doesn't buy it and orders Robin to get back to work. 

Patrick comes home and finds Sam looking at Jason's wedding ring. Sam tells him that Jason came over and they kissed. Patrick asks who kissed who so Sam answers it was mutual. Sam explains that Jason didn't remember anything. Patrick gets upset and wonders if Sam really wants to get back with Jason. Then Patrick gets a call from Tracy about Emma and runs out. Once he gets to the park, Emma is upset about Jason's return. She explains that Spencer told her about it and Emma worries that Sam will leave like Robin did. 

Jason heads to Wyndermere and threatens Nikolas in front of Elizabeth. He thinks that Nikolas knew all along that he was Jason, but Liz tries to smooth things over. Nik advises Liz to leave them alone together so she heads out. In private, Jason tells Nikolas that he will bankrupt him if Nik doesn't tell him what he wants to know. Then Hayden walks in and tries to defend Nikolas. Nik tells Jason Helena is the only person who knows about his past. 

Back at Patrick's place, Sam get a visit from Elizabeth. Liz wants to talk about Jason and she warns Sam that Jason is her finance. She asks Sam to give Jason some space. Sam gets upset and tells Liz it's not her business. She tells Liz that Jason will remember and what happens after that is anyone's guess. Meanwhile Jason gets on his motorcycle and leaves Port Charles. 

End of show!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Back On Monday

I'm still sick & will catch up on GH this weekend.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

No Recap Today

I'm sorry, I've been sick and haven't been able to catch up on GH yet.

I'll be back!