Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'm Deeply Ashamed

Here's What Happened - 

In Baltimore, Jordan and Curtis review Buzz's statement in a hotel room. Curtis emphasizes that Sonny is innocent of Morgan's death. Jordan agrees. Curtis suggests they chill out together until his truck is repaired. However Jordan is reluctant to stop working. Curtis steps out for awhile. Later he returns with take out from their favorite old place, which Jordan loves. They eat together and Jordan says it reminds her of old times. Then Curtis suggests they play poker. They end up flirting and it leads to a hot kiss. 

Michael brings Sonny food at his house and they briefly talk about Morgan. Then Carly shows up with gifts for them from her trip. Carly tells Sonny that Jocelyn doesn't want to see him. Michael offers to speak with Jocelyn and leaves to find her. Once alone, Sonny asks Carly where they stand with each other. Carly tells him that she's going to stay with Jocelyn at her house until Jocelyn comes around. Sonny kisses Carly and says he missed her. Meanwhile Michael goes to see Jocelyn at The Metro Court and Nelle is there. Jocelyn refuses to live with Sonny. Michael tells her she needs to forgive Sonny. Nelle agrees with Michael and encourages Jocelyn to forgive Sonny. Later the three of them end up going to Sonny's house. Jocelyn hugs Sonny and says she remembers that he made her happy. 

Sam shows up at Alexis' house unexpected and finds Julian there. She's shocked to see him. Julian says he dropped by to pick something up. Alexis tells Julian to leave so she can tell Sam the truth. Once alone, Alexis tells Sam that Julian is blackmailing her because she hit him with her car. She also tells Sam that she's been drinking for months and is deeply ashamed. Sam is sympathetic and says she knew something has been wrong for awhile. Alexis admits to being drunk when she babysat Danny. She also tells Sam that Julian pushed her into AA. Later Sam asks Alexis if she was involved with Tom Baker's murder. Alexis admits that she might have killed him. 

Jason runs into Liz at The Floating Rib. He can tell she's distracted and asks what's going on. Right then Kiki walks in and asks if Jason is there to help them with Franco. Liz tells Jason not to worry about it and asks him to leave. In private, Kiki tells Liz that the police are charging Franco with Tom Baker's murder. Liz assures Kiki that Franco didn't kill Tom and shows her Franco's bloody phone that she found. Kiki thinks they should expose the woman who Franco's been protecting. Liz doesn't think they should do anything just yet. Later Liz meets up with Sam. 

Meanwhile Jason gets a text from Julian and meets him at The Metro Court. Julian gives Jason very little information about Rudge. Then Julian returns to Alexis' house. When he arrives, Alexis accuses him of doing something to Franco. Back at the Metro Court, Jason collapses out of nowhere and falls to the floor. 

End of show!

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Monday, January 23, 2017

I Remember

Monday's Recap - 

Hayden and Finn finally make love in his hotel room. After she talks about how happy she is. Finn tells her this is just the beginning for them. Then she takes a shower. Once alone, Finn tries to quickly inject himself but Hayden ends up seeing him. She thinks that he's still sick, but Finn says it's just taking longer for his serum to work on him. Hayden believes him. Later they go to The Floating Rib for some food. They run into Brad there. Brad is eager to talk about getting a grant for Finn's serum. In private, Brad asks why Finn is lying to Hayden about his health. 

Nathan carries Maxie into their hotel suite and welcomes her to their honeymoon. Maxie sees a bunch of presents, which Nathan tells her are all from him. Maxie thinks they should make love before she opens any of them. After talk about some of their early memories together and Maxie begins to open her presents. She gets a box of her favorite cookies, a new custom handbag and a bejeweled diamond necklace. Nathan explains that the necklace belonged to his grandmother. Later Maxie gives Nathan a coveted autographed Yankee baseball that he wanted. At the end Nathan gives Maxie a final gift, a pair of handcuffs. 

On the Metro Court balcony, Anna remembers how she knows Valentin. Both Anna and Valentin tear up as Anna recounts him visiting her on her birthday back in her WSB days. Griffin goes to Anna's defense so Valentin seethes that Griffin needs to leave before he beats him unconscious. Anna tells Andre to take Griffin and go. Once alone, Anna remembers that Valentin looked different in the past. At the same time, we get a flashback of her memory. Valentin says he had surgery to alter his appearance because of Anna. He also talks about how the WSB used him for his brain while keeping him in a dark room due to his unpleasant appearance. Valentin claims her rejection made him change his life for the better. 

Lulu ends up telling Charlotte that she's her real mother in the linen closet at the hotel. However Charlotte screams that its not true and runs out. She unintentionally locks Lulu in the closet on her way out. After failing open the door, Lulu decides to climb out through the air vents to escape. Meanwhile Dante tries to talk to Nina back in the reception area about Charlotte. Nina thinks Lulu is being selfish by going for sole custody. After Dante goes looking for Lulu and Charlotte runs to see Nina. Charlotte tells Nina what Lulu told her. Nina advises her not to worry about it until they talk to Valentin. 

Andre talks to Griffin about his hostility toward Valentin at the Metro Court bar. Griffin thinks Valentin killed Claudette. Then Valentin comes to comfort Charlotte and tells her that Griffin is lying about him hurting Claudette. Dante also enters the room looking for Lulu. Right then Lulu comes falling through the ceiling. Later Charlotte tells Valentin that Lulu said she's her mother. Valentin says he will explain it better once he has time to think about everything. Meanwhile Lulu tells Dante that she told Charlotte she's her real mother. Lulu thinks Charlotte hates her. Nearby Anna comes to talk to Griffin and Andre. She tells them she used to be friends Valentin and rejected his advances. Anna thinks Valentin wants revenge against her now. 

Liz leaves a message for Franco from The Floating Rib pleading with him to call her back. Then Brad comes over to her saying the police are looking for Franco too. Meanwhile at the Roadhouse, Scotty asks the bartender if he's seen Alexis. Then he gets a call from Liz. He tells Liz to come meet him at the Roadhouse. When Liz gets there she sees Franco's car in the parking lot. However Scotty says he hasn't seen Franco. Liz wants to call the police, but Scotty thinks that would make things worst. At the end, Liz asks the bartender where Tom was murdered. He tells her the alley in the back. She goes looking in the alley and finds Franco's phone with blood on it.

End of show!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

GH Was Preempted Today

GH was preempted today due to the Presidential conference. Unfortunately, I won't be able to recap tomorrow's show. Since there won't be a new GH on Friday either, I'll see you on Monday!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Finally Hitched!

Today's Show - 

Maxie prepares for her wedding and heads down the Crimson elevator with all her female helpers. Meanwhile Nathan, Dante and NuSpinelli wait for them in the dining room. When the elevator door opens, Spinelli insists that Nathan blindfold himself so he won't see Maxie, which Nathan does. Once Maxie sees how pretty the room looks, she thanks Nathan for all his efforts. Then Mac brings Georgie to see Maxie. Mac says he couldn't let his little girl get married without her little girl. After he warns Nathan not to hurt Maxie or else. Then Anna arrives with Emma followed by Griffin shortly after that. 

Later Felicia learns that Lucy can't make it to the wedding to conduct the ceremony. Robin reminds Spinelli that he's an officiant and can marry them. Nearby Valentin shows up, which upsets Lulu. She asks him to leave, but Nina quickly steps in to defend Valentin. After the wedding begins. Mac walks Maxie down the aisle and Spinelli begins the ceremony. However Dr. O bursts in saying she objects. She cries that she was notified by text and feels like she was left out. Nathan and Maxie sooth her concerns so Dr. O sits and allows them to continue the wedding. Maxie and Nathan say their own vows and we get flashbacks of their first meeting and relationship. While watching their union, Anna has a disturbing memory about her past that appears to be a rape flashback.

Andre approaches Jordan at The Metro Court and is excited for their date at the wedding. Then Curtis comes over and tells Jordan if she wants to meet Buzz they need to go tonight. However Andre doesn't like the idea and asks Jordan to stay with him. Jordan tells him she has to follow every lead. Later Jordan leaves the wedding against Andre's wishes to go with Curtis. 

Julian tells Jason and Sam at GH that he wants to tell them the truth. Sam shows him the picture of a little boy Jason found at the pawn shop and asks if it's Julian in the picture. Meanwhile Olivia gets a call from Ned about baby Leo and tells her to come to GH. When she arrives, Julian, Sam and Jason join her and Ned tells them that he found Leo with an open bottle of aspirin. Julian listens to Olivia cry and gets upset. Shortly after Olivia learns Leo will be okay. Julian thanks Ned for getting Leo to the hospital. Then he decides not to tell Sam and Jason what's really going on and leaves. Meanwhile Olivia asks Ned to be Leo's father figure and Ned assures her he's up for it. Ned also says he thinks something else is going on with Julian.

In the Asian Quarter, Rudge goes to speak with his lady boss to tell her that their backup plan is in motion. At the end of the show, Julian bursts in and demands to see "her". Then Olivia Jerome walks out saying she'll always make time for family. 

End of show!

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Welcome to Your Wedding Day

Here's What Happened - 

Sonny thinks about his last encounter with Nelle at his house. Then Sam and Jason stop by and tell him that Rudge's pawn shop is owned by a dummy corporation. Sam also tells Sonny that Julian seemed genuinely worried about her getting involved with the case. In private, Sonny tells Jason he's a good friend and wants to have a conversation about Jason's role in his business. Jason says he belongs with his wife and kids. Later as they leave, Sam tells Jason she's with him no matter what he wants to do with Sonny's business. Then she starts to have cramps so Jason takes her to the hospital. While there they run into Julian. 

At The Metro Court, Nelle helps Olivia set up Maxie's wedding. Then she runs into Michael. They head to the coffee shop and chat. Michael says he's glad she decided to stay in Port Charles. Nelle replies that staying in town is lining up with her long term goals. Then Nelle tells Michael she used to be able to ice shake at an Olympic level, but had to quit because of financial reasons. Michael encourages her let go of the past. Back at Sonny's house, Griffin stops by. Sonny ends up confessing to him that he slept with another woman. Sonny wants to know if he should tell Carly. Griffin advises him to think and pray on it before doing anything. 

Maxie goes to the airport and tries to get a flight to Portland to see Georgie. While there she runs into NuSpinelli. She asks why he's there. NuSpinelli claims he's doing a job for Sam. Maxie wants to see Georgie, but he says Ellie took Georgie to Disney World. Then NuSpinelli wants to drive Maxie back to town to see Nathan.  Meanwhile at Crimson, Nina tells Nathan that Maxie disappeared. Dante, Lulu and Robin show up to help find Maxie. They check Maxie's computer and find out that she took a car to the airport. Nathan and Dante decide to go to the airport looking for her. While there Nathan learns from the airport clerk that he heard Maxie say she was going to Disney World.

Back at Crimson, Maxie arrives with NuSpinelli and gets surprised by Robin and Lulu in Nina's office. Lulu says to Maxie, "Welcome to your wedding day!" Then Felicia shows up looking fabulous and Maxie realizes that everyone worked together to surprise her, especially Nathan. NuSpinelli calls Dante just in time before Nathan was about to go to Disney World. Later Nathan and Dante arrive at The Metro Court in preparation for the wedding. Nathan thanks Dante for his help and calls him his brother. Then they share a hug. Meanwhile Maxie thanks everyone at Crimson for helping her and the ladies share a group hug.

Curtis runs into Jordan at The Metro Court and decides to tell her that he's got a lead on who killed Morgan. He stresses that it's not Sonny. Curtis tells her about how he and Jason broke into the pawn shop and about what he learned from the homeless man, Buzz. Curtis brings up the mysterious woman as well. He also says he stashed Buzz somewhere safe. Jordan wants Curtis to bring Buzz in so she can get a statement from him. She tells Curtis if he does bring Buzz to her it will help her trust him again. However Curtis says he can't do that and suggests that she let him take her to Buzz instead. 

Julian gets a check up at GH from Griffin. When Griffin steps out, Rudge slips in and surprises Julian. Rudge tells Julian he's had enough of Jason Morgan and so has his lady boss. He orders Julian to "get rid of" Jason tonight. Julian refuses to kill his daughter's husband. Then Griffin returns and asks what's going on. Julian claims Rudge is his driver. Griffin tells Julian his scans look fine so he's free to go. Once in alone again, Julian tells Rudge he's tired of being asked to do things that will hurt his family and says, "I'm done!" Julian says he's going to tell his family everything. After Rudge has his henchman go after Olivia to teach Julian a lesson. Later Olivia gets bad news about Leo. 

End of show!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Operation Maxie

I love you!
Friday's Show - 

Franco gets knocked out and wakes up in unknown location unsure of what happened to him. He mentally tries to retrace his steps and then starts to call for help to no avail. Meanwhile Liz is looking for Franco at the hospital. Kiki approaches her also looking for Franco. Liz says she's getting worried, because she can't find him. Kiki tells Liz that Franco knows who killed Tom and she wants him to go to the police. Liz asks who the person is. Kiki says she's not sure. Liz wonders if Franco went on the run. Kiki doesn't think Franco would leave her. At the end, Franco tries to warm himself by wrapping himself in bubble wrap.

Finn brings Hayden to the coffee shop to learn how to ice skate. She gives it a try, but gets exhausted and quits. Hayden tells Finn she wants a hot toddy and a hot bath. They go back to his hotel room. Hayden wants to shower and when she's not looking Finn prepares to inject himself. However Hayden sees him and asks what he's doing. Finn tells her he was just looking for some hand cream. Then when she goes back into the bathroom, he finally injects himself. After Hayden and Finn toast to Roxie and the future. Then they eat together and talk about the vaccine. They end up kissing and take things to the bedroom.

Maxie and Nathan go to Crimson. Maxie tells Nathan she loves him and she'll wait forever to marry him. Then Nina gives Maxie a "to do" list. Once alone with Nathan, Nina is excited to surprise Maxie with his secret wedding plan called Operation Maxie. Nathan tells Nina that Claudette is dead. Nathan is worried that Valentin is involved, but Nina lobbies that Claudette was a liar. They agree to drop the issue and focus on Operation Maxie. Nina assures Nathan she's always going to look out for him. 

Later Dillon goes to Crimson to help with Operation Maxie and tries to keep Maxie from leaving the office. He convinces Maxie to help with a wedding project for the magazine. While doing so Maxie says the only thing that matters is that you marry someone you love, not dresses and fan fair. At the end, Maxie chooses a wedding dress for Nina's project that Nina says is perfect. However she disappears before Nina and Dillon can tell Maxie about the surprise. 

Valentin runs into Lulu and Dante at The Metro Court. Dante is quick to tell him that Claudette is dead from a suicide. Valentin says nothing surprises him about Claudette. Lulu doesn't think Valentin cares and says he has no conscious at all. Valentin defends himself by saying Lulu doesn't know him and he's worried for Charlotte. Lulu pushes for Valentin to tell Charlotte that she's her real mother, but Valentin says, "absolutely not!" He says it's too much too soon. Then Valentin walks off. 

After Valentin calls Nina to tell her about Claudette and says he's glad they got married. Then he picks up Charlotte. She asks about her mother. Valentin says he has sad news and tells her Claudette died. Charlotte takes it surprisingly well and says maybe Nina can be her new mommy. Meanwhile back at the Metro Court, Dante tells Lulu he agrees it's too soon to tell Charlotte about Lulu being her mother. Then Nathan walks in and asks if they're ready to make him a married man. At the end, The Metro Court is all decked out and Nathan calls Nina to tell her everything is ready. 

Alexis goes to an AA meeting at GH and admits she's an alcoholic. She explains that she started drinking because she got involved with a man who made her a victim. Alexis thinks there is something broken about her when it comes to men. The group counselor assures Alexis that if she continues group therapy things will get better. Alexis isn't so sure and says she's done something that she's not sure she can make up for. The counselor thinks Alexis needs to forgive herself. Alexis cries and says the only thing she wants right now is another drink. The counselor says she needs a sponsor. At the end, Liz sees Alexis coming out  of the AA meeting and a bell goes off in her head. She wonders if Alexis killed Tom.

End of show!

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Need Help

Here's What Happened - 

Maxie and Nathan arrive in Canada looking for Claudette. They check into a hotel and make their plans to meet up with Claudette's mother. After Nathan talks about them buying a house together. Maxie loves the idea. Then they get a knock on the door from the local inspector. The inspector tells Nathan and Maxie that Claudette is dead from an apparent suicide. The news upsets Nathan. However after the inspector calls Valentin to say Maxie and Nathan believed his story. 

At The Metro Court, Charlotte and Nina wait for Valentin. When he shows up, they tell Charlotte about getting married. Charlotte takes it well and says it sounds wonderful. Valentin then surprises them with wedding rings. He asks Charlotte to help him exchange them with Nina, which Charlotte loves. At the end, they all leave together like a happy family. 

Franco goes to his apartment and finds Kiki there. She tells him about her NYE bus trip with Dillon. Kiki says she going to stop fighting her feelings for Dillon. Franco thinks it's important to fight for love. After he tells her about what's going on with Tom Baker's murder. Franco tells her he knows who killed Tom, but he can't go to the police. Franco thinks he needs to stay quiet, even if it effects his relationship with Liz. Kiki tells him that Liz stopped by to see him earlier. She thinks he has a real chance of being with Liz. 

Sonny grills Nelle at his house about what she said to Carly. Nelle tries to explain that she lied about seeing someone who is "unavailable" so Carly wouldn't try to set her up with Michael. Sonny gets assertive and insists it's best that Nelle say nothing that will make Carly curious. Meanwhile at The Roadhouse, Jason shows Sam the picture of a child he found at Rudge's pawn shop. Sam thinks the child looks familiar. After they decide go to Sonny's house. Nelle quickly excuses herself and once alone, Jason and Sam tell Sonny about the mysterious woman connected to Rudge. In private, Jason asks Sonny if things are okay with him and Nelle. Sonny says he thinks Nelle isn't as innocent as she appears to be. 

Alexis continues to panic about possibly killing Tom Baker at her house. Julian thinks she's going through alcohol withdrawals. Then he goes over the night Tom died and asks if Alexis remembers seeing anyone else. Alexis tells him about the bartender. While they talk Alexis "sees" Tom in Julian's place. She imagines that Tom says she killed him, encourages her to drink and then envisions a bloody knife in her hand. Alexis talks to her vision of Tom Baker, even though it's just Julian, and insists that he get away from her. At the end, she snaps out of it and begs Julian for a drink. Then she sobs, "I need help!"

End of show!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I've Earned My Spot

Today's Show - 

Bobby snaps Carly out of a daydream at The Metro Court. Carly was thinking of her recent love making with Sonny. Nelle comes over and blurts out that Carly and Sonny are back together. Bobby gets visibly irked by her presence, but stays cool and tells Carly she just wants her to be happy. Carly is convinced that Sonny would never betray her. Bobby makes a comment that Carly might not need Nelle as much anymore, which annoys Nelle. Carly tells Nelle she will always need her. Later Nelle ends up convincing Carly to go to Australia to see Jocelyn and offers to check on Sonny while she's gone. 

After Carly and Nelle talk and Nelle indicates that she might be seeing someone who is married. Then when Bobby learns that Nelle pushed Carly toward going to Australia, she gets snippy with Nelle. Nelle suggests they finally talk things out privately. However their conversation quickly goes south. Nelle gets defensive and says that she earned her spot and didn't do it on her back like Bobby did. She reminds Bobby that she was a hooker. Bobby takes it in stride and says she thinks the real Nelle just showed up. Bobby wants to know what Nelle is up to and warns her to watch herself. 

Sam goes to Ava's apartment looking for Julian, but quickly realizes that he's not staying there. Sam says Jason has uncovered new information about Morgan's death. Ava gets rattled and thinks of how she switched Morgan's pills. Sam takes notice and wonders if Ava was involved with Morgan's death. Ava gets offended. Sam then wonders if Ava is the mysterious woman connected to Rudge. However Ava laughs off her idea. Sam gets offended and leaves. After Ava leaves a worried message for Julian. 

Jason and Curtis find the back room at Rudge's Asian Quarter pawn shop empty. Jason finds a mysterious picture of a little boy. Then someone locks the door and sets a fire, trapping Curtis and Jason inside. They manage to get themselves free and then go to the Roadhouse for some water. Curtis thinks it's time to involve Jordan, but Jason thinks they need to find out who Rudge is working for first. Later Sam joins them. Curtis excuses himself and once alone, Sam tells Jason about her conversation with Ava. Sam says she thinks Ava is hiding something about Morgan.

At the Roadhouse, Franco and Scotty find a picture of Tom and Alexis together. Franco thinks it could mean Alexis is guilty of murder, but Scotty thinks that's unlikely. Meanwhile Alexis blurts out at her house that she killed Tom Baker. She explains to Julian that it happened the night of Sam's baby shower and it wasn't the first time she'd met Tom. Since Alexis doesn't remember stabbing Tom, Julian thinks she might be innocent. He wonders if Franco is responsible. Right then Franco knocks on the door. Julian hides so Alexis opens the door. Franco shows her the picture of her and Tom together. Alexis ends up kicking him out. After Julian tells Alexis she needs to get sober to fight this. 

Diane goes to Sonny's house and finds him smiling. Sonny says Jason might have evidence that Julian bombed his own car. Diane isn't so sure it will make a difference because there is a new D.A. in town who is eager to make a name for herself. Later they end up having pasta and wine together. Diane says she's always been fond of Sonny and his family. Diane thinks they should bring up Morgan's bipolar disorder at the trial. Sonny also thinks Carly will be by his side when the time comes. 

Later Carly comes by to see Sonny. He talks to her about his conversation with Diane regarding his trial. Then Carly tells him about her plans to go to Australia and mentions that she thinks Nelle is dating someone who is married. Sonny looks concerned. After Sonny calls Nelle and tells her to come over. Meanwhile at The Metro Court, Carly asks Bobby to keep an eye on Sonny and Michael while she's out of town. 

End of show!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Madness

Who is this mysterious woman?
Here's What Happened - 

Franco and Scotty talk about Tom Baker at the Roadhouse. Scotty demands to know what Franco was doing the night Tom was killed. Franco tells him about putting Tom in a cage and then Tom getting out and putting him in the cage. Scotty doesn't think it looks good for Franco. Franco thinks he needs to find the real killer and mentions seeing Alexis at the bar. Later they go looking on Facebook and Twitter for clues. Scotty says there is a whole generation obsessed with selfies.

Laura tells Liz at the hospital that Kevin hurt his ankle while trying to impress the boys. Then they talk about how fond Liz's kids are of Franco and the news about Charlotte being Lulu's daughter. Laura pushes to know a little more about Liz's feeling for Franco. Liz takes Laura aside and says Franco did something to Tom that is very troubling. Laura advises her to decide if the good in Franco outweighs the bad. 

Kiki and Dillon return to Franco's apartment from their bus trip. Dillon brings up them kissing on NYE and hopes they can do it again. However Kiki is hesitant, because she still feels guilty about Morgan. Later Dillon takes a shower. He walks out in a towel and makes Kiki blush. Then they eat dinner and end up kissing. They get interrupted by Liz who is looking for Franco. Liz says she wanted to surprise Franco. However her visit reminds Dillon of the awkward dynamic he and Kiki have been going through. At the end, Dillon decides they should wait before taking things between them any further.

Jason and Curtis learn that Rudge has a female boss from the homeless guy (Patrick Swayze's brother) at the shelter. The man also tells them that this woman wanted him dead. Then Sam shows up and the guy takes off shortly after. Sam tells Curtis and Jason she thinks Julian is scared and in trouble. They wonder who this unknown woman is. Jason decides he's going to get to the bottom of it so he and Curtis decide to go find Rudge. Meanwhile Rudge tells the mysterious someone that Jason and Curtis are speaking with the homeless man. The mysterious person isn't happy and pours hot water on Rudge's hand. At the end, Jason and Curtis go looking for Rudge and this unknown woman, but find the back room of the pawn shop empty.

Alexis panics at her house when she can't find her vodka. Julian shows her a box of emptied bottles and claims he's trying to stop her from killing herself or someone else. While they argue, Alexis remembers being in a scuffle with Tom. Then she calls for a car to pick her up to take her to the bar. Julian accuses her of being dependent on alcohol and he threatens to call the girls if she leaves. Alexis then has another flashback and remembers Tom pulling a knife on her. Later Alexis decides not to go out to avoid upsetting Sam. Julian pleads with Alexis to get it together. After Julian makes her food. Alexis has another memory flash of getting a hold Tom's knife. It convinces her she's guilty. Alexis starts freaking out and tells Julian she killed a man. 

End of show!

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