Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Slap Happy

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow! Here's a blurb from the ABC GH Blog:

Madeline tells Nina that she saw Silas with Ava. Nina proceeds to go into meltdown mode...again. She slaps her mother across the face and then talks to herself for a while. Finally, she announces she is going to kill Ava and Silas.

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P.S. You can watch today's show here ---> GH 10/29/14

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beggar's Night

Handsome Paul Bunyan
In today's episode all the kids are celebrating beggar's night, Franco and Scotty have a father/son moment and Sonny reaches out to Carly!

Tuesday's Recap - 

At Windermere, Spencer gets a visit from Josslyn who's dressed up in her corn costume for "beggar's night". She's accompanied by Maxie and Lucas, who explain to Nik and Britt that Beggar's night is a new tradition where kids get an extra night of trick or treating before Halloween. Spencer thinks beggar's night is for townies. Later in private, Josslyn asks Spencer to hide her so she doesn't have to be in Carly's wedding. Meanwhile Maxie tells Lucas that she really misses Nathan.

Sam gives a visit from Patrick, Emma and Cameron in their Halloween costumes at her penthouse. Patrick is Paul Bunyan and looks adorable. In private, Sam tells Patrick she heard from Tracy and fills him in on Larry Ashton's return. Later the kids and Patrick convince Sam to join them in trick or treating. They head to Windermere as a group and Sam dresses as a make shift tree. Spencer decides to make Emma jealous and claims Josslyn is his girlfriend now. Emma seems a little crestfallen to hear it. Then Josslyn and Spencer make a plan in private to get her out of the wedding. At the end, Sam and Patrick agree to see each other again for Halloween.

Nathan and Diane chat at Kelly's. Diane is thrilled to have beaten Scotty in court off camera and gloats to Nathan about it. Nathan is distracted so Diane asks what's wrong. He explains to her what's going on with Judge Walter's ruining his relationship with Maxie. Nathan says he misses Maxie and asks if there is anything Diane can do to help. Diane is concerned that if they push legally it could make things worse. However Diane thinks that maybe Monica can influence Judge Walter's in their favor. At the end, Maxie walks into Kelly's. Nathan decides to tell her there is nothing Diane can do to help them. Maxie is clearly disappointed and quickly exits so no one sees her talking to him.

Michael offers NuJason/Jake a hand with his wheelchair at GH. Michael introduces himself and Jake explains that he met his mother Carly already. Then they get into a conversation about Carly's wedding. Jake says he thinks Carly is scared to get married. Michael says he's trying to support his mother, even though he's not thrilled with Franco. After Michael talks to Jake about wanting revenge for AJ's murder. Jake advises him to let the police handle it.

Carly tells Bobby at her house that she kicked Franco out of the house, because the bride can't be seen the night before the wedding. Carly asks for girl's night instead. Later Carly tells Bobby about Luke possibly be held hostage by Jerry Jax. Bobby is freaked out and leaves to see what she can find out. Meanwhile Sonny gets a visit from Shawn at his house to discuss Heather. Shawn explains that Heather made it seem like Franco wanted to bust her out. However, Shawn says Heather wouldn't give him any details. Sonny wonders what Franco is up to. They decide to move forward with their plan anyway. After Shawn leaves and Sonny decides to call Carly. He tells her he loves her and wishes her good luck at the wedding. Carly is touched, but quickly gets off the phone. At the end, Josslyn comes home and gives Carly a hug.

Scotty waits for Bobby in his hotel room, but gets a visit from Franco instead. Franco says he needs a place to crash since Carly kicked him out for the night. He informs Scotty that Bobby's not coming and later they end up in bed together, wearing matching bathrobes and share strawberries together. The bonding makes Scotty think of Logan and he explains to Franco that Logan was unbalanced. However he says Franco got his craziness from Heather. Later he tells Franco that he thinks it will be nice to become a family with he, Bobby and Carly. At the end, Scotty overhears Franco on the phone inquiring about Heather's whereabouts and asks what's going on. Franco lies and says he just wanted to make sure Heather is still locked up tight. 

End of show!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

"What in the Blue Blazes?"

Lord Larry Ashton
In today's episode Tracy gets a big shock at the Quartermaine's, Michael is determined to get the person responsible for killing AJ and Nina is on the hunt for Ava!

Here's What Happened - 

Rosalie goes to the Brownstone and asks to speak with Kiki and Ava. Kiki lets her in and Rosalie quickly tells Ava that Nina is looking for her. Kiki gets nervous and assumes the worst. Ava thinks that Rosalie told Nina where she is and threatens her. Rosalie says she didn't tell Nina, but wanted to warn Ava that Nina is losing it. Ava tells Rosalie to get lost. Rosalie heads off and after Ava thinks she needs to find a new hiding place. Kiki advises her to stay put for the time being.

Alexis and Olivia bump into each other at Kelly's. Olivia asks where Ned is, because she hasn't seen him in their martial arts class. Alexis didn't realize that they were taking the class together, but says it's nice because she knows Ned enjoys it so much. After Alexis tells Olivia that Ned is probably busy with Quartermaine's acting as gatekeeper.

In the Quartermaine crypt, Michael sees Sonny and asks why he's visiting AJ. Sonny says he came to visit Jason, not AJ. They get into a conversation about killing for revenge. Sonny wants to kill Faison to avenge Jason and Michael wants to kill the person responsible for killing AJ. Sonny advises him to let the law handle Carlos. Then Michael tells Sonny that he thinks Carlos isn't guilty and Ava really killed AJ. Michael asks if Sonny can help him look for Ava. Sonny looks guilt ridden, but tells Michael he'll let him know if he finds her. After Michael tells Sonny that he agreed to be Franco's best man and they talk about the upcoming wedding. At the end, Michael is alone and talks to AJ's tomb. He promises to make the person responsible for his death pay.

In an unknown warehouse, Heather impatiently waits for Franco. Shawn comes in the room instead. Shawn brings her a BLT from Kelly's and allows Heather to think he's working for Franco. Heather is pleased with her sandwich. Shawn tries to get information on Franco's plan from Heather. However, Heather won't say, because she thinks Franco wants to keep it between mother and son. At the end, Shawn calls Sonny and fills him in.

Franco founds Carly and NuJason/Jake chatting in his art room about Sonny. He asks what they're talking about so Carly quickly lies and says she was talking about Jax, not Sonny. Then Jake and Franco have an awkward introduction. Franco is eager to get rid of him and has an orderly take him back to his room. After he tells Carly that he can't stand Jake. Carly says she feels like she can tell him anything. Later Carly tells Franco that she knows he wants to get married at the Haunted Star. Carly doesn't like the idea, but Franco convinces her it's the perfect place. Then he also tells her that he wants to play a special video at their wedding, but refuses to tell her what it's about.

By the nurse's station, Dr. Obrecht asks Liz where Jake is. Liz tells her that he's in the art/assembly room. Shortly after Jake is wheeled over and he exchanges some snarky banter regarding his insurance situation with Dr. Obrecht. Liesl advises him to always call her Dr. Obrecht, not Dr. O and walks off. After he tells Liz  in private, that he just met Franco and Carly. Jake says he likes Carly, but not Franco. Jake says he thinks Carly has cold feet about her wedding. Later Jake wants to climb to the top of the hospital stairs and asks Liz for her help to accomplish it. She agrees and of course he successfully makes it to the top. Dr. O sees them and asks what's going on. Jake screams, "I'm the king of the world!"

Tracy, Ned and Lulu find a man they think is Luke wrapped in a big bag on the Q's patio. Ned opens the bag and sees a gray haired man with his head down. Ned checks for a pulse and finds one. Then the man starts coughing and Ned helps him to his feet. When he gets a good look at his face, Ned realizes it's not Luke, it's his father Larry Ashton. Tracy isn't pleased to see him and it's obvious that Larry's drunk. Larry asks Ned, "What in the blue blazes am I doing here?" Tracy and Lulu ask him where Luke is. Larry doesn't know what they're talking about. Then Tracy gets a text from Jerry that he promised to return her husband, but never promised which one.

Madeline tells Nina in Dr. O's office at GH that she knows Ava is with Kiki at the Brownstone. Nina is thrilled. Madeline also mentions that Ava was having some pain, but appears to be getting better. Then Dr. Obrecht walks in. Dr. O starts talking about how one of her nurse's gave a patient the wrong medicine and it could have induced premature labor. Nina thinks it has something to do with Ava. At the end, Nina thinks they need to snatch Ava right away before Ava can get away. Then she asks Madeline to write her a special prescription.

End of show!

What do you think of Billy Miller so far? I'm not sure about him yet.

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Friday, October 24, 2014


You want Carly!
No official recap today. I'll be back on Monday! In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of today's show from General Hospital Happenings:

A surprising person is concerned about Ava. 

Franco and Nina grow closer as they share information.

Kiki warns Ava that someone is on her trail.

Sonny has a flash from the past.

Carly confesses her secrets to NuJason.

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P.S. You can watch today's show here -- > GH 10/24/14

Luke Return's in November

Fluke No More, Please!

General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini informed the press at an ABC press Junket today in New York City, that none other than seven-time Daytime Emmy winner, Anthony Geary (Fluke/Luke) is back from his medical leave and will be seen on air in November!

Valentini told Soap Opera Digest,”We’re so excited to have him back. He has such unbelievable talent and there’s a lot of amazing stuff to come with Luke and Fluke.”

Then, GH head scribe Ron Carlivati added: “We’ve revved that story up, but now with Tony back for real, it’s about to get a little nuts!”

No airdate yet!

Happy he's back?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

You're Not Jason

Something so familiar!
Today's Highlights:

Liz and NuJason discuss old Jason's death and how he went from Quartermaine to Morgan. NuJason relates to losing his memories and time like old Jason did. Liz tells him it's not the same. She says, "You're not Jason!" Later Liz takes NuJason on a wheelchair tour of GH. She takes him into Franco's art room and fills him in on Franco's history. At the end, NuJason hangs out alone in the art room. Carly walks in and sees him.

Olivia confides in Dante at Kelly's about her feelings for Ned. She shows him the news article about Ned and Monica, but says she's confused because he's seeing Alexis. Dante advises her to tell Ned how she really feels. Meanwhile outside, Lulu tells Carly about Jerry kidnapping Luke. Then she informs Carly that Franco booked the Haunted Star for their wedding. 

Alexis questions Julian about his relationship with Jerry Jax on the Q's patio. Julian says he's hasn't seen Jerry since he fell off the GH roof a year ago. Alexis isn't sure he's telling the truth. Later Ned has his security kick Julian off the Quartermaine property. Julian goes quietly, but not before telling Alexis he loves her. After Alexis and Ned share a comforting friend hug and Olivia sees them.

Monica grieves for Jason in the Quartermaine crypt and Alice comforts her. Monica feels like she failed as a mother, because she couldn't keep them from being killed. Inside the house, Tracy asks Ned for his ELQ shares, because of the pickle she's in with Jerry Jax. However Ned says he doesn't care about Luke and refuses. Later Tracy asks for Monica's and Alice's shares of ELQ. Monica refuses, but Alice agrees. At the end, Tracy sees that Jerry is calling her from Luke's phone.

Franco goes to see Heather again in lock up, which Shawn quickly reports to Sonny. Meanwhile, Heather suspects that Franco still loves Carly. He admits that it's true, but agrees with Heather that Carly used him. Later we see Franco bribing one of the security guards to release Heather when he says so. After Dante calls the guard to make sure Heather is locked up and the guard tells him yes. Right then Shawn comes up behind the guard and knocks him out. Then Shawn takes Heather with him. At the end, Sonny goes to the Quartermaine crypt and is joined by an unseen person. (My guess is it's Helena...maybe?)

End of show!

Alice lost so much weight; she looks great!

Have a great night!

P.S. You can watch today's episode here --> GH 10/23/14

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hey Ted

Boys will be boys!
Today's Recap -

NuJason/John Doe/Jake tells Liz in his hospital room that he remembers two voices from the night he got hit with the car. Later Liz tells Jason about Dr. O's poor leadership skills. Dr. Obrecht walks in after overhearing. She sidesteps Liz and asks Jason if he has medical insurance. He says he doesn't know. Dr. O says he needs to get better and get out asap. Liz gets annoyed and hustles Dr. Obrecht out the door. After she tells Jason all about Dr. O's bad behavior and Faison. Liz explains that Faison killed Jason. She tells him that Jason died two years ago today, but they never found his body.

Michael finds Anna having breakfast at the Metro Court and wants to talk about AJ's murder. He tells Anna about what Sabrina told him about Carlos taking the fall for Ava. Anna asks if Carlos has prove of this. Michael says no, but he wants Anna to reopen AJ's case. Anna says she can't do that, but offers to question Ava and Sabrina on his behalf. Then Michael heads out and after Dr. Obrecht storms up to Anna's table. Dr. O insists that she didn't kill Victor. She says she shot him in self defense and to protect Nathan.

Lulu, Rocco and Dante have breakfast at Kelly's with Sonny and Olivia. Olivia sees an article in the newspaper about Ned supposedly having an affair with Monica. Then Tracy walks in just as Lulu and Sonny are discussing Luke. She tells them Jerry Jax framed Luke. Lulu wants to know where Luke is so Tracy informs them that Jerry is holding him hostage and wants ELQ. Later Tracy leaves and Sonny remembers that the day of AJ's funeral he saw Luke with Spencer. Sonny says after Spencer seemed off. At the end, Olivia tells Dante and Lulu about her vision and asks Dante to make sure Heather is still locked up.

Sam and Patrick return to Port Charles and head Sam's penthouse to see Danny. They find Alexis babysitting Danny and Alexis asks how the trip was. They fill her in on Jerry's involvement and the potential frame job he did on Luke. Alexis flashes to her last conversation with Julian, when he swore Luke wasn't his boss. Then she says she needs to warn Ned that Jerry is after ELQ and heads out. After Patrick thanks Sam for her help and her friendship. Danny hugs Patrick and calls him Daddy. Sam quickly corrects him and shows Danny Jason's picture. At the end, Sam thinks of Jason, gets emotional and hugs Patrick. She says she feels like she never got closure.

At the Quartermaine's, Ned also sees the news article about him. Julian walks in and says, "Hey Ted!" Then he tells Ned he planted the story. Julian informs Ned that he plans to plant more scathing stories about Ned unless he agrees to stop seeing Alexis. Ned is appalled and refuses. They end up fighting and fall onto the couch. Then Alexis walks in and sees them. She screams at them to stop. They do and after Ned tells her about Julian's attempt to blackmail him. Alexis asks to speak with Julian in private. Once alone, Julian tells her that he can't think objectively when it comes to her. Meanwhile Tracy comes to the Q's and tells Ned she needs his help.

At the Brownstone, Kiki tells Morgan that Michael thinks Ava killed AJ. Morgan wonders if it's true, despite initially thinking Ava was telling the truth about Sonny killing AJ. Kiki says she believes Ava and thinks Michael will get the police involved. Kiki tells Morgan she's having trouble looking Michael in the eye knowing who killed his father. Then Michael walks in. He tells them that he asked Anna to find Ava and if she can't find Ava, he will.

End of show!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dirty Little Secret

Hey, remember me?
In today's show Silas and Ava bond, Michael wants to know where Ava is and Madeline asks Dr. Obrecht for a favor!

Tuesday's Recap - 

TJ prepares for his French mid-term at Kelly's when Nathan comes in and asks if he's seen Nina. TJ says he hasn't seen her, but promises to call if he does. Nathan heads out and runs into Rosalie outside. He tells her that he's Nina's brother and asks if she knows where Nina is. Meanwhile Jordan walks into Kelly's and tries to make nice with TJ. However TJ isn't interested and gives her attitude. He says he knows she's sleeping with Shawn and asks why she didn't tell him. Jordan replies that it was because she didn't want TJ to shut Shawn out. It leads to an argument about Jordan selling drugs. At the end, Jordan says there's a lot more to the story that TJ doesn't know. She gets emotional and walks out.

Silas, Ava, Morgan and Kiki wait to see if the medicine Silas gave Ava will work at the Brownstone. Michael calls Kiki and says he wants to speak with her about Ava. After Kiki says she needs to go speak with Michael, but before she leaves Ava thanks Kiki for helping her. Then Ava tells Morgan she's feeling better, but Silas thinks she needs hydration and asks Morgan to make Ava soup. Once in private, Silas and Ava talk about Kiki. They rehash the past and Ava keeping Kiki from him. Silas tells her that she did a good job, because Kiki's a great girl. Then Ava tells him that she loved him very much and having Kiki give her something to hold on to from their past. Later Silas tells Ava about Nina and Ava being on her list. At the end, Morgan returns and tells Silas that he heard Rosalie is done helping Nina. Silas decides to stay close and make sure Ava is okay.

Madeline tells Nina at Nathan's apartment that she'll help her get Ava's baby. Nina is pleased even though she knows Madeline is only in it for the money. Madeline asks where Ava is. Nina doesn't know, but says Rosalie does. Madeline offers to reach out to Rosalie herself, since Nina isolated her. Then Madeline calls Rosalie. Rosalie takes the call in front of Nathan, which makes him want to know if it's Nina on the phone. Rosalie gives him the phone. Madeline quickly lies to Nathan and says she was hoping Rosalie knew where Nina is. They hang up and after Nina says Rosalie will keep quiet, because she knows her dirty little secret. Madeline asks what it is. Nina tells her Rosalie's secret, but we don't get to know what it is. At the end, Madeline calls Dr. Obrecht for a favor.

Michael waits for Kiki at GH in the conference room and flashes back to the night he and Kiki were invited to Ava's for dinner. Then Kiki walks in and asks what he wants to know about Ava. Michael says Ava might have killed AJ. He tells her about what Sabrina told him regarding Carlos taking the blame for Ava. Kiki has doubts and thinks Carlos is lying. Michael says he hopes that's the case, but he needs to be sure. He asks if Kiki knows where Ava is. Kiki is reluctant to say so Michael thinks they should get the cops involved. At the end, he decides to call Anna.

Franco tells Carly at the Metro Court that he knows she wants to leave to avoid him having words with Sonny. Carly says it's just better if they go home, because she knows Sonny bothers him. Franco says that's so sweet of her and promises to give her the wedding she deserves. Then they head out. When they get home, Franco tells Carly he talked to Michael earlier about AJ. Carly panics, but Franco quickly clarifies that he didn't say anything about Sonny killing AJ. Then he explains that he asked Michael to be his best man and Michael said yes. After they talk about the wedding and Franco says how nice it is that family will be there. Carly says yes, but she doesn't want to see Heather there. She tells Franco about Olivia's vision. Franco says Heather is locked up tight and there's no need to worry.

Olivia and Sonny chat about his feelings for Carly in the Metro Court restaurant. Olivia tells him she wants him to be happy and be with someone who can deal with his business. She thinks Carly is the best match for him. Then Shawn walks in and wants to talk with Sonny. Olivia tells them to watch out for Heather and walks away. Shawn is confused so Sonny tells him about Olivia's "Heather" vision. After Shawn tells Sonny that Franco just visited Heather. Sonny wonders what Franco is up to, but feels confident that he'll be dead in 48 hours.

End of show!

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Monday, October 20, 2014


Who killed AJ?
In this episode Olivia has a new vision, Michael becomes suspicious of Ava and Madeline makes a deal with Nina!

Monday's Recap - 

Lucas and Bobby enjoy some wine at Carly's place and chat. Bobby is excited, because Brad is coming over to meet her. When Brad arrives, Bobby tells him she loved his performance at the Nurse's ball. Then Lucas asks Brad to be his date for Carly's wedding. Later Bobby asks Brad if he could help Lucas find a job. Bobby tells Brad that Lucas went to medical school. Brad didn't have any idea and wonders why Lucas never mentioned it. Lucas says being a doctor isn't his thing. Bobby proudly responds that Lucas graduated at the top of his class. Lucas explains that he doesn't think he can measure up his father, Tony. Bobby disagrees and starts pushing Lucas to try. Lucas gets upset and tells her to back off. Brad jumps to his defense and says it's up to Lucas. At the end, Lucas agrees to talk to Dr. Obrecht about a job.

At the Metro Court, Olivia and Carly discuss Carly's feelings for Sonny. Carly gets annoyed at Olivia for suggesting she doesn't love Franco and asks, "Why am I marrying Franco then?" Olivia is shocked to learn they're getting hitched and says Franco's a psycho just like his crazy mother Heather. They continue to argue and Olivia has a vision of Heather. Olivia starts freaking out and yells, "It's Heather with a knife!" 

Nearby Sonny and Shawn continue to discuss their plans for Heather in the elevator. Shawn promises things will go smoothly, unlike what happened when he tried to kidnap Ava. After Sonny walks into the Metro Court restaurant just as Olivia is having her vision of Heather. Carly tells Olivia it's not Heather, it's Sonny. Olivia thinks she's seeing Heather, because Heather is planning to kill someone. Carly thinks her imagination is getting the best of her. Sonny looks worried. Olivia calls Franco, "Freako" and tells Carly to marry him at her own risk. Sonny takes Olivia aside and says he feels confident the wedding isn't going to happen. 

Franco tells Heather in lock up about the evil eye necklace/camera he gave Carly. He shows her his app and they listen to Carly's conversation with Olivia. After he invites Heather to the wedding. Heather asks how since she's locked up in maximum security. Franco says he's got a plan. Heather likes the idea of a Halloween wedding and thinks he picked it for her. Then she asks what he wants her to do. Franco tells her he's got a video for Michael to watch and he'll reveal Heather's part at the wedding. Heather hugs him and thanks Franco for admitting she was right about Carly. At the end, Franco goes to the Metro Court to see Carly and Shawn heads to lock up for Heather.

Sabrina informs Michael at GH that Carlos didn't kill AJ. Michael asks why she thinks that. Sabrina says she believes Carlos is innocent, because he told her he was and she trusts him. Sabrina says someone forced Carlos to take the blame for AJ's death. Michael asks who it was so Sabrina says it was Ava. Michael asks if Ava killed AJ, but Sabrina says she doesn't know. Sabrina tells him that all she knows is that Ava wanted AJ dead. Then Sabrina walks away and leaves Michael to think about how to handle the information.

Silas and Kiki finally arrive at the Brownstone to help Ava. Morgan gives Silas an update on what's been happening. Silas exams Ava and thinks he might be able to stop the labor with some medicine he has. He gives her an injection and they wait to see if it works. Then Silas asks who's after Ava. Morgan explains that they can't tell him. Silas agrees to keep it a secret. Kiki thanks him for his help and he tells her that he'll always be there for her. At the end, Michael calls Kiki and says he needs to talk to her about Ava.

Nina tells Madeline she wants her to steal Ava's baby for her at Nathan's apartment. Nina insists that Ava doesn't deserve to have a baby. However Madeline refuses, because she says it isn't right. Nina isn't pleased to hear it and screams, "I need a baby!" Then Nina decides to try another tactic and offers Madeline money. After Nathan tries to come in the door, but can't because of the chain lock. Nina tells her to get rid of him and hides. Madeline then unlocks the door and let's him in. She tells Nathan she locked the door, because she was afraid Nina would come over. He tells Madeline that Nina attacked Silas. Nathan wants to find Nina before she hurts anyone else and then leaves again. At the end, Madeline agrees to help take Ava's baby. Nina is delighted and oddly hugs her.

End of show!

I think Halloween on GH is gonna be great!

Have a great night!

Friday, October 17, 2014


You were right, Mom! Carly's a big slut!
In this episode Ava's labor drama continues, Nina is ready to cross Madeline off her list and Franco tells Heather she was right!

Today's Show - 

Heather gets a unexpected visit from Franco in lock up. She asks what he's doing there and says her only real son is Steven Lars. Heather is angry that Franco chose Carly over her. Franco says it was a mistake and asks for her forgiveness. Franco offers her a BLT from Kelly's. Heather eats the sandwich, but says it changes nothing. Then Franco tells Heather that he's marrying Carly, but tells Heather she was right about Carly all along. Franco says Carly broke his heart and has been cheating on him with Sonny. Heather isn't surprised and says Carly is just like Bobby. Franco tells Heather about Bobby and Scotty's renewed relationship. At the end, Franco reveals to Heather that he's only marrying Carly to settle the score.

Morgan comforts Ava at the Brownstone while she has cramps. They wait for Kiki to come back with Silas. Meanwhile, Kiki finds Silas unconscious at his apartment. She wakes him up and Silas tells her that Nina knocked him out and she's dangerous. He tells Kiki about Nina's list and tells her that her name was on it. Then Kiki finally tells Silas about the trouble Ava is in back at the Brownstone. He agrees to help, but on they're way out the door Nathan stops by looking for Nina. Silas tells him Nina knocked him out and took off awhile ago. Then Silas and Kiki take off. At the end, they finally get to the Brownstone to help Ava.

Madeline gets a visit from Nina at Nathan's apartment. Nina is shocked to see her and asks why Madeline isn't rotting in prison. Madeline tries to apologize for causing Nina to lose her baby and for putting her in a coma, but Nina says there is nothing she can say to make it right. Nina says the only thing Madeline can do is repent and then she screams at her to, "repent, repent, repent!" Madeline falls back into the couch in terror. Then Nina calms slightly, but says Madeline murdered her baby and she won't let her get away with it. Madeline tries to talk to Nina, but Nina doesn't want to it and starts discussing her list. Nina says now she can put Madeline back on her list, only to cross her off. Madeline tries to call Nathan, but Nina grabs her phone. Nina says she wants to kill Madeline and there's no one she can call for help. Nina continues to torment Madeline and rails on her for all her offenses. Madeline says she needs to forgive her and she'll do anything to make things right. At the end, Nina says that Madeline can bring her Ava's baby.

At Carly's place, Bobby tries to talk to Carly about her wedding fears. Carly says it's too late to call off the wedding. Bobby asks why. Carly gets defensive and insists she loves Franco. Bobby asks if Carly is under any pressure to marry him. Carly dances around the question so Bobby puts more pressure on her. Carly finally blurts out that it's about Michael. Bobby pushes for a clearer explanation. Carly says it's a private matter and Bobby needs to let it go. Carly says she's happy and she just needs Bobby to go along with her.

Sonny and Shawn discuss framing Heather Webber in his office. Sonny thinks she's the perfect choice, but worries Heather will go after Carly. Shawn says the only way to be sure that Heather doesn't hurt Carly is to keep her safely locked away. However, Sonny says he's got a plan. He pours scotch for them to drink and says they'll break Heather out but keep her under watch. Then they'll kill Franco and plant evidence to convict her. Sonny thinks this will keep Michael from ever knowing he killed AJ.

Sabrina continues to panic and feel guilty about Ava at GH. She wants to make sure that Ava is alright and worries about what to do. Nathan walks up to her and Felix and says he's looking for Nina. Felix says Nina's been walking and some are wondering if Nina ever needed her wheelchair at all. Sabrina asks if she can talk to Nathan about another matter, but he insists he needs to find Nina immediately and takes off. After Sabrina tells Felix she wanted to turn herself in. Felix thinks it's a bad idea. Later Michael approaches Sabrina and asks if she'll work at the clinic he's setting up for AJ. It leads to a tense conversation about Carlos. At the end, Sabrina tells Michael that Carlos didn't kill AJ.

End of show!

Enjoy Monday's Preview below!

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