Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Silver Bullet

You need a shirt or not!
In today's episode Sonny asks Duke for a favor, Michael officially changes his name and Helena makes a surprise visit to see Jake!

Tuesday's Recap - 

Duke gets a visit from his prison mate, Sonny, in jail. Sonny tells Duke that he plead guilty so Carly would go free. Sonny also tells Duke that he appreciates his loyalty and he's going to be released as well. Then Sonny asks Duke to take over his business for him. Duke says his relationship with Anna is over so he's got nothing left to lose. Duke agrees and promises to keep the business running soundly until Sonny gets out of jail. Sonny's not sure he'll be free anytime soon. At the end, Carly goes to see Sonny.

Jake wakes up from a bad dream at Liz's house and unintentionally grabs her wrist. He immediately apologizes and Liz quickly forgives him. Then she talks about Thanksgiving and asks if he's good at carving meat. Later Jake emerges from the shower shirtless, which catches Liz's attention. She surprises him with a nice new shirt and pants to wear for Thanksgiving. He's reluctant to accept. Liz talks him into it saying he can consider it a birthday present, since they don't know when his real birthday is. Later Jake shows off his new clothes to Liz and she likes what she sees.

Michael debates signing papers at the Q's to change his name. Then Carly stops by to visit him. He's not pleased to see her and they end up arguing. Michael orders her to get out before he calls the cops. Carly tries to reason with Michael and tells him that everything she did was about protecting him. However Michael doesn't want to hear it and tosses the papers to change his name at her. Carly tells him the story of how Jason gave him the name Corinthos when he was a baby. It gets to Michael, but he stands firm in his anger and signs the papers in front of her. At the end Michael screams for Carly to get out again and she finally leaves.

Alexis tells Sam over the phone that she won't make it for Thanksgiving, because of one of her clients. After Patrick stops by Sam's place to discuss Larry and the mask situation. Sam mentions that she's alone for Thanksgiving. Patrick invites her and Danny to spend Thanksgiving with him at Elizabeth's house. Sam doesn't think its a good idea, but Patrick decides to call Liz and ask anyway. Liz graciously agrees, which delights Patrick. At the end, Patrick says Sam can use her PI mojo to find out more about Jake.

Anna gets a visit from Alexis in her office. Alexis asks Anna to release Julian for Thanksgiving. Anna isn't happy with the request, but agrees. Then Agent Sloan drops by to see Anna. Alexis quickly leaves and after Sloan wants to discuss Faison. He blames Anna's ruse with Robert for allowing Faison to get away again. Agent Sloan tells Anna when the dust settles she's going to jail for a long time. After he leaves, Anna gets a visit from Duke, Meanwhile Alexis and Julian chat after he's released. Julian says he wants to go with Alexis to confront Luke.

Luke wakes up in his cell at Miscavige to Helena standing over him. Luke thinks he's hallucinating, but Helena assures him that when he shot her it wasn't a silver bullet. She touches his face and assures him she very much alive. Luke wonders if she's actually Faison wearing a mask of Helena, but she swears that's not the case. Luke demands to know who is pretending to be him. Helena won't say, but she does put a knife to his chin. Later Alexis and Julian find Helena walking out of Luke's room with a knife in her hand. Helena verbally torments Alexis and tells Julian he's way over his head with "Natasha." Then Helena leaves. At the end, Alexis and Julian find an unseen surprise in Luke's cell. Meanwhile Helena knocks on Elizabeth's door and Jake answers.

End of show!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Two Luke's

Escape Artist!
Today's Highlights - 

Shawn and Jordan talk on the docks about TJ. Jordan worries how the news about his father is going to effect TJ. Later when Jordan is alone she's approached by her division chief, Bob, who isn't happy with her connection to Shawn/Sonny. Jordan tries to explain that Shawn looks after her son, but her chief says they have an innocent man in protective custody (Ric) who is waiting to come home. Bob pressures her to step up her investigation.

TJ goes to Sam's house to see Molly in tears. He tells her about what Shawn and Jordan told him about his father. TJ thinks that seeing his father as a jealous nutcase changes everything for him. Molly says a man's death doesn't define his life and she talks about her situation with Ric. Later Shawn shows up and wants to talk to TJ. They decide to leave and go chat privately. After Molly rereads Ric's goodbye letter to her.

In the Wyndermere stables, Nikolas, Britt, Dr. O, Agent Sloan and Anna find the trap door empty with Faison no where to be found. Anna insists that Faison was there. Nik thinks Faison must have escaped, but Dr. Obrecht and Agent Sloan think Anna is lying. Anna says she hasn't physically seen Faison in a year. Dr. O freaks out and then attacks Anna. Nik and Britt pull Dr. O off. Anna says Robert arranged for a stable hand to look after Faison. Later Nik brings the stable hand in for them to question. He tells them that he was filing fake reports to Robert about Faison for a year.

Tracy and Lulu wait for news at the Q's about Larry. Sam and Patrick show up and tell them they found a flash drive and a picture of Faison in Larry's safety deposit box. They plug the flash drive into Tracy's laptop and find out that Faison was at Wyndermere. They also find a series of pictures of Faison's fake Duke mask. Tracy thinks the file is out of date and reminds everyone that, 'Robert Scorpio threw hot oil on that mask!" (That line really made me laugh. It just goes to show you how silly soaps can be at times. I love it though) Sam notices that someone wanted to make another mask and they wonder if it's a mask of Luke. At the end, Tracy gets word that Larry is on his way back to the Quartermaine's. Sam and Patrick quickly head off and after Larry walks in on Tracy and Lulu.

Julian tells Alexis from his jail cell that there are two Luke Spencer's. He tells her about his years in witness protection and meeting a guy named, Peter Caspin. Julian says Peter Caspin told him he had a lookalike in Port Charles. Then Julian tells her that he wanted to get out of the business, but Fluke ordered the hit on Lucas. Hearing this, Alexis realizes that Ric was innocent. Julian confirms that Ric was indeed innocent. Alexis is outraged at what he did to Ric. Julian swears it was all to protect her and Molly. At the end, Julian tells Alexis if she can get him out of jail he'll take her to Luke.

Fluke greets Luke at Miscavige with a gun when he tries to escape. They have a tense conversation and Fluke orders Luke back in his cell. Then Fluke recounts his evil plan to Luke and explains Jerry's involvement. Fluke also tells him about Larry's return to Port Charles and hints that Ned is somehow involved. Luke wonders if Fluke is Larry in a mask, but Fluke won't confirm or deny it. Then he locks Luke in and takes off. After Luke wonders whose behind this. Then we cut to scene of Faison smoking a cigar!

End of show!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Stolen Identity

Coming home!
Here's What Happened - 

Anna tells Agent Sloan and Dr. O in her office that Faison is alive. Anna explains that her and Robert wanted to kill Faison, but didn't. Dr. Obrecht and Agent Sloan are skeptical, but Anna hauntingly says Faison never left Spoon Island. She explains that Nikolas and Britt have no idea, but her and Robert decided to make sure Faison paid for his crimes. Then she offers to show them where Faison is. 

Spencer and Emma cut school and go to the stables on Wyndermere. Spencer tells Emma the story of what happened the night of Nik's engagement party. He says it was because of that night that he lost her. Then Nikolas and Britt walk in and startle them. Nik isn't pleased that Spencer cut class and has them returned to school. Later Nikolas and Britt are alone in the stables when Dr. Obrecht, Agent Sloan and Anna show up. Anna shows them a trap door in the floor and says Robert arranged for Faison to be feed from time to time. At the end, Nik opens the trap door. Dr. Obrecht screams down the hole for Faison, but they find it empty.

Lulu storms into the Q's living room with the intention of stalling Larry. She demands to know what Larry knows about Luke. Larry tells Tracy and Lulu that he only has seen Luke in Tracy's wedding picture at the mansion. Then he heads off. After Lulu tells Tracy about the safety deposit box and Larry's connection to Jerry Jax. They try to figure out what they could be up to. Tracy is convinced that Luke is a victim in whatever is going on.

Sam and Patrick head to the bank to check out Larry's safe deposit box. They pretend to be a married couple and provide fake ID's to gain access. When they get into Larry's safety deposit box they find another lock box inside. Sam works to open it, but then Larry arrives. They quickly close things up before Larry sees and head off. After Larry goes to inspect his lock box alone. Later Larry leaves and after Sam and Patrick try to peek in the safety deposit box again. They find a flash drive and a picture of Faison inside. 

Alexis visits Julian in jail at Lucas's behest. Julian says he's ready to tell her everything. Alexis isn't sure she can trust him, but Julian tells her how much he loves her and says he's ready to name names. Julian says Luke is and isn't his boss. Alexis is confused as to what he means and demands Julian explain. He says hat Luke Spencer isn't really Luke Spencer. Julian says someone else took Luke's place.

At the Miscavige Institute,  the real Luke remains drugged and helpless or so it seems. An orderly tries to give him another pill, but Luke cleverly spits it out after he leaves. He starts thinking about his hazy encounter with Fluke from months ago and is ready to escape. Luke remembers Fluke telling him about Rocco and his sleeping with Tracy. He wonders what he's done to deserve this and grows increasingly angry at the thought. Luke manages to break free from his straight jacket. He uses the bucket from the jacket to try and open the door. At the end, he manages to get the door open, but is promptly greeted by Fluke!

End of show!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

You Lying Scarecrow!

It's complicated!
In this episode Lucas gives Julian relationship advice, Nina and Franco grow closer and Anna tells Dr. Obrecht some shocking news!

Today's Show - 

Julian does prison cell sit ups in his jail cell at the PCPD when Olivia comes storming in. Olivia rants at him about Ava killing Connie and she demands to know where Ava is. Julian says the only person he knew that Ava shot was her. Olivia is disgusted and isn't sure she believes Julian. Right then Lucas walks in and says he believes Julian. Olivia decides to leave and after Julian tells Lucas that Alexis dumped him and won't help him get out of jail. Lucas advises him to come clean and get Alexis back. Julian replies that it's not that simple. Lucas says things are going so well with Brad that he wants Julian to feel the same thing. Lucas thinks Julian needs to fight for Alexis.

At Silas's apartment, Ava reads a scathing newspaper headline about herself. Silas comes up behind her and asks what's she doing. Ava says she's terrified about her situation and covers up the paper. She rants about Nina and Franco having her baby. Silas suggests that call Sam. He thinks Sam can use her private investigator skills to help. However Ava says no and thinks Sam might tell Sonny where she is. She begs Silas to help her look for the baby together. Silas agrees and at the end they take off together.

Franco and Nina continue to hide in their Canadian cabin. Nina wakes up in bed next to Franco and assumes they slept together. Nina starts ranting about how she feels that's cheating on Silas. Franco swears nothing happened and then just watches her unsure of what to do. He tells Nina that she needs to face reality and shows her Ava's newspaper headline. Nina is convinced that Ava's baby is hers so Franco explains what Nina did to Ava. Nina starts to remember it all correctly and gets emotional. Franco comforts her, but Nina is quick to say that she deserves the baby. Nina believes her and Silas can still be together, but Franco thinks otherwise. He advises Nina to let it go and move on. After Nina starts to realize that it's over between her and Silas. Nina says without Silas and the baby she has nothing. Franco tells her that she has him and they agree to stick together. At the end, Nina asks what they're going to do about the baby.

Lulu meets up with Sam and Patrick outside of Kelly's to discuss Lord Larry Ashton. They tell Lulu about overhearing Larry talking about Luke. Sam shows Lulu the copy of Larry's safety deposit box key. Lulu says she will go distract Larry so they can check it out. At the end, Lulu heads to the Quartermaine's and Samtrick goes to investigate the safety deposit box.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Larry assures Jerry on the phone that he will take care of Luke Spencer. After Tracy walks in and informs him they're having a family breakfast. Then Ned and Alexis walk in. Ned insists Larry stay put and eat with them. Later all four of them sit down to breakfast. They talk about Alexis's past pretending to be the Q's butler named Dodson. Later Olivia comes to the Q's to tell Ned about Ava shooting Connie and her. She also mentions that Julian's being held in jail. At the end, Alexis decides to go see Julian.

Nik notices Britt moping over breakfast at Kelly's and assumes she's thinking about Faison. Britt tells him that she's decided to cooperate with Agent Sloan. Britt says it's not personal against Anna and asks Nik not to think less of her. He says he'll support her, but asks what changed her mind. Britt says Nikolas influenced her to change her mind with his loyalty to his family. Britt claims that Faison is still her father and she wants to know what happened to him.

Anna finds Dr. Obrecht sitting in her desk chair when she walks into her office. Anna demands that she get out of her chair. Dr. O does so, but quickly tells Anna she's going down for Faison's death. Then Agent Sloan walks in. He tells Anna that he's investigating her. Dr. Obrecht says Anna is a "lying scarecrow" and tells Anna to believe they're coming after her. At the end, Anna says they don't need investigate her, because Faison is alive.

End of show!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Luke Spencer Problem

Silly Putty!
In today's show Shawn and Jordan enlighten TJ about his father, Silas lends Ava a hand and Sonny decides to plead guilty!

Here What's Happened - 

Anna, Michael and Kiki find Ava's hospital room empty. Michael thinks Kiki helped Ava escape somehow. Kiki realizes that by telling Ava that Michael knows she killed Connie, Ava used her to make a break for it. Later Michael and Kiki argue alone and Morgan interrupts them. Morgan tells Michael to leave Kiki alone. Michael gets nasty with both of them and accuses Morgan of helping Ava escape as well. Morgan swears he hasn't helped Ava and says he even gave her up to Sonny. Michael storms off in anger. After Kiki tells Morgan that Michael has written them off for good. Then she tells Morgan about Michael and Rosalie sleeping together.

At Kelly's, Jordan and Shawn sit TJ down to talk to him about his father. Shawn explains that TJ's dad didn't die under friendly fire. Jordan says that Shawn shot his father in self defense. They tell TJ they had an affair behind his father's back. TJ gets upset and tears up. Shawn says the affair was over long before TJ's dad died. Shawn explains that TJ's father didn't find out until years later and tried to shoot him. TJ breaks down. Shawn and Jordan assure TJ that his father was hero and they comfort him. TJ asks why they wanted to tell him now. They answer that he deserved to know the truth. TJ asks if this means Shawn could be his father. Jordan says that they had a DNA test done year's ago and Shawn's not his father. It's all too much for TJ and he walks out.

Down at the courthouse, Carly is counselled by Diane to keep her mouth shut. Then Sonny is brought in. Carly and Sonny take a moment to talk. Diane tells them both to plead not guilty. Nearby Bobby slaps Scotty while reporters snap pictures. He orders the reporters to leave and after he and Bobby argue about Carly. Bobby tells him that they're over. Later court begins and Scotty lobbies to get Carly a reasonable bail. However, the judge denies Carly bail altogether. Sonny feels responsible and discusses his options with Diane. Diane thinks it will take a miracle, but swears she can get him off. Sonny decides to talk to Scotty. Later court adjourns and Sonny comes out with Scotty. Sonny decided to plead guilty so Scotty would drop the charges against Carly. Sonny explains to Carly that he loves her and wants to protect her. Then he's taken to jail and Michael sees him.

Anna has Julian brought to her office at the PCPD. She wants to talk to him about Ava. Anna thinks Julian must have aided Ava in fleeing the hospital. Julian swears that he hasn't heard from her. Julian says he's worried about Ava and her baby. He thinks Anna needs to find the baby. Anna says she's trying to find the baby, but has a recording of Ava admitting to killing Connie. Later Anna decides to keep Julian in jail for 48 hours. Meanwhile Ava knocks on Silas's door and begs him to hide her. She says Sonny is still after her. Silas is reluctant, but ultimately agrees.

Sam and Patrick eavesdrop on Larry at the Quartermaine's. They hear Larry on the phone with Jerry. Larry says they need to do something about the Luke Spencer problem. Larry talks about a safe deposit box. Sam and Patrick decide they need access to it. Sam tells Patrick to stall Larry long enough for her to get the key. Patrick gets nervous, but walks into the living room anyway. Patrick makes a pretend apology to Larry for thinking the worst of him. Patrick says they should drink on it, but then he sees Sam wave to him from outside. Patrick tells Larry he changed his mind and he's going to let him drink alone. At the end, Sam shows Patrick that she made an impression of Larry's safety deposit box key with Danny's silly putty!

End of show!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mind Games

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow! In the meantime, you can watch today's episode here --> GH 11/18/14

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Michael Quartermaine

Arrest me or move on!
Today's Highlights:

Jake notices a picture of Liz and Jason together on her mantle. He assumes the man in the picture is Jason. Liz confirms it and then shows him a picture of Jake. Meanwhile, Sam and Patrick take Spencer, Josslyn, Emma and Cameron to Kelly's for milkshakes. Sam and Patrick discuss Larry Ashton and the kids discuss Sonny and Carly's arrest. Later Patrick takes Cameron home and they meet Jake. Patrick tells Jake that he had brain surgery before. Then Sam walks in and all four of them chat for awhile. At the end, Jake helps Cameron with his homework as Liz watches. Sam and Patrick head to GH to see if Patrick can get his job back.

Larry talks to Jerry on the phone on the Q's patio and tells him that he needs more time. Alice overhears him and asks what he was referring to. Larry pretends to be drunk again. Meanwhile, Monica sees red in the Quartermaine living room over Sonny killing AJ. Tracy and Ned think the upside is that Michael will finally see Sonny and Carly clearly. Later Larry talks to Ned and Tracy about ELQ. He wants to help them get Michael out and put Tracy in his place.

Anna and Dr. Obrecht run each other at General Hospital. They have a tense argument and Dr. Obrecht dares Anna to arrest her. Anna tells Dr. O that she's her shadow. Dr. O says Anna can't convict her of Victor's murder anymore then she can convict Anna of Faison's. Anna grows cold and torments Dr. Obrecht by mocking Faison's voice and tells her she'll never find him. Then Anna walks away.

At Wyndermere, Agent Sloan tells Britt and Nikolas that he wants to bring down Anna and the WSB. He asks Britt to help him bring Anna down for Faison's murder. Britt says no, because Faison was a terrible person. After Nik and Britt chat alone. Britt tells Nik that she wonders what really happened to Faison and looks at Agent Sloan's business card. Meanwhile Agent Sloan heads to GH and tries to enlist Dr. Obrecht in his quest against Anna. At the end, Anna runs into Agent Sloan on her way out of GH.

Michael pays Sonny and Carly a visit in jail. He tells them he couldn't leave things the way they were. Then he tells them that he plans on clearing AJ's name and wants Sonny's help to do so. Michael says he wants the recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder. Carly says it will bury Sonny, but Sonny says he'll have Shawn bring it to him. At the end, Michael goes to the Q's and tells them that he's changing his name to Michael Quartermaine.

End of show!

Why didn't Liz have any pictures of Lucky on her mantle?

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Love Isn't Enough

Remember this face?
Friday's Recap - 

Nik and Britt enjoy breakfast and newspaper headlines at Wyndermere. Britt sees headlines about her mother helping Nina and Madeline kidnap Ava's baby. After Nik feels randy and wants to take Britt to the bedroom, but they're interrupted by a knock at the door. Nik opens the door and meets Special Agent Kyle Sloan who wants to discuss Victor Cassadine. Agent Sloan comes in and says he wants to know what Britt knows about Faison. The agent says that Victor's files suggest that Faison was murdered by Robert and Anna. He says he plans on charging Anna with murder and he wants Britt's help to do so.

Lucy comes to the PCPD and tells Anna she needs to see Duke. Anna tells her that Duke is busy with Alexis right now. Lucy is anxious to tell Anna that she hired Alexis to represent Duke. Anna asks why she did that. Lucy says because Duke's her friend and was supportive of her in the past. Meanwhile, Alexis tells Duke in the interrogation room that his best option is to testify against Sonny. Duke responds that he willingly gave Sonny a false alibi and he won't turn on him. Alexis says that she admires his convictions, but that will probably result in him going to jail. Later Duke and Alexis emerge from the interrogation room. Lucy runs up to Duke and hopes Alexis can help him. Alexis says that Duke won't help her. Anna gets disgusted and walks off. At the end, Duke is taken to his arraignment. 

Carly and Sonny have an emotional chat while sharing jail cells across from each other at the PCPD. Sonny says Michael hates him and tried to kill him. Carly can't get over Franco's deception. Sonny responds that it's not Franco's fault, it's all his fault. Carly tells him she knows he wanted to kill Franco and she wishes he had succeeded. After they tell each other that they love one another, but Sonny says love isn't enough. Carly says she betrayed him when she told Franco that Sonny killed AJ. She says that after losing Jason she foolishly hoped Franco could bring a sliver of Jason back into her life and she apologizes to Sonny for it. Carly then tells Sonny it appears Franco helped Nina take Ava's baby. At the end, they speculate whether Duke will stay loyal or not.

Kiki is devastated to find Rosalie and Michael in bed together. Michael isn't the least bit remorseful and tells Kiki to get out. Kiki gets angry and refuses to leave. Michael says Kiki has no one to blame for him sleeping with Rosalie, but herself. Rosalie runs into the bathroom to get dressed and after Kiki and Michael argue. Michael tells Kiki that he doesn't love her anymore. He says Kiki lied to him and was controlling his emotions. Then he tells Kiki it's over between them. Michael also suspects that Kiki and Morgan are fooling around. Kiki swears that everything she did was because she loves him. Then she storms out. After Michael decides to go see Sonny and Carly at the PCPD.

At GH, Dr. Obrecht questions Liz and Jake about why he's still in the hospital. Liz tells her that they're on the way to get his discharge papers. Then Liz says that Jake is coming home with her. Dr. O and Liz end up exchanging some colorful words with each other and then Dr. Obrecht gets on the elevator. Later Dr. O runs into Anna at the hospital. Meanwhile Liz wheels Jake around the hospital and tells him her boys will love having him at her house. They pass by a wall of photographs and Jake notices Alan's picture. He asks Liz about him and Liz tells Jake that Alan was Jason's father. Jake looks at all the Quartermaine's and says Alan, Edward and Lila seem familiar to him. At the end, Liz finally takes Jake to her house and he notices a picture of Jason and Liz together.

End of show!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Call Diane!

In this episode Morgan and Carly bond, Alexis comes to Duke's aid plus Kiki gets a big shock at Michael's apartment!

Here's What Happened - 

Michael wakes up in bed with Rosalie next to him. He ignores Kiki when she tries to call his cell. Rosalie wakes up and thinks Michael wants her to go. However, he says he's got nobody else and wants her to stay. Michael also says he's done with Kiki. Rosalie dances around telling Michael what her secret is, but does admit to telling Madeline where Ava was hiding. Rosalie feels guilty, but Michael is quick to point out Ava's various list of misdeeds. Michael hopes that when the baby is found she's given to a distant relative. Later he and Rosalie end up having sex again.

Ava wakes up in the hospital to find Julian waiting by her bedside. Ava immediately demands to know where her baby is. Julian tells her that Madeline is in the hospital and she might be able to tell them something. Ava jumps out of bed and wants to get answers from Madeline. Julian stops her and tries to get her back into bed. Ava is panicked about her baby and anguishes over what happened. She starts screaming and crying so Julian hugs her. At the end, Morgan comes to see Ava and tells her they may have lead on the baby.

Sonny grows impatient waiting to make a phone call in his jail cell. Duke tries to calm him, but then Alexis shows up and tells Sonny everyone is looking for Ava's baby. Then she tells Sonny she's not going to represent him, she's there to help Duke. Alexis tells Duke that Lucy paid for her to defend him. Duke says Alexis should help Sonny instead. Sonny agrees and asks for Alexis to help him, but she advises him to call Diane. 

Nathan and Dr. Obrecht look after Madeline and wait for her to wake up at GH. Nathan thanks Dr. O for telling him where Nina was hiding out. She replies that she cares about him and regrets giving him up. Then Madeline wakes up. She tells Nathan she was afraid of Nina. Nathan insists that Madeline tell him who helped Nina. Madeline says, "It was Franco!" Dr. Obrecht realizes that she's the one who told Franco where Nina was, but doesn't mention it to Nathan and Madeline. At the end, Nathan goes to see Anna at the PCPD and says he knows who helped Nina escape. Meanwhile Madeline calls Dr. Obrecht out on telling Franco where Nina was.

Anna and Scotty share banter at the PCPD. Anna is annoyed at Scotty for allowing Franco to walk off after the wedding. Anna shares the DVD Franco sent to Carly with Scotty. Then she asks if Scotty knows where Franco is. Scotty reads Anna a goodbye letter that Franco wrote to him before leaving town. Then Anna asks for Scotty to issue a warrant for Franco and he agrees. Later Duke and Alexis see Anna at the station. Duke tries to talk to Anna, but she ignores him. At the end, Alexis tells Duke the only way out for him is if he rats Sonny out.

Carly goes to GH and runs into Morgan. Carly apologizes to him for her disastrous relationship with Franco. Morgan is understanding and Carly thanks him for keeping Michael from shooting Sonny. Then Morgan tells Carly that he and Kiki knew about Sonny shooting AJ and Michael disowned them too. Carly is glad that at least her and Morgan are staying close. At the end, Scotty finds Carly at the hospital and arrests her. Then Scotty puts Carly in the jail cell across from Sonny.

Nina and Franco hide out in a cabin in Canada with Ava's baby. Franco explains to Nina that the cabin was a place he used to hide out in after Jason shot him. Nina wants to call Silas, but Franco stops her. Nina is having a mental break and is convinced her baby is Silas's child. Franco says he knows it's Ava's baby and if anyone finds them, Nina will be arrested. Then Franco talks about his wedding mess with Carly. Nina says she sorry, because she knows he loved Carly. After Franco tries to gently convince Nina that the baby isn't hers, but Nina begs him take that statement back. Seeing that she's becoming unglued, Franco agrees that the baby is Nina's. At the end, Franco convinces Nina not to call Silas and let him come up with a plan for them.

Silas comforts Kiki at the hospital. She's upset over Michael ignoring her calls and tells Silas she thinks she has lost Michael forever. Silas convinces her to go find Michael and try to make it right with him. Kiki decides to take his advice and heads off. At the end, Kiki comes home to find Rosalie and Michael in bed!

End of show!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'll Be Back

Let's get out of here!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht listens to a voice mail from Madeline in her office. Madeline is pretending to talk to Silas and tells her that she's with Nina at the motel. After Franco walks in and tells her he's leaving PC. Then Dr. O tells him about Nina taking Ava's baby and tells him where Nina is. Franco says he has to get going and hugs Dr. O goodbye.

Nina covers an unconscious Madeline with a blanket in her motel room and tells the baby that grandma is sleeping. Then Silas knocks on the door. Nina lets him in and he sees Madeline laying on the floor. He plays it cool and says Nina did the right thing by knocking Madeline out and they kiss. After we see that Nina only imagined that Silas was there. Madeline starts waking up and Nina attacks her again. At the end, we see that Franco decided to take Nina and the baby with him.

At the PCPD, Morgan and Kiki grill Anna on her efforts to find Ava's baby. Anna assures them she's doing everything she can. After Morgan blames himself for leaving Ava. Kiki consoles him and they commiserate on their messed up parents. After they wonder if Michael will ever forgive them. Meanwhile, Duke and Sonny chat in jail while sharing cells across from each other. Duke says he thinks his relationship with Anna is over. Sonny apologizes for ruining his life. After Sonny tells Duke that Michael hates him and Heather's on the loose.

Michael goes to get drunk at The Floating Rib and runs into Rosalie there. They do shots together and Michael tells her about Sonny killing AJ. He rails against everyone who has lied to him, including Carly, Morgan and Kiki. Rosalie ends up telling Michael about Nina wanting her to break him and Kiki up. They continue to drink and Michael ends up kissing her. At the end, they end up going home together.

Dante and Nathan storm the warehouse door and find Carly, Jordan, Shawn and Heather inside. No bomb goes off. Later everyone clears out, but Jordan stays behind. She asks Shawn if he's still going to tell TJ the truth about his father. Shawn says he thinks TJ deserves to know the truth. At the end, Jordan agrees and says they'll tell TJ together.

Nathan brings Heather to the PCPD. Anna tells her that Max named her as his shooter and they book her. Later Anna brings Heather down to be placed in a cell. While there she tells Sonny that she's looking for the baby and ignores Duke. At the end, Anna and Nathan make their way to Nina's hotel room. All they find is Madeline unconscious.

Dante takes Carly home. He tells her what went down between Michael and Sonny. Dante says he arrested Sonny and Carly blames everything on the evil eye necklace. After Carly thanks Dante for saving Michael and then he leaves. After Carly looks through her mail and sees a DVD from Franco. She plays it and Franco promises that one day he'll be back for her and Josslyn.

End of show!

That's a wrap on Halloween...finally! Although I have been enjoying GH a lot lately.

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