Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Is Charlotte My Daughter?

Today's Show - 

Nathan catches Maxie snooping on his laptop to learn what surprise he has for her at their apartment. Then they practice dancing for their wedding. They disagree on the music for their wedding song and Nathan ends up pulling his back out. Maxie worries that Nathan won't be able to dance at the wedding now, but Nathan assures her that nothing can stop him. Then he heads off to work, but says he'll stay on desk duty. 

Curtis and Jason tell Sam at Kelly's that Julian planted the bomb in his own car. Curtis thinks they should go to the cops. However Jason and Sam don't think that's a good idea. Curtis ignores them and goes the PCPD to talk to Jordan anyway. Jordan end ups handcuffing him to her desk and threatens to hold him overnight. Curtis decides to tell Jordan about the van he figured out was Julian's, but refuses to tell her who he's working with. Jordan removes his cuffs and then shows Curtis surveillance footage from the Floating Rib from a different angle. Upon looking at it Curtis says, "What the hell?"

Andre tries calling Jordan, but misses her. Then Anna stops by his office and asks Andre to consult on her investigation into Valentin. Anna thinks Valentin burned down his childhood school and she wants to prove it. Andre asks what is bothering her so much about Valentin. Anna says she feels like Valentin knows her from somewhere. She thinks finding out what happened at Valentin's school will give her the answers she needs. 

At Wyndermere, Nina stops by with a Christmas present for Charlotte. She finds Valentin alone with a lovely Christmas tree up for Charlotte. Nina talks about her childhood Christmas', which she says were empty. Valentin says his Christmas' were lonely except for a scarf given to him by a cook at his boarding school. Later Nina learns there is a storm on the way and she can't leave. Nina thinks Valentin is manipulating the situation until she gets soaking when she goes outside. After Valentin brings her dry clothes that apparently Britt left behind as well as food and wine. Nina tells Valentin that he makes her nervous. She also mentions her failed previous relationships, but says she's a strong woman now. After they end up kissing, which leads to their clothes coming off. 

Lulu tells Dante at GH that when she looked at Charlotte she felt a connection. She asks if Dante thinks it's possible that Charlotte is her daughter. Dante doesn't think so since Charlotte is Valentin's child and not Stavros'. Lulu thinks it's possible that a mistake could have been made. However Dante tries to convince her otherwise. Later Lulu goes to see Maxie and asks for Maxie's help to prove Charlotte is her daughter. Meanwhile Dante goes to the PCPD and wants to talk to Nathan about Lulu's concerns. 

Jason and Sam go to the hospital for a check up and talk about Curtis and Julian. Jason hopes Sonny will soon be free. Sam asks if once things are back to normal if he still wants to move to Aurora. Jason thinks it's the wrong time for them to move and they agree to stay in town. Then Dr. Kelly comes in and Sam has an ultrasound. Dr. Kelly writes the sex of the baby down on their ultrasound picture and tells them to look only if they want to know. At the end, Jason gets a call from Curtis who tells him he's got something really big. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

Thank You, Alexis!

I wasn't drunk, I was pissed!
Monday's Recap - 

Anna asks Robert to help her investigate Valentin over the phone at Kelly's. Then Laura walks in and Anna asks her about Valentin. Laura gives Anna the highlights of what happened in Greece with Valentin and also says that Luke had mentioned Valentin to her in the past. Laura mentions that Valentin wore the same costume as Kevin on Halloween and offered to let her live with him. Laura gets upset thinking of what he did to Nikolas and says she thinks Valentin has a lot of secrets. Later Anna gets a call back from Robert and learns that the headmaster of Valentin's boarding school had been killed back in the day. 

Nina and Valentin flirt at the hospital. Then Santa (Kevin) arrive to greet the kids for Toys for Tots. Meanwhile Nurse Amy greets a grown up Rocco, Lulu and Dante at the hospital. She asks if Rocco has a brother or sister on the way, which leads to an awkward moment for Dante and Lulu. After they run into Valentin. Lulu tells Valentin to go back to Greece. Then Dante speaks with Valentin in private and orders him to leave his family alone. However Valentin says that's not possible, since they live in the same town. He also tells Dante not to use his badge to harass him.  

Sam and Jason try to figure out who wants to kill Julian outside of Kelly's. Then Curtis shows up and tells them he thinks Julian is hiding something. Jason thinks Julian must know who planted the bomb. Curtis thinks they should get surveillance footage from the garage near the scene. Jason and Curtis head off to break into a van that was parked across the street the night of the bomb. Meanwhile Sam goes to GH for her check up and decides to go see Julian. 

Alexis shows up at GH to visit Julian. She asks if he remembers anything from his hit and run. Julian claims he's not sure what happened. Then he says he can't stop thinking about the person who called 911, because that person saved his life. He then says, "thank you, Alexis," for calling 911 after she ran him down. Julian recounts every detail of what happened and says it was a DWI. Alexis says she wasn't drunk, she was pissed. She also says there is no evidence of her being drunk that night and there is nothing the police can find against her. Julian says it won't be as hard to prove to the Bar Association. However Julian says he'll keep her secret if she does something for him in return. 

Michael asks Nelle to attend the Toys for Tots Gala, but Nelle is hesitant because of Carly. However Michael talks her into it. Then they talk about what kind of dress she'll need so Michael suggests she go to Maxie for help. Nelle doesn't feel comfortable borrowing a dress or jewelry. Later Nelle realizes her necklace is missing. Then she remembers that it's probably at Sonny's house. 

Carly threatens to kick Ava's ass at Sonny's house if she doesn't back off the subject of Avery's custody. Ava says Avery is her daughter and that after what happened to Morgan, they're not fit to raise her. Carly accuses Ava of using her kids for her own agenda. Ava says that's not true and she's surprised that Carly won't protect Avery from Sonny after what happened to Morgan. Carly doesn't like that Ava keeps throwing Morgan in her face so Sonny insists that Ava leave. After Carly asks to get some presents for Jocelyn that she left under his bed. Sonny says the bedroom is a mess so he goes upstairs to get the gifts. While up there, he finds Nelle's necklace. At the end, Carly walks in.

Rocco asks Santa for a dog for Christmas at GH. After Nina tells Santa that Valentin is bringing his daughter to see him. Kevin says that "Santa" can be kind to all children of the world, even those with homicidal fathers. Nearby Lulu and Dante run into Laura. Lulu mentions their encounter with Valentin earlier. Then Charlotte shows up to see Santa with Valentin. She tells Santa the only thing she wants is her mother for Christmas. Right then, Lulu walks in and seems to recognize Charlotte.

End of show!

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Breakfast in Bed

Love these two!
Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Jason wait outside of Kelly's for Curtis. They wonder if they can trust Curtis, but Jason thinks he needs to chance it to prove Sonny's innocence. Meanwhile Curtis eavesdrops on Ava and Julian talking in the hospital. He hears Ava telling Julian to go after Sonny, but Julian says she needs to let him handle things. After Ava leaves, Curtis goes to talk to Julian on his own. Curtis asks about Julian's accident and Oscar Jessup. Julian gets defensive and tells Curtis he'll regret it if he keeps investigating. 

Alexis thinks about running Julian over at Kelly's and gets anxious. She decides to add some alcohol to her coffee. Then Anna shows up to meet her and wants to talk about Valentin. She asks if Alexis can tell her anything about him. Alexis answers that she hates Valentin and says she has bigger uses with Julian to think about. However Alexis offers her help nonetheless and tells Anna about the boarding school Valentin went to as a child. At the end, Alexis runs into Sam and Jason while she's getting text messages from Julian. Jason says they know Sonny isn't responsible for Julian's accident. 

Nelle listens to her recording of Sonny talking about them having sex in Carly's office when Michael walks in. She uses headphones and decides to keep listening even though Michael is standing there. After Michael asks her for help getting Carly a Christmas present. Nelle suggests a pizza stove or a cozy sweater. Later Michael asks Nelle to go to the Toys for Tots gala with him. 

Nina helps out with Toys for Tots at the hospital as they wait for Santa to arrive. Then Valentin arrives with lots of toys. He flirts with Nina, but Nina rebuffs him based on what Anna has to say about him. She does, however, end up telling Valentin that he's a good father and says that means a lot to her. Nearby Dante and Lulu step off the elevators and can barely keep their hands off each other. Then they see Valentin talking to Nina and wonder what's going on with them. Dante tells Lulu not to worry about it and to let Nina make her own mistakes. 

Laura and Kevin wake up in bed together and Kevin tells her that he loved her showing up at his door naked under a fur coat the night before. Laura says Kevin is a great guy and her life is better with him in it. They end up going for another round of love making and after they decide to cook breakfast together. However Kevin forgets that he's got to get to work and rushes out of bed before they can make food.

Sonny dreams about himself kissing Nelle. He wakes up and finds Carly is there. She thinks he was having a nightmare. After Carly tells Sonny about Julian's accident. Sonny wonders if Carly thinks he's responsible, but she says she knows he's not. Sonny says he knows things have to change and comes close to telling Carly about Nelle. However Ava stops by to visit Avery and interrupts them. Ava wants to discuss her custody of Avery, but Sonny firmly shoots her down and Carly backs him up.

End of show!

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'll Kill You

Today's Show - 

Franco goes to GH in a huff and asks Liz to get coffee with in New York City. He tells Liz there is an art exhibit he wants to take her and the boys to. Liz gets suspicious and asks what's going on. Franco says Tom Baker is in the hospital right now. Liz gets upset when she finds out that Franco is tracking Tom, but she agrees to get her things and leave nonetheless. Then Liz bumps into Tom. Franco sees him and immediately steps in to defend Liz. Tom informs them both that he'll be working at GH now. Franco warns Tom that he's watching him so Tom calls him a freak. It angers Franco so he pushes Tom into the wall. Franco warns Tom that he'll kill him if she goes near Liz again.

At Kelly's, Nathan meets with Anna and Griffin and says there's no sign of Claudette. Anna wonders if Claudette is dead. Later in private, Anna talks to Griffin about the Latin phrase Valentin said to her, "open your eyes." Anna says she's heard that phrase before and she feels like she knows Valentin from somewhere. Meanwhile Maxie gets a disturbing phone call at her apartment that she thinks is from Claudette in French. The call is cut off quickly. However when Nathan comes home he tells Maxie that he ordered something for her from Paris. Maxie ends up seducing Nathan to find out what the gift is, but he never tells her. 

Nina goes to see Valentin and Charlotte at Wyndermere. Nina brings Charlotte a doll to play with, which is a hit with Charlotte. In private, Valentin talks to Nina a little about his childhood. He says he grew up without love. He says he was sent to boarding school at six years old and he never went home after that. Later when Nina goes to leave, Valentin gives her a passionate kiss goodbye. Right then Anna walks up to them. Nina quickly leaves and once alone, Anna asks why he said that Latin phrase. Valentin tells Anna not to pretend she doesn't already know. 

Dillon goes to The Metro Court to see Kiki. He finds her reading a serious book. He thinks she's still beating herself up over Morgan. Later Carly shows up and sees Dillon and Kiki talking. She asks for a moment to speak with Kiki alone so Dillon steps away. In private, Kiki says she knows it's hard for Carly to see her. Kiki thinks maybe she should quit her job. Carly agrees, offers her severance pay and tells Kiki that she's doesn't want to judge her. 

Nelle eavesdrops on Sonny and Carly's conversation at his house. Carly notices two glasses on Sonny's table, one with lipstick on it. Sonny says Laura stopped by to check on him. Then Carly tells Sonny that Jax left town. Carly admits that she kissed Jax, but swears it stopped there. After Carly leaves, Nelle and Sonny talk. Sonny takes the blame for them sleeping together. Nelle thinks maybe they should come clean to Carly, but Sonny says no way. Nelle promises she won't tell anyone. Sonny walks her to the door saying how sorry he is that they slept together. After Nelle steps outside and she tears up. Then she looks at her cell phone, listens to a recording of her conversation with Sonny and says, "gotcha!"

End of show!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oh No!

Tuesday's Recap - 

Julian wakes up in his hospital bed to find Jordan standing over him. She tells him that he had an operation an hour ago and she asks if he remembers what happened to him. He claims not to remember. Jordan implores him to let her know when he does. Later Liz comes in to examine Julian. They end up talking and Liz says he will need someone to look after him once he goes home. 

Alexis is startled by Molly at her house. Molly wants to know where Alexis was all night. Alexis claims that she needed to take a drive to clear her head after helping Diane. However she snaps at Molly when Molly offers to clean up the alcohol from Thanksgiving. Molly asks what's bothering Alexis so she says it's the holidays. Later Jordan stops by and tells Alexis that Julian is in the hospital. Molly hopes he's dead. Jordan tells Alexis that Julian doesn't remember anything and that so far they haven't found any information to connect anyone to his hit and run. Jordan warns Alexis to be careful, because she might be a target for anyone who is after Julian. At the end when she's alone, Alexis gets a call to Julian who tells her that she owes him a visit. 

Dr. Finn worries about Hayden's whereabouts with Tracy at the Quartermaine's house. Then Hayden casually walks in eating breakfast. She's ready to go to work, but Dr. Finn says her test results came back and she can't go to work. He tells her she tested positive for the same disease he has. Hayden shrugs it off and leaves for the hospital anyway. After Finn and Tracy talk about Hayden's options. He says he doesn't have enough drugs to keep he and Hayden alive. Finn is determined to find a cure and says he's going back to work. Meanwhile Hayden arrives at GH and she's clearly upset. Liz sees her and Hayden ends up crying in Liz's arms. 

Dr. Obrecht and Franco discuss Liz and Tom Baker at Kelly's over breakfast. Dr. O asks if Franco is planning to "do Tom in" but Franco says no, he's just having the hospital IT guy track Tom for him. Dr. Obrecht tells him to give up this fool's errand. Later Franco checks on Tom's whereabouts and sees that he's at General Hospital. 

At GH, Bobby gets a surprise bouquet of flowers. Carly shows up saying she sent the flowers as a thank you and a peace offering to Bobby after the weird incident she had with Nell. Bobby says Nell rubs her the wrong way. However Bobby also says she'll try to give Nell the benefit of the doubt. 

Sonny wakes up to find Nell in his bed and he groan's, "Oh no!" Nell rolls over and greets him good morning. Sonny jumps out of the bed and puts his clothes on. He can't remember anything and asks Nell to explain what happened. Sonny says she's a sweet girl, but he's not attracted to her. Nell breaks into tears and apologizes to Sonny claiming she's never going to be able to look Carly in the face again. She begs him not to tell Carly, but then Carly shows up at the house. Sonny runs downstairs to distract Carly. Nell listens from the upstairs while Sonny and Carly talk about the car bomb and who is responsible. Carly says she doesn't want to punish him for Morgan's death anymore. At the end, Carly notices two glasses on Sonny's table and asks who was with him last night. 

End of show!

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Monday, November 28, 2016


What have I done?
Here's What Happened - 

At Carly's house, Jocelyn asks if Jax will stay in town for Christmas. Carly tells her not to pressure him. Then Jax gets a call and learns his mother is sick. After he tells Carly and Jocelyn is has to leave for Australia tonight. Jocelyn gets upset, but Carly is supportive. Later Jocelyn and Carly hang out and Carly sees that Sonny left her a message. Jocelyn warns Carly not to go back to Sonny, but Carly says Sonny's in a lot of pain. She thinks there is goodness in Sonny.

Andre and Jordan talk outside of Kelly's about Andre warning Curtis to leave her alone. Jordan gets annoyed when Andre admits to it and they argue. She demands an apology from him, but Andre doesn't give in. Meanwhile inside Kelly's, Curtis tries to talk to Valerie and asks for her forgiveness. However Valerie isn't receptive to him. Nearby Sam, Jason and Danny enjoy some ice cream and Sam expresses concern about Alexis' behavior. Later Curtis approaches them to talk about Jessup and they wonder who would go through so much trouble to cover their tracks. At the end, Curtis and Jordan blame one another for causing damage in each other's lives. 

Alexis runs Julian over with her car outside of a bar. When she goes to check on him, Julian remains unconscious. Alexis ends up calling for an ambulance and begs Julian not to die on her. He's not responsive, which makes her panic. Then she hears the sound of the ambulance coming so she drives away. She heads home and has another drink to calm her nerves. Later Jax stops by, but can immediately tell something is wrong. Alexis admits that she hit Julian with her car after drinking. Jax calls the hospital and learns that Julian is stable, but in bad condition. Jax asks her to check into rehab. She agrees do it tomorrow, but Jax doesn't believe her. However, he has to leave to catch his flight so Alexis promises him she'll do the right thing. 

Ava goes to the hospital panicked over Julian after receiving a call about his accident. She goes to his hospital room just as he's waking up. Julian doesn't remember what happened and says he feels like he's going to die. He asks Ava to have his kids come to see him one last time and tries to tell her something about the business. However he passes out from the pain medication before he can finish his sentence. Later Valerie comes to question Julian about the accident.

Nell tells Sonny at his house that she saw Carly and Jax kissing. She implies that Carly and Jax are sleeping together. Sonny jumps to the wrong conclusion and gets upset. He asks Nell to make him a drink and she slips drugs into it. Sonny ends up guzzling the whole drink and Nell pretends to drink with him. He quickly feels the effects and can barely walk. Nell helps him up to his bedroom. She undresses him and puts him into bed. Sonny tells Nell she's a good girl and thanks her for helping him. After Sonny passes out, Nell takes her clothes off and slips into bed with him. 

End of show!

This is the second time Alexis has run someone over with her car. Remember Keifer? Someone needs to tell her about Uber. As for Nell and Sonny...lord help us! Bye Bye Jax, I wish he was staying in town.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Taking a Vacation

I'm taking a blog vacation this week. I'll be back on November 28th. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Enjoy GH!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Just One Kiss

Friday's Recap - 

Charlotte tells the judge in her custody hearing that she calls Valentin, "Pa Pa." Charlotte then tells the judge that she loves Valentin. Anna gets concerned and shows the judge files on Valentin that show he didn't exist before 2011. The judge calls for a break for consider the information. After Griffin lays into Valentin about Claudette. Valentin calls Claudette a liar and says no one will probably ever see her again. Griffin ends up punching Valentin and the judge sees him. The judge tells Anna and Griffin that she won't use that against Griffin, but she's going to award Valentin full custody of Charlotte. She orders Valentin to stay in town and then gives Griffin a moment to say goodbye. Griffin promises Charlotte he will always be there for her. Nearby Valentin makes a odd comment to Anna in Latin, which means, "open your eyes."

Sam calls Jason from the hospital to tell him that her check up went well. Nearby Franco looks at the internet for information on Tom Baker and thinks of his encounter with him. Then the internet freezes up so he has to get technical support. After Sam runs into Franco and he apologizes to her for everything he did to her. He asks for Sam's forgiveness, but she tells him to go to hell. She also tells him that he's fooling himself if he thinks he can change for Elizabeth. 

Tom Baker approaches Liz outside of Kelly's and says they have unfinished business. Liz pulls out her pepper spray and warns him to leave her alone. Tom claims he means her no harm and says she didn't need to send Franco to choke him. Liz gets upset and tells him that he's always a threat to her. She goes back to the hospital and asks Franco if he really did choke Tom. Franco admits it, which upsets Liz. Franco explains that Tom is garbage and asks how she found out. Liz tells him that Tom told her and she's afraid Franco will get arrested if he continues to threaten Tom. She asks him to promise her that he'll leave Tom alone. Franco agrees, but later asks the guy from technical support to hack into the cloud for information on Tom.

Jax makes waffles for Jocelyn at Carly's house. Jocelyn tells him that she misses Morgan and asks if Jax thinks Carly will ever go back to Sonny. Then Carly walks in and eats with Jocelyn. Jax ends up telling them that he'll be in town for awhile. Jocelyn insists that Jax stay with them and Carly agrees. Later Carly and Jax chat in private and Carly thanks him for being there to help her. He makes her laugh, but then Carly catches herself and tears up about Morgan. Jax comforts her and Jocelyn sees them. Jocelyn comes into the room looking for help on her school work and it's apparent she likes seeing her parents together. After Carly and Jax talk in private and they agree their time together was special. The conversation leads to a kiss.

Sonny dreams in his jail cell that Carly brings Morgan's urn and taunts him with it. When Sonny wakes up Jason is there. Jason tells him that he's trying to find the bomber, but Sonny doesn't think it matters since Morgan is dead. Jason tells him that he didn't fail Morgan and asks for Sonny to hang in. Later Diane visits Sonny before his hearing and he says he's going to plead not guilty. Meanwhile Jason meets Sam at Kelly's and she tells him about her conversation with Franco. Then she gets a call from Spinelli who tells her their lead for who the bomber is, named Jessup, has been dead for years. 

Curtis meets Julian at The Metro Court to tell him he hasn't uncovered much about who planted the bomb. Julian gets annoyed and steps away to take a call. After Curtis sees Diane and decides to chat with her. However she refuses to talk with him, because she knows he's working for Julian. Then Diane walks out. Later Julian returns, writes Curtis a check and fires him. At the end, Julian takes a call from a man named, Jessup, who has apparently been telling Julian what to do for months. 

End of show!

Are Valentin and Jessup one and the same?

Have a great weekend!