Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Going Undercover

You're free to go!
Today's Recap - 

Franco tells Nina he was faking at Shadybrook. Nina isn't happy and slaps him a few times. She says he lied to her. Franco says it was art and he thought she'd understand. He explains that he really did trip out, but it wore off when he woke up. Franco says he didn't tell her because he didn't want get her in trouble. Then Franco says they are way more than just friends and they kiss. Nina forgives him and at the end she asks how they're going to get out of Shadybrook.

Julian runs into Carlos outside of Kelly's. Julian attacks him and chokes Carlos for killing Ava. Carlos says that Ava threatened Sabrina and framed him for AJ's murder. Julian backs off. Carlos tries to explains his position and says he heard Julian was getting his operation back together. Carlos says Julian used to be his friend and he could use his help running things. Julian thinks about and agrees. Then they shake on it.

Ava isn't happy with waiting at the hospital in NYC. Silas tells her to sit tight, but when he leaves the room she watches the courthouse proceedings in Port Charles on her tablet. She sees Carly holding Avery and gets upset. Ava tries to get out of bed and falls down. Silas walks back in and Ava says she needs Julian to save her daughter. Silas tells Ava she can't do anything without risking returning to prison. Then Ava asks if he's going to turn her in anyway when she's healed. Silas replies no, because he's got her back and still cares about her.

Liz tells Jake she has feelings for him at the hospital. She says, "I like you Jake...a lot!" He asks if that means he still has a chance with her. Then Agent Sloan walks in and wants to talk to Jake. Liz gets defensive and says agent Sloan isn't taking Jake anywhere. Agent Sloan tells Liz to leave and when she does, he tells Jake he's dropping the charges against him.

Later Nikolas calls Liz and tells her the hospital in Boston is great. He thanks her for pushing him to bring Spencer there. Meanwhile Agent Sloan offers Jake a job doing undercover work for him against the Jerome's. Jake doesn't think it will work out. Agent Sloan says if he doesn't comply he'll go to jail. He gives Jake time to think about it.

Ric cross examines's Michael in the courthouse and accuses him of wanting revenge. Michael says he just wants to save his sister from getting caught in the crossfires of a mob war. Then Ric brings up Michael killing Claudia and says Michael has no blood ties to Avery. Ric also brings up Sonny's heroics with the bomb on the Haunted Star. At the end, the judge asks them all to think about a compromise for Avery's sake.

End of show!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm Faking Too!

Guess What?
In this episode Michael rips Sonny up in court, Silas fills Ava in on all things Avery and Franco and Nina admit they're both faking mental breakdowns!

Friday's Recap - 

Nina screams that Michael is holding her baby at the courthouse. Nathan tries to restrain her while Carly, Michael, Alexis and Sonny try to make sense of the situation. Nina tells Sonny he's crazy for thinking Avery is his baby, because she's really hers. Michael gives Sonny the baby back and they go into the courtroom. Alexis says she'll get the hearing postponed for Nina. Nathan tells Nina he'll take her back to Shadybrook. Nina agrees and says she'll do what Nathan thinks is best.

Meanwhile in the courtroom, Carly tries to reason with Michael again. He ignores her and court begins. The judge asks Michael to tell the court why Avery would be better off living with him. Michael takes the stand and tells the court about Sonny taking him from AJ as a baby, being kidnapped as a kid and being shot in the head. He also says Sonny shot Dante. Ric argues there is no proof of that. Later Michael brings up Sonny's bipolar disorder and says the Quartermaine's would make a better home for Avery. At the end, Ric is ready to question Michael.

Jake has disturbing dreams in his hospital bed. Liz comes to check on him and he tells her that he dreamt of her. After they talk about his legal situation. Liz says she'll get him a new lawyer instead of Ric. Liz says she and Ric are on shaky ground. Jake hopes it's not because of him, but Liz replies that she's questioning if Ric is really the man for her because of Ric.

Silas goes into a unknown hospital room and wakes Ava as she recovers. He tells her that she's making a remarkable recovery. Ava recounts her fall from the bridge and says she managed to get to the shore and wondered through the woods to a gas station. There she called Silas for help and he checked her into his old Methodist hospital in the city. Later Ava asks about Kiki. Silas says Kiki is planning her memorial. Then Silas tells Ava that Sonny is raising Avery now. Ava is shocked so Silas explains that Sonny was pardoned. Ava is upset and says she doesn't want Sonny to raise her daughter. Silas tells her that Michael is fighting for custody of Avery. Ava doesn't like that either. At the end, Silas tells Ava to stay put and get better for the time being. Then she can worry about Avery.

Nikolas and Spencer arrive at the children's hospital in Boston. The doctor's prepare Spencer for surgery and the head doctor talks to Nikolas about the procedure. He gives him a detailed account of the surgery they're going to perform. Nikolas is a little over whelmed, but the doctor promises that they will give Spencer the very best care.

Julian prepares to take charge of his territory outside of Kelly's. After he goes inside and talks to Morgan and Kiki. Julian suggests they wait a little longer for a memorial for Ava. Kiki says her mother is gone and she's never coming back. Morgan agrees and gives Julian attitude. Then Morgan tells Julian about Michael's custody case for Avery. Julian thinks Sonny will fight hard for his daughter. At the end, Kiki says she misses Ava. 

Franco gets a visit from Olivia at Shadybrook. He asks where Phyllis is. Olivia says she doesn't know where Phyllis is, but asks if he knows who she is. He says Mama Celeste from the freezer isle. Olivia says she came to talk to him about Heather's LSD. She tells him from her experience it gets better over time. Olivia tells him about how it gave her visions. Then Olivia tells him she's pregnant. Franco asks if the father is Papa John. She laughs. Thinking Franco is so out of it he'll never remember, Olivia tells Franco the truth about Julian being the father of her baby. However he remembers her name is Olivia after she leaves. At the end, Nina returns to Shadybrook to see Franco. She tells him that she faked a mental breakdown so she could get back to him. Franco is impressed and replies,  "I'm faking too!"

End of show!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Never Is A Long Time

Still kicking!
In today's show new Kiki debuts as a tall blonde girl, Nina cooks up a plan to stay with Franco and Ava is found alive!

Here's What Happened - 

Nina goes to visit Franco in his room at Shadybrook. Franco thinks her name is Phyllis (ha ha that was her character's name on Y&R). Nina isn't happy to hear it and corrects him. Meanwhile at the courthouse, Michael arrives for his custody hearing early. Alexis greets him there, but warns him that Sonny is going to fight hard for Avery. Later Michael heads to Kelly's and Nathan comes to meet Alexis at Shadybrook. Alexis and Nathan tell Nina that the judge is releasing her. Nina is excited until Alexis says she won't be able to visit Franco. Alexis says she'll head to the courthouse to wait for them. Nathan lets Nina say goodbye to Franco. Once alone, Nina asks Franco tell her what to do. Franco says Phyllis always finds a way.

New Kiki enjoys breakfast at Kelly's with Silas and Morgan. Nathan sits nearby and Silas chats with him about Nina. Silas asks if Nathan thinks Nina is ready to be released. Nathan says yes he thinks she's ready. Meanwhile Kiki and Morgan discuss Michael going after Sonny for custody. Then Silas returns to the table and Kiki talks about planning a memorial for Ava. Michael walks in and Morgan and Kiki end up arguing with him about Avery. Morgan ends up punching Michael in the face. Silas breaks it up and Kiki thanks Silas for being a good dad. At the end, Morgan says they need to put Ava to rest.

Sonny dresses for court at his house. Carly comes by and tells him that Spencer was hurt in a fire. She explains that Spencer tried to save the boxing robe Sonny gave him. After Ric walks in and says he's filling in for Diane in the custody case. Carly isn't happy to hear it, but Ric asks Sonny to give him the benefit of the doubt. Carly says that Ric misrepresented Jake and accuses him of trying to get Jake out of Liz's life. She thinks Ric is the same as he always was. Sonny decides to trust Ric and shakes his hand.

Back at the courthouse, Michael returns and meets up with Alexis again. She tells him to calm down, because this type of family war could make it impossible for him to reconcile with his family. She says, "Never is a long time!" Then Carly, Sonny and Ric walk in with baby Avery. Carly offers to let Michael hold Avery hoping it will soften him. Michael takes the baby and Carly works on making him guilty. Then Nina walks in, sees Avery and says, "That's my baby!"

Liz finds Nikolas in the hospital. Nikolas is emotional about Spencer and hugs her. Nik gives her the details on what happened and how Spencer was burned. Seeing how Nikolas get emotional, Liz gets choked up. Then Dr. Obrecht walks over and says she has news about Spencer. Nik doesn't want anything from her, but Dr. O says she can help. She says there is a facility in Boston where Spencer can get the best care for his burns. Liz thinks it's a good idea so Nikolas says he'll take Spencer there. Nik goes to see Spencer to tell him and Spencer says he's scared. Nik assures him he's going to be okay and says they're going to Boston together. Spencer tells Nik that he loves him and Nik gets more emotional and says he love him too! 

At very end, Silas walks into a hospital room and we see Ava alive in a hospital bed. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lawyer Up!

Everyone deserves a good defense!
Here's What Happened - 

Duke runs into Anna at Kelly's and they talk about Julian. Duke wants to know what Anna's going to do to get Julian back in prison. He tells Anna that he'll do what he has to and will take care of Julian if she can't. Meanwhile Alexis tells Julian she's representing Nina is her court case. She also mentions that she's representing Michael in his custody pursuit to get Avery. Then Alexis gets called to the hospital about Spencer and after Duke comes to visit Julian. Duke says he wants to take over Julian's territory, but Julian's not interested. Duke storms out angrily saying he's going to bury him.

Fluke is taken to the PCPD and surprises Dante.  Fluke says he'll take another shot at killing everyone someday. Dante wants to kill him, but Nathan pulls him off. Later Diane comes to represent Luke. Nathan asks why she doing this, because he thought she was one of the good guys. Diane says everyone is entitled to a good defense. At the end, Fluke threatens Diane not to fail him and she realizes that something is very off with him. Then Fluke threatens Nathan and condemns him Cassadine side.

At Maxie's place, Maxie tells Spinelli he can't sleep at her apartment. Spinelli asks if she's worried that something will happen between them if he stays. He thinks maybe she's in denial about her feelings for him. Maxie gets annoyed and says he's been disrupting her life since he returned to town. Then she kicks him out. At the end, Maxie looks at pictures of both Spinelli and Nathan and thinks about her choice.

Lulu, Tracy and Bobby discuss Patricia at Lulu's place. Tracy wants to know what Bobby learned about her sister. Bobby doesn't remember much, but says Patricia never came to Florida with her and Luke as kids. She remembers that Ruby and Luke told her to forget about Patricia. Lulu says they need a private investigator to uncover more. Then Spinelli knocks on the door.

Spencer is taken to General Hospital and treated by Lucas for burns and smoke inhalation. Emma blames herself for not getting help sooner. Nikolas waits as Lucas treats Spencer in the ER with Patrick. Anna comes to look after Emma and Alexis arrives to console Nikolas. He panics that he's going to lose Spencer and Alexis hugs him. After Patrick comes to tell Nikolas that Spencer is stable, but has a bad burn. Nik goes to visit Spencer. Meanwhile Duke comes to check on Emma, which impresses Anna. At the end, Nikolas promises Spencer that he'll doing whatever he has to keep him safe.

End of show!

Could Patricia be Luke's first alternate personality?

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fire at Wyndermere!

Save Spencer!
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a blurb from the ABC GH Blog:

After a fire breaks out, Nikolas rushes in to save his son. He finds Spencer unconscious and tries to escape, but is similarly trapped by the inferno… only to be rescued by Patrick.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Slammin' Spencer

Birthday Boy!
Monday's Recap - 

Maxie walks into Kelly's just as Spinelli is telling Nathan he wants Maxie back. Nathan isn't happy with Spinelli and assumes Maxie is just as surprised to hear about Spinelli's desires as he is. Maxie gives Spinelli a look and says he should have let her talk to Nathan her way. Realizing she knew, Nathan gets annoyed that Maxie didn't mention it to him already. Nathan asks why she left him in the dark. Maxie says she didn't want make an issue out of it, because Georgie was coming for a visit. Nathan asks if Maxie still loves Spinelli. She unconvincingly says of course not, but Nathan says she needs to decide who she wants to be with and walks out.

Jordan talks to TJ on the phone in her motel room when Anna knocks on the door. Anna tells Jordan that she's now an FBI agent and she's going after Agent Sloan. They discuss the election debacle and wonder who's working with Agent Sloan. Jordan wonders why Anna is more suspicious of Nikolas, since he was found with the ballot box. Anna says Nikolas is one of the good Cassadines. Later Jordan talks to Anna about Shawn and says lying to him is eating away at her. Anna relates to it and says she still has feelings for Duke, but they both have jobs to do.

Spencer visits Sonny to see Avery. Spencer hints about his birthday present so Sonny pulls out a gift for him and says he can wear it at his party. Later Sonny is alone and Shawn comes over. Shawn brings up the assignment Duke had given on NYE for him to dumb the ballot box. Then Sonny asks what Shawn knows about Jake and asks Shawn to keep an eye on him. At the end, Shawn goes to visit Jordan just as Anna is leaving. He asks what Anna was doing there. Jordan claims that Anna came to harass her, but Shawn seems suspicious.

Agent Sloan comes to Wyndermere to chat with Nikolas. He wants to talk about Jake Doe, but Nikolas says that's not his real name. Nikolas also says that Helena is hopefully gone for good. Then he asks Agent Sloan to drop the charges against Jake. Spencer returns home and Agent Sloan leaves. Spencer peeks into the living room and sees his birthday party set up. Spencer tells Nikolas he's the best father ever, which makes Nik feel guilty for his dubious behavior.

Carly and Sam wait for news on Jake at GH. They talk about who he might really be and wonder why his family isn't looking for him. Sam thinks Jake might leave town if he remembers his real life. Carly gets quiet. She tells Sam that Jake is her friend and she'd miss him if he leaves. Then Patrick comes to tell them about Jake's progress and Carly decides to go visit. After Sam realizes that Patrick is down in the dumps since he was able to save Jake but not Rafe. At the end, Patrick heads off to Wyndermere to pick up Emma and Sam stays at this hospital.

Liz and Patrick check on Jake in his hospital room after surgery. Liz asks if he knows his real name now. Jake answers that he remembers saying he knew who he was, but says he doesn't remember his name now. Jake asks Patrick if his memory will ever return, but Patrick doesn't know. Elizabeth says that he's a good man regardless of his name. Then Carly walks in. Liz gives them a moment together. Carly apologizes for turning him into the police. Jake forgives her and says they are still friends. At the end, Carly goes to Sonny's and tells him she visited Jake. Sonny looks concerned, but Carly says there is no reason Jake can't be her friend.

At Wyndermere, Spencer's birthday party begins. Jocelyn and Emma argue over Cameron. Then the DJ announces Spencer as "Slammin' Spencer" and he comes out with a boxing robe on. Spencer thanks Nikolas for the party and says Emma is the love of his life. Later Emma and Cameron end up arguing over Jocelyn. Cameron ends up dumping Emma and leaves with Jocelyn, but not before he accidentally knocks a goodie bag into a candle. Meanwhile Nikolas talks to himself and feels guilty about keeping the secret that Jake is really Jason. At the end, Spencer asks Emma to dance just as a fire starts. They get caught up doing the waltz and don't realize the fire is burning out of control!

End of show!

Sonny looks hot with a beard!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Back to Cassadine Island

I'm proud of you, Nikolas!
In this episode Spinelli tries to stake a claim on Maxie, Tracy wants to track down Luke's sister Patricia and Jake wakes up from surgery!

Friday's Recap - 

Luke continues to freak out in his PCPD jail cell. He gets a visit from Tracy and tries to explain what's really going on to her. Luke says something is wrong with him and he doesn't know what it is. He asks Tracy for her help and Tracy says she believes him. She tells him about his working with Helena. Luke doesn't believe he'd ever work with Helena, but Tracy says he's not in control of himself. Tracy says they believe his split personality is because of something from his childhood home and asks what happened back then. Thinking of the past brings out his Fluke personality and he snaps at Tracy. She responds by saying she going to ask his sister Patricia about his their past. The mention of Patrick rattles him.

Lulu gets a visit from Maxie and Georgie at her apartment. They put Rocco and Georgie together and remark how cute they are. They wonder if they will date when their older. After Maxie tells Lulu about Spinelli telling her that he's still in love with her. Maxie also fills Lulu on on her helping Johnny escape and how angry it made Nathan. Lulu asks if Maxie and Spinelli have a chance. Maxie replies, "Spinelli and I are deader than disco!" Then Tracy storms in and asks to have a private conversation with Lulu. Maxie says her goodbyes and after Tracy fills Lulu on Luke turning at the mention of his childhood.

Nathan runs into Spinelli outside of Kelly's and Spinelli spills his hot chocolate on Nathan. In response, Nathan takes his shirt off and runs upstairs to change. When Nathan returns, they end up talking about Spinelli's break up with Ellie. Spinelli brings up Nathan's disagreement with Maxie over Johnny. Nathan is surprised that Maxie confided in Spinelli about that. Spinelli says it's because of the bond he and Maxie share. Then Spinelli tells Nathan that he wants Maxie back. Right then Maxie walks into Kelly's with baby Georgie and sees them talking. 

Ned claims responsibility for Olivia's baby at GH. Julian is skeptical, but Olivia confirms it. Alexis doesn't buy it and accuses Ned of making it up. She tells Julian about how Ned pretended to be Kristina's father years ago. Alexis is convinced that Julian is the true father. However Olivia and Ned remind Alexis about some moments in the recent past when they supposedly hooked up. Ned apologizes to Alexis for cheating on her. Alexis gets angry and calls Ned a son of a bitch. At the end, Julian tells Alexis he's a little disappointed that he's not going to be a father again.

Patrick tells Carly and Sam that he removed the device in Jake's brain at the hospital. He also tells them about Jake remembering who he was before surgery. Meanwhile at Wyndermere, Elizabeth drops by while Nikolas and Helena are having an argument. Liz tells Helena that the device she implanted in Jake's brain has been removed. Helena plays coy about whether or not that will truly release Jake from her control. After Nikolas tells Liz he didn't want her to know that Helena was in town and apologizes. Nik offers to pay for Jake's medical bills. Liz says that Jake remembered who he was right before he went under. Then Liz warns Nik to cut Helena out of his life and leaves to get back to the hospital. 

Later Jake wakes up in his hospital bed. At Wyndermere, Nik has his goons escort Helena back to Cassadine Island. He says he wants her out of his life for good. Helena is oddly impressed at Nik taking control like a true Cassadine. She says she has faith that Nikolas will continue their plans for ELQ even with her being gone. Back at the hospital, Carly is excited to find out who Jake might be. Sam feels apprehensive about what the truth could mean for her. In Jake's hospital room, Patrick and Liz check up on him and Liz asks if he knows who he really is. 

End of show!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Today's Recap

No recap today, I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here's what's on tap for today, according to GHH.

Anna Devane is back, and she has a surprise for Sloane.

Ned makes an announcement.

Undeterred, Michael moves forward on his plan.

Duke wants to discuss the organization's future with Sonny.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What the Fluke?

Certified Nuts!
Here's What Happened - 

Olivia drops by the Q's house to see Ned. She tells him her pregnancy test was a false positive, but Ned knows it's not true. He asks why she lied. Olivia explains that she wishes it was true. Ned asks if she's going to have an abortion. Olivia says she's not comfortable with that option, but she doesn't want Julian to know it's his baby. Ned advises her to relax and offers to take her to the hospital for a check up.

Alexis comes to the hospital to see Julian and tells him she didn't break up with Ned yet. Julian isn't happy to hear it, but Alexis explains that she got held up trying to get him released from custody. She tells him that Scotty decided to drop the charges. Julian is very pleased. At the end, Alexis takes Julian out of the hospital and they run into Ned and Olivia. 

Helena tells Tracy, Lulu and Nikolas at Wyndermere about what she knows regarding Luke. She tells them that Jerry Jacks had Luke as a guest in Amsterdam. She says she met up with Luke there and Luke said he wanted to take Sonny down. Helena explains that Fiason was just a fall guy, but says Luke waffled and at times appeared to have no memory of making an alliance with her. Then Helena claims she found Luke arguing with Bill's dead body in the basement and calls Luke deranged. Helena thinks something in his childhood is the key to his behavior. In shock, Tracy and Lulu decide to leave. 

Fluke gets a surprise visit from Bobby in jail. Bobby is disgusted with him and demands he explain his behavior. She's outraged at Luke for ordering the hit that caused Lucas to be shot, but Fluke says Lucas isn't even blood. Bobby can't believe what she's hearing and says he was always her protector as a child. She talks about their childhood and it appears to snap Fluke back into being Luke. He appears confused and says, "Bobby, what's going on?" Bobby thinks he's playing games, disowns him and storms out. 

After Bobby heads to Kelly's and meets up with Lulu and Tracy. She's frustrated and says Luke was acting like two different people. Tracy explains to Bobby what Helena told them about Luke and Helena's theory about Luke's childhood. Meanwhile back in his jail cell, Luke screams that he's innocent and demands help. Then he sees himself in a guard's uniform standing outside his cell. The guard version of Luke tells him that they are one in the same. Poor Luke screams in confusion, but then sees the true police guard standing in front of him screaming at him to shut up. 

Jake talks to Liz about his brain surgery options in Patrick's office. The realization of dying under the knife or staying under Helena's control make him say "better to live free or die!"  Liz offers to speak with Nikolas to see if he can get Helena to "neutralize" the chip in his brain somehow, but Jake says they can't trust Helena. Meanwhile, Sam comes to the hospital and runs into Patrick. He explains what's going on with Jake and it reminds Sam of how Patrick saved Jason's life years ago. 

Later Jake and Liz walk up to them and Jake says he wants he wants the surgery. Patrick tells him him that he can't promise he'll survive. Jake says he wants to go through with it anyway. After Jake is taken to surgery, but Sam stops him. Jake has a memory of a wedding ring and tries to tell Sam about it. Meanwhile back at Wyndermere, Nikolas wants to talk about Jake Doe. Helena shows Nik a wedding band and says Sam gave it to Jake on their wedding day. At the end, Jake goes into surgery. Under sedation, he starts to remember his various conversations with Helena. Then he recalls that Helena said his name was Jason Morgan!

End of show!

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