Friday, April 18, 2014

You Don't Deserve My Donuts!

In today's show Tracy foolishly defends Luke to Ned, Spencer is determined to help Sonny and Kiki has a scary encounter!

Here's What Happened - 

Spencer wants his driver to bring him to uncle Sonny's house so he can warn him about Luke at Windermere. Meanwhile, Olivia comes to Sonny's to get some of her things. Sonny tries to apologize for his outburst, but Olivia says she needs a break. Ghost AJ is there gloating about Sonny's suffering. Later Spencer pounds on the door. Inside Sonny is screaming at ghost AJ to go away and poor Spencer thinks he's talking to him. Spencer decides to try something else and leaves. At the end, ghost AJ torments Sonny about going to his funeral and wonders if the pressure will finally make Sonny crack.

Franco and Carly discuss Ava's possible role in AJ's death in his hotel room. Franco wants her to let it go, but Carly is determined and wants to go speak with Carlos. She gets annoyed with him for not respecting her instincts about Ava. They get into an argument and Carly storms out. Later Olivia goes to speak with Carly and tells her that something is wrong with Sonny. They go into Franco's room to talk and find that he's painted the whole room with his signature, CO77X. Both are furious with him and Olivia calls the police. Franco takes Carly aside and says he did this on purpose so Carly can speak with the police about Ava discreetly. It pleases her. Franco says he's on her side and she says she loves him. At the end, Dante comes to arrest Franco for vandalism.

Anna and Dante continue to try and get details out of Carlos about AJ's murder at the PCPD. They show him the DNA test results proving that he was at the Quartermaine's. Realizing that he's in trouble, Carlos debates talking. However, Diane walks in and stops him before he does damage to himself. Once alone, Carlos tells Diane that he did break into the Q's. Then Ava calls Diane's phone and asks to speak with Carlos privately. When Carlos gets on the phone Ava tells him to deny everything, but Carlos says he can't because of the DNA. Ava tells him he'll be very sorry if he reveals that she killed Connie and sent him to murder AJ. At the end, Carlos tells Ava she can't touch him in jail so she threatens Sabrina instead.

Luke goes to visit Kiki at her place while she's alone in her skivvies. He brings donuts and wants to know why she told Tracy about the pass he made. Luke says it was supposed to be their secret. Kiki replies that she's not going to let him get away with treating her like that. He thinks its just a game she's playing, because she's truly hot for him. Then Luke starts to manhandle Kiki in a rapey way. Shocked and scared, Kiki impulsively knees him in the groin and kicks him out. Luke yells, "You don't deserve my donuts!" on his way out the door. 

In Ava's hotel room, Morgan reads the newspaper headline about Carlos's arrest and wonders what Ava knows about it. Ava says she's on the outs with Julian. Then they get into a conversation about their relationship. They assure each other of their love, but then Kiki calls Morgan asking for help. Morgan takes off and when he arrives Kiki tells him what happened with Luke. Morgan advises her to report what Luke did and says he'll warn Luke at AJ's funeral to stay away from her.

At the Q's, Tracy and Ned discuss the newspaper headline about Carlos. Then Ned moves into a discussion about prenup's again. Tracy continues to believe Luke is on the up and up and tries to explain all the reasons why she believes he's sincere. Ned says Luke is playing her like a fiddle. He tries to convince her that she's being dumb, but then Luke walks in and overhears them. Luke quickly sweet talks Tracy and she asks Ned to respect her wishes. After Ned and Luke have a heated conversation and Luke warns Ned not to mess with him or he'll kill him. Ned is surprised by his extreme threat and leaves in a huff. At the end, Spencer shows up at the Q's and tells Luke he knows all about his evil plans toward his uncle Sonny!

End of show!

Wow NonLuke is crazy and pervy! Not sure how about Franco's scheme to have Carly speak with the police will work, but okay; it seems a bit extreme. Otherwise, good show today and Spencer was adorable as usual!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not My Cadbury Creme Eggs!

Over my dead body!
In this episode Ava comes to Sonny's rescue, Spencer has to share his chocolate and Luke dupes Tracy again!

Today's Show - 

Maxie asks Nathan to move out of her apartment. Nathan says that he's got a renter's agreement and Maxie should be the one to move out instead. Maxie says no way and babbles on about her new age ideas and attempts to start over. Levi eavesdrops and then walks in. He starts in again on how negative Nathan is. Nathan shares with them how he just learned about Dr. Obrecht being his mother and Britt being his sister. Maxie feels bad for Nathan and tells him to stay. Levi isn't pleased, but Maxie tells him they need the rent money. At the end, Nathan agrees to stay.

Lulu tells Laura about Rocco on the phone at her apartment when Britt knocks on her door. Britt drops off some medicine for Ben and Lulu promptly tells her that his new name is Rocco. Then Lulu tells Britt about Dr. O saying that she has another embryo of theirs. Britt says she doesn't know anything about it, but does remember there was another embryo. Britt says that Liz might be willing to drop the charges since she living with Nikolas now. Lulu snaps at her that her problems with Nik are her own fault. At the end, Britt tells Lulu she should help her Dr. O get released because there probably is a missing embryo out there. 

Spencer gives the staff attitude at Windermere for not finding evidence that Luke is after Sonny. Nikolas tells him that he thinks Spencer misunderstood what he heard in the stables. Then Liz and Cameron arrive for their extended stay. Spencer isn't happy to see Cameron and says he can stay at Windermere over his dead body. Nik insists that Spencer apologize so Spencer reluctantly shakes Cameron's hand. Nik also tells Spencer to share his Easter candy. Spencer replies, "Not my Cadbury cream eggs!" Later Liz tells Nikolas that it might not be in a good idea to move in. She thinks Nik and Spencer are both still in love with Britt. Nik tells Liz that he'd help out any friend like this and not to worry about it. 

Ava goes to Sonny's house at his behest to help him deal with his visions of AJ. Sonny tells Ava that she's the only one he can talk to about this. Ava brings up Carly, but Sonny says he can't talk to Carly because she will think he's going crazy. Ava tells him that the police are looking into Carlos for AJ's murder. Later they get uncomfortably close to kissing. At the end, Spencer leaves a message on Sonny's phone saying he must call him immediately.

Dante and Anna question Carlos at the PCPD about AJ's murder. Carlos insists that he had nothing to do with what happened to AJ. He also says the gun in question was stolen from him. Anna takes a water bottle that Carlos was drinking and runs a DNA test on it. While they wait for the test results, Dante tells Anna about what Dr. Obrecht told him. Anna tells him she will support him if he needs to release Dr. Obrecht.

Luke tells Tracy they should call off the wedding at ELQ. Tracy gets angry at him and insists that they discuss the situation. Luke says he knows he created her doubt and asks for the ring back. Then he says that if Tracy can't get Ned to back off they can't be together. Tracy says she doesn't want that and she does trust him. Luke tells her to prove it by taking the prenup off the table. Tracy thinks about it and says she'll drop it so they can stay together. At the end, Luke sits alone at ELQ and says out loud that Tracy is a sucker!

End of show!

My goodness Levi is awful! Let's hope he's not on long. He makes Nathan seem like a classically trained actor!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prenuptial Agreement

Will Luke Sign?
No official recap for today. It's been hard to keep up with 5 recaps a week, because my job has been a lot busier lately. However, I will always put up something if I can't recap. Either the episode itself or a recap from another source or both. ;)

Anyway, AJ & Sonny's scenes are best watched I think vs. read. With that said, enjoy the full episode here ---> GH 04/16/14

Here's today's episode summary from ABC

Olivia tries to help Sonny out of his erratic state, but is crushed by his hurtful words. Patrick and Sabrina learn the gender of their baby. Anna and Dante take Carlos in for questioning, while Ava tries to help him form an action plan. Jordan proves her loyalty to her new boss by confiding that she wants in on his covert business. Shawn shares Jordan’s past with Duke. Ned does not trust Luke’s true motives for marrying Tracy.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hi Ned!

He just wants your money!
In today's show Sonny gets a surprise visitor, Carlos fears that the police are onto him and Ned comes home for AJ's funeral.

Here's What Happened - 

Carlos creeps on Michael at GH while he's reading AJ's death certificate in the elevator. Carlos makes idol chat with Michael about what happened to AJ, by saying he read about him in the newspapers. Michael mentions that the police are close to figuring out who tried to kill AJ at the Quartermaine's. That information makes Carlos nervous about getting caught.

Jordan and Shawn talk about her new job with the Jerome's at Kelly's. Shawn continues to be suspicious of her intentions. Then TJ walks up to them and tells Jordan she looks great for her first day. Jordan heads off for work and after TJ and Shawn talk alone. TJ wants to know if there is something he needs to know about his mother. Shawn tells him not to worry about it and sends him off to school. Then Duke shows up to chat with Shawn about the Jerome's. Duke and Shawn think they are selling drugs.

Julian gets a call from Luke while he's at the art gallery. Luke tells him that he's ready to get their plans against Sonny rolling. Then Ava storms in and rails at Julian for trying to frame her with the fake article on Nakamora. They argue that they both have tried to get rid of each other for various reasons. Then Jordan arrives to start her first day, but gets interrupted by Carlos. Carlos wants to talk to Ava in private. Carlos shares with Ava his fears about being caught for his attempt on AJ's life. Meanwhile, Julian uses the alone time with Jordan to assure her that he's no threat to TJ. Right then Luke walks in. He promptly flirts with Jordan and asks to pick up his painting for Tracy. At the end. Jordan tells Julian she knows about his drug operation and might be able to help. Ava tells Carlos that the gun he used could identify him.

Sonny gets a visit from ghost AJ at his place, who torments him about the shooting. Sonny screams for him to go away and then poof AJ's gone and Duke is standing there. Duke surmises that Sonny is feeling guilty about what he did to AJ. Duke offers to let Sonny bend his ear in confidence and he pledges his loyalty. Duke says, "Your secret is safe with me." Then Michael walks in and sees them talking. Duke makes a quick exit so Michael and Sonny can talk in private. Once alone, Michael confides in Sonny how much pain he's been in. He also tells Sonny that Anna might be close to fingering a suspect. Michael says he won't have peace until AJ's killer is caught then he takes off. At the end, AJ's ghost returns to torment Sonny some more.

Dante and Anna discuss the details in AJ's case at the PCPD. Anna brings in a suspect for them to interrogate who they believe sold the gun that was used to shoot AJ. The suspect is reluctant to talk, but Anna threatens to charge him with accessory to murder if he doesn't help. Hearing that makes the suspect say he might have information on the person who he sold the gun to. He thinks the person was in the mob and says he could recognize him if he saw him again. Anna brings him several books of pictures to look through. At the end, the suspect points out a picture of Carlos.

Tracy overhears Luke on the phone with Julian at ELQ. He tells her it's about her birthday painting. Tracy is surprised to see him at ELQ and wonders if being married and working together is too much togetherness. Luke tries to sell her on the value he can bring to the company and even suggests that he take down Edward's painting. Tracy says no way and Luke heads off. Later Tracy is alone and talks to Edward's painting about how she thinks Luke has changed. Then she gets a surprise visit from Ned. He's in town for AJ's funeral and he says that he can't believe their burying AJ again. Tracy mentions that Luke is coming to work at ELQ. Ned's jaw drops and he asks if she's lost her mind. Ned thinks it's obvious that Luke is after her money. Tracy doesn't believe it and says that Luke has changed. Ned implores her not to marry Luke or let him work at ELQ. At the end, Luke returns to ELQ and Ned asks him to sign a prenup!
End of show!

P.S. There are rumors flying that Sabrina is being recast. It could be just for her maternity leave or maybe TC wants out to raise her child. Or, god forbid, it's another new character! Who knows? Read Here ---> Recasting Sabrina?

If you missed the episode because of the Boston Marathon interruption you can watch it below!

Have a great night!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Forget Britt

I'm a fruit cake!
Today's Show - 

Lulu and Dante enjoy some family bliss with baby Rocco at their apartment. Dante bursts their happy bubble when he says that Dr. Obrecht claims there was another baby created with their embryo's. Dante wants to release her long enough to find out the truth.

Levi advises Britt to have faith in Nikolas at Maxie's place. Then he annoyingly advises Nathan to forgive his mother, which nearly makes Nathan punch him. Maxie intervene's and later explains to Levi that Britt's baby is really Dante and Lulu's kid. All Levi can think about is how negative Nathan is and tells Maxie that she should kick Nathan out. 

Liesl and Madeline continue to bicker in jail about Nathan/James. Both women think they have a ticket out of jail. Then a guard arrives to take Dr. O to speak with Dante and she runs into Nathan on the way. He blows past her and goes to speak with Madeline. At the end, Madeline tells Nathan that Britt is his sister and Dr. Obrecht is his real mommy.

Nik goes to visit Liz at GH. She tells him that she's being released soon and needs a ride home. Instead Nikolas wants to bring her to Windermere to recover. Liz worries that he's just using her to get over Britt. Nik answers, "Forget Britt, I have!" Liz says okay and Britt happens to hear. Later Nikolas and Britt argue in front of Liz. At the end, Britt remarks how fast Liz is moving in and says her side of Nik's bed isn't even cold yet.

Patrick and Sabrina discuss AJ's death at the hospital. He's guilt ridden and worried about his career. Carlos interrupts them and picks a fight with Patrick about Sabrina. She tells Carlos that she's okay and doesn't need his help. Later Patrick tells Sabrina that he's looking forward to being a father again. 

Michael storms into the PCPD and demands that Anna explain why they haven't found AJ's killer. She calms him down by telling him that they have a lead on the gun used in AJ's shooting. Later Michael leaves and Dr. O comes to talk to Dante and Lulu in the interrogation room. At the end, Michael gets AJ's death certificate at the hospital and Carlos tries to read over his shoulder.

End of show!

Patrick's been gone so long that he's grown a full beard! Weird episode. Carlos was randomly inserted and Levi...I don't even have words for how bad he is.

Have a great night!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Friday!

No official recap today! Here's an episode summary from ABC.

Obrecht is anxious to share her secret. Elsewhere, Obrecht has a callous proposition for Dante in regards to his family. Ric intends to fight for the woman he truly desires. Nikolas gives bad news to Spencer about Britt and Ben. Meanwhile, young Spencer attempts to tell Nikolas that he overheard some damaging info about Sonny that Luke told another man -- but will Nikolas brush him off again? Sonny confronts Luke about his recent unsettling conversation with Ric.

Enjoy Friday's Full Episode below!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I'll see you on Monday! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Nurse From Hell

Brother & Sister?
Thursday's Recap - 

Silas impresses Sam with his kindness toward Danny at her place. They talk about losing Jason and Nina. Silas also wonders what would have happened if Nina had his child. Sam advises him to be grateful that this is over. (so are we!) At the end, they have sex in her bedroom and hope the future brings them happiness.

Dr. Obrecht and Madeline talk about how Nathan came to be. Madeline accuses Dr. O of being heartless. She claims Liesl nearly dumped him off at the orphanage when he was born to run off with Faison. Dr. O says she had no choice and then asks why Nathan is angry with her. Madeline says Silas is the reason. At the end, Dr. Obrecht wants to tell Nathan the truth, but Madeline insists she keep quiet. 

Sonny finds Ric waiting for him at his house. Ric says that Luke told him that Sonny wants him dead. Sonny says it's not what he thinks. Ric warns him that if he kills him, he'll have killed the wrong man. Then Ric storms out. After Sonny calls Luke and demands to see him asap.

Julian and Luke discuss their plans against Sonny at The Floating Rib. Luke tells Julian about pitting Ric against Sonny. Then they talk about their plans for ELQ. Luke is ready to take action so Julian says he'll rally the troops. At the end, Luke shows up at Sonny's place and Sonny asks what game he's playing.

Liz wonders if Nik is heartbroken over Britt at GH from her hospital bed. Nik tries to pretend that he's fine, but Liz thinks he's still in love with her. Later Ric storms in panicked over Liz being shot. Nikolas is annoyed by Ric's presence, but Liz tells him to go be with Spencer. Nik heads out, but isn't pleased to leave Ric with Liz.

Britt and Nathan share drinks at The Floating Rib. He tells her that he knows about her crimes against Dante and Lulu, but says she did they right thing in the end. Britt says she would have had everything if it wasn't for "the nurse from hell" meaning Elizabeth. Later, Nathan shares his background with Nina and Madeline's murderous actions. Britt says his mother sounds a lot like hers and Britt jokes about her dark childhood. At the end, they decide to go home together.

End of show!

Watch a clip of Britt & Nathan here --->> N & B Get Tipsy

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Welcome back!
In this episode Dante and Lulu finally get their family in tact, we meet a new friend of Maxie's plus we learn two new secrets about Dr. Obrecht!

Today's Show - 

Carly admits to Franco that Sonny shot AJ in his hotel room. Franco is ready to call the police on Sonny, but Carly demands that he keep it a secret. Franco says she can trust him and promises to keep quiet. After Carly tells him about Ava's involvement and that AJ said Sonny shot him because of Ava. Franco says maybe AJ was confused, but Carly wonders if there is something that Sonny doesn't know about Ava.

Olivia wants Sonny to be happy about Ben coming home at The Floating Rib. Sonny says that he is happy, but thinks they should give Dante and Lulu some space. Olivia decides to go see them anyway and Sonny stays behind to talk with Ava. Sonny tells Ava that Carly knows that he shot AJ. Sonny also says that AJ told Carly it was because of her. Ava worries that Carly will blow the whistle, but Sonny assures her that Carly will keep the secret for him.

Liz is rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. Nik thanks Britt for her help and asks her to go. Britt tries to apologize again to no avail and tells Nik that she still loves him. Later when Nik is alone, the doctor tells him that Liz will be okay. Nik goes to see her and asks Liz to forgive him for the things he said. Liz replies that of course she forgives him and they hold hands.

Dante reunites Lulu with Ben at the PCPD. Lulu finally takes Ben in her arms and they share a family hug. Later Dante tells Lulu that Liz was shot, but will be okay. Then Britt walks in and asks to say goodbye to Ben. They grudgingly allow it and Britt tries to explain to Ben why she won't be around anymore. At the end, Britt walks out in tears and Dante and Lulu are ready to be a family.

Nathan finds that Maxie has returned from her Eat, Pray, Love journey at their apartment. They're interrupted by a new Aussie friend of Maxie's named Levi, who steps out in a towel. He's very "new age" and quickly gets under Nathan's skin. He advises Nathan to make peace with his mother and forgive her. Annoyed, Nathan storms out. After Maxie reveals that Levi took her to the Philippines so she could forgive herself for what she did to Dante and Lulu. At the end, they make out.

Dr. Obrecht and Madeline aren't happy to see each other in their jail cells. It turns out that Madeline is Dr. O's older sister. Dr. O says that Madeline, originally Marta, forgot where she can from. Madeline argues that she just wanted to make a better life for herself. They talk about the crimes that lead them to jail. Later Nathan shows up and demands to know why his father disinherited them. Madeline won't tell him so he disowns her and walks out. After seeing Nathan, Dr. Obrecht cries to Madeline, "That's him, isn't it?" Dr. O says that "James" is her son. Meanwhile, Britt and Nathan run into each other at The Floating Rib!

End of show!

Read about Levi here ---> Zachary Garred

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow below!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Freeze Obrecht!

Put the gun down!
In today's show Madeline comes clean about her crimes, Liz takes a bullet and Maxie returns to Port Charles!

Here's What Happened - 

Madeline admits to Silas, Sam and Nathan at the Metro Court that she wanted to kill Nina's baby, not her. She says she was the one who told Nina about Silas's affair with Ava. Silas realizes that Madeline didn't want the baby, because she didn't want Nina to stay with him because of it. He also puts it together that Nakamora was Nina's pharmacist, who Madeline used to manipulate her daughter. Madeline pleads with Nathan to understand, but he decides to arrest his mother instead. Later, Silas and Sam sit alone in the hotel room. Silas talks about his guilt over what happened to Nina and the baby he never knew.

Carly and Franco discuss the pain Michael is in over AJ's death in his hotel room. Franco feels that she's been avoiding him in. Carly tries to explain that she had to deal with a problem with Sonny. Franco wants her to trust him enough to share the secret she's keeping. Carly says she does trust him, but she can't tell him about this. Franco says that sucks and guesses that the secret is that Sonny shot AJ. At the end, Carly confirms it to him.

Sonny and Olivia pick up food at The Floating Rib for Dante and Lulu. Olivia notices that Sonny is depressed and asks what's wrong. Sonny flashes to his conversation with Carly about keeping secrets from Michael. He tells Olivia that he feels awful over the pain Michael is in. Olivia is more preoccupied over Dante's situation with Ben, but says the person responsible for hurting Michael is the one who shot AJ. Olivia says that she feels like a hypocrite for bad mouthing AJ to Michael all the time. Then she tells Sonny that the promise he made to Michael about not hurting AJ means everything and Michael will need him now more then ever.

Anna stops Lulu from going to Liz's place and getting in Dante's way at the PCPD. Lulu tells Anna that staying put is killing her and it goes against her Spencer nature to do nothing. Anna recounts how helpless she felt when Robin went missing as a child and says she understands. Lulu cries while Anna comforts her by saying Ben will be okay. Later, Nathan brings Madeline to the police station and tells Anna to book her.

Britt knocks on Liz's door and waits for Dr. O to open up. Dante and the police wait in shadows to make their move. Inside, Dr. Obrecht orders Liz to get Ben and tells Nik to open the door. Britt is shocked to see Nik and comes inside at Obrecht's behest. Not realizing that Britt is trying to help, Nik rips into her for stealing Ben again. Then Liz comes down the stairs with Ben. Dr. O has Nik show Britt a bag she packed for her to survive on the run and cries over not knowing when she'll see Britt again. Then Britt takes Ben in her arms and Dante bursts in. Britt tells Dr. O that it's over and tells her to put the gun down. Obrecht pretends to put it down, but then goes to aim again. Nik impulsively grabs her arm and the gun goes off. Liz gets shot near her heart. Britt and Nik try to help her control the bleeding while they wait for the ambulance.

At the end, Dante brings Ben to the PCPD and Lulu's overjoyed to see them. Dr. Obrecht and Madeline recognize each other in their neighboring jail cells. Anna calls Olivia with good news about Ben. Elizabeth passes out from blood loss. Nathan goes back to his apartment feeling depressed and he's pleasantly surprised to find Maxie there!

End of show!

Suspenseful episode today!

Have a great night!

Monday, April 7, 2014

That Bitch is My Mother

I made a mistake!
Today's Show - 

Ava tells Silas at GH that Nakamora is alive to warn him. She assumes that Silas tried to kill Nina, but they finally realize that they're both innocent of the crime. They make peace and Silas walks off. Then Ava runs into Morgan in the hospital. He's jealous of Ava's feelings for Silas. Ava says she'll always love Silas, but says she's also in love with Morgan.

Nathan and Sam are shocked to find Madeline holding a legal injection at the Metro Court. Sam calls Madeline a bitch and tells Nathan to arrest her. Nathan says, "That bitch is my mother!" Surprised, Sam accuses Madeline of trying to kill her own daughter. Then Silas bursts in and Sam tells him that Nathan is Madeline's son. At the end, Madeline says she wasn't trying to kill Nina; she meant to kill the baby she was carrying.

Ric goes to visit Julian at the gallery. Ric says that he's resigning as Julian's lawyer due to the heat it put on him from Sonny. Then Alexis walks in. Ric makes a hasty exit and after Julian wants to discuss their future together. Alexis wants to keep it from Molly, but says she wants to move forward with him slowly. Then they have sex on his desk. 

Luke and Tracy banter at Kelly's. She feels he's not upset enough over Ben's disappearance, but Luke claims he's operating outside the law to find Ben. After Luke tells Tracy he bought her artwork from Julian Jerome. Then he says he wants to work at ELQ so they can spend more time together. Tracy says she'll think about it. At the end, Ric walks into Kelly's and Luke warns him that Sonny wants to kill him.

Britt helps Dante & Lulu at the PCPD and tells them that Dr. O has Ben at Elizabeth's place. Meanwhile, Dr. Obrecht reveals her presence to Nik at Liz's house. She ends up holding both of them at gunpoint inside. They argue over Dr. O's outrageous plans. Dr. Obrecht is ready to shoot Liz, but then Britt knocks on the door while Dante hides in the bushes.

End of show!

Will this Nakamora nonsense ever end? When Nathan tried to cry I burst out laughing!

Have a great night!