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Here's What Happened - 

Lulu and Dante toast at The Metro Court to their new home. Lulu has a sparkling cider due to her impending fertility treatments. Then she talks about missing Nikolas and asks Dante if he thinks Nik is really dead. Dante says yes. Lulu thinks she should contact Lucky to let him know what happened to Nikolas. Later they head to the park and Lulu talks more about Lucky and Nikolas. She wants to name their baby after Nik.

Jason finds the shed where Ava and Nikolas were hiding and he runs into a security guard. The guard pulls a gun on Jason and Jason deduces the guy works for Hocksley. Jason makes a grab for the gun, the two men struggle and then Jason gets the upper hand. He takes the gun and fires a warning shot. Jason then handcuffs the guard and tells him to deliver a message to Hocksley that Nikolas and Ava are no longer his problem or Jason will kill him. 

At the airport, Ava and Nikolas talk about what's next. Nikolas tells Ava he plans on continuing on alone. Ava lobbies for them to travel together. She hopes it would give her enough time to find another buyer for the Weeping Nyad, thus throwing Hocksley off her trail. Ava thinks Nikolas will eventually want to go back home, but he thinks it's better if he remains dead. Ava says she likes traveling with him, because it's like a blank slate. At the end, Nik says he's enjoyed Ava's "unexpected company" and they leave together. 

Alexis texts Sam not to worry about her from her bathtub. Meanwhile Julian tries to stifle thoughts of killing Alexis as he walks into the bathroom. Downstairs Sonny rings the doorbell so Alexis runs to answer the door while keeping the voice recorder on her phone activated. When she answers the door, Sonny wants to know why she's still covering for Julian. Then Julian comes down and Sonny and Julian argue. Alexis freaks out and tells Julian she wants him out. Julian grudgingly walks out and after Alexis tells Sonny he blew her chances of recording Julian. Sonny worries that Julian will try to kill Alexis. 

Julian goes to The Metro Court and starts drinking. He can't stop thinking about his thoughts of killing Alexis. Meanwhile back at Alexis' place, she tells Sonny she has to tell him something. Later Sonny goes to The Metro Court and runs into Dante and Lulu. They tell him how excited they are to be closing on their new house. After Sonny approaches Julian at the bar. 

Kristina reaches out to Parker on the phone at the park. Aaron walks up behind her and asks who Parker is. Kristina is reluctant to talk about it, but tells him that Parker is her ex. Aaron is compassionate and says social media makes it easier to keep in touch with ex's these days. He says he'd like to date her and later they kiss. However Kristina pulls back saying she needs to check on her mom. Then she leaves and avoids making plans to see Aaron again. At the end, Kristina goes home and tells Alexis no matter how bad things seem there is a way out of her situation with Julian. Meanwhile Sonny tells Julian at The Metro Court that Alexis is pregnant!

End of show!

Alexis pregnant...hmmm, that's a stretch.

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Coming Up on Today's GH

Team Killon!
No recap today, I'll be back tomorrow. 

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Ghost Carlos Strikes Again!

Your wife will turn you in!
Friday's Recap - 

Anna receives flowers at the PCPD from her online date, Sawyer. Then Paul comes in and questions Anna about Sawyer, saying he's only trying to make up for standing her up. Meanwhile Diane comes to see Alexis in the interrogation room and tells her she will fight to get her out of jail. Then Mayor Lomax comes to the station and taunts Alexis for her current situation. Alexis and Diane then leave for Alexis' arraignment. In private, Mayor Lomax orders Paul to put Alexis in her place. Later Diane and Alexis return after Diane successfully got Alexis released. Diane thinks Paul must be off his game to allow that. Anna asks to speak with Alexis alone and advises Alexis to get evidence from her house to convict Julian. At the end, Mayor Lomax asks Paul why he didn't bury Alexis. Paul says when the trial starts he'll make sure Carlos' murderer goes to jail. 

Sonny and Carly run into Julian at The Metro Court. Sonny taunts Julian and calls him a coward for allowing Alexis to rot in jail. Later Michael comes to see Sonny and Carly and says he wants a future with Sabrina. Carly doesn't like the idea given Sabrina's actions with Carlos. However Michael stands firm saying he wants to take care of Sabrina and Teddy. Then he walks out. After Sonny thinks Carly needs to back off Michael. However Carly thinks Sabrina just wants someone with money to take of her and her kid. At the end, Anna comes to speak with Sonny and tells him Alexis made bail. Sonny hopes Alexis will turn on Julian now. 

From his hotel room, Dr. Finn demands that Felix send over his patient files despite his being suspended. After Tracy gives Finn a call and he decides to go see her at the Q's for an unofficial check up. When he gets there he looks Tracy over and thinks she's in good health. Then Monica walks in and realizes what they're doing. She scolds Tracy. Later Michael comes to the Q's and notices something is wrong with baby Teddy. He asks Finn to look at him. Dr. Finn looks Teddy over and says he needs to go to the hospital right away. 

Sabrina goes to GH and talks to Felix. He tells her that Alexis was arrested for Carlos' murder. Sabrina says she falsely thought she could change Carlos. Then they talk about Sabrina living at the Q's and what that means for her and Michael. Later Michael and Dr. Finn rush into GH with Tracy and baby Teddy, which panics Sabrina. Then Monica comes over and asks what's going on. 

Julian goes home to pack his bag and gets a visit from ghost Carlos. Julian asks what he wants, but Carlos says Julian is the one who brought him there. Carlos thinks Alexis will likely turn him in. Julian says he doesn't know how to get out of the situation he's in and he thinks Alexis loves him unconditionally. Carlos thinks he has become Alexis' lapdog and she doesn't love him anymore. Carlos thinks Julian loves power and will ultimately do whatever he has to do to save himself. Then Carlos disappears. At the end, Alexis come home and finds Julian waiting there. Then ghost Carlos reappears and looks at Julian knowingly.

End of show!

The shaky camera work during Carlos' scenes made me dizzy today. 

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

You're Just As Bad As Ever

Why would I kiss you?
Today's Show - 

Anna gets a drink at the Metro Court while she waits for her online date to arrive. She asks the bartender to read her signal if she needs an excuse to get away by pulling her ear. Then Paul sits down and Anna immediately starts pulling her ear. Paul asks what she's doing there. Anna relunctantly says she's waiting for her date. Paul says he wants to stay nearby to keep an eye on her date. Anna agrees to give him a few details and says her date is named Sawyer and she met him online. Paul laughs and thinks he needs to chaperone her. Anna refuses his aid, but Paul thinks deep down Anna really likes him. However Anna doesn't agree and brings up how different he seems since splitting with his wife Jenny. She advises Paul to try and make some new friends in town. At the end, Anna realizes her date stood her up, she tells Paul to try listening to her going forward and then she leaves. 

At Crimson, Dillon walks in as Nina is looking at the vibrator she received in the mail. Dillon asks about it so Nina says he and Kiki should try it out for a spin. Dillon says he and Kiki might not work out. Nina realizes that Kiki must still be interested in Morgan. Dillon tells Nina about his botched date with Kiki that Morgan interrupted. It leads to a conversation about Nina's relationship with Franco. Dillon says he thinks Franco is bad for Nina. However Nina thinks she and Franco were really great together. Later Nina advises Dillon to fight for Kiki.

Kiki runs into Morgan at GH and wants to clear the air about their relationship. Morgan says he wishes he could take back the things he said to her. He wonders if they should be friends or get back together. Morgan also wonders if he's already lost Kiki to Dillon, but she says things aren't that serious with Dillon yet. Morgan asks if she'll give him another chance, but before Kiki can answer, an acquaintance from Morgan's therapy group approaches them. When Morgan introduces Kiki, the acquaintance starts talking about how Morgan couldn't stop talking about Kiki at the hospital. At the end, Kiki tells Morgan they should go on a date.

Ava and Nikolas struggle to pick the lock at Hocksley's manor. Ava manages to open the door successfully, but then is stopped by a large blonde woman named, Margarette. She proceeds to taser Ava and then charges at them with a fire poker. Meanwhile Sam and Jason go looking for clues at the manor. Sam worries that if Jason gets caught snooping he'll go to jail, but she decides to take the risk with him anyway. They go inside and Jason grabs Hocksley. Jason demands to know where Ava is. Then they hear groaning from inside the den and when they look they see Margarette tied up. However Ava and Nik are gone. They all agree to search for Nik and Ava together. At the end, we see Ava and Nikolas are holding up in a garden shed. Ava finds a bottle of liquor so they start drinking. 

Franco kisses Elizabeth at her place. At first she kisses him back, but then Liz pulls away and asks what he's doing. She asks why she would kiss him. Franco answers that she must be trying to make Jason jealous. Liz thinks Franco is the one who wants to stick it to Jason, because he likes to play games. Then Liz snaps at him and says Franco is just as bad as he ever was. However then she takes it back saying she knows he's changed, but that he still makes her nervous. Franco says Liz makes him feel like she believes in him. Later Liz thinks he kissed her, because he's still upset about Nina. Franco thinks Liz kissed him back, because she misses Nikolas. Franco then gets a text from Nina asking if he's made a decision yet. At the end, Franco and Liz agree not to talk about their kiss and he walks out. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Know Something About Getting Out Of Jams

Here's What Happened - 

Nina has fantasies about Franco coming to seduce her as Don Juan at Crimson. However Maxie walks into Nina's office and orders her to snap out of it. Maxie tells her that she got a designer to let her pick out a wedding dress and gushes about marrying Nathan. Hearing Maxie talk about how happy she is makes Nina upset. She starts crying and says she's going to end up alone and she shouldn't have broken up with Franco. Nina tells Maxie that she asked Franco for a "booty call" but now she realizes she wants to get back together with him. Later Nina hears an odd buzzing sound coming from a package on her desk. Maxie jokes that bombs tick, but then both of them panic. However Maxie realizes its a marketing company that sent them a vibrator. Nina is curious about it, but at the end decides to send Franco a text message. 

Morgan goes to see Kiki and despite her bad cold, they hug. Then he tells her that breaking up with her was a big mistake and he's sorry. Morgan confesses that Ava convinced him that he's bad for her. Kiki is upset that her mother interfered, but Morgan says he wasn't in a good place. He thinks he's better now. Morgan tells Kiki he saw her kissing Dillon at the ball and wonders what Dillon is to Kiki. Right then Dillon walks in with soup and Kiki's cold prescription. Morgan feels awkward and leaves. After Kiki and Dillon eat soup, but Dillon senses she's distracted. He tells Kiki to take as much time as she needs and when she's ready to text him. Then he walks out. At the end, Kiki goes to GH and runs into Morgan again. 

Hocksley demands that Ava give him the Weeping Nyad statue he wants at his manor, but Ava insists the real statue he just broke. Ava swears she's not lying so Nik chimes in saying Ava definitely is lying. Ava then says she left the statue back in her hotel room in London. Hocksley ties them up and tells Ava if the statue isn't there her and Nik are in trouble. Once alone, Ava tells Nik she doesn't have the statue in her hotel room. Nik worries what will happen to Spencer if he really does die and says they need to try and free themselves. Then they work together to get themselves untied with the help of a letter opener. 

In London, Sam and Jason go looking for clues in Ava's hotel room. They find a business card for an art broker Sam hopes has news about Ava's whereabouts. She calls the broker, but learns Ava never showed up for the appointment she had. Sam thinks Nik and Ava took off together for an affair, but Jason thinks something seems suspicious. Later Hocksley shows up at Ava's hotel room. Sam and Jason hide as Hocksley searches Ava's room and talks on the phone to an unknown person. Once Hocksley comes up empty he leaves. Sam and Jason decide to follow him. Meanwhile back at Hocksley's manor, Ava and Nik free themselves and Ava tries to pick the lock to the door saying she knows about getting out of jams.  

Liz moves into her new place and remarks to Jake how excited she is to have a new toaster. Then Franco knocks on the door with a new toaster as a present for her. Franco says he just wanted to see Jake, because Jason hasn't been available. The three of them go into the kitchen and make toast. Jake asks Liz why Jason hasn't called yet so Franco says Jake should draw Jason a special picture. Jake agrees and goes to draw. In private, Franco tells Liz about his relationship dilemma with Nina. He says he doesn't know what he wants and that Jason's hatred of him reminds him of the bad person he used to be. Liz advises him not to be a whiner. Liz tells him he's not the person he used to be and he only gives her the creeps occasionally these days. They agree it's nice to be friends, then they get close and end up kissing.

End of show!

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Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm Dying

Monday's Recap - 

Nathan goes to Alexis' house to arrest her for Carlos' murder. Sonny is there and insists that Julian is the murderer, but Nathan arrests her nonetheless. Alexis tells Sonny to call Diane as Nathan escorts her outside. At the PCPD, Anna tells Paul and Jordan she's going to dig deeper into Alexis as a suspect in Carlos' murder. Later Nathan brings Alexis into the station. Sonny follows and wants to speak with Alexis. Anna backs him up so Jordan reluctantly allows him to talk to Alexis. Sonny tells Alexis that Diane isn't available for hours. Jordan doesn't care and takes Alexis into interrogation anyway. In private, Sonny questions Anna about why Alexis was arrested. 

In the interrogation room, Jordan and Paul tell Alexis they're going to rip her house apart looking for evidence. Alexis refuses to say anything without a lawyer present. Later Jordan and Paul tell Anna they think Alexis is worried about something. Anna wants to speak with her and goes into the interrogation room. Once alone together, Anna tells Alexis she's after Julian, not her. Anna is compassionate toward Alexis saying she knows what it's like to love a man who breaks the law. Anna says she hopes Julian loves Alexis as much as she loves him. 

Dr. Finn wakes up to find Hayden still in his hotel room. She tells him that he was a mess the night before so she had to help him. Hayden then gets a little sad talking about Nikolas and says she misses him. Later Finn wants to go back to work, but gets light headed. Hayden insists that he rest. Finn is anxious to get a notebook from his locker at the hospital so Hayden offers to go get it for him. Once alone, Finn tells Roxy he might not make it. 

Maxie finds Griffin shirtless in the hospital locker room while she's looking for Lucas. She tells him she's looking for men to recruit for Crimson's real men issue. Later by the nurses' station, Griffin wants to tell Nathan something. However Maxie shows up. Griffin then looks woeful when Maxie sees Nathan and hugs him. After Maxie asks Griffin to marry her and Nathan. However Griffin says he can't. Meanwhile Hayden sneaks into the hospital locker room, gets Finn's notebook, but is then interrupted by Liz. Hayden claims she needed anti-depressants for her grief over Nik and walks out. After Liz gets curious and starts rummaging through the lockers. 

Nina and Julian fall to the floor while preparing for his modeling shoot at Crimson. They fall into a compromising position as Olivia walks in. Nina gets uncomfortable and leaves. Once alone, Olivia asks why Julian missed their tour of preschools for Leo. Julian apologizes and says they can reschedule. Then Olivia asks what is going on with him and Alexis, because she noticed he's staying at the hotel. Julian swears everything is fine, but Olivia pushes and asks if he's back in the mob. Julian denies it. She holds his hand and offers to be there for him. Right then Sonny walks in and says he needs to speak with Julian alone. 

Franco talks to Liz at the Nurses' station about the recent murders at the hospital. The way he talks about murder makes Liz feel awkward and she walks away. Later Nina comes to the hospital and talks with Franco. She asks if he'd like to get naked for her magazine. They remark how great each other's bodies are and Nina says she wants to have sex with him. Franco asks if he's her friend with benefits now. Nina says yes, if he wants to be. Franco offers to think about it. After Franco goes into the locker room and sees Liz going through the lockers. He's shirtless and says she's going to need some tools to get into the locker.

At the end, Sonny tells Julian that Alexis has been arrested for murder at Crimson. At GH, Griffin covers when Nathan asks what he wanted to tell him by saying he advised Maxie to work on their relationship. In Dr. Finn's hotel room, Hayden won't give him his notebook unless he tells her what's really wrong with him. Finn answers, "I'm dying!" Meanwhile over at the PCPD, Alexis tells Anna to go to hell. Then Sonny brings Julian to the station and Julian demands to speak with Alexis. 

End of show!

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

London's Calling

I can be nice!
Today's Show - 

Andre goes to see Jordan at her office and tells her that he's in love with her. Jordan wonders why he's had a sudden change of heart since their fight earlier. Andre says he wanted to let her know how he really feels and asks for her forgiveness about their fight over Anna. At first Jordan is skeptical, but then she ends up kissing him and thanking him for telling her. 

Dr. Finn and Monica speak privately at the hospital about the syringe found in his locker. Finn refuses to explain what the syringe is for so Monica suspends him. However Tracy walks in and defends Dr. Finn. Tracy thinks suspending Dr. Finn will destroy Monica's Chief of Staff status. Monica defends her actions and explains all the evidence mounting against Dr. Finn. 

At The Floating Rib, Valerie and Curtis make romantic plans for their evening. However Hayden drops in and wants Curtis' immediate aid. Curtis says he's busy and introduces Valerie to Hayden. Hayden makes a crack about Curtis being broke so he quickly rushes Valerie away. Meanwhile TJ tells Molly nearby that he got a paid internship at GH. Molly is happy for him and they hug. Then TJ introduces Molly to Curtis. Later Valerie tells Curtis she wants to party with her friends so Curtis heads to Jordan's office. He asks her to help him become a cop again. Jordan worries about his sobriety, but Curtis feels he's beyond his past. He apologizes for telling Jordan's husband about her affair with Shawn. 

The bartender at The Floating Rib orders Dr. Finn to leave when he sees him with Roxie. Hayden sees it, defuses the situation and then asks to pet Roxie. Hayden is kind to Roxie and says she used to have a Bearded Dragon named Mr. Darcy. Then Hayden asks what's really wrong with Finn. He takes ill and asks for her help to get back to his hotel. Nearby TJ tells Molly about the bad blood between Curtis and Jordan. Molly talks about Alexis' problems with Julian. TJ suggests that they live together. Molly agrees and they decide to go tell their parents about it. TJ heads to Jordan's office and overhears Curtis telling Jordan about how Shawn is TJ's real father.

Sam and Jason bask in the afterglow of love making at the safe house. Sam says life on the run is exciting and turns her on. Later Sam leaves and heads to the pawn shop where Nikolas got a fake ID. She breaks in and hacks into the computer. She finds Nik's information, but then the store owner finds her and points a gun at Sam. He tells Sam to be nice to him or else so she fakes going in for a kiss and then slaps his gun away. Somehow Sam takes him down, kicks him and then Jason shows up to help her. Sam goes back to the computer and gets Nik's location successfully. They head back to the safe house and Sam says they're headed to London.

Ava follows Nikolas to his hotel in London and taunts him about his new identity, Nile. He wonders what she's hiding and what she wants with him. Ava says she'd like a dinner companion and an explanation for why he faked his death. Later Hocksley randomly shows up and joins them. He insists that they join him for dinner at his manor. However "Nile" refuses. In private, Ava thinks Hocksley's reappearance isn't a coincidence. She tells Nik she's on his side and they agree to ride to the airport tomorrow together. Meanwhile Hocksley overhears their conversation and plans to meet up with them tomorrow as well. 

End of show!

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