Monday, April 24, 2017

Going On Hiatus

I Need A Break

I've been thinking a lot about this for some time now. I feel awful, but I know I can't really keep up with regular recaps anymore. My plate is so full right now that I just don't have the time to maintain this blog the way I used to. With that said, I'm taking a hiatus. I'm not sure for how long, but my guess would be at least until the fall. I'm taking time to focus on other projects/writing goals that I'm pretty excited about. 

I've been a avid fan of General Hospital since I was a little girl. I started this blog back in 2013 for the 50th Anniversary in an effort to help support the dying genre. I've had a lot of fun, and I truly appreciate those of you who have continued to read me, even when I make grammar mistakes, lol. I will continue to share information on my Facebook and Twitter pages @ghdailydish as well, and it goes without saying that I will always watch GH. In fact, I might still update this blog on a monthly basis for the time being with my thoughts on the show. I can't promise that, but I'm going to try. 

If I'm being honest a lot of the current storylines are boring me, to say the least. I hate to be negative, because I love what General Hospital used to be, but I'm not enjoying it the way I once did. Redundancy is mammoth on the show for the last decade, but especially in the last couple of years. I wish I didn't feel like that, but I do. Sadly, it's burning me out. The actors are wonderful. There are moments of levity and suspense, but it's just not consistent, in my opinion. Jane Elliot's upcoming departure is probably what pushed me over the edge. GH without a stable of Quartermaine's just makes me sad. I hope some time off will help renew me. 

Thanks again for all the support! I'll see you again.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Vacation Break

I'm taking a blog vacation this week. I hope it's a good week on GH. Enjoy!

See you soon! 😊

Friday, April 14, 2017

Morgan's Pills, CarSon Drama & Julian Lives...

Here's What Happened - 

Valentin goes to pick up Charlotte from Lulu's early, which annoys Lulu. However she takes it in stride. Once alone with the court mandated advocate, Lulu impulsively hugs the woman thinking the visit went great. Later Dante comes home. Lulu gushes that her visit with Charlotte went well. Meanwhile Valentin takes Charlotte to the Metro Court. She asks why he didn't tell her that Lulu was her mother. He says he'll explain it to her with Nina at home. Then Charlotte says she loves Nina, but she also liked being with Lulu. 

At The Metro Court, Dante questions Lucy about the pills in the robbery. Ava walks in, sees them and eavesdrops. Lucy sees her and dodges Dante's questions. Dante catches them in a lie when Lucy claims she and Ava needed to discuss a piece of art the night of the robbery and Ava had told him they were discussing the Nurses' Ball. After Ava threatens Lucy not to tell Dante anything about the pills or she'll make her disappear. 

Dillon and Kiki make out at the Q's, but Kiki cools him off so she can study. Dillon can't leave her alone and convinces her to go to the park with him. Once there, Kiki expresses some concern about joining his family's holiday party. Dillon thinks it will work out fine. Later Kiki goes to change and then meets back up with him at the Q's. Dillon loves the way she looks and they decide to head to the bedroom before going to the party. 

Jax brings flowers to Carly at her house. They briefly talk about Sonny. Then Nelle stops over saying she hopes Carly and Sonny can work things out now that Carly knows the truth. Carly lays into Nelle in response. Jax jumps in saying they owe Nelle Jocelyn's life. After Nelle says she's staying in town. Carly thinks it's for Michael's sake. Later Jax tells Carly that it's not up to her if Michael wants to date Nelle. 

Michael chats with Sonny on the docks. Sonny tells him that he's thinking of leaving town so he doesn't kill Jax. Then he fills Michael in on how Jax moved in on Carly. Michael tells Sonny that Jax arranged to get Nelle's kidney from her father. Sonny gets mad and storms off. Michael decides to call Dante. At the end, Sonny storms into Carly's house and says everything is Jax fault. 

Sam, Danny, Scout and Jason set up a picnic at the park. Alexis joins them and says she thinks someone stole a photo of her and Julian together. Sam and Jason are skeptical. However Jason says he'll look into it. Later we see that someone is watching them. Jason snaps a picture. At the end, he zooms into the picture with Sam and Alexis. They see a face in the bushes. Alexis looks closer and blurts out, "that's Julian!"

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time Heals Old Wounds

Today's Show - 

Hayden runs into Curtis at the coffee shop and says she can't find Finn. She also apologizes for kissing him while drunk. Hayden says she'll leave that to Jordan. Then Jordan walks over. Hayden confesses that she drunkenly kissed Curtis, but Jordan takes it in stride. After Curtis tells Jordan he wants to get serious with her. They kiss and right then, Andre sees them. Jordan approaches Andre to apologize for things not working out between them. Andre looks upset, but tells her not to feel guilty for going after what she wants. 

At the waterfront, Griffin finds Finn passed out and beat up while he's out jogging. Griffin brings him to the hospital and runs some tests on Finn. Griffin wants to call the police and report his injuries. However Finn insists that he keep quiet. Griffin is disgusted with him for not going to rehab. Later Hayden comes by the hospital and asks Finn if he used. Griffin says his blood came up clean. Finn admits to trying to score, but says he changed his mind and got jumped. After he promises to go to rehab. By the Nurse's station, Brad tells Andre that he and Lucas put in an offer for a condo. After Brad asks Monica for a raise, but she tells him only Hayden can make that decision. Brad then considers telling Monica about what he knows about Finn's drug use. 

At Wyndermere, Valentin reads a letter from Anna saying she hopes time can heal old wounds. Nina walks in asking for him to zip her up, but Valentin can't because Anna's note is in his hand. He lets Nina read the note. She asks why he took so long to tell her about Anna coming to visit him. Valentin ends up smoothing things over with her, but after Nina leaves, he heads to the waterfront. He runs into Laura there and they have a tense conversation. Laura says she knows him and he's using Anna's memory issues to exploit her. Laura promises she'll make him pay. Later Valentin has a man look his watch. The man tells him it's working fine. 

Tracy tells Monica at the Quartermaine's that she found a painting of great worth. Monica's not interested and heads out just as Ned walks in. Ned tells Tracy that he's engaged to Olivia. To his surprise, Tracy is happy for him and gives Ned a hug. After Tracy shows Ned the letter from Edward. Ned thinks Edward wasn't always a good person and should have shown Tracy love during his lifetime. Ned rails against Edward and says Tracy shouldn't have needed his love to validate her. Ned then tells Tracy he loves her. She starts crying and they hug again. 

Anna ignores a call from Griffin about her doctor's appointment while she looks over information on Valentin. Then she gets a visit from Laura. She wants Anna's help to take Valentin down, but Anna tells Laura she made peace with him. Anna explains some of her reasons for seeking peace, but Laura thinks Anna is misguided. Later Nina pops by and slaps Anna for going to see her husband. Anna gets the better of her and puts Nina in a arm lock. Anna lets her go, but Nina continues to insist that Anna is after Valentin. She warns Anna not to send anymore notes. At the end, Anna ignores a call from Andre and we see, from her memory, that she put a bug in Valentin's watch. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Great Whore

Tuesday's Recap - 

Lulu brings Rocco to the station to see Dante. Lulu starts gushing over what she's got planned for Charlotte. Rocco asks if she's going to love Charlotte more than him. Lulu and Dante sit Rocco down and assure him they love him more than ever. They share a cute family moment and Rocco seems to feel better. 

Hayden chats with Curtis at the coffee shop. She's drinking from a paper bag. She confides in Curtis that she wants to get back with Finn, but knows she shouldn't. Curtis thinks Finn needs rehab before they reunite. After Hayden is feeling a little tipsy, asks Curtis to go dancing and impulsively kisses him. Curtis reminds her that they're just friends, and says he doesn't want to take advantage of her. 

Finn struggles with nightmares in his room. Then he calls Hayden and asks her to come see him, but she refuses. After Finn vents to Roxy. Then he leaves a message for Tracy saying he needs her special brand of truth. He also apologizes for the things he said to her. Later Finn heads to the coffee shop and sees Hayden kiss Curtis. Finn assumes the worst so Curtis tells him that Hayden is suffering because of him. He tells Finn to get the help he needs. At the end, Hayden thanks Curtis for his help. Meanwhile Finn goes to the waterfront to buy drugs. 

Sonny pushes his way into Carly's house and tells her that Nelle drugged him. Carly has trouble believing the story and thinks Nelle is still lying. Sonny says he wouldn't have slept with Nelle, because she's not his type. Sonny asks if they can get back together. He makes a strong case that brings Carly to tears. Then Jax walks down shirtless asking for wine. Sonny gets pissed off and rants about Carly spreading her legs. He calls Carly, "a great whore!" Carly gets mad and says Sonny lied to her for months. Sonny spouts that they're done and walks out. After Carly tells Jax that she's not guilty about sleeping with him. Then she claims she's done with Sonny now. 

Alexis goes to her house and notices the light is on. She hears someone at the door. She almost smashes a laptop over Kristina's head when she opens the door. Kristina asks why she's so jumpy. Alexis tells her that she thought someone was in the house. After they compare notes on their mutual conversations with Nathan. Alexis ends up filling Kristina in on her suspicions that Julian could be alive. Later Kristina notices the photo album is open. At the end, Alexis is alone. She looks the album again and realizes that pictures are missing. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Best Friends

Here's What Happened - 

Alexis receives a visit from Nathan at her house. He asks if Alexis knows why there was activity on Julian's credit card. Alexis says it doesn't make sense, because if Julian were on the run he would use cash. Later Alexis goes to see Sam and asks why she didn't tell her about Julian's credit card. Sam says she was worried it would upset her. Then Sam shows Alexis the image of the hooded man by the phone pay. Alexis can't tell if it's Julian or not. Then Sam gets a call from Curtis. He tells Sam that Julian's credit card was stolen by a kid. Meanwhile Nathan speaks with Kristina at the coffee shop about Julian. Nathan wonders if Alexis is holding something back. Back at Alexis's place, we see a hooded stranger break into her house. 

Sam and Jason get a visit from Elizabeth. She asks why Sam is allowed in Jake's life if Franco isn't. Jason thinks Sam and Franco are vastly different. Liz thinks Franco is the only one Jake will open up to. Meanwhile Jake goes to see Franco at his art studio. He asks why they can't be friends anymore. Franco let's him in, but calls Jason to tell him Jake is there. Jason and Liz decide to go pick him up. While they wait, Franco talks to Jake about Dr. Andre. Jake tells him that he told Andre in his fairy tale the scarecrow and the witch are friends. 

Later Jason and Liz show up to pick Jake up. Jake gets upset with Franco for calling them, but Franco says they make the rules. Liz takes Jake to the car, but Jason stays behind to talk to Franco. They have a tense conversation. Jason accuses Franco of using Jake by making him feel like he's his friend. He insists that Franco stay away from Jake. Franco thinks Jake feels more comfortable with him. Then Liz walks back in to help defuse the tension. She kisses Franco goodbye and then leaves with Jason. After Franco finds Jake's art timeline on his table with new drawings on it. The picture shows a little boy hiding from a scarecrow. 

Kristina and Michael run into each other at the coffee shop. He fills her in on Nelle destroying Sonny and Carly's marriage. Michael defends Nelle somewhat, which annoys Kristina. After she tells him that he's Carly and Sonny's best hope. Meanwhile Nelle tells Sonny at his house that she drugged him and they never really slept together. Sonny is disgusted and asks why she's confessing now. Michael shows up and wants to know what happened. Sonny tells him that Nelle drugged him. Then Sonny takes off to tell Carly. Once alone, Michael lays into Nelle for her bad choices. He demands to know why she didn't tell him. Nelle says she was hoping to salvage something between them. Michael says it's too late, he can't fix her and kicks her out. 

At Carly's place, she and Jax make out. Jax asks what they're doing. Carly says she doesn't want to stop and leads him upstairs. Then we get a sex music montage. After they have pillow talk and agree their love making was wonderful. They joke that they were using each other and needed it. Jax pushes for more while they have time together. After Carly goes to get wine. Sonny knocks on the door, pushes his way inside and tells Carly he never slept with Nelle. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Still Behind

I'm sorry, I'm so behind on GH. I hope to catch up next week!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 6, 2017


I'm a little behind on GH, sorry. I'll be back tomorrow!

Have a great night!