Friday, April 24, 2015

Taking a Long Weekend!


I'm gonna skip recapping today, but you can find my weekly GH recap on Soaphub usually by Sunday. I'll see you on Monday!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Scoop for Today's Show!

No official recap today. In the meantime, according to GHH here's what's on tap for today's show!

More action on the mob front, including a gunshot.

Sabrina's investigation into Michael's medication leads to a discovery.

TJ has troubling news for Shawn. 

Duke tries to make things right.

Kiki regrets her actions.

Sonny has a confrontation with Michael over Avery.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Love You

Bad Mofo!
Today's Show - 

Jordan and Shawn lay in bed together and remark on how great the sex they just had was. After Shawn asks how Duke tested her loyalty. Jordan tells him that Duke wanted her to kill Julian, but then he called it off. Later Shawn makes Jordan breakfast in bed and they talk about how great TJ is. Shawn flatters Jordan and tells her he loves her. Jordan responds that she loves him too. They agree to go to the Nurses' Ball together and look forward to their future. At the end, Jordan calls Anna and asks for a meeting. 

Anna places a call to Agent Sloan from the Metro Court and leaves a message. Then Duke walks in and Anna asks if they can speak. However Agent Sloan calls Anna back and interrupts. Duke goes to sit down at a table and chats with his security guard Bruce. They discuss the situation with Jordan and Duke says she has to go. Duke tells Bruce to make it look like the Jerome's killed Jordan and says he doesn't want Shawn or Anna to know he's behind it. At the end, Shawn sees Duke talking with Bruce and asks what's going on. 

Carlos comes to see Julian at the garage. Julian asks what the status of their hit on Duke is. Carlos explains it's been hard to get close to Duke, because his body guard is always with him. Julian suggests that Carlos hit Duke while he's eating on the Metro Court terrace. Julian says Carlos can aim from the window of one of the hotel rooms. Julian thinks Jake's hotel room would make a fine choice for the hit. 

Sam and Patrick chat at their place while Patrick rubs Sam's feet. Sam tells him she has to go help Spinelli with a case and heads out. After Anna comes over to see Emma, but Patrick says Emma's not home. They end up getting into a conversation about Anna's feelings for Duke. Anna says she loves Duke, but his lifestyle prevents them from being together. After they talk about Patrick's marriage to Robin and Patrick moving Sam in. Anna tells Patrick she's sad that Robin stays away, but she wants Patrick to be happy with Sam. At the end, Patrick tells Anna about finding Jason's wedding ring under the couch. She advises him not to worry about it.

Spinelli runs into Jake outside of Kelly's. Jake tells Spinelli to back off his investigation of Hayden. Spinelli replies that it's up to Carly, but Jake insists he and Hayden are just fine. Later Sam meets up with Spinelli and they catch up on their love lives. Then they discuss his case against Hayden and Spinelli shows her the photo of Hayden and fake Jake. Despite fake Jake's face being obscured, Sam zeros in on the class ring he's wearing. Spinelli breaks into the school's records and finds fake Jake's class photo. His real name is Pete Ross.

Jake returns to his hotel room and finds Agent Sloan waiting there for him. Sloan puts pressure on Jake to get dirt on Julian asap. Agent Sloan also says that Anna has a personal stake in the manner, because she's in love with Duke. Jake assures him he's working as hard as he can, but Sloan says there is no time because a hit is going down. Jake warns Sloan to back off, but Sloan bets Jake won't risk quitting or he'll send him to jail. At the end, Jake heads to the garage to talk to Julian. Meanwhile, Carlos breaks into Jake's room at the Metro Court and ready's his sniper rifle. 

End of show!

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P.S. You can view yesterday's recap here --- > GH 04/21/2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dawson's Creek

Let's make them jealous!
Here's What Happened - 

Spinelli gets a call from Lucy asking him to perform at the Nurse's Ball with Ellie. Maxie overhears and remarks how much chemistry Spinelli had with Ellie at last year's ball. Spinelli says he and Maxie should perform together instead. After they discuss Spinelli's investigation into Hayden and Spinelli tells her about Carly's suspicions. 

Ellie and Nathan continue to discuss their mutual relationship issues at Kelly's. Then Lucy walks in, sees Ellie and insists she perform at the Nurses' Ball with Spinelli. Ellie explains that she and Spinelli broke up as did Nathan and Maxie. Lucy doesn't like what she hears. She compares Maxie and Spinelli to Dawson and Joey from Dawson's Creek and says they are better as friends. Then Lucy says Nathan and Ellie would make a great couple or at least good friends. She also suggests that they go to the Nurses' Ball together and Nathan agrees. He hopes it will make Maxie and Spinelli realize what they lost. 

Lulu comes home to find Dante hugging Valerie. Then she realizes that Valerie already cooked dinner for Dante. Valerie talks more about her mother's frittata's, while Dante tries to smooth it over with Lulu. After Lulu suggests that Valerie find another place to stay and thinks Wyndermere might be a good option.

At the Metro Court, Carly gets questioned by Liz about what she had been accusing Ric of. Then Hayden walks in and Carly pulls her over. She asks Hayden if she's ever met Ric before. Hayden says no and starts talking about her sex life with Jake. Carly recalls Jake telling her that he didn't have sex with Hayden and calls her out. Hayden gets angry and storms off. After Liz wonders why Hayden would lie to her about her sex life. Ric says maybe it's because Hayden knew Jake was interested in Liz. 

At the Drake's house, Sam wants to know how Spencer got Jason's wedding ring. Then Nikolas arrives at the door. Sam pulls Nikolas inside and asks why Spencer had Jason's ring. Nik says he got it from Helena and then forgot about it when Spencer got hurt. Sam believes him and Nik heads out feeling guilty for lying. Later Nik is alone at Wyndermere. Hayden pays him a visit in wearing lingerie and they end up having sex a few times. Back at the Drake's, Sam puts Jason's ring away in a box of her things, but is clearly upset despite assuring Patrick's she's happy. 

At the end, Carly tells Jake that Spinelli found out some information about Hayden. However when he seems upset she decides not to spill the beans until she knows the whole truth.

End of show!

I do think Nik and Hayden have some good chemistry. What do you think?

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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Ring

How did this get here?
Today's Recap - 

Ellie spills her milkshake on Nathan at Kelly's. They get to talking and realize they are the ex's of Spinelli and Maxie. Nathan blames Ellie for sending Spinelli back to Port Charles. Ellie blames Nathan breaking up with Maxie. After they commiserate about their failed relationships. Ellie wonders if there is anything they can do.

Lulu brings Rocco over to Maxie's for a visit. Lulu confides in Maxie that she doesn't like Valerie. Then Maxie tells Lulu about getting back with Spinelli. Lulu wonders if Maxie still has feelings for Nathan. At the end, Spinelli comes home and Maxie hears him talking to Georgie on the baby monitor about how happy he is. 

Valerie tells Dante she's leaving Port Charles, because Lulu didn't like her being alone with Rocco. Dante convinces her to stay and Valerie offers to make him dinner. Later Valerie talks to Dante about her mother and she gets teary eyed. Dante hugs her and right then Lulu comes home.

Carly questions Liz about getting back with Ric at the Metro Court. She realizes that Ric must be involved with the Hayden situation. Right then Spinelli walks in and pulls Carly aside. Carly tells him she thinks Ric is behind Hayden's arrival. Spinelli says he thinks it's someone else. He shows her a picture of fake Jake, but the face is missing from the photo. At the end, Liz asks Carly what she thinks Ric did.

Nikolas panics when he can't find Jason's wedding room at Wyndermere. Then Spencer walks in and starts to tell Nikolas about his problems with Emma. Spencer mentions a ring. Nik's ears perk up, but Spencer claims it was Britt's ring. Nik realizes it must have been Jason's and goes to retrieve it from Emma's house.

Jake finds Jason's wedding band under Patrick's couch. Patrick looks at it and says it's not his wedding ring. He sees the inscription on the inside. When Sam sees it she realizes it's Jason's ring. Sam gets emotional and wonders why it's in Patrick's house. Then Emma comes home and tells them Spencer gave her the ring. At the end, Nikolas shows up at Sam and Patrick's door.

End of show!

Loved Maxie's outfit today!

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Current State of General Hospital

The good old days!
For those who read this blog regularly I want to apologize for skipping a lot of recaps lately. I also wanted to take a moment to explain why I've been slacking off a bit. First and foremost, I host another blog for Twin Peaks (which the news for has been off the charts for lately), two I've been writing weekly GH recaps for SoapHub and third GH has been driving me nuts recently! I also have a full time job, a husband, 3 pet kids, a little bit of a life lol and a few other interests. But mostly General Hospital has simply been turning me off lately.

I've watched this show since I was a small child. I fell in love with Frisco and Felicia. Their magic hooked me and I've watched pretty faithfully ever since. I missed the whole Luke & Laura hype of the 70's & 80's, but was able to enjoy them in the 90's. I loved the Cassadine's, adored Jax and Brenda and felt that the show had the best writing and acting of all the soaps up until the last decade. It's scary to think that decade's of my life have pasted and I've continued to watch this show. Time keeps ticking and GH's beat goes on and on. However despite my efforts to keep this blog somewhat opinion free, I just can't hold back anymore. 

When talk of GH going off the air in 2012 rose up I was sad, but honestly ready to say goodbye if need be. Long time fans know the pain of the Guza era and by 2012 the show was truly a redundant mess. However when GH got a second life and Frank & Ron took over, I was excited. There seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. That's when I started this blog.

The 50th Anniversary of GH was great. So many old favorites returned and they brought back the Nurse's Ball! They picked up the pace with a lot of the plots and I was enjoying the show more than I had in a long time. So what the hell happened? Maybe I'm just cranky from the long cold winter, but it's my opinion that the show has really hit a slump again in the last 6 months or so. The Fluke/Luke story pretty much drained the life out of me and despite starting with some promise, it's just a hot mess now.

I did think the 52nd throwback episode was terrific and I enjoyed the flashbacks very much, but that was only one episode. Then we returned the same boring plots that are dragging out like a drippy wet sock. Here is what bothers me the most...we have no super couples!!! Romance is dead on GH. I'm not looking for sappy syrup, just give the audience a couple to root for! Also the cast is so bloated. Why did we need to recast Kiki? A character that no one cares about...why? Hayden could be interesting, but the Jake/Jason reveal is taking forever and a day to play out. Personally I think he and Sam have no chemistry at all either.

I still enjoy many of the individual scenes. I always get a kick out of Alexis and Julian. I had hope for Olivia and Ned, but since Wally is going back to Days that won't last. I thought Maxie and Nathan were cute, but since Spinelli's return I think it's gotten very silly. I did laugh at Nathan and Spinelli's boxing match though. I always feel the actors deliver strong performances, particularly our vets. 

I'm hopeful that the Nurse's Ball will be fun, especially with GH going live in May. Its just unfortunate that many of the episodes have been so dull lately. The plots are chopped up and some are just left hanging forever. 

So what do you think of GH currently? 

Enjoy this Frisco & Felicia compilation!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Butter My Muffin

Quick Recap - 

Ric and Liz plan a date at Liz's house. Then Ric gets a visit from fake Jake who pressures him for more money while Liz is getting ready. Ric tells him to sit tight and wait. After fake Jake heads to the Metro Court to see Hayden.

Carly wants to know if Spinelli got dirt on Hayden yet at the Metro Court. Spinelli says that Hayden recently came into a lot of money. Later Carly sees Ric and Liz together and something clicks. Meanwhile Spinelli snaps a picture of Hayden and fake Jake talking.

Hayden calls Nikolas and asks him to come butter her muffin, but Nikolas turns her down. She decides to go to Wyndermere anyway and manages to seduce him. However Alexis interrupts and asks Nik if he knows anything about ELQ. At the end, Nik realizes Jason's ring is missing.

Franco shows Nina his recently acquired ELQ shares in their hotel room. Nina is still angry at Franco for thinking she took baby Avery. Nina is also worried that Dr. O knows a secret about her.

Olivia feels awful at the Quartermaine's about Ned giving Franco his ELQ shares. Ned assures her that this is what he wanted to do. Ned tells Olivia that he's in love with her and they decide to be together.

Jake pays Sam a visit at Patrick's house to return her car. While there Jake sees a picture of Robin and Emma. Jake tells Patrick that he recognizes Robin. At the end, Jake sees Jason's wedding band under the couch!

End of show!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nothing To It, But To Do It!

Ready to go!
Here's What Happened - 

Duke and Lucy have breakfast in Duke's room. Lucy is distracted by her plans for the Nurses' Ball. Lucy says she wants them to do a number at the ball together. Duke says he only knows the tango. Lucy thinks he won't be comfortable since that was his dance with Anna, but Duke says it's okay. However when he tries to dance with Lucy he thinks of Anna. Lucy realizes that Duke is still in love with Anna. She advises him to tell Anna he wants her back. 

Agent Sloan knocks on Anna's door and asks to use her shower, because he's got a problem in his room. Anna wants information on Agent Sloan's operative in the Jerome organization in exchange for a shower. Sloan offers information on Duke instead. He says that Julian could be going after Duke. Anna is upset at the news, but let's Agent Sloan use her shower. She leaves him alone and heads out. At the end, Duke knocks on Anna's door and Agent Sloan answers in a robe.

Nina gets a visit from Dr. Obrecht in her hotel room. Nina tells her that Franco went to the Quartermaine's. Dr. O says it must be because Franco is doing damage control since Nina kidnapped Avery. Dr. O scolds Nina for using Franco. Nina wonders why Dr. Obrecht cares so much about Franco. Nina thinks Dr. O has a crush on him. Then Nina asks Dr. O about her relationship with Victor Cassadine. Nina wonders if Victor is really Nathan's father. Dr. O warns Nina not to dig any further or she'll dig up dirt on her in return.

Franco goes to the Quartermaine's to hustle Ned for his shares. Alexis and Olivia are there and Franco tells them Ned's giving him controlling shares in the company. Alexis asks what's really going on. Franco says it's about Olivia's baby. However Alexis gets called away to deal with Michael. After Olivia pleads with Ned not to give away his shares, but Ned signs them over to Franco anyway.

Michael stumbles into the Metro Court restaurant. Nearby Kiki admits to Julian that she set Michael up with Morgan's help. Kiki blames herself for Avery's disappearance. Michael sees them and drunkenly berates both Kiki and Julian in front of the whole restaurant. Julian decides to call Alexis to help calm Michael down. Later Alexis arrives and tries to do damage control.

Nathan goes to the hospital in NYC looking for Silas. Meanwhile Ava waits for Silas to give her the medicine he stole from GH. She says she's ready to die in peace. Then Nathan knocks on the door asking to speak with Silas. Silas steps outside and Nathan asks him about Avery. Later Silas prepares Ava's medicine and they talk for a moment. Ava asks if Silas ever loved her. He says that in a way he did. Ava says, "nothing to it, but to do it!" Silas feels badly, but injects her anyway. At the end, it appears that Ava passed away.

End of show!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday's Recap

No official recap today. I'm sorry, it's been hard keeping up lately. I'll be back tomorrow! 

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ellie Loves Spinelli

You're Maxie's second choice!
Today's Show - 

Ellie knocks on Maxie's door. Spinelli answers and Ellie says she wanted to see Georgie. Then Maxie walks in holding the baby. Ellie happily greets Georgie and Maxie asks why she came. Ellie says she's had second thoughts about pushing Spinelli to explore his feelings for Maxie. Spinelli tells Ellie that he and Maxie just got back together. Maxie further details that Nathan dumped her. Ellie wonders if Spinelli is Maxie's consolation prize. Maxie explains that she and Spinelli just make sense. Ellie agrees and decides to leave. Spinelli stops her, but Ellie tells him she'll be in town for a few days. At the end, Spinelli assures Maxie that Ellie isn't a threat to their relationship.

Nathan goes to Franco's hotel room to speak with Nina about Avery. He wonders if Nina took the baby again. Franco let's Nathan look around their room to prove Nina didn't take the child. Nathan doesn't find anything and leaves. Once alone, Franco asks Nina if she did take the baby. Nina gets offended and assumes that Franco still thinks she's still crazy. Nina says if he really trusted her, he wouldn't have to ask if she took the baby.

Sonny and Carly come to GH and Morgan tells them that he thinks Michael took Avery. Carly doesn't believe it, but Morgan argues that Michael has been drunk and acting out of character. After Kiki tells them about her encounter with Nina. Carly decides to go question Nina and Franco about the situation. After Nathan meets up with them and says Nina told him they don't have Avery. Meanwhile Carly storms into Franco's room and demands to know where he and Nina have Avery. Franco denies it. Carly threatens them and storms out. 

Dante goes to the Quartermaine's and questions Michael about Avery's disappearance. Michael denies it while Sabrina listens. Dante says he needs to search the house to be sure. Michael refuses to let Dante look and screams that Dante should believe him as his brother. He tells Dante to come back with a warrant. Dante leaves and after Sabrina asks Michael why he wouldn't let Dante search the house. Michael yells at her, but then apologizes. He explains the stress he's been under. Sabrina says she believes him and hugs Michael.

Fluke shows up in Luke's hospital room with Tim Spencer's tattoo on his arm. Fluke informs Luke that he's not going anywhere. Fluke brings up Luke raping Laura and then turning them into a great love story. He also torments Luke for killing Jake and advises Luke to embrace his dark side. Luke swears that he loves his family, Laura and didn't want to hurt anyone. Fluke thinks Luke enjoyed hurting his family, grabs Luke's arm and shows him Tim's tattoo. Luke fights him and orders Fluke to leave.

Bobby stops Scotty at the Metro Court to talk about Luke. She lobbies to Scott that he should help Luke into a mental institution, but Scotty doesn't want to hear it. Bobby says he's hated Luke ever since Luke stole Laura from him. She reminds Scotty of how she's supported him and asks him to do the right thing for Luke. At the end, Bobby goes to see Luke. She tells Luke that Scotty is going to help him go to a mental institution instead of prison afterall.

End of show!

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